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Does Smoking Weed Affect Paranormal Abilities?

Does smoking weed affect paranormal abilities? If so, why? and would that be the case for pharmaceutical medications, genetically modified foods, inhalling chemtrails and atmospheric pollution?

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Hi Anonymous,

Does burning holes in your brain affect your psychic abilities .. answer is yes. Two reasons. One depends on where the ‘weed’ burns the holes, and the other on the effect it has on your aura, turning it into a net, instead of a protective shield around your body. The net lets anything through, floating ghosts, astral nasties, and worse. The effect of the weed on your body lowers your resistance to disease, to mental illness (also encouraged by ghosts and nastier entities), and can end up either destroying your intelligence, or your capacity to know right from wrong, among other normal human responses. It can turn you completely paranoid. I used to drive taxies .. I’ve seen all of this.

Pharmaceutical medicines are not supposed to have the same effect. They can affect your physical wellbeing, one way or another .. particularly if the medicine doesn’t agree with your body chemistry .. but they generally don’t burn holes in your brain, are prescribed for illnesses, not just fun and games, and their intake is supposed to be controlled to the right level, not used as a recreational drug .. although some people will do so. I am talking heart medicines, and medicines for mental illnesses .. some have horrible side effects, so that the taking of them has to be considered carefully in comparison with the result of not taking them.

Some tablets will make you paranoid, and if you smoke, inject and swallow other sorts of drugs, you once again leave yourself vulnerable to interference by outside entities that thrive on the insane energy your body then produces. It’s dinner to them. They attach to the drugged person and inspire that person to continue to abuse whatever they are taking, because the living person’s will is compromised by the toxins they are pumping into their bodies. Stay away from both ‘weed’ and amphetamines, unless you really need either of them for medical reasons .. and ‘weed’, I am told, does help MS patients .. which, given the symptoms of MS, having holes burned in your brain might actually help. But I am not a doctor. That should be carefully tested.

As to GM food .. it depends on what it is modified to do. I have never heard of someone being haunted because of their diet, but then I’ve never researched the subject from that point of view.

Chemtrails .. are they the things thousands of feet in the air .. or do you mean when the trails finally drop down to earth? The world is so polluted now that no one can avoid inhaling this rubbish. About time we did something about it, instead of just pointing our fingers and saying that ‘someone’ is bad. Again, its not a subject that I think anyone has researched .. does inhaling the outpouring of jets etc affect anything but a person’s capacity not to throw up? I know the smell of petrol makes me sick to my stomach .. and I have friends who find the whole world toxic .. which is horrible.

When does it stop? And who stops it? It has to start with you and me ..

Love & Peace

hi ama! really smoking weed burns holes in your brain? interesting and scary stuff. oh my god! hmm but are you sure about that? it actually burns holes in your brain how do you know this? we are talking about marijuana right? well do you know that as a fact? well its news to me burns a holes in your brain wow! oh my god i just had a scary thought my brain must look like swiss cheese by now or a kitchen sponge! well thank you for this most valuable bit of factual information. but what qualifies you to make a statement like this one about a certain weed making holes in ones brain when inhaled? are you a doctor or a scientist if so what kind of doctor or scientist that qualifies you to know this? i would appreciate your reply thank you!

No I am not a doctor Robert, but I can read, and have researched the subject on the internet and spoken to various doctors about it. It’s not hard to find, given I have seen posters around my little country town, and the city of Melbourne, when I visit it, with photographs of people’s brains who smoked themselves silly.

It is also a fact that marijuana helps MS patients. You can look that up too.

Take care,
Love & Peace

Marajana kills brain cells and that is scientifically proven. I have seen people high as a kite look like dumb stumps on pot. So, it might not be a medical term but yeah, it puts holes in your brain. The question here is more of what being on recreational drugs does to your aura and how vulbnerable it makes you to the paranormal. It is not a game. Nor is it a joke. Marajana does have medicinal benefits, but I highly doubt that is the kind of benefit you are discussing.

WRONG! Weed does not kill brain cells. New research was found this year and it was a myth. And debunked. It creates new cells! It was mentioned on part 2 and 3. Government scare campaigns often claim that cannabis kills brain cells, but now we are learning the truth. Those discredited studies were done in the ’70s, by strapping a gas mask onto a monkey and pumping in hundreds of joints worth of smoke. The monkeys suffered from lack of oxygen, and that’s why their brain cells died. Modern research is now proving the opposite. The active ingredients in cannabis spur the growth of new brain cells! “Most ‘drugs of abuse’ suppress neurogenesis,” said Dr. Zhang. “Only marijuana promotes neurogenesis.” Scientists in Brazil expanded on this research, demonstrating in 2013 that CBD, another chemical in cannabis, also causes new brain cells to sprout up. Researchers in Italy then produced the same resultwith CBC, another “cannabinoid” found in cannabis resin. Now there is no doubt that cannabinoids cause new brain cells to grow in the hippocampus. This helps explain previous research showing that cannabinoids effectively treat mood disorders like depression, anxiety and stress – they are all related to a lack of adult neurogenesis. Marijuana has combat a lot of things in your body. The government has admitted it does help people. The reason it’s illegal because the pharmaceutical industry wants to keep making money by selling man made medicine. While some meds are safe but some aren’t. Hemp is a herb and it does wonders for many years in fact generations too. People way past 1800 and BC has used it.

I think Ama’s pretty much covered the answer to drug abuse 😉

In addition, alcohol can have a similar effect of ‘letting your guard down’ (aura being less affective). Alcohol abuse over a period of years is as dangerous, if not more so, than weed.

I like Ama’s descriptive “burns holes in your brain”. Its a scientific fact that the brain can ‘re-program’ itself. It has been proven that paranoia resulting from use of LSD, for example, is the result of brain damage from drug abuse. The drug ‘blocks’ certain neurological pathways in the brain, so the brain re-routes. If the brain were to re-route via the more ‘creative’ area of your brain (that which does not cope well with reason or logic) then you become much more susceptible to suggestion – whether from the living, or the dead.

Probably best to stay of the weed unless advised by the doctor. The hemp variety is used specifically for medical reasons.


You simply cannot believe everything you read. Your entitled to your opinion. Mine is I think Ama has never used Marijuana. Wouldn’t it be more productive to learn about fat cells on the brain??? Here’s an article for you to read.yeah right

You are right Clay, I have more sense than to choose to harm my brain by smoking marijuana. What I do know, is that using it as a medicine, rather than abusing it to just get high, can really help people with certain illnesses such as MS ..

But .. when young people write to me and ask about it affecting the psychic sense, my answer will always be the same. Don’t smoke!

Love & Peace

Sigh…I can’t believe that after over a year of not commenting on here, this is the post I chose to dig into, LOL! (Hi Ama, A.J. and Luna! How are ya, friends?! Sorry I’ve been gone so long).

Sigh #2 goes out to Robert. Weed doesn’t harm the brain half as much as sarcasm. 🙂 Addiction to this (and I speak from great experience) causes the psyche to change in general. But mostly I humbly think Ama was making a point about usage/moderation, and not being as literal as one might believe. Unless you do think that it literally burns holes in your brain, Ama, in which case I’d like to know what I can do to get my bosses to smoke it constantly….oops…there’s that sarcasm bit I spoke of!

Sigh#3….sorry, this is going to be a bit lengthy.

Here we go:
Disclaimer: I don’t smoke weed now and haven’t in some time. But I absolutely have before (and bashfully I admit it was on the heavy side for a few years).
Long story as shortened as possible, I have neurological misfires. I get insanely ridiculous migraines. Over the span of about 15 years, many doctors prescribed multiple drug treatments (all that very much burn holes in your brain…I know this because a majority of them have been taken off the market due to their negative affects).

So, once upon a time in college, during one of my worst migraine clusters, I had an exam to take. The kind that required 2 hours of quantitative analysis equations. My professor was nice and recognized that I had to take an impactful amount of FDA approved drugs just to get through an episode–let alone a mid-term. So he told me to try to take the test and if it was too unbearable, I would be allowed to retake the next week…”fine..I’ll be back in a couple hours to try”, says me.

Enter fun loving stoner friend (when you play in bands, it’s a requirement, somehow). He figuratively had lots of holes in his brain from taking many drugs for recreational purposes. But on this day, I found that I just hadn’t the will to take the mind nulling meds prescribed to me. He offered to “smoke me up”. I couldn’t really say no, because I’ve always been an observational scientist at heart, meaning peer review and what smart people in white lab coats say only goes so far before I realize that assumed empirical information does not always apply beyond the given cross-section of subjects.

Turns out, I got a very numb feeling…followed by a huge desire to eat a bunch of food and drink a ton of coffee. I went in for the test and aced it! The migraine was gone in minutes. No drug I have ever taken compares to the efficiency of this little plant with regards to migraines (strictly speaking for me!)

To be clear, I’m not condoning its use. I can’t really. For one, I’m on the interwebs and children may be watching. Secondly, it’s irresponsible to assume the physiology of anyone else. I’ve observed it going horribly wrong for many homo sapiens. However, I admit that if it were legal where I reside my doctor would prescribe it. Instead I’m stuck injecting 6mg shots of an analog to DMT known as imitrex. That, again, absolutely fries your brain and almost every smart person in a white lab coat knows it. The side-affect sheet is friggin ungodly!

I don’t smoke it now because it greatly hinders my ability to pass drug tests at my job. But there is another reason. Folks that know me on here, know that I live a very (very, very) rich lucid dream life. When I was smoking regularly, it made those pretty much stop cold. And I also can’t oppose the postulate that it opens the soul to some very negative energy.

I would add a bunch of scientific findings next, but we all have the internet…we can all read the conflicting peer reviews for ourselves.
But I will say that, from my personal experience, it stopped any and all paranormal (including lucid dreaming) activity that was ever a part of my life.

I am nothing, if not thorough, so I leave you with food for thought. I do this because you did mention other chemicals.

(Again, in my humble and personal opinion)
Water can stop your abilities if you live in a country that adds fluoride to it’s water supplies (you can look that up too). Fluoride has been known to calcify the pineal gland (associated with the third eye chakra), greatly hindering a lot of spiritual/vision abilities.

In the last few months, I have been been drinking distilled (or reverse-osmosis filtered) water. It has caused a huge increase in lucid dreaming abilities (one where I met one of my guides!!) and has also caused me more than a couple astral projections. Something that my friends on here know I’ve always had a desire to experience, but have had little luck in achieving until recently.

So, my advise: All drugs/foreign chemicals are bad in some form, if your highest pursuit is spiritual expansion. Detox your body, I say. If your highest pursuit is to get high (or to be fair, medically regulate systems), then….you know… well, I promised I’d never condone it. Any consequences are yours and yours alone. There are more than a few.

Im sorry ama nazra but i think you are wrong about weed destroying pyschic ability. Ever since i was a child i have had the curse of dreaming things that are away to happen i wish i didnt have this but unfortunately i do i hate it and dont want it. its usualy stuff thats away to happen months down the line and usualy about me but sometimes it is friends and family. sometimes some details differ from my dreams like what people are wearing etc but the main part of the dream happens and this has only increased with weed unfortunately.

Hi Michael L,

What you describe having is not a curse but a gift of seeing the future. You see them through your dreams and most likely you can see them through visions while you are awake as well.

Maybe because the weed is making you so relaxed, the relaxation allows information from the future to flow through much easier and thoroughly to you. This similar effect happens when people are dozing off daydreaming (and then it turns out those “daydreams” weren’t imaginary at all, but instead were visions of their future) or meditating.

I have the same gift as well and crystals (the rocks from the earth) have strengthened and enhanced that gift all by itself. There is a possibility that weed can help enhance psychic abilities.

You could try writing down your dreams the very moment you wake up from your sleep. That might help give you a sense of control over your gift.

Hi Ama! I found you before in the past and lone behold fate brings me back. I will confirm that weed smoking does affect abilities. I have smoked for over 10 years in that time my gifts were slowed, but when I got my visions they were more centered and understandable but it was rare to actaully get a vision!! I would love to tell you some because they are beyond sad but beautiful. Its hard to explain. But yes weed effects seriously. I have recently stopped my habit, in turn has sent me into a wack. I get the normal vivid dreams one experiences when they stop. But i also now have received my gift back almost at full strength. Which scares me. Last time we spoke i was on a break. I had you do a telepathic clearing to which i could hear your voice in my home. Im sure you wont remember but i could here you in my attic. You even explained my attic to me and whom it was but you couldnt see everything. Weed certainly kills off abilities. But can focus them when its need or angels begin to speak. Right now im back to hearing my hums i heard years ago in my home. Personally if your gifts are unbearable i find it ok to smoke. It helps hinder out alot and only strong feelings or visions will come threw the rest will be gone. I was blessed and cursed with a strong vale coming from an all female family. My question, since i havnt been in this predicament in a long time and there so forceful how do i slow it down. Ive tried chakra music beat tones to mellow but lord its hard to call what i see hear and feel. All i do currently is pray and keep a bible near me. I dont really believe in words written much in the bible seeing as its been rewritten so many times but it helps. Ive recorded myself reading and ive heard a soft voice on my recording telling me to “read here” ive also had a paranormal crew come threw whom seem to think i was faking it..they broke up right after they visited my house. I was told they caught a few things were analizing and that was it. There lives took a god awful turn. The lady that was here i still talk to will not reveal findings. Crazy right!!?? Oh also before they left my house a bulb litterally burst above all there heads!! It could have been me all worked up and my energy did it because it has before. But it was so odd. I dont feel threatend any more thank you God!! But how do i slow this rush comeing back at me? Currently i sleep thats how i handle it. I did one click of google and magically found you again after searching for you for years odd right??!! Please do email me if you would enjoy more and have some kind of idea. Its been a month since i laid the weed to rest but my body is constantly sweaty and ice cold. Im being revisited in my dreams, friends family, my dog lol. Can call me a kook anyone else but to live with this is insane! My grandma even looked at me to ask if im being visited more often she could “feel” it and was worried. I have the strongest feelings and visions in my family. I tend to see the good and the bad. I will see a loved one die. Its beautiful but its hard to figure out who and how and why. Just so many questions for you lol. Hopefully i here back from you? Sorry so jumbled im.just so excited to find you again!!

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