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Fast Speaking Voice In The Radio

I was trying to find a vacant room in town one night. Wasn’t having much luck, so I decided to call 411 on my UCONNECT to get a number for a hotel. After I dialed on my cell phone and was waiting for the directory service to come on my radio/UCONNECT, suddenly a man’s voice came on the radio and in a very desperate, angry and frightened voice, he started speaking so fast and in what sounded like Latin, that I couldn’t understand. No human person can speak that fast and that clear. I was too frightened to say anything.

To this day I have no clue what I heard that night in my truck. It went on for about a minute and the gone. Just like that

Asked by Lisa

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Hi Lisa,

The air is full of airwaves, radio signals, microwaves, other waves .. and sometimes our phones pick up on those sounds and we hear them.

There’s a toy called a ghost radar that uses that technology to help people speak to ghosts .. having had a totally real experience with this, I can’t say they don’t work .. but let’s just say they are very hit and miss ..

It is most likely that you picked up a radio conversation with an angry man speaking Italian, or some other language close to Latin. If it was a ghost, it doesn’t help that he couldn’t speak in English, and there was no point in being angry with you .. so its more likely you got one side of a normal conversation.

Unless you have continued to feel haunted to this day, don’t worry about it. Weird stuff happens. This is just one of those events.

Love & Peace

As I was reading the question my answer was the same as Ama’s I have heard all sorts of things bleed over while listening to the radio also it seems to be worse on AM stations I think that you have nothing to worry about

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