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Dreaming Of Receiving Money

It was early morning when I dreamt that it was my birthday and I saw someone hugging me (in dreams he happened to be one of my cousins) and giving me a bundle of note.

The very next day I dreamt that a again bundle of note was stolen but then was returned to me with the exact amount.

Madam, I want to know why I am dreaming of money whereas everything in my life is going well.

Asked by Nilanjana

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Hello Nilanjana

Money, in a dream, does not often represent real cash in the hand. It’s a symbol of abundance, of having, or receiving, a gift of some kind.

In dreams paper money stands for opportunities. In your dream it might mean that you will be given an opportunity, and then have it taken away, but that you actually lose nothing when it is stolen, because its value is returned to you in full .. perhaps as a better opportunity, but certainly in some other valuable form .. such as love or appreciation.

Remember to be thankful and grateful for all that you have and receive, and don’t lose heart when things don’t always go the way you want or expect.

Love & Peace

My mom dreamed that her late husband gives her money in her dream. She says but I don’t want the money, just want some piece of clothing that we traditionally wear to prayers or occasions. But he insisted she take the money. What does that mean??