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Dreaming About Passed Away Dog And Ran Away Cat

To give some quick background knowledge, I’m going to college 30 minutes away from my hometown, while my mom remarried and moved about 3 years ago to a new location with her husband.

My pets Peanut (dog) and Dragon (cat) was staying with my mom while I’m going to college. I’ve had Peanut since I was in the 5th grade, about 10 years. She tragically passed away in June 2016 from having severe cancer that no one knew about.

Dragon I’ve had for about 7 years. I found her outside as a kitten and I always joked about how “she chosen me”. In early July 2017 my mom bought a new house and then after a week of moving in, she went on vacation for a week. Dragon being an inside/outside cat her whole life, my mom left her outside. When my mom returned Dragon was nowhere to be found.

I’ve driven down there many times calling for her and searching in the woods (which is she is actually very responsive with…I remember I could do the cat call and watch her run from the woods to the house, Lol). I made posters and put them up in the neighborhood and contacted the local pound/humane society…but no news.

The Dreams:

For the past year I would have dreams about peanut weekly, and they were usually about how I was looking for her but could never find her.

Last night I had the first dream about Dragon, and I remember it very vividly. I was walking in the woods around my moms and I found her. I picked her up and kept walking, we then ran into an older man with a shotgun and he gave me a gun, in which we would go around completing “quests”, stunning monsters to get by on his four-wheeler, and exploring the area with a map of where we have and haven’t been. Throughout the adventures, Dragon was my “side kick.

Once when we were walking in the water I picked her up so she wouldn’t get wet, and she never got scared and dug her claws in me or anything like cats normally do…it was as if she 100% trusted me and knew that I was there to protect her. At one point in the dream when I put her down to walk in the damp ground, she was having trouble walking, as if she had a hurt foot. I checked her front right paw, and she had a chunk missing-but no blood. I continued to carry her and a couple of minutes later I put her down on dry ground and she was walking fine.

Me and the old man went into Sams Club, and Dragon somehow disappears. I went to the cat food to see if she tore open a bag to eat, but she was no where to be found. Instead, I saw a bunch of other kittens/cats around eating or in cages waiting to be adopted some looked similar to Dragon, but their faces were shaped different or they had white on them. I then woke up.

Some of the parts in the dream could have come from something else in my life. For example, I really enjoy playing the video game “The Witcher”, which is an rpg “quest” game. Me and my bf go to Sams Clubs often. Before my mom moved, she took in a cat that was living on the streets that she called “Stranger”. Stranger was all black (like Draong), but was more petite, had different color eyes, and a bit of white on her chest. Also, when I’m at work I’ve been “connecting” with the neighbor’s black cat (who has a very masculine face, unlike Dragon).

Could my dreams of dragon mean something? Is she connecting with me? Has she passed away or do you believe she’s still alive?

My animals were apart of my identity, and with losing both in once year has been very difficult. Peanut will always be my babygirl and hold a special part in my heart that no animal can replace. However, I always connected the most with Dragon…she was my spirit animal.

Thanks for everyone appropriate and insightful thoughts.

Asked by Courtney

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Dreaming About Passed Away Dog And Ran Away Cat

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One reply on “Dreaming About Passed Away Dog And Ran Away Cat”

Hello Courtney,

Was Dragon desexed? If not, she probably had a family or two. I think the dream is telling you that she’s passed over, and that she’s just fine now, and that she’s left generations behind her.

About being chosen .. oh yes, cats choose their people, regardless of whether we think we choose our cats. We more choose our dogs, by their nature, they tend to love everybody. I had a lovely old grey cat ‘choose’ me, because the family she was living with were about to move and have her put down .. so she decided I was her next home. She was 13 when she sat on my back verandah for a week, and then when the winter weather hit -16Celsius I took her into the house I was renting, and when the owners would not let me keep her .. I moved house. She lived to be 20. We have 2 cats currently. Charlie is old for about 12 years, and Ellie is almost two. She claimed me from the cage at the pound, where I found her as a tiny kitten, and Charlie decided that I am his now, after being my mother’s cat for years, so they are arguing and I am wishing they spoke English so I could work out why this has happened. LOL

I understand the huge emotional bond we can develop with our animals, they help us to learn to let go, even if its slowly, because they go into heaven before we do .. but they’ll be waiting for us when we get there.

They are at peace,
Love & Peace