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Basically, I’ve been hearing myself talking and I’ve seen what appears to be me standing in front of me (and no it’s not a mirror) for example, I was at the bowling alley and I saw myself standing next to the bar.. I was a little startled but that wasn’t the first time I’d witnessed it.

The very first time was when I was 13 (give or take) I was just relaxing after finishing school and decided to have a bath, I lit a candle and focuses on the flame as I drifted off into a light sleep, I suddenly without thinking opened my eyes and saw myself floating directly above me as if it was me looking at myself submerged in water. I quickly jumped out the bath and called my mum but she couldn’t see anything.

My mum had also told me that she has heard my voice and laugh whilst I’ve been out and heard me walking around upstairs and coming down the stairs shouting for her help, but it’s not me.

I do have a dog, but he hasn’t been the same around me, before when I used to come home he would so excited and jumping around, licking my legs, giving loads of attention and now he just sort of looks at me as if to say ‘how’s you get there?’ I’m not dog whisperer but it’s clear to see.

She’s also smelt a weird mix or my perfume and a faint ash smell, I don’t really know what she means by that but she’s a smoker so I just always assumed she could just smell the cigarette she just had, but my nan could smell it too, only problem was I was in France for a week with my friend Sophie.

Sorry this is so long, my friend Sophie also notices a few things. Me and her have been best friends from birth (literally) she has noticed my sleeping pattern has altered and she has woken to ‘me’ standing at the end of her bed with a as she put it ‘Cheshire cat smile’ – I rarely smile as it is, but to have a face splitting smile isn’t my thing … Ever. She also told me whilst we were away for the week I previously mentioned I would toss and turn in my sleep as if I was struggling to move.

I really don’t understand any of this and I need advice, I’m genuinely scared of what this may be. Am I just crazy? Or is it something please I’m pretty desperate!

Thank you for reading I look forward to hearing from you.

Lee Smith
Aged : 18

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Hi Lee,

The bath adventure might have been you astral travelling in your sleep. People do that all the time, so its not really something to worry about.

Seeing yourself, or someone very similar to you, standing at the bar at the bowling .. did anyone else see the or interact with the figure?

The voice your mother heard when you were out .. could be a ghost, or some other entity mimicking you ..

I am not sure who smelled the perfume. I am assuming it was your mother. Ghosts can smell like all sorts of things, some of them pretty awful. My mother smelled her mother when she came to visit when I was 2 years old. Cigarette smoke .. any smoker might smell like that.

Sophie might see you when you are astral travelling .. and I am sorry to hear you don’t do beaming smiles, perhaps its time you started?

In the meantime, scroll down to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to the Michael Invocation and use it to clear, first your energy, then your home. Perhaps Sophie would like to do it too .. just in case. That should take care of any problems.

And no, you aren’t crazy. Plenty of people, like my family and I see, see ghosts on a regular basis .. and other beings. It’s all very normal around here.

Love & Peace

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