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Does Hearing Three Knocks Have A Certain Meaning?

What Does it Mean to Hear Three Knocks?

I heard 3 knocks from my kitchen around 1:30 a.m…

I had just started walking up stairs when I heard the calm but loud knocks that sounded just like a visitor was at the door.

My cat freaked and ran out of the kitchen and up the stairs as well.

I have 2 dogs that didnt make a peep but usually freak out with knocks or door bells.

Before I went down to use the bathroom I already had a spooky feeling and didnt really want to go but had to.

I recall hearing the same exact sound one other time in our home but I was laying in bed and the knock came from outside my bedroom and sounded like it was closer to the stairway on one of the other 2 bedrooms or the window seal.

I tried to research a little and found several answers so just wondering what any of you experts had to say. Thanks!

Asked by Amanda

NOTE: The answers posted at the bottom of this question have a lot of great information about the subject of hearing knocking noises.

There has been an increase over the past few years of reports of knocking and a LOT of them can be debunked as something other than paranormal. One of the main reasons behind this increase, surprise, is an influx of paranormal shows on our TV.

To a degree, you need to do some investigation yourself initially to rule out everything else before you go down the paranormal route.

Luckily, in our day-and-age, we have many technological devices that can be used to aid us. For example, if you get a lot of knocks on your front door, then fit a doorbell with a camera to rule out anybody coming up and knocking on your door and doing a runner. You can review any recordings to rule out someone playing a prank on you.

Internal doors – using a digital Manometer you can measure the air pressure differences in various rooms of your home. Also, note any stronger than normal drafts or breezes (i.e. from old, or even new, AC outlet units). Pressure imbalances and large movements or air can cause doors to ‘bang’ in their frames.

Walls and under floors – using a Stud and Joist finder, locate any pipes that run through the area that knocking is being heard. Pipes can expand and retract, sometimes snagging on other structures before suddenly releasing (known as the ‘Tectonic Effect’ as it is similar to how tectonic plates work). Pipes in basements should be inspected thoroughly to ensure that they are firmly fixed and there is no excess movement. Noises from basement pipes can travel throughout the pipe network and be heard in other areas of the house.

Digital voice recorder – using a looping DVR (one that records over itself for long recording), or using a sound-activated recorder, leave it recording wherever you hear knocking if routinely heard. What you are looking for upon review, are any other noises that are picked up at the time that the knocking is heard, especially EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena).

For those who can afford them, leave a CCTV camera, or a Camcorder, running in the room/area where knocking is being heard and review the footage for anything unusual. Recordings should also include sound, as this can be used as evidence if you go down the road of getting a paranormal group into your property, which should be done as a last resort and once you have ruled EVERYTHING else out.

Research your property’s history, especially if a historic property, as well as the area in general. Gather any information you can to anything that may have occurred within or around the property. IF this is a paranormal event, this may give you an insight into what could be going on and with whom.

Okay, so you have done everything else above and your 17-year old daughter is hearing knocks on her bedroom wall in the evenings. The wall has no pipework running through it; there are no neighbours on the other side of the wall; nothing has shown up on any video recordings and you want to know where to turn to next.

Do Not Panic Over Knocking Sounds

Firstly, let me say do not panic. Although a little frightening, knocks have never hurt anyone. If there is any other unexplained activity that comes with the knocking or being experienced separately, then the situation is clearly different, but if just knocks are being heard, you should remain calm. Contact a local paranormal group and ask them to investigate, making sure you present them with any evidence you have collected already. Always try to pick a group that has been operating for some time – they will have experience. Many groups do not charge for investigating paranormal events – they are often glad to get somewhere new to investigate other than the regular haunted locations that every ‘man and his dog’ visits. Do NOT automatically go to a Medium. I have a lot of respect for TRUE Mediums, but there are, unfortunately, too many Mediums out there that are fake and will tell you anything. This in turn can lead to further anxiety and even poor mental health (the power of suggestion is a powerful thing……).

Three Knocks

Secondly, the three knocks. This is believed (there is yet no evidence to substantiate the claim) to be a mocking of the Holy Trinity – The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Typically, although not always, they are found side-by-side with negative energies and what we perceive as demons. Both types of hauntings, where the knocking is typically heard, will also be found with foul smells, growling and other ‘dark’ occurrences. In this instance, I would highly suggest that you get help from a paranormal group/investigator with experience in these types of hauntings.

Be Very Careful with Spirit Board / Ouija Boards / Seances

Lastly, and in my opinion, the most important piece of advice I can give here – never, and I mean never, try to take things into your own hands and try to make contact with anything, if you suspect a haunting, using a Spirit Board or by holding a Séance if you do not know what you are doing. I was a Spirit Board Medium for 8-years and I can tell you some stories that would make your hair stand-on-end – and I KNEW what I was doing.

Titch Evans About me: I have been actively involved in the paranormal community for over 25-years and the founder/Lead Investigator for the North Nottinghamshire Paranormal Group (NNPG) here in the UK. I am a member of the International Alliance for Paranormal Investigators (IAPI) and the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (ASSAP). I have studied and qualified in Paranormal Investigations, Parapsychology and Demonology.

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As for the 3 knocks question it might be many things but i suggest learning more about the history of your home which could give you more clues as to what it is. My theory as to what it is; probably a ghost or ghost related the knocking might suggest it was what the person did before they passed so with unfinished business or bound to something in your house like maybe a buried toy, basement of previous owners things etc. Thus it might be stuck in a limbo cursed to replay the last scenes of his/her’s death. i suggest you do your homework on your home history

I am 61. I have experienced these three knocks at the door since my late teens and my daughter 31 experiences them as well. Most explanations I’ve read seem to be off the mark. When I first heard them I did what we all do, checked the door to find no one. Although they puzzled me, I never felt they were a threat. Instead, it appeared they were bring information, a message. I have also woken on many mornings remembering being in discussion which hooded robed figures.

Hey trever
I just turned 18 now and i have seen a hooded robed figure also but that was when I was like 15 or 16 but I’ve never been in a discussion with it because I was to scared I was just wandering what it said or if it said anything because when I saw it in went under my covers even though it was on the other side of my room but I asked it what do u wanthink and if I could help but I got no answer I just remember waking up.and just a couple hours maybe 2-3 I herd the 3 knocks it wasn’t the first time but for instead ignoring it this time I decided to open it and of course nothing was there . I just thought it was kinda odd how we both saw the hooded figure and we heard the knock I just started reading the comments but you’re the first person that I saw who said anything about a hooded figure

Hello Amanda,

A knock is usually ‘I am here’, unless you decide to talk with the ghost and have one knock for yes and two for no .. but I don’t recommend it.
Ghosts do travel from place to place and its best they don’t hang around.

There is also a belief that three knocks signifies a death in the family .. did that happen? It is usually immediately, or has just occurred when the family hear it?

Love & Peace

Hi i was awake at 2am in the morning when if heard 2 Knocks on our maindoor? Does it means death? Please help me i am very scared

Hi Jasmine,

What it means is that someone else was awake at 2.00am and probably knocked on your door, or the house moved, and or two moths had a fight. It does NOT mean death.

Love & Peace

Hi Ama,

I’m 15 years old and I can see spirits and their actual figure and some touch me. I’m the only one in my family who can see and feel it. Do I have some sort of gift?

I have a question; Can spirits talk to you when you’re just about to fall asleep? If so, can you please explain to me what this means;

One night, I was just about to fall asleep and all of a sudden I heard whispers that just get louder and louder and I heard “I would run” extremely clearly and it sounded to be a males voice, it was louder than the whispers. I opened my eyes and looked around my room, there was nothing there. I wasn’t overly freaked out from what I heard so I went back to sleep.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this and replying. It is much appreciated 🙂

Hi Chloe,

Yes, you have a gift for clairvoyance (it means ‘clear sight/vision) and if you can communicate with ghosts you might grow up to be a medium.

There is a difference between spirits (people who have died and gone to heaven – who come back briefly, usually to their families, to say ‘hi I feel fine’ and give support) and ghosts (who are people who have died and Not gone to heaven .. who hang around bugging the living, who could be anyone at all, not just family members). Most people have contact with ghosts, because they are around all the time.

Yes, spirits and ghost can talk to you just before you fall asleep.

This might have nothing to do with what the man was trying to say, but my favourite scene out of the first Hellboy movie is where his girlfriend decides to light up (go all fiery) and she says “I would run if I were you” in a creepy voice 🙂 .. and then she blasts out energy .. after the CIA? guy has jumped and hidden behind a rock. Maybe the ghost was trying to scare you, but instead of being scared you went to sleep. Kind a disappointing for him .. 🙂 No negative energy to feed on. And once you were asleep, you could have words with him on the astral plane. 🙂

And you are welcome to my help.

Love & Peace

I needed this answer. 3 knocks on my door just happened to me as my daughter and I fell asleep on the couch. No one was there. I remember sleeping in my grandmas bed a couple of times as a very small child and both of us being woken up by 3 knocks on her basement door. However,we later learned that her brother had passed. I have myself so worked up at the moment that I’m literally sick and want to cry.

hey jasmine im not sure about 2 knocks but three knocks is usually an angry ghost mocking the holy trinity which is `the father the son and the holy spirit.`

Jasmine. I heard two knocks at two in the morning as well. Only it knocked right above my bed on the wall.(there is no piping or even electric in the wall – only the hallway on the other side) I was asleep prior to it and dreamed about an old neighbor who had passed away quite a few years ago. I asked my brother what the neighbor die of and he said it was suicide. I wonder what it means to have two knocks at two a.m.??? I came across one other person on another website that had also experienced two at two am. Any thoughts?

—Also I was the only one in the house. I got a creepy feeling afterward and actually called my neighbor in the middle of the night who came over and slept on the couch!

No, its a silly ghost trying to get attention. The knocks happen all over the world, in all sorts of situations, in all sorts of buildings .. either that or its the building moving, or mice or rats.

There are better ways of getting a message to people than knocking on a door or wall ..

Love & Peace

Well I went to restaurant with my friends then aftr meal I went to fresh room I heard my friend is shouting my name and trying to open the door but when I ask them did u came there n they reply no. What dose it mean.

Hi Isa,

Are you sure your friends weren’t playing a trick on you? Otherwise .. you might have had your first experience with a ghost, or lived through a spooky event that happened in the past and repeats every so often.

Nothing to worry about.

Love & Peace

Hello, what does it mean if it was giving 2 knocks! I’m so scared and reading these are calming me so this is the story and what happend…..

So I was watching a movie with my door closed and lights off just on my iPhone, it was like 2:00 or 1:40 at night. I turned off my phone to turn and face my wall and as soon as I turned off my phone and closed my eyes, I heard 2 knocks. At first I thought it was my brother cause he is next in the room. But his bed wasn’t against the wall. I started to panic and didn’t go to sleep until like 4:00 cause that’s when my dad goes to work. I am 13 years old and it scared me so bad. I felt like crying out to my mum and dad…and I’m not catholic I’m an atheist, I’m scared I hurt Gods fealings… I also don’t have any enemy’s…

Someone please tell me what this is

Hi Jane,

Unless something else paranormal is happening in the house, two knocks could simply be the house settling. It could be any number of normal sounds that you suddenly became aware of for some unknown reason. It could have been a ghost passing through, but if things are calm, its probably gone away again. I wouldn’t be worried about it, but if you are, scroll to the bottom of this webpage and you’ll find a link through to the Michael Invocation. Go to the webpage and read it out loud, you can do it quietly, and request that anything hanging around the house get sent into healing. Then you won’t have to worry. There’s also a link to white light shields, if you want to learn how to use them. They keep spooky things out of the house.

Love & Peace

I have heard the same thing. It is most likely your house settling, and not to scare you, but it could also be a spirit passing through disrupting the wall. Nothing to be scared of

My son and I just experience 10 knocks like 2weeks ago on one of the bedroom doors as we were speaking. He open the door and no one was there. Everything was dark in the house my daughter was in her room doing some homework and the dog was pretty close to the room. He didn’t bark or attack anything. I’m just wondering what it could of been? I have felt a presence of someone in my house a few years ago and have seen it for a few seconds. But now that I move in again weird things are happening. What I did after that happened was I lid 3 white candles around the house and started praying all around and in every corner of my home.
What could this be? Why it only happens to me and my kids not when my husband is around?

My grandmother was very psychic and sometimes scary, but she always said that the three knocks were death knocks. I have heard them and death didn’t always occur, but it scares the heck out of me.

Me as well. It did occur twice as I heard them as a child, however I’m pretty sure I’ve heard the knocks more than that. Just got woken up by 3 knocks at my door. I have myself so worked up now that its making me sick!

Hi Amanda,
Ok. This 3 knocks. Here is the answer, it is a ghost doing it, but its, knocking on things, like you would knock on a door to find the person within the house. It just trying to communicate, and say hello. I am here, I hope you enjoy my home, like I did. It does not mean death, because everyone will die, one day.


Dark Blessings


That gives me relief. I heard 3 knocks outside my 3rd story window.. I’m in a house.. But I heard 3 to four different spirits audibly. This has never happened to me before. A baby crying.. A toddler comforting the baby. Then later on last night I heard boys playing outside near the creek loudly. It was pouring rain all night. Nobody was out there! Then I heard one say ” I’m going to tell” I heard it rustling and running in the leaves..then walking up back porch stairs. Here’s a problem. I don’t have back porch stairs. The only thing that worked for me was prayer. The creek was rushing from all,of the rain. I live on old I,dian and civil war land. But I live in a neighborhood built in the 80s. I was completely sober. I was sleeping with my youngest. All the noises kept waking her up too. I would be sleeping hear noises and awake. I sat up to make sure I was in fact awake. The noises still continued while I was awake for about 9 seconds each. :/ I’ve seen spirits in the past .. But never..never heard clear audible voices until last night. I’m not comfortable with what I heard. My daughter felt the same. I’m confused because I’ve been directly contacted before by my husband that passed at a young age. But this was different. It was either just energies passing thru or something trying to scare me. I’m concerned as well because I recently made a enemy with a eastern European slav young lady I’ve never met. I have no idea what to think.

Hi Sarah,

The gift of clairaudience (clear hearing) can be exhausting, because, while you can close your eyes and pretend the ghosts aren’t there, its really hard to close your ears.

The ghosts you heard sound random, in the sense that they were conversing with each other, rather than with you. I will suggest two things. The Michael Invocation (link to it at the bottom of this webpage) will clear any entities out of your home. There’s also a link to White Light Shields. The shields will keep entities out of the house (place it around the edge of the house block, not just the house itself) .. so learn it and use it first, then use the Invocation, and that should give you and your daughter a good night’s sleep.

Ghosts are everywhere. For the most part they are simply lost souls. Nasty people are everywhere too. I hope you haven’t made an enemy, but what you could do, to help heal the rift, is to bring the lady’s face to mind and either ask her forgiveness, or forgive her .. you might not want to do one or the other, but for the sake of peace of mind, and healing .. its a good thing to do.

Love & Peace

Really, then I must be mocking the trinity every time I tap on my friends doors.

That is a silly superstition and shouldn’t be given in credence. People do it all the time.

Love & Peace
(Christian Theologian)

3 knocks represent the “Trinity” of evil spirits also meaning ungodly demonic spirits trying to offend “The Father” God. My best answer is do not move out it will only follow u but to get a medium or a priest to bless the your house. May god have mercy on your souls.

I hear knocks every night and I have become use to them. I use to think that they were death knocks, but when my son died suddenly this last November. I didn’t have any signs, like I have had in the past. I still don’t believe it!

I have heard the knocks 3 times over the past year. It just happened again last nite. Usually it happens when I am in bed. Once when I was just about asleep. The other time I was fully awake. My bedroom is downstairs and last nite I heard a sound like wood splintering outside my closed bedroom door. I stayed their petrified for several minutes. I never went back to sleep and got up a little later to go to the bathroom. While I was in the bathroom I heard the 3 knocks again. The are never loud or aggressive. Just 3 distinctive knocks. Last night they were not as loud. They sounded like they were coming from downstairs. It does not sound like it is on a window. It sounds like it is on a wall or door. I hear a lot of noises but my daughter does not. Most of the noises I hear can be explained away but the splintering noise I heard last nite can not be explained away and neither can the knocks. No one has died after I hear them.

Hi Rebecca,

Do you live in an old house, perhaps made of wood? There might be other reasons for what sounds like wood splintering.

Otherwise I suggest you consider either having your house blessed by a minister of your church, or having a medium come in to talk to the ghost and cross it into heaven, or scrolling to the bottom of this webpage and using the Michael Invocation to clear your home, so that you don’t have to be expecting strange knocks or noises anymore. Sometimes it simply is a ghost trying to get our attention .. for reasons of their own.

Love & Peace

Yes things can be explained… But you seem to have an explaination for everything and it’s kinda (not being offensive) annoying, maybe it is a ghost, maybe they want to be noticed not forgotten, but you seem to think it’s an old house or an animal or something else…

I’m sorry if this offended you in any way, Ama Nazra

Hello Emma,

Do I find it annoying that people ask the same questions, about the same subject, over and over again? No. I am just grateful that in my 50+ years of experiences and training, I’ve been able to find answers for myself and other people. That you find it annoying is understandable, its much more interesting to have the ‘unexplainable’, but things that people do not understand they fear, and I don’t want anyone fearing ghosts, who are just people without bodies, or spirits, who simply love us. I DO want them staying away from ouija boards. The results of playing with those nasty bits of whatever are to be feared, since so much damage has been done – which often amuses people who have not experienced anything truly nasty, but for those of us who have .. its better we have answers to share, so that others don’t suffer – if they’ll listen.

You haven’t offended me, I do understand your frustration .. but you are on the wrong site if you expect me to build up other people’s fears just so that it more fun. It’s not my job. My life’s work has been to remove nasty entities, from homes and people, from buildings and forests, from castles (yep, even them) and ordinary houses in ordinary streets .. and to reassure people that not everything is paranormal .. and 3 knocks can simply be .. simple. So when its explainable, I explain it, and when I need more information I ask questions, and when it is something troubling I offer help.

Love & Peace

so i have heard this all my life, and am transgender witch seems to be related.. well recently in almost 10 yrs she has appeared 2 me physically in our 3rd dimensional world, and took advantage of me sexually.. my chakras were so whacked i couldnt eat, sleep.. was jus non stop,, finally in my sleep something kissed my ear.. and i woke up with a headach and a blown ear drum.. im curious.. can u help me? i kno it takes control performing/writing music.. all real musicians experience that.. but the ear ringing. “Cant u hear me knockin, on the window?” ya kno, im no longer in fear of em an they kno it.. so obv they hear for another reason..

It’s happend in two different homes I have lived in over the last 16 years roughly. Neither houses were made of wood. I feel it’s not negative as they are usually warnings of a bad day ahead. x

Hi Rebecca,

That’s a good way of looking at things! I prefer a little warning myself, but what I do when something like that happens is deny its right to happen. Basically I say no.

“No, I am not going to be having a bad day”. Mentally thank whomever and then focus on the positive. Amazing how that can change what happens, when we do this.

Love & Peace

Rebecca’s situation of the wood and the knocking is exactly what I am going through. Doors also open and it can’t be the heat pipes because we don’t have it on. It’s waking up my son plus my mother who is 84. I’ve watched paranormal shows on television. This is first time I have experienced it. Doors that have been locked open on their on. I did talk to priest and he said when it comes in threes it mocking the trinity of the Father son and Holy Ghost. House blessing and cleansing is what he recommended. But it’s hard for me to accept. It’s hard watching my mother scared and son trying to figure out what it is. I’m not sure what to do any ideas would be appreciated because it’s nightly and my mother is absolutely terrified.

Lad, call the damn priest. Don’t be proud. I am currently a nanny in a home that there are paranormal occurrences. The parents refuse to call a priest and the occurrences have gotten worse.

In my opinion,make a list of places you were and whom did you visit and visitor who was at your place, also what sort of events happened in your life.
Sometimes we can attract or become target to demon to posses our life. Specially in this time we should be very careful with our engagements and friendships, never give opportunity to assumptions and over trust.
I feel no good about this activity and I hope you will resolve it as soon as you can.
God bless you.

My divorce has had me feeling bogged down lately and I had not been praying in a long time so I knelt down and prayed for my worries, and all sadness to leave me. afterwards I felt the promoting to meditate, I remained in my knealt position and began to meditate and as I was quieting my mind, an old friend of mine, Alex Thesing, from highschool, who passed away in 9th grade came into my mind, I said his name out loud and asked If he was attempting to communicate with me, and suddenly I heard 3 knocks right at 2:51am in the living room, and In my mind it sounded like he knocked on the piano, well, needless to say I ‘Googled’ 3 knocks and There were all these creepy death stories. I got freaked the heck out at the synchronicity of the events unfolding and prayed for further comfort and guidance and ‘Re-Googled’ 3 knocks and found this forum. I don’t know what the 3 knocks mean but just as I was about to kneel back down and pray I heard 3 soft and one hard knock then 3 regular knocks again. Don’t know what’s going on but, I wonder what Alex wanted…

Hello Diana,

Perhaps your friend Alex came to visit, to see how you were? You might have been thinking about events in your school days. I know I sometimes remember a guy called Rodney I knew in high school, who died in a car crash in the xmas holidays. That was 35 years ago. He doesn’t come to visit, but I have not forgotten him, because he was a nice guy and didn’t deserve to die at 17.

It’s always interesting to find what we anchor some of sadness with. Perhaps part of what you were feeling including memories of Alex, and when you asked for help to let go of it all, that part released and left with him .. unless he’s still in your dreams, which means he might be a ghost rather than a spirit, and might need help crossing into heaven. That does happen sometimes.

What might Alex want? You to be happy again, you to let go of past pain, which you had asked to do, or some energy.

What you can do is ask your angels to “FIND Alex and TAKE him into healing”, if he needs to be found. They will know what to do.

Love & Peace

hi Ama, my name is Ryan, i have been hearing 3 distinctive knocks every single night around 7:00 with my mother, last night we finally got up and when we did, we were arguing about who should answer the door because we were both very scared, we also hear our names being called from the end of the hallway where it is dark. i have moved around my whole entire life around the US and i have always heard our names in the hallway. my mother hears them too. throughout my life, everyone has said they always just felt uncomfortable in my home and they weren’t sure why. i’m pretty sure whatever this is, i think it might be following us, we have burnt sage throughout the house and made sure we didn’t miss anywhere. corners, closets, small areas etc. i’m from MA and we lived in an area called “the Bridgewater triangle” which has high paranormal activity. we purchased a house in the triangle and we had the hallway problem, cabinets open with cups on the counter and windows would be open when we woke up, i am NOT exaggerating. we are very concerned and scared. i do not attend church, my religion is Catholic and we have placed crosses around the house but they FALL down to the floor we are considering bringing bibles into the house and reading them aloud with sage burning but we think that might be dangerous. if you have any advise, please reply my name is Ryan and my mothers name is Melissa

Hi Ryan,

Who died at 7.00pm? Or is 7.00pm significant in some other way? It would have to be something pretty obvious, if it happened to your family, for a ghost to want remind you of it .. particularly one following you around.

Bringing a bible into the house, unless its brought in by someone with Faith, is not going to make much difference. It’s just a book .. and I AM a person of ‘faith’. The power comes from belief, not the words on the paper. Sage is nice, for clearing negativity, but it doesn’t last long, and if the ghost is attached to one of the people, and they are not home when the house is smudged, it just comes right back in with them.

I would suggest you do one of three things 1) ask the minister from your local church to visit and bless the house, or 2) get a medium (a person who talks to the dead) to come and visit and sort out who is doing what and clear everyone (ghosts) into heaven, or 3) scroll down to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to the Michael Invocation and use that to clear first each person in the family, and then the house or houses you all live in. And if that does settle things down, then there’s a link to my personal email .. write to me and I’ll clear everything, or arrange it. I would need your home address and all your full names.

Love & Peace

I suggest getting the bible and reading verse john 3:16 or just a chapter in general. It will not harm you in any way . if it is following you and you hear your name being called in a distinctive voice then it is just a spirit, but if it is being wispered it is most likely a demonic spirit. If it is a demonic spirit, i suggest getting holy oil from your local church and puting on your fingers do the head chest left right( what i call the father son and holy spirit ) and put more on and make a cross on the wall of the end of the hall.

Best regards
Ezra hackman

Hi ama
Thanks for your reply I as really scared since the day that I heard the knocks on our main door I have those sleepless night but now i got your reply it was a big reliefs to me tho..thanks much ms ama for the big help
Kind regards

hey every one
I had witnessed 3 knocks on my room’s window. it’s for the third time. I am not as much scared but need to know why is it so???
can any one help me

You have not given us enough information to say what it could be, Ali. To ‘witness’ something generally means ‘seeing’ it happen. Did you, or did you hear it? And when did it happen? 3 times in one day, over a week, over a number of months? Is anything else paranormal happening, apart from the knocks? Do you live in a haunted house? Is anyone sick in the family? Special anniversaries? It could be practically anything? What do you think it is related to?

Love & Peace

okay… i am 16 almost 17 years old. ive been doing some researching about all this because of some things that have been happening in my house lately, we are talking about sageing the house but someone told me that might make it worse. only after living here for a few months did the first thing happen, my door slammed shut and there appeard to be a shadow coming from my door, nothing happened for a while after that. then the knobs of my closet came off by themselfs and now theres 2 holes which are big enough to peer through. the third thing, was an apirition, ive seen 2. the first was in my room and it appeared to be white and a whole figure but it was just out of the corner of my vision. the second was in my living room… this one was a darker figure and it crawled on the floor passed the couch around 3 or 4 in the morning. i saw it dead on. ive also heard 3 knocks on my bedroom window which led me to this page. ive heard the trinity thing about death and a few days after i heard it…. my sisters brother passed away in his sleep from muscular distraphy. today, my dish washer flung open and the bottom tray was completely out, and its hard to pull that tray out, and it wont come out just by opening the dish washer door…. i thought ive been going crazy but… idk what to beleive.

i sincerely hope someone can help me out….

Hello Nathan,

Sounds to me that your house is haunted. As you know, its not your imagination, but what it is, is someone either trying to get your attention, or give you a fright. Either is a nuisance, and the entity doing it sounds like a lost soul, rather than something nastier.

Sage is good when everyone in the house is feeling cranky and you feel you need to ‘clear the air’. The entities might leave completely, or go outside for a while, but what drew them there in the first place (human negative emotion) will draw them back in, or others like them. It’s better to clear the house completely, rather than half-doing it with the smudging.

There are three ways you can do this –
1) Ask your local priest or minister to come and bless the house, if you go to church. They might do this even if you don’t, so there is no harm in asking.
2) Have a medium (a person who can talk to ghosts and clear them into heaven .. not a ‘paranormal investigator’) come and cross the ghost, or ghosts, over .. or
3) Scroll down to the bottom of this page and click the link through to the Michael Invocation and either you use it, or ask your parents to do so .. it has to be said with strong intent. You don’t have to believe in angels or JC .. it works anyway, even for atheists. It gives permission for the guardian angels to come into the house and remove anyone (ghost) who is trapped there, or there for reasons that are not for your greater good. You can also use it to clear your personal energy. The instructions are on the page.

That should settle things down.

Love & Peace

thank you very much, i saw you mention the michael invocation already and i used it the night i posted. i havnt been seeing anything weird lately but last night it sounded like there was a rock hitting my sisters window and all the kids started crying. we have been talking about sageing for a while now. but havnt gotten around to it yet. someone told me about spirits of light and the book of enoch. if you can give some info on that id be grateful. also my neighbor told me that the people who used to live here in the past beleived in satan and did some creepy stuff here, i still beleive theres something here but its making itself scarce right now. ill update any other occurances on this thread. thanks for the reply.

Hi Nathan,

You can say the Michael Invocation anytime you feel you need it. And the rock against the window could be anything, or anyone, outside the house playing games. Did your parents check it out when it happened?

The spirits of Light are a name for the angels. The Michael Invocation asks the protector of humanity (archangel Michael) to help you. They are the soldiers of the Creator. The book of Enoch is about demons. It’s the exact reverse of what you are looking for. There are actually three books, and none of them were written by Enoch.

Use the Michael Invocation to clear the house, quite specifically, if you have not already done so. That will take care of anything left behind by anyone who honoured Satan.

Love & Peace

Last night as my sons father and I were sitting on the couch after just getting the baby back to sleep. we were talking and joking. We heard 3 knocks and he went to check it out. no one was there. I asked him the time a few minutes later because it scared me a little bit and he said 3:05 am. The morning came and I called my mother and I asked her what does it mean when you hear 3 knocks. She said the death knock. So I googled it. I am now not at ease bc I believe in spirits and angels…all those things. My sons father thinks I am just over thinking and it was nothing even though he heard it too. Now I am scared something is going to happen. Ive had fore runners in the past and also knew when people were going to pass. I sincerely hope it is nothing too serious and my loved ones are looking over me and my children.
My sons father told me not to worry too much. Since we both heard it…I dont exactly know what that means.

Hi Natasha,

I’m with your partner. Don’t worry about it. There are too many ‘knockings’ happening at the moment, with no ‘outcomes’ (like deaths in the family). I think its just the new fad in the ghost community. Startling but also boring .. when it happens over and over again.

From an old ‘ghost hand’ who has seen a lot of hauntings.

Love & Peace

One knock is a angel 2 knocks it a. Demon 3 knocks is the devil.and it happen at 3 am that when the devil and demons cone out.what day of the week was it?

Hi Priscilla,

Where did you learn that little rhyme? Superstitions can be quite funny at times. 🙂 If it were true, so many people would be in trouble .. and they aren’t .. for which we are grateful.

Love & Peace

Omg this just happen to me, so I live with my little brother and both of my parents. So at around 2:30 everyone was sleeping. Then all of a sudden I hear two loud knocks on my parents bedroom and I my brother was completely a sleep because he was on his bunkbed, then another two knocks had occurred but it was a little more soft and quite then my mom had worked up and open my door and said was I just knocking, I told her no but I heard it. She said she had responded to the knocks and said who is it because she thought it was my little brother but when she notice that my door my closed from the mirror that’s when she knew it was something very weird. But what is crazy is that my dad had knocked on the wall earlier to get my brothers attention so my brother knocked back in the wall I believe 3 times then a hour later is when me and my mom had experienced the 4 knocks on her door at around 2:30. I’m so scared I can’t even sleep. Definitely something paranormal and I hope no one dies and what people say.

Hi David,

Just on this site alone, and the other one about the same subject here on PQA .. only one person has had someone die after hearing three (3) knocks, not four or two.

I really would not be worrying about this.

Love & Peace


When i was going upstairs at around 8:20 PM, where outside was really windy, i heard 3 knocks coming out of nowhere… I don’t exactly know if it was from a door, but i was going upstairs so it is literally impossible to hear the knocks from a door. They weren’t as loud, i though it might be just wind, but it is still good to know if it was. While writing this letter, the wind suddenly stopped (Yeah, it actually did, and i am really freaked out.) What am i supposed to do?! Does this mean someone will die?

UPDATE: I told it to my mum, she said she did kuranı kerim when i told her that i heard those type of stuff, she said we should be fine, she also said that it is probably the really strong wind outside. She says if u dont stop hearing them that means it is basically a ghost trying say hello to you, or help me. When i told them these stuff i felt really comfortable, i opened my lights everywhere to feel a bit more comfortable, but i still want to know, what exactly could it be?!

Hi Cem,

I agree with your mother. And in a high wind, which you described, all manner of objects can be blown around, and hit the house .. even three times in a row. Is there a tree next to the house, could that cause it? There are so many ordinary possibilities, I wouldn’t be worried about it.

Love & Peace

So all of sudden there have been banngings coming from a very specific outside wall. It sounds as if someone is trapped in the wall… Started just a few days ago. I have been trouble sleeping the last 2 weeks. Getting up every night between 1-4 am. Not being able to sleep. 2 Nights ago, I actually had my husband in bed with me ( we sleep apart because he snores) At 3 am, there were three knocks on the wall. I immediately has this feeling that my dog Rue was dead. I made my husband go check on her downstairs and she was fine. Since then, this dog Rue has been hiding in the bathroom downstairs shaking and afraid to come out. She is a German Shepherd. Very odd behavior. Last night I was by myself and was settling into bed and at 10:30 the wall just went nuts. I mean horrific banging, knocking, pounding on the same outside wall ( no trees near it) and it was so loud that all 4 of my German Shepherds were barking. My husband was down stairs sleeping and the banging was so out of control, it woke him up. It went on for 2-3 mintutes then nothing. I once again didn’t sleep. This is getting old fast and I have no idea what is going on. Lived in this house since 2009. Can’t explain it but my dog no longer comes upstairs and sleeps on her pet bed with me, like she use to, she is now sleeping in the bathroom downstairs. During the day she hides there too and when I call her out in the living room she just stands there, tries to get under my leg and shakes. The other 3 dogs seem totally unaffected by it all.

Hi Lore,

Scroll to the bottom of this webpage and you will find the Michael Invocation. You can use that to clear your home. The instructions are on the webpage and its very effective.

Another link there is to my webpages, if you feel the house needs more clearing .. you can email me privately from there, to arrange it.

Love & Peace

Hi Ama, my friend, her little brother, and I were taking videos and we saw ghost orbs floating across and so we looked up what the white one means and it meant a spiritual protector, we know there is a ghost living in her house named Dianne and we want to know if she is warning us about something because she knocked a couple of times on our wall, what do you think she is trying to tell us?¿

Hi Liz,

First up .. can you send the webpage address for a site that says it can say what the colours of orbs are? The white ones can be anything from reflected dust or moisture, to possibility a ghost, spirit or elemental .. a spiritual protector is an angel, specifically from the group governed by Archangel Michael – they have no need to travel in orbs.

Also, just to check, what did your orb look like? Did it have a well defined edge to it, and its own internal light?

As to a ghost being a spiritual protector. They are not. A ghost is a lost soul, a person who has not crossed into heaven. The only thing they are interested in protecting is themselves. But they will love your attention and communication, because with every thought and word you are feeding them the energy that keeps them trapped between heaven and earth, and in the process you could be making yourself quite ill, physically or mentally. In every case of a haunting I suggest the person crosses the ghost over. If Dianne wants to return then, she can, and she’ll do you no harm – but she can still hang around if she wants to. You’ll find the way to do this outlined under the link at the bottom of the page called Michael Invocation. And you are doing her a kindness to do this.

What is she trying to tell you, by knocking to get your attention … see about ..

Thanks for your help,
Love & Peace

Hello everyone. I am very worried because of the responses I am reading. Two nights in a row I have been awaken by the sound of three loud knocks. When I sit up in bed I know that no one is at the door because my yorkie is still asleep. If he had heard the knocks he would have been barking and running through the house. I pray it does not mean death is coming. Please help.

Scared and Praying

Hello S&P,

Please stop worrying. You said you woke up to the sound. Quite truthfully, it could have come from inside your dreams. The knocking people hear, or heard, that ‘might’ signify a death, usually happens when people are wide awake.

When we are asleep our spirits can leave our bodies and go and travel the astral plane. Sometimes, when we return, we hear all sorts of things, that are from the astral plane, not the physical one. Knocking is one of many, others include people speak, music, parties, nasty voices, animals, bells, chimes, whistles .. so much.

I really don’t think you have anything to worry about.

Love & Peace

Thank you so very much Ann. i really appreciate your quick response. I pray I can rest tonight.

God Bless

This exact same thing happened to me 2 nights ago and again last night. I distinctly remember waking up and thinking that it was louder than the night before. I am kind of freaked out, what ended up happened in your case??? How long did it go on for??? Did anything result from it? I had a very stressful even happen earlier this week (1 day before the first knocking event) I am hoping that it is just stress. But why 3 knocks? and why is it that so many people have heard the same three knocks, and always like its on a door. This is strange to me, but the human psyche is never easily explained.
Thanks, TimB

PS (To Ama)
I forgot to mention that the house I live in was built by my great-grandparents in the 1920’s. And I know of 2 family members that have died in the house. I have lived in the house for about 9 years and have never really ever experienced anything strange, apart from the occasional cold chill and random shadow. But we had a good relationship and I loved them and they loved me, so if they were still in the house I know they would never mean to cause me any intentional fear or malice.

Hi Tim,

Some ghosts are like that, and some are just plain nasty .. and some are idiots playing games by knocking on doors because it gets them attention, your energy (fear .. delicious) and gives them a sense of being ‘alive’ even though they generally know they are not. Since nothing else happens, just tell them to go away, yawn, roll over and go back to sleep. After a while most things can be got used to .. treat the event as unimportant and it should stop. No one I have spoken to, over this recent spate of activity, says the knocking lasts forever .. so the ghosts probably move on once they realise they are not having the effect they had anymore.

Love & Peace

Last night I heard knocking I believe 3 successively , it stopped for a few seconds then did it again and it repeated itself again (I was laying in bed). After the 3rd time , I turned my head in the direction the knocks came from and they just stopped. I looked at the clock and it was 3:08 I figure they started at 3:07 am. I don’t know why this first time experience is stuck on my. Mind so I decided to google it. I never realized how many people have a similar experience. So far no one I know has died. Maybe a relative stopped by after passing to say hi. It is Mother’s Day… Maybe my mom or mother in law.


I’m from the south but I nor any of my neighbors, friends etc have ever heard of this. However, my husband of 51 years passed on March 5th. On the 14th there was 3 loud bangings on my storm door. When I got there, no one was there although I looked up & down the street. No one or car in sight. Around 3 or 4 am on Tuesday morning, I was awaken by 3 loud knocks on my window. At 1st I was startled, then I wasn’t afraid. When I looked outside in the morning, no footprints & screen was intact. But I saw that the whole window sill was rotted and have to have the whole thing replaced. Inside, when I opened the window, I saw some watermark (sketches) inside the pane. There was a heart,a dog looking in & a dinosaur. Our dog passed away before my husband did. And when our 2 granddaughters were younger (13 & 15 now) they would sit and watch the Discovery channel at the Meerkats & Dinosaurs with their GrandDad. I took pictures of the window if There is any way to show them on here.

Good evening,one night i was about to go to sleep, everybody in my house was sleeping already and when i was about to close my eyes i heard “shh” 3 times, i got scared because i knew no body else was up at that time.I looked around to see if it was somebody (was thinking it was a spirit or a ghost) but didnt see anything. I was scared but too tired to think it out, so i went to sleep.I hope somebody gives me an advice, thank you.

Hi Brenda,

We have this really weird little dude living around our house. He makes a very strange noise, half hiss after rattling throat .. we know he’s a possum and I’ve seen his mate and their child (from last year). That could be one reason for the hissing noise.

You wrote that you looked for a ghost or spirit and saw nothing .. can you usually see them? Sometimes they are not actually visible, and maybe someone just wanted you to be quiet and calm and go to sleep, I don’t think you felt particularly scared, because you did do that. (I know that ‘too tired’ feeling .. I have often told ghosts to come back in the morning LOL).

Unless you are constantly haunted, it doesn’t sound as if the entity stayed around, so that is good. If it happens again you can ask your angels to “FIND the being that shhhed me and TAKE it into healing”. The guardian angels know what to do, they’ll take care of it.

Love & Peace

hello there,

This month of June 2015, I heard three knocks within different day. I living in this house for four years and I never hear this knocks before. This is the first time i heard it. Should I be worry?



Hi Darren,

What was happening on those three days? Were they anniversaries of any kind? Has someone died in the family recently? Is someone sick? Were they at the same time of day, in the same sort of weather? Have you had a lot of rain, or are you in increasing drought? I know I’m being a pain, but the reality is that most of these noises can have ordinary explanations, and I am an expert in the paranormal .. and have seen some profoundly weird things over the years, and heard them. So .. unless something else is happening in the house, including things like nightmares, the source will usually be explainable.

No worries, mate, as they say in Australia.

Love & Peace

Hello Ama,

My wife’s grandmother was die in my house could couple years ago and parents passed 15 years ago. My wife’s grandfather too old and couldn’t walk but he’s not sick. I heard the knocks around midnight. No rain in Los Angeles and we have drought. Well thanks for the quick respond. God bless you.

Hello again Darren,

No anniversaries, no good reasons for someone specific to the family to draw attention to themselves, could just be a passing ghost. The thing is knocking does draw attention, and ghosts want the attention, because when we focus on a sound or a sight we send energy towards the location, and that energy can feed ghosts, which is why they draw attention to themselves in the first place, if they are not related to the family.

I still think you have nothing to worry about. You didn’t mention anything else paranormal, and if the knocking has not repeated itself .. let it go and get on with life. If it does happen again, you can clear your home with the Michael Invocation (a link to it is at the bottom of this webpage), which should be enough to settle things down.

Love & Peace

I had 3 knocks at approx. 3.30am on one of the doors upstairs this morning. The knocks are always loud enough to wake me up. They started in our last house and would usually occur to warn me of something bad due to happen that day. Dreading today now. Hopefully it’s nothing though.

Ok I find all of this very interesting. for the past month I have heard 3 loud knocks on my bedroom door (I sleep with the door closed) in the middle of the night to the point that I am yelling out “who is there” or “yeah” with no answer or anyone there. My nephew passed away this past Saturday. I am “sensitive” to spirits but picky for me I don’t fear them as I know they are good. But I have been wondering about the significance of the 3 knocks.

Hi NaplesRose

If the knocking had happened just after your nephew died I might think they were connected, but in your case I don’t. Whatever, or whomever, is knocking, is probably just doing it to be annoying .. so ask it to go away, and if it doesn’t then having your house cleared might be a good idea. It’s not healthy for the living to have ghosts in the house, and ghosts really need to be in heaven for healing’s sake.

Love & Peace

Hi I’m Alyssa and just 3 weeks ago i was getting ready for school and my door was shut to my room and i heard three calm knocks on my wooden door and no one was home at the time and i didn’t dare to answer my door until someone got home to drive me to school. What could this mean?

I heard 3 knocks around 3 am at our front door. When i opened it, nothing was there. And i thought it could be my mother who passed away last june 18. Is it a sign that she’s communicating with us?

Hello, my name is Carlos, and two weeks ago I heard 3 loud knocks outside my window and got up to see no one was at my window or in my yard, so about an hour later I heard the 3 loud knocks again, but this time it was my twin sister telling me we had to go to the emergency room to find out her husband had been shot and killed.

I am very sorry for your loss, Carlos. I hope your sister is all right. The knocking might have been connected to your brother-in-law’s death, but its only a very remote possibility, particularly if its never happened before. Did the knocks happen at the time of his death? They can also just be someone saying hello.

Love & Peace

Yes it happen at his time of and she is doing much better thanks, it’s just crazy cause she had their son two weeks later after the death

Ive been hearing knocking when Im sleeping since a few months back. Oddly the same 3 knocks.Its loud enough to wake me everytime. I also have seen and heard ghosts for years. Some good, some not. I usually hear bad ones when Im down in the dumps I notice.My dad is sick but I dont feel its related to him. My phone lately is picking up bad voices. I dont like this. Help please…thanks

Hi Heather,

Scroll to the bottom of this page and click on the link to the Michael Invocation. Use it to clear your energy. Hold your phone while you are doing it, to clear it too. You could the line “all threads and bindings” to “all threads and bindings through things I am attached to”. That should take care of all the odd sounds.

Love & Peace

I had an odd experience last night. About 3:30 in the morning, I heard distinct knocking coming from a window in the house. I don’t know which window because I was too scared to investigate, but it was not the window in my room. The knocking came in 4s, and happened about 15 times with about 20 seconds in between each set. Both my parents were sleeping in a room in the floor above, and my brother was in a spearte room on the same floor as me. When I woke up, I asked each of my family members if they’d heard anything strange the night before. Neither of my parents had heard anything, but when I asked my brother, he immediately told the exact same story. I started researching knocking, and found this page. Unlike many of the other experiences, though, the knocking for me was 4 knocks instead of 3. Any thoughts? Thank you!

HI Kate,

Have you checked outside all the windows on the floor you sleep on to see if anything could have been flapping in a breeze?

It could be that someone wanted to come into the house, or get your attention (or anyone’s) to open the window and let them in, but since neither of you responded, it didn’t succeed.

There’s a lot more tapping going on these days, or people are more aware of it, but very few answers, based in the traditional ‘warnings’ history of knocking, so I really just think it might be noisy ghosts having some fun .. nothing to worry about.

Love & Peace

Right now I am sitting in my car parked a well lit part of town, and I do not plan on going home alone ever again. I’m probably going to move out tomorrow.

I moved in to my apartment 3 months ago, and for the most part it has been great. Every once in awhile I would hear footsteps at night, the sound of bare feet slapping on the tiles. It was never a bother and it only happened when I was almost asleep so I always just ignored it and fell asleep. Last week I started hearing somebody quietly knocking on my door so I got up to check, but nobody was there, so I shut and locked the door and went to sleep. That happened again tonight but I was so tired that I ignored it thinking I must have been dreaming, and then a noise that I will never ever forget in my life. It sounded like somebody hit my bedroom door with a sledgehammer, it startled me to the point of me jumping to my feet on my bed, it didn’t stop, my door handle began rattling and the door started vibrating like somebody was trying to get thought a locked door. I turned on the lamp and nothing?! It stopped. I had actually urinated in my pants. So I left my place about 45 minutes ago, that happened about an hour ago and I am waiting for the morning to go to get my brother to help me go back to get my stuff.

Hi Ben,

I understand the desire to move house, but if you can’t you have a few choices.

1) get the minister of your local church to come and bless the whole building.

2) get a medium in to come and talk to the ghosts and cross them over (there might be more than one)

3) scroll to the bottom of this page, follow the link to the Michael Invocation and use it to clear your home.

4) there’s a link to me on this webpage too .. email me and give me the address and I’ll clear your home.

And when you leave tell the owner so that they can get some help clearing the place out.

Love & Peace

Hi wanted opinion..6yrs ago i was 19..had house alone..was 4:20pm ish summer day..iwas tired i went rounf lockin doors and windows..went up to bed with dog..he layed on bed..left door open so he could get out. Bowt 3hours lster i woke up..wasnt sure why the dog woke up too..door was shut..didnt register walked to go to toilet..was shut..wusnt open!!no lock just was slammed so hard it broke mechsnism..had go break door down. Nothin til last nite..not late..rappid nocks front door..then mid morning..thought it was police..nothing! Any incite wud be greatly approcoated thnk u

I just heard knocks this morning on the front door when I was in between waking up and being asleep. I thought it might have been a family member (living, not dead) who wanted to come in, but no one was there…at least that I remember. I think I may have been reading on this website quite a bit if I heard knocks already!
It wasn’t really scary though, they just sounded like regular knocks on the door.
None of my family members died today, the day went on being a normal day.

I am amazed at how many people have been hearing the knocks and no one around. I have been hearing them for seventeen years, Usually early morning hours and once a month. I have never felt in danger, but it is very annoying. There have been very few deaths over the years that I know of so I do not think it is telling me someone I know is going to die. I believe it is someone who died and is letting me know they are ok,I know it can follow you to other places as that happened to me. I went out of town on a visit, and my grandson heard the three knocks on his window. It scared him, then my daughter didnt want me to stay there again, but she has let me stay anyway. The best advice I have read on these sites is to say aloud “go away, leave me alone, Jesus Christ is watching over me.” (Don’t open your door to look around).Have a minister or priest bless your house inside and outside and put oils that have been blessed throughout your home.

Yesterday it was quite windy and I decided to get a nap in the afternoon. Suddenly when I was half asleep I heard 3 separate and very distinct knocks on my bedroom door which was not closed. I was somehow scared but I dismissed the case and decided to go on trying to sleep. Well some time after the 3 knocks returned again on the door which lays about one meter and a half distant of my pillow. It was spooky but having a sceptical position towards the paranormal I again dismissed the knocks and succeeded to fall asleep. Still today I googled the fact and when I discovered your forum and read so many similar stories I felt some shivers and worries. My mother passed away on the 2nd March 2015. Her room was not far from mine and I was always insisted to her not to open the door without knocking first. Now I wonder: Do ghosts really exist? As we were not in the best terms with each other this does mean she would be angry with me?
Can you give some help Ama Nazra? Bless you.

Hello Anthony,

When we cross into heaven we forget to be angry. What has happened in the past loses much of its meaning. When we argue with each other, say hurtful things, they come from our fear and pain. When we cross into heaven there is no more fear or pain, there is only love. We seek healing. We ask for forgiveness from those we love.

Sometimes, if we become trapped between heaven and earth, we become ghosts. Ghosts live within the memory of who they were and how they felt when they died, or in the memory of whatever negative events trapped them between the plains. Again, we might seek out our family for healing and peace, or because we have ‘unfinished business’.. unfinished conversations, and the living might dream of us as either happy or sad .. if sad or angry, the ghost might need rescuing .. but .. Anthony, if you want to help your mother, if you think she is a ghost .. tell her she is free, tell her you forgive her, tell her you know that she forgives you .. just say the words even if you can’t mean them in your heart yet. If she is a ghost she will cross over, and then everyone’s healing will start.

Three knocks usually means ‘pay attention to me’, but it could be anyone knocking, not just a relative, these days .. but someone lost who needs to be noticed again. So notice them by asking their angels to “Find the being that just knocked on my … (describe where) and Take them into healing”. The guardian angels know what to do .. and the knocker will touch heaven very quickly.

Love & Peace

Hello Ama

First of all I want to thank you the rapidity and the clarity of your answer.

Secondly I want to tell you that now I live alone and the sounds I heard were so clear so close and so genuine that it is impossible to consider any kind of a normal origin. The only thing I suppose that kept me of being frightened in those two moments was my scientific background but all those certainties crumbled when I realized on your blog that I was not the only person to experience that 3 knocks issue.

Your reassuring words gave me hope, strength and emotion feelings.

If something new will occur I’ll let you know and if nothing at all comes again I’ll let you know in due time.

Once more many thanks for your precious Help.

I wish you the best in the world.


Hi, so me and my boyfriend were in his kitchen at 2 pm and we were sitting in silence, we heard 3 knocks somewhere so we got up to go look and see if anyone knocked and when we came back something had drawn us a picture from our ashes and cigarette butts on the floor and there were ashy finger prints on our table when we returned. Can someone please explain??

Hi Adalyn,

Sounds to me that you had a ghost visit you. Did it draw a distinct picture with the ashes and butts, or just make a pattern? It might simply have passed through and kept going to another location, but if other spooky things happen, you might consider clearing the energy of your boyfriend’s home .. because not all ghosts just play silly games.

Love & Peace

Yes, it did. To me, it kind of look like an angel, it had taken the burnt ends of our cigarettes and put eyes and then used another one and had the filter on the other side and made it look like it was smiling, I took a picture of the drawing and of the hand print on the table and it wasn’t a normal hand, it looked like the ring finger and pinky finger looked like they were attached to each other. This had happened immediately after we came back into the kitchen, before this I was feeling very, very sleepy so I’m assuming it was using my energy, but still, very creepy.

People are sometimes born with fingers joined as you described, so the handprint is still likely to be human. And being sleepy at 2.00pm is not unusual (in my world its called ‘nanna nap time’ :-). Being cold on the inside, and feeling worked up (anxious), is a possible sign of a ghost using your energy .. so unless you were feeling that, it could have been using its own energy, or a little taken from both of you.

You have had a very interesting experience, and the photos will be fun to share. If you would like to share them with us Paranormal Questions & Answers has a facebook site you could post them to ..

Love & Peace

Haha I completely understand being sleepy at 2pm but yesterday I was wide awake before it happened, but I’ll for sure post them! Thank you

so here’s my question . three knocks woke me up out of a dead sleep but the strange thing about it
was that not only did I hear it and it wake me up out of a dead sleep but I felt it as well. this was around 11:30 p.m. and it felt like they beat the bottom of my bed with a hammer 3 times. so hard in fact that my head bounced off my arm each time. I’m trying to figure out what that means. any ideas

Hi Ama

Ive been hearing things like MORE than 3 knocks in my house ever since i moved into this house (5 Years) and the knocking always seem to happen at 1:43 Am

Please help Thanks // Johannes

Hi Johannes,

I have to wonder what happened in your home at 1.43am .. either way, clearing the house will help.

Scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to the Michael Invocation and use it to clear – first your home .. and then say it to clear yourself. That should take care of everything.

Love & Peace

Regarding the excellent comments that three knocks is the dead mocking the holy trinity, note first that such comments confirm that the holy trinity exists, even to the dead who were not received by the trinity. (A spirit would not mock something that is nonexistent — that is the point of the knocking, to prove existence, in the first place). You might consider, therefore, whether the trinity’s proverbial “knocking on your door, and He will answer” has occurred. Only your personal circumstances — not any of us — can reveal which is happening.

Hi, last night my husband and I were in bed and we heard three huge banging knocks on the bedroom door. We’ve never had anything like this before, it was the power of the knocks that scared me. My gran was cremated two days ago but there was alot of family tension before she passed and there still is.She had dementia and a stroke so we couldn’t communicate the issues to her – one of her immediate family has been stealing large sums of money and theres an investigation ongoing into tensions have been extremely high. I’m worried that my gran hasn’t passed over and that’s her way of letting me know she’s stuck or angry or it as as folk have suggested a death knock. And advice would be much appreciated

Hello Kate,

It takes 72 hours from the time a person dies to when they cross over. Sometimes they choose to stay until a problem is solved, but they can cross at any time, and you could remind her about that. In the meantime, its entirely possible that she came to visit you, and expressed her opinion, loudly. My grandfather-in-law certainly did, when the family imploded after he died. My six year old son saw him standing in the hall of our house .. only our house was 600kms from where he died. So it would not be surprising that your grandmother would be annoyed at the family situation, and expressing it her own way.

Once she was free of her body her mind would be just fine. She’d remember anything anyone said in front of her, or told her about doing behind her back. Under the circumstances you sitting down somewhere quiet and having a chat to her about what the family is doing to solve the problems would be a very good idea. She probably already knows, but if she knows that you recognise her displeasure, it should help to calm her down. Just treat her like you would before the dementia set in .. was she fierce? And at the end of the conversation, that you might feel you are having with yourself, tell her you love her and want her to go Home. Tell her the family will solve the problem, and that she doesn’t have to stay around to see it. Everything will be taken care of .. and then ask your angels “to ‘find’ her and ‘take’ her into healing”.

The problems of the material world only remain problems while we remain human and attached to our egos. Once we are Spirit again they will seem easily solvable. She’ll find the solution she needs once she crosses over .. we all do in the end.

Love & Peace

Hello. Tonight I was awake at 3 a.m. and there began to be some commotion outside my two windows in my room. I have screens so it was like tapping on the screen that sounded like knocking and also what sounded like soft mutterings too. I was startled, but was fully awake so I thought it might be animals but I looked out and there was nothing. It persisted, going back and forth between both windows for about twenty-five minutes. I have recently and in the past had contacts with spirits. My father died eight years ago and I often felt his presence in the house, usually around 3:30 to 4:00 a.m. for about a year. He even pulled my big toe a few times while I was half asleep and once he sat down in his favorite chair and I just happened to be there on the floor and felt something pass right through me. He eventually left but then I began to bring antiques into the house. Three articles seemed to have something attached to them. I felt something almost immediately in my room at night and so I got rid of these things one by one – testing it out to see if it was that article. One of the articles I placed in my car and soon afterwards my car began to have problems. One day the car’s battery died and two tires went flat. Also the alignment also suffered, so I moved the object in question to another location and everything got better. Lately, a few months ago I went to a friends new place out of town and when I got back home something seemed to have followed me home and at night, always around 3 a.m. and it did try to scare me. I had horrible dreams of the end of the world and would run out of the room. I also felt something in the bed with me more than a few times. I placed salt on the window ledges and at the doors and that seemed to help. But, if ever I had one of these late night visits the next day I would notice that the salt line on my window was usually broken (usually because our sprinkler system hits that window ledge). So, these knocks tonight really got my attention so I googled about them and it lead me to this site. I really feel like I might be on the verge of contacting a medium and finding out what might be going on because I have tried to read verses from the bible and to pray but this thing just persists. Do you feel that might be wise to contact a medium? Thank you.

Hello Jeff,

By the sounds of things you will be contacting a medium quite often. It is more likely that you are the medium and need training .. so do you have any spiritualist churches around you that run training Circles? Look into that.

In the meantime, scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to the Michael Invocation and use it to clear your home, and then yourself, of any entities that might be hanging around .. and then learn the White Light Shields .. to help you get a good night’s sleep. I get very annoyed when I am woken up inside someone else’s memories.

You can also use the Invocation to clear furniture and odd things you want to bring into the house .. before they cross the threshold. Saves on unwanted visitors. 🙂

Love & Peace
(Medium & Spirit Rescuer).

Thank you Ama for your quick reply. I really appreciate it and you have given me some very interesting subject matter to think about. I don’t know anything about the spiritual circles, but I’ll look that up. I’ve sort of worried about having a link to the world we can’t see. I have only heard things and felt them, but I’ve never actually seen anything, other than some balls of light – usually in my mother’s room. I have always thought it might be my father visiting her and he was a very nice man. She is usually talking at that time of night. But, I had another contact at an apartment I stayed in for four years where I had severe end of the world dreams that would send me flying out the door and also had whispering in my ear by a female voice. I left the apartment finally and the dreams stopped. I was very, very thankful. Thank you again.

Good morning Jeff,

The balls of light are called ‘spirit orbs’ .. you can look them up and find millions of webpages about them. You can catch them on digital cameras. That you can actually ‘see’ them, if that is what you meant, is a real gift.

What you can do, with the Michael Invocation, is clear the flat where you had the nasty dreams. Either bring it to mind and imagine yourself back in the place and say the request, or use the addresss when you do so. Both work. That will mean other people will sleep better there too, and if anyone (ghosts) is hanging around, you will help set them free.

It’s a bit weird to have a connection to the unseen, but sometimes its actually better not to be able to literally ‘see’, because you might not like what you saw and you would be too frightened to help someone .. say .. who still had an axe through their head. I’ve seen some startling ghosts who are still trapped in the memory of their deaths .. so they looked shocking, but they were simply lost .. so we ‘found’ them again.

And being able to pass on messages to the living from those who have crossed over can be a really life changing experience for both the medium and the receiver .. definitely worth considering if you decide to. You don’t have to make a career out of it, just have the knowledge of how to help when you can.

Love & Peace

Jeff, glad to hear that someone else shares my experiences. Things often attach to me as well, and I have had negative spirits try to scare me also! Burning sage seems to help as well as prayer, I find prayer to be powerful. I have not only felt these connections like you but have also seen and heard from the dead, however, have never mastered how to control it. In my younger youth it terrified me, and I have come to accept it, but wish I could go beyond that. If you find any information on training purposes please, please, please share it here. Thank you.

Hi, I heard 2 soft knocks at 4:44 am when i was watching TV a week ago, it spooked me so i went to bed. Also, i was sleeping with my little brother (because i was too scared from the incident before) a few days ago and he woke me at 1:30 am by kicking me with his knee three times at my back, when i turned around he was smiling at me and when i asked him why he did that i remember he said something in a raspy voice, i cant remember what exactly he said… could you please explain what these instances might have meant ? Thank you in advance.

Hi Lenny,

Your brother was dreaming, and his vocal cords didn’t work as well, which explains the raspy voice. My husband says we have great conversations when I’m asleep .. nothing unusual there.

The two knocks could have been caused by practically anything. You didn’t describe your location, the temperature, what your home is made out of, the weather, mice or insect problems, trees around the house .. or any other number of things .. so I wouldn’t worry about them either.

It’s easy to scare ourselves, but generally most things are not paranormal.

Love & Peace

Thank you for the comforting answer Ama. For the location about the knocks at 4:44, i was sitting on a chair about 7 feet away from the hallway door, the knocks were on that door. Yesterday i was sitting outside at night and i just had this feeling to look at the wall to the left of me and there was this big circle of light on it. It felt really comforting to see that. These things have just been happening as of late.. I looked up what 444 stands for and its supposed to be your guardians telling you all is fine in life. What are your thoughts about this ?

Hi Lenny,

If you had got the meaning from a book, I have the same book. A few years ago, when I last looked, this sort of information was not on the internet, but every webpage I just looked at, and there are quite a few, all base their information on the same book, using the same wording. Does this make the information true .. not because its written down.

The truth is that every living person, and every ghost, still has their guardian angel standing behind their right shoulder, from the group that are the guardians, called Michael. No other angels are guardians. No other angels ‘protect’ humanity. The other angels that are around us all have different roles. Angels act absolutely specifically to the role assigned them by their (and our) Creator, and no amount of human imagination is going to change that. Sorry, I will get off my soapbox now.

444 is a sign that everyone could see. If it truly meant that angels are around us at only that specific time, then people would only see the numbers when it happens, or every person on the planet would see it all the time. So no, the number doesn’t relate to the meaning .. even though angels ARE around us all the time, and our personal guardian is there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even if it we try and send them away.

That also means that the other number patterns are to be questioned rather than just believed ‘because’ some people say they are real ..

People give meaning to their reality, or take meaning from what others say to them, often for the wrong reasons, and often to their detriment (thinking of a parent telling a child they are an idiot, and the kid taking this to heart and thinking it, perhaps, all their lives). I have been watching number patterns for a very long time, in the beginning wondering if they were true, but in the end knowing that that particular lot really aren’t. If you want interesting number patterns, try Gematria .. that system has been around for 1000’s of years, not just for the 16 years.

Love & Peace

I wrote a month ago about the three knocks on the outside wall of my bedroom,and after moving the bed by the wall further into the bedroom, the three knocks happened last night at eight minutes until eleven p.m. and the knocks were on a different wall close to where i moved the bed.I was awake, and i had a difficult time going to sleep because i felt mad that i heard the knocks. It has always occurred earlier(first four days of the month)so I thought I wouldn’t hear them this month. I have a fan blowing, hoping to drown out the knocks. They were loud so fan didn’t help. After seventeen years of this happening once a month, I am very frustrated that I have no answers. Remember my daughter didn’t want me visiting at her house (another town) because the knocks occurred there when I was visiting. She called earlier this month and said her son heard the knocks on his window and it scared him. He is thirteen years old. Why do some of us have these experiences, and other people have never experienced this? I say,”Go away,leave me alone, Jesus Christ is watching over me,” but it still occurs! Ama, any suggestions?

Hello again, Jeanette,

Why you? Why your grandson? Well, if the person/spirit doing the knocking is a member of your family dropping by to say hi .. (can think of one who likes to irritate people?) .. then visiting other members of the family is not surprising, particularly if those members of the family have the same psychic gift of awareness, that is often inherited through the generations, skipping a person here and there.

Your grandson has just reached the age where the gifts tend to commence. Is he going through puberty as well? If both of you are capable of being mediums then both of you might be being asked to pay attention. Neither of you may wish to do this, so simply say no. Seventeen years is a long time to be bugged by entities, so perhaps I’ll recommend you use the Michael Invocation (it asks for help from JC and Michael) to clear yourself and your home, and say it for your grandson. At his age he should really do it for himself, but once won’t hurt. You’ll find a link to it at the bottom of this page, and if you want to, also check out the white light shields. They do work. You might consider using one around your home, to stop the tapping – otherwise don’t answer it anymore. Pretend you haven’t heard it.

Other than that, was there some anniversary in the beginning at the beginning of the month, Jeanette? Except that you write that the date of the tapping changed this month .. so I go back to the theory of someone from your family in spirit wanting your attention.

Love & Peace

Thank you,Ama,for your response, however, you said hello again, Jeanette and I can’t find another response from you. I heard the three knocks again last night(first time to hear them twice in a month). I read the Michael Invocation twice in order to internalize the meaning of the words, and read the white light shields which I will work on in my head. You asked about anniversaries–yes,the death of my father on the 8th of July over 50 years ago. Remember, the knocks started 17 years ago for me. It seems it is better for me not to try to understand this but just put it out of my mind and enjoy each day, otherwise it really is disturbing to me after such a long period of time. I don’t like being blessed with this gift if that is what it is. I appreciate any ideas from you.

Hello Jeanette,

Very unusual to have a comment of mine not appear. I have no explanation about that, unless it arrived during a time I was changing computers and some did get lost.

Was there a major event in your life, 17 years ago, that might have started your gift working, or have you always heard odd things?

Ghosts love it when they get attention, and other ghosts might come to visit, even if just to grab some energy by giving you a frighten by knocking. In this case I agree about ignoring the knocks and not worrying about them. They are not harmful, just annoying.

Yes, you do have a gift, and true, sometimes its a real pain – I have the same gift. So, perhaps, does your grandson .. it will be good for him to have you there to be able to talk to when he needs to.

Love & Peace

Ama,seventeen years ago,I moved to a different town, new constructed home, new job. I had an extremely scary experience one night when i went to bed. I was wide awake and froze in the moment. I felt the sheets being pulled off of me from the foot of the bed. Immediately after, an arm went snugly around my waist giving me a tight hug ,but not a feeling of intending to hurt me. I froze,so could not move in bed. Being alone, I was petrified. That was the beginning of the 3 knocks. I spoke to a police officer the day after the 3 knocks, and he said some gang want-to-be’s have to do stuff like that to get accepted into gang, and he mentioned when we were kids,how it was done for fun as a dare. I moved from that house to another location, but I have never been freed from the monthly knocks. I’ve never heard other sounds. Unfortunately, my daughter and grand-son heard cabinet doors opening and closing the night he heard the 3 knocks on his window. He was awake,and texted his mom that someone was in house. No one was in the house,so sounds like a ghost definitely paid them a visit. My grandson was already having problems sleeping alone,the knocks on his window is not helping the situation. Its sad to think I can’t go visit them, because my daughter says I brought it with me. She lives 3 hours away. My grandson is 13,and I just wish it would end. Thank you for your response,and God bless you! Jeanette

Remember I wrote ‘use the Michael Invocation’ .. it will take care of the entity hanging around you. Use it for your grandson, or, if you prefer, email me privately (my link is below Sacred-Gates – Ama Nazra) with your full name and date of birth, and yours and your grandson’s home addresses and I’ll do it all for you. I’ve been doing this work on the internet for over 18 years, and all around the world for longer. You don’t need to stay haunted.

Love & Peace

Yes,I am using the Michael Invocation now, but the whistling started last night. Two separate whistling about ten min. apart, Very loud and clear,definitely wanting my attention. jeanette

I get knocking sounds every night, but I didn’t hear anything last November, when my son died.
I think that the feelings that something is going to happen and you can’t explain it falls into the same category. When my sister died last March, my friend that was staying here heard three knocks, but I didn’t. I found out later that day that she had passed.
I think the three knocks are someone passing through and wants your attention.


I have stage 4 cancer are these knocks pertaining to me I heard 3 knocks last night on 09:16:2015 iam freaking out it was 1 in the morning

Hello William,

Given the variety of times, places, genders, ages and number of people present (singularly or in groups), that hear these knocks, I would have to say no. They are happening anywhere and any time .. and you are the first person who is ill who has asked about this.

Love & Peace

I have been having.. I have to say some very weird and scary experiences to the point where I cannot sleep without sound.. I’m serious.. I could start with the whole story..but want to keep it to the 3 knocks.. I have been hearing those for a while now..
The last ones where not so far away lets stay 1-1.5y from now.
My dad is dying from cancer and the knocks came way before he died.
I have to say I was afraid at first since nobody knocked on my door.
I was having experiences before.. but still.. I can still remember those knocks to the day I lived it.. do you mean that was a warning for myself of my dad that was dying ?

I also have had very bad ups and downs as well as not eating or even having to go trough suicide attempts.. not something I would do of my own.. this is the actual first site I put this on since the 3 knocks.. and my dad..

Thanks for reading be careful..

PS: not talking about all the scratches and all the weird hands on my walls and windows.. not even about all the footsteps and everything..

.. at this point I’m so scared I can’t even sleep at night either with sound or with alcohol or with weed.. I have had bad times to go trough but last years I don’t know.. sometimes I’m just afraid to go to sleep ?

Hi Kevin,

I am sorry about your father. The knocks might have been a way of alerting you all to the fact that your family in spirit gathers around a person, when its their time to die, to help them cross into our healing place.

But since the problem is still persisting, your house is haunted. Sound would be the safest way to live there, alcohol and weed both attract ghosts. Better yet, scroll to the bottom of this webpage and click the link to the Michael Invocation and read it out loud .. all of it. It will clear whatever is hanging around in the house, so you can get better sleep with the elaborate precautions.

And you could also check out the link to the White Light Shields, learn them and use them. We all deserve a good night’s sleep.

Love & Peace

Hi Ama,

I want to thank you, I did what you asked about the Michael prayer and I felt much better afterwards. Even the chills and the scariness it self went away! I hope my dad can find rest and peace now that he passed away. I love what you did here and love the way you help people ! May god bless you Ama 🙂

Kind regards,

Ama, 1:00a.m. this morning I heard two knocks,loud and clear then later I heard three knocks but too tired to roll over and look at clock. I did look at clock when two knocks occurred. It had always been three so wonder why two then later same night I got three? I had been waiting to see what would happen the first week of new month(Oct.),hoping nothing would happen. It has been nice not hearing whistles, and no knocks until last night. We will continue to recite Archangel Michael Invocation. I appreciate your help and advice as to what and why as I try to make sense of it.Not sure that is possible. Peace in Prayer,Jeanette

My sister was at the house and her and her boyfriend heard 3 Loud knocks on the living room/patio door, they went out to the garden and nobody was there, also the front door locked itself but that might just be a faulty lock, today it has been three days later and last night our step-sister tried to commit suicide and took over 40 paracetamol, she is now in hospital and will be in for three days, does this mean anything?? where the three knocks a warning??

Hello Anna,

I am happy to hear that your step-sister did not succeed in dying, but do worry about her liver, because I know what an overdose of paracetamol can do it to.

Three knocks appears to happen to draw people’s attention .. but .. unless the knocks happened on your step-sister’s bedroom door, or as she was walking through the patio door .. its unlikely to have anything to do with her. It’s really just an “I am here” message .. and the door locking itself .. what does that tell anyone – unless it was locking the lady in or out of the house? Unless someone then dreamed a message related to the situation .. or heard one, if they are clairaudient .. I don’t think the knocks were a warning of any kind.

Love & Peace

My cousin is in his room when he heard 3 loud knocks and tries to open the door. He opened the door but nobody was there. Im really freaking out because this happens alot of times in every corner of our house. I want to know what does it mean. And what should I do to stop it

Hi Cyril,

Since you don’t actually know what is causing the problem, I would freak out. Instead, use the Michael Invocation (link at the bottom of this webpage) to clear your home, and that should take care of the situation.

Love & Peace

Hi im from philippines

We just made a our own house in a subdivision..
My eldest brother had a room upstairs and a sala, other rooms are downstairs. When he got married and went to newzealnd im the one now who uses his room alone. I usually experienced sleep paralysis which is unusual. I would experienced it like 3x or more every week. I dont experienced ever when i sleep in my own room or anywhere downstairs. What does that mean? But i never see any ghost when i sleep paralyse. I never turn off the lights and would turn my radio wheni sleep. When i sleep paralyse i would see the things around me and could even hear the music but cant move..

One night, when i was asleep i was about to experienced again sleep paralysis but i learned to stop it by grinding my teeth and it works for me and i directly open my eyes facing my door and what i saw was that my door looks like another door.. I mean my original door has carves and color brown but what i saw was green and plain slowly closing.. I stared at it as it slowly closing and slowly disappearing before my eyes and as the green door closes it disapeard and saw my original door which was close all the time.. What is the meaning of that green door closing? Thnx!!

I would like to ask also there was one time when i was 8 yrs old i saw 2 strange shadows at the back of my dad while he was cleaning happnd like 4 pm in the afternoon. The shadows were like 3d shadows or it was like a gray smoke gathering, translucent to opaque, no defimite shape, but it was taller than my dad and like it was standing.. What are those?

Hi Rov,

That is a rather brief description to say exactly what they were, but they might simply have been ghosts or spirits of some kind, or elementals, which are nature spirits .. they also ‘live’ in towns and cities. Shadow people are flat, not three dimensional, so they are eliminated. Did your father notice they were there? Did anything paranormal happen in your house around that time? Did you tell your father what you saw? If you didn’t, he might have noticed something too.

Love & Peace

Hi ama, yes but im not sure.. It was when im with my mom, we were in the living room. She was taking care of me. We were infront of a side table where there are figurines of saints,etc. And i was playing and touching one of the electric candles. I was standing that time and suddenly i went blackout..i dont know what really happened but thats what i remembered. I got blackout and saw a light then suddenly i went abck to my consciousness but still standing. I asked my mom what happened and she told me i was just staring blankly, she shook me and iwent back tomy consciousness. Is it bec i was touching the electric candle and got electricuted? Haha.

Oh i forgot to tell the next days.. It did knock 3x very loud that i woke up from my deep sleep. And never sleep upstairs again..

Hi Rov,

I apologise for not answering soon, but I took the weekend off.

The green door – might be a vortex (doorway) into the astral plane where you go when you are ‘astral travelling’ (you can research that easily on the internet) – which would also explain the sleep paralysis you experience – because you might be returning to your body as your mind wakes, right before your body wakes. There is always a moment’s delay as the mind/body/spirit connection reestablishes itself – and if your mind has an awareness before that you feel you have no conscious control over your body .. but its reasserted very quickly, or bump-started by things like you grinding your teeth.

Next time you go to sleep tell yourself to come back earlier. That might sound odd, but we can program our conscious mind to remind our subconscious of these things.

Astral travelling is normal and healthy. Our bodies need more sleep than our spirits, and so our spirit go back into the astral to do many things .. visit friends and relatives, living and passed, go to school, visit other countries – once I went to China and stood beneath the Great Wall (I live in Australia). People learn to do this while they are awake. It can be fascinating.

As we come back into our bodies after astral travel, our spirit is more aware of the spiritual planes than when we are awake, and we do see things we would consider very strange, or even frightening. The green door might be what you created in your subconscious mind to pass through before ‘travelling’ .. and its swinging shut slowly every time you return might be completely normal, you just caught a glimpse of it this time around.

As to why you only have sleep paralysis upstairs .. perhaps you sleep more lightly? I really don’t know. If it makes you really uncomfortable, don’t sleep there.

As to something knocking three times .. maybe someone you were visiting on the astral wanted to get your attention as you woke .. there’s no obvious pattern to these knocks that I can discern from what people are writing to me, apart from them happening more frequently now.

Love & Peace

Hi ama, but all those sleep paralysis happening i only remember seeing my room,its always like that. its like my soul is still stuck in my body, wish i could go to china and see the great wall of china. Hehe. I also remember seeing a face of a guy laughing infront of my face. He looks like half human and half demon. Why is he laughing? It was weird haha

My father passed away a few days ago .Oct.3. On the 10th I went to stay the night with my mom. I woke up about 330 a.m and subconsciously looked for him as I was going to the bathroom. I sat down and as soon as I did I heard 3 knocks over my left shoulder.I immediately knew it was my dad. Everything was quiet until a couple of days ago. My sister who is staying with my mom during the week has been startled by them . Her and my mother heard them a few times yesterday and this morning. The property has been in our family for generations and the house was rebuilt 5 years ago. Never any issue until now.does this mean my dad has not gone to heaven?

Hi Terri,

No it does not mean your father has not crossed into heaven. The knocks might have nothing to do with your father at all. There are entities out there playing games with people, and they might choose the most vulnerable to startle, because you are searching for signs of your father .. so they provide a ‘sign’ of sorts .. but there are better signs than three anonymous knocks.

I am not doubting you felt his presence on the 10th. My father came to visit me three days after he died and we talked for a couple of hours, and it is normal for them to come and say goodbye, but its not normal for them to continue the behaviours once they cross, because we all go into a healing place for a while, for a rest, to review our lives, and we are caught up there during the process.

If you are having sad, frustrated or frightening dreams about your father, that might mean he’s not crossed yet, but you don’t mention them here. What might happen, in a while, is that he’ll visit in a dream and smile or wave or have a chat, to show that he’s just fine.

In the meantime I suggest your clear your home using the Michael Invocation at the end of this webpage, or by having the minister of your church come in and bless the place. We all have to find new beginnings when those we love leave us when they go to heaven. Otherwise you might consider a medium who will talk to the ghost that is hanging around and set them free too.

Love & Peace

Thank you for your response. I have not had any dreams but he and an uncle who is deceased came to my mom much younger and happier since my last post so I am comforted. I have also had what I feel to be my father communicate with me through a song that he loved so much play on my car radio I have not turned on since he passed. It was the first song played and I thanked him. I have asked my mother and sister to ignore the knocks to see if it passes . I have heard sage is good to cleanse a home. Is this something you would recommend?

Hello again,

White Sage is good for clearing negative energy from your home. You can buy smudge sticks at new age stores and other places these days. You light one end, then put out the flame and leave it smoldering and then walk around each room in your house fanning smoke into the corners (a feather is good for that) including ceiling and basement if you can get to them. It doesn’t keep ghosts out but its good for a shakeup in the energy.

Love & Peace

My mom passed on thanksgiving day 7 weeks after my father.. Freak accident…the day she was going to have her house cleansed by a medicine man from a Seminole tribe and a family friend she fell and hit her head. After relieving pressure from her skull she had a massive stroke..stayed in hospice care for a week and passed…no knocking since 🙁

I am so very sorry, Terri. Your father would have been there to greet your mother when she crossed. Last year was a challenge on so many levels, for so many people. I do wish you a much happier year this year.

Love & Peace

Hi , Ama.. first i have to explain that i am from Indonesia (Moslem majority country).. but actually i am agnostic, with a Buddhism background (parent’s religion),study and finish my grade in a Christian school.. later i learn something about Hinduism, so overall i think i can say im agnostic.. and like to learn anything related to spiritualism..

but something weird happen..

— 1st Encounter/Hearing —
Two days ago, around 3 to 3.15 am, midnight.. when i surfing infront of my computer in a living room (2nd floor).. suddenly i hear 3 knocks on the floor (only 1 metre from where i sit (i also sit on the floor), my floor is a wood floor, sounds like “tok tok tok” , somehow i quickly respond it with replying the same knock, i hit my middle finger on the floor 3 times, don’t know why i did this without scare,or i might be a little cocky… THEN somehow in a couple seconds it happen again with the same 3 knocks.. so i reply again with my own 3 knocks on the floor,.. “another” couple seconds this thing happen again with the same 3 knocks….then i reply again… so totally i think this happen about 5 or 6 times , if we calculated 5×3=15 or 6×3=18 , always with its 3 knocks each time…

what happen actually?.. this thing spirit/ghost/angel/alien/other dimension entity can reply my knocks???…

i don’t scare at first because i reply the knocks so quick each time it started,later at the 5th time i guess i feel a little cold behind my head, my neck, my spine, don’t know because im starting to think weird,confused,feeling strange about this weird thing just happened… i did’nt leave the room and kept staying infront of my computer couple hours until 5am then i go back into my bedroom…

i live in my own house with my wife and our two children.. it never happen before.. and i can guarantee it is not rat, animal, wind or anything because there is nothing under the first floor.. and no way wind, animal, or anything can make the same 3 knocks, again and again.. and i can say no one has died in this house in the past 30 years, but i only live in this house for 8 years.. my father bought this house 30 years ago and rent it to his friend, untill i married 8 years ago and move inside this everyhing is fine and normal..

so in the morning im starting to search and google lots of site about this three knocks.. most of them relate it to death tragey where some one close to you will die… i am starting to feel a little bit scare, but kind of relief when some one say it is simply annoying ghost, at least not about death stories..

— 2ND Encounter/Hearing —

right now as the second day, and it is 4:45 am as i am writing this post to you.. IT HAPPENS AGAIN, around 3:05 am, i think it is the same time as yesterday knocking as it it always early 3am…
but this time ONLY 3 knocks BUT with bigger sound, i feel so cold and a little scare, like trauma because i remember yesterday, (what so funny is, early in this 2am i remember yesterday’s moment, so i think “will it happen again today around 3 am?” well let’s see… AND IT REALLY HAPPEN AGAIN). So this is what make me feel so SHOCKED and so scare at the moment.. then i quickly take a deep breath then i say “if you’re bad for me, then go away.. i am with God (right know i don’t know which God i am mention,Christians,or other religions i just randomly say the word God, later i also Chant Hinduism God),.. i also reply it with lots of knocks i made, but no reply from this thins, so it is only 3 knocks bout louder than yesterday, after a couple seconds, i feel angry and i say outloud.. “come on show up”,, i went to check my bed room found my wive and my kids sleep tightly, i check everything, open the light, walk to my bathroom, check all window.. later i walk back to the scene where it take place.. i stand in the middle of the room waiting it to show.. but nothing happen…

talking about death stories.. so far my family is fine, also my parents whom live around 30 block near my house, and my brother’s family, everything is fine, and no one is sick..

i hope you can share some thoughts about this phenomena?
why happen 2 days in a row?.. as this is just the 2nd day, i don’t know if it will happen again tonight as the 3rd day… i am so confused.. this 2nd day knocks is really so weird, it only happen one time, but so loud and clear.. (1st day knocks is also so weird to think it can reply my knocks, same knocks, 3 times again and again)

i really hope it had nothing to do with death of anyone..

Please share some experience Ama..
sorry if my post is too long.. i just try to tell everything in details.. also sorry for my bad english..

i am waiting for your reply..
regards, Ivan..

Please reply thanks..

Hi Ivan,

I apologise for not answering earlier but the PQA website is malfunctioning and not sending me notifications of people’s comments and questions at the moment. It will be fixed very soon.

so ..

First encounter .. the ghost wanted your attention, you gave it the attention by copying its knocks, so it did it again, and you did it again .. kinda like kids playing a game, but what was also included with each of your knocks, was a little of your energy, so the ghost got a meal and you had some fun. The cold feeling, the confused mind, was when the ghost trying to jump into your body, but hopefully failed, since you appear to be all right.

Second encounter .. well, you did tell the entity to go away, and that you were with ‘God’. By saying that you activated your spiritual protection (the angel, call it what you will) over your right shoulder that is always there. I am sorry you are disappointed the entity didn’t knock again …

Never be disappointed when you aren’t haunted anymore. It just goes to prove the knocks are not death warnings, or at least not anymore.

Love & Peace

Hi Ama..
thanks for the advice..
it really funny to think that this thing can reply my knock.. yes it is indeed looks fun in other way.. but gladly it’s not happen anymore so far.. hope that everythings gonna be fine..

what a great experience i have.. playing knock with them.. i will never forget that moment..

thanks again Ama..
hope every living being will live in joy and happy life..

UPDATE : the 3rd day , the knock didn’t come again, maybe because it knows that i am prepare and waiting for it?? i don’t know.. also this 3rd i am opening my television, day 1 and 2 i don’t open my tv,.. maybe because it is a littler noiser sound on the tv so it won’t show up?? nothing happen.. i don’t know..

but i hear a big “bang” sound .. seems like it is coming from above the sky, bang with some echo on it’s sound.. don’t know what it is.. it is around 4.30 am .. a little similar like thunder sound from a rain.. but not thunder..

waiting for your advice Ama..

Hello again,

I doubt the bang was anything paranormal. As I wrote before, you sent the entity away and protected yourself, so there should be no more visits. Ghosts might seem fun to play with, but the price is very high, and you don’t want your family haunted, so if you keep a diary write down the experience and anything you can remember .. because our memories change over time .. and get on with life.

And have fun,
Love & Peace

I’ve been hearing knocking and it’s been starting to freak me out, so I looked up online to see if it has happened to anyone else. Now that I know i’m not the only one who has heard some kind of knocking I know i’m not crazy. But I haven’t really payed much attention to how many times I hear it. At first I just thought it was someone trying to play some kind of prank. But now after it just continues to happen i’m not really sure what to think. Just saw this website and thought someone could give me some actual advice on what it is, thank you.

I was in bed last night, it was about 4am and there was three loud fast knocks on the door. It was the door knocker, it is a new door and knocker.i am a builder and have never even tried out the knocker as it was already fitted I would not have known the tone or sound. Well as we live up a long gravel drive in the country I thought stuff getting up. Never heard the gravel crunching and no wind. In the morning I tried three sharp knocks and it was exactly the same tone. If someone had broken down or put themselves out to come all the way up to the house in the sticks they would have knocked again. Plus the censor light never came on and no gravel crunching?

Hi Steve,

You join the crew of the people experiencing three knocks for no reason that we can fathom, apart from waking people up at different hours of the early morning. Since all of these occurrences include no one being around, no gravel was crunched .. it really is a sound that is hard to miss …. so unless the living have learned to fly, you were visited by an entity that was probably a ghost, since I can’t imagine angels doing this without an explanation to someone, and they talk to lots of people these days.

Love & Peace

I know this, if you hear someone knock on your dooor three times and no one is there…It means someone in your family or someone you know just died or is going to die soon.

hi Ama..
just wondering.. you keep saying this knocking event keep happening frequently.. do you mean this thing just happen in this recent couple years around the world ?.. do you think it is new phenomena? does it mean anything? is it like a warrant, a code or something to us? what do you think about this stuff ?.. or is it just another interraction from other dimensional entities to certain people as personal, with no other meaning at all to us as ‘humans’..
what do you think Ama ?

Hi Ivan,

I have answered all of this on two different sites on PQA, but I’ll explain again.

The knocking is happening more frequently around the world, judging by the number of people who are commenting on it, both on this site, on other sites, and privately.

Where before it seemed the knocking signified a death in a person’s family, people aren’t dying among any of the family groups who experience it – so, while it might still be true occasionally, that doesn’t seem to be the reason now.

It is not a new phenomena, its just an increase in the frequency of the three knocks, though some people hear two and others only one. If its a code, no one knows what it means anymore, so there doesn’t seem much point to it.

There is no pattern to ‘when’ these knocks occur. People can be awake, asleep and hear it while dreaming, woken from sleep by it, during the day or during the night. It can happen in a quiet house, or in the middle of an argument. It happens on doors, floors, windows, walls and the rooftop or ceiling.

As to why its happening – I go back to the basic fact that ghosts love attention and like to frighten people because they feed from negative energy.

I hope that helps,
Love & Peace

Hello. Today I was awakening by 3 consecutive knocks on my bedroom door that was locked at 5 a.m. I didn’t say a word and it scared me because all were sleeping and there was no sound. I know that when there is a knock on the door in the middle of the night you never say come in because your allowing death to enter your home. Should I be worried about a death in the family that will happen. Please give me peace of mind. Thanks.

Hi Josie,

It’s an superstition to say that death will enter if you hear 3 knocks and invite it in .. a slightly incorrect interpretation. Yes, if you say ‘come in’ to a ghost, who thinks it can’t cross the threshold of a house, it may come in .. but usually they can come in anyway. The three knocks certainly does get them what they want .. a moment of startled energy, and your fear .. which is energy they can use to make themselves feel better. If there is a next time, sound bored and just say ‘go away’ ..

As to it being a warning about a death in the family – reading this site alone should tell you that its happens to tons of people, all over the world, without anyone dying within a few days, or very few. Quite truthfully, if it meant that in the past, it doesn’t mean it now .. so, nothing to worry about.

Love & Peace

Thank you so much. My dad passed away 22 years ago and maybe he might be saying to me don’t worry I’m here with you. Thanks again.

The last house and the house I am currently in were and are over 100 years old and there has been more knocks then I know what to do with although, the last house was most diffidently haunted with three women in it and all kinds of weird things went on there and this house there seems to be some thing here but most of the time the knocks that we hear are nothing more then my dog coming in on the porch and walking.

Here is the thing it makes no difference if the house is old or just been built the house will never stop settling because the ground is always moving such as sinking due to the weight of the house on it or the ground shifts there will always be knocks and noises that you can not explain not every sound or movement is paranormal.

Some times I think that some people wants to have some thing like that going on in their house and or lives so it gives them some thing to talk about then there are those that has really had some thing to happen more then once and sure they will share it and talk about it but the ones that this happens to are not scared and do not really reach out for help unless these beings are trying to really hurt them knocks are nothing to be concerned with at all unless the knocks busts your wall or becomes violent then that might be an earth quake.

I heard 3 knocks about a month ago, loud spaced knocks on my front door about 3 in the morning. Husband and I get up to check and nothing. The month passes with nothing more. Last night at 3:28 in the morning I hear 3 taps on a window from my front living area. I listen for a couple of minutes to pick up anything else and nothing.

From that point on I was being viciously jabbed on the sides of my back below my shoulder blades, on the side of my neck and shoulder. I would try and ignore it and the more I ignored it the more it jabbed into my sides and began to mess with my mind. I am awake throughout this entire ordeal and I try and pray in my mind because words are not coming out.

My husband hears me crying and thinks I am asleep so he tells me to wake up. I tell him I am, that something is messing with me. He doesn’t say anything more as I have had experiences with the other side my entire life. I just ignore them and they usually leave me alone, but this night they were literally torturing me and I couldn’t take the pain anymore and jumped up, ran to the restroom and balled like a baby. I was terrified and my body was in shock.

I started gagging from the sick feeling inside and I couldn’t calm down. I tried to pray but it didn’t help. He wanted to pray for me but I wouldn’t let him. It took me an hour before I could go back to my room because I knew they were still in there. Today I still feel them here. I am scared because I don’t know what they are or why they attacked me like this. I didn’t tell my husband that they were literally hurting my body.

I’m scared and don’t know what to do. I know I sound crazy. This is the first time I have ever reached out to anybody, ever. If anybody knows anything, please help me. Tell me what to do or not to do. What these things are. I could feel two of them. There was a third but she was not like them, she just wandered through at the same time, but she wasn’t hurting me. It’s not her, it was the others. They had to have been powerful to inflict the pain they did and for what reason, I need to know.

This is just a short recap so if more info is needed let me know. I can’t even lay on my back or put pressure on it because it hurts real bad from where they were jabbing me. Please help I’m scared.

Jules, the same thing happened to me in 2010. There is hope! You can search the internet for a Paranormal Society and maybe an Archbishop to help. I was experiencing the 3 knocks, as well as scratching on my bed and tapping near my pillow. I did experience a jabbing as well on one occasion and my daughter and all my pets were nauseous. Other weird things happened too and I felt like it was messing with my mind. When I called the Paranormal Society they met with me and gave me clear Dixie cups and holy water. I had to fill the cups 3/4 full with sea salt and 3 drops each of Holy water. I placed one in each window of my home and above every door. I wore a cross around my neck and prayed ALL THE TIME for Jesus to surround me with his divine light and protect me. You have to believe that Jesus will help you. I also asked for angels to fill my home and protect me. The cups kept whatever was haunting me at bay at least until the Arch Bishop could get to me a few days later. He was able to clear my home and I had no other issues. Try to stay calm and not let it know your fear. HERE IS WHAT I COPIED FROM THE INTERNET ABOUT ARCHANGEL MICHAEL…CALL ON HIM:

Archangel Michael ~

Michael’s name means ‘He who is like God’ or ‘He who looks like God’ His chief function is to rid the earth and its inhabitants of the toxins associated with fear. Leader of the Archangels, he is the Angel of protection, justice & strength. Protection, courage, power and strength. Archangel Michael gives you protection, and encourages you to make life changes that are required for your spiritual growth. If your space needs clearing call upon Archangel Michael.

Good luck! I will pray for you…

I am not sure about the knocks but most likely that has nothing to do with what is going inside your body I have to ask have you ever seen any thing? I would suggest that you have a full body check up maybe this is some thing going on with your heart which will cause sever pain in your back such as stabbing pains or your lungs. has this ever happen before this or with with any one in your family? The heart can have small attacks which will mess with the mind when the body is in great pain the mind wonders and some times you may see things that are not there or hear things or even think that some thing else is causing the pain. If you are sure that some thing may be there with you then I would suggest going to the bottom of this page and click the link called The Michael Invocation. Lets us know how things go and will help further if you are still having troubles

I’ve lived in my house with my parents for 12 years. It was built in the 70’s and the landlord sister in law when she and her husband were neighbors said that the houses were built on a Native American Burial ground. There were times I thought I saw sillouhettes in corners of my room, one time I woke up to the shape of eyes looking down at me, and my mom had been hearing a little girl crying a few years ago and she prayed for the girl to be at peace. I don’t doubt there’s been some supernatural stuff going on, but the most noteworthy is very recent. It started about last Friday when I would start to go to sleep and then around 12:50 in the morning I would hear knocking on my door and it would wake me up. It would be 3 quick knocks, like if someone was to knock to be let in. It would always be around 12:50 although one morning when I had to wake up early, the knocking happened around 6 AM and I opened the door because it sounded like my mom knocking. But I heard mom stir from her slumber in my parents bedroom and I told her what happened. She thought it was odd, but dismissed it as the house making noise. We’ve also been getting mice lately, so I would stick an old towel down between the crack at the bottom of my door to keep them out. But another possibility is making me wonder…About a year or two ago, my grandpa got hit by a distracted driver on New Year’s Eve while he was crossing the road. Reason why I’m thinking it might be him is because I’ve seen him a couple times in my dreams and one of the times it felt like I was actually talking to him. Plus it’s getting close to Christmas and soon the anniversary of his accident and I know it will be hard on my mom. But if he’s here because of that, why is it my bedroom door he’s knocking on and not hers? Any ideas?

Hi I147 .. it could simply be that your mum is not aware of the visitor and you are. Perhaps she would not deal well with a direct visit from her father, but if you said you thought he was around, because of the anniversary and Christmas, she might be more open to him coming ot her in her dreams. You could say, if the knocking comes again, “if that is you grandpa come to my dream tonight, otherwise leave the house forever”, and if he does .. tell your mum.

Love & Peace

As a follow up, I stopped hearing the knocks after sending this information and haven’t heard any since. I’ve been dwelling on whether I actually should call out since I’m superstitious about commmunicating with spirits in case if a hostile one was to answer, but in my head I kept thinking what I would say. A couple nights ago, I believe I crossed into the ethereal plane because I saw my grandpa and I felt myself become aware and I called out “Grandpa, Grandpa is that you?” He saw me and looked shocked. He said he had a bad dream that he died. I told him it wasn’t a dream. He then had something important to tell me, or mAybe it was a message for me to pass to mom, I’m not too sure since my consciousness was slipping fast and before I knew it, he was gone and I was dreaming normally again. I just wish i knew what his message was…

Hello Insomniac147,

The ethereal plane is actually the astral plane, and your grandfather was a ghost .. otherwise he would not have had a ‘nightmare that he died’. I would not spend a lot of time wondering what important thing he wanted to tell you, because, truthfully, it would have really only been something his confused spirit thought was important, and not vital to your family. Ghosts are lost souls .. so it would be lovely if you could help him for ‘found’ again. You can do it this way –

“Archangel Michael, please ‘find’ my grandfather (say his full name if you know it) and ‘take’ him into healing”. The next time he comes to visit he might thank you, and certainly fill you in on whatever was on his mind at the time. And thank you .. one more spirit rescued is a lovely thing.

Have you told your mother you have seen him? Perhaps she’s been dreaming about him to? It wouldn’t hurt to ask.

Love & Peace

Well last night around 3:30 am I was waken up by 3 very loud knocks on our front door my husband went and looked out the peephole and no one was there so I prayed and went back to sleep well at 5:30 it happened again but it was 4 knocks and not as aggressive again I told my husband to go see what it was and no one was there both times I heard my dog raise her head (she has dog tags on so we can hear when she moves) and she didn’t even go to the door or come get us which is very not like her she is very protective and she doesn’t like when people knock on the door if she doesn’t know their scent well I talked to my mom and she said the night before our encounter she heard 3 knocks on her back door and then 2 hours after out last knock on our door she had the same at her house on the same morning I am almost 9 months pregnant so I am freaking out

I don’t know why this is happening to me now but I think it might have something to do with my aunt who is now dead, anyway I keep knocking when ever I sit on my bed and I keep asking everyone else if they knocked or if they can even hear it but I am literally the only one who hears it, what should I do about? I’ve already made a video where I’m talking about it but that’s all I’ve done so far.

I hear 3 knocks in my room, early morning, today it was
6:15am . Its wonly when Im alone
And the house is quiet. Always in the morning
And ever since I have lived in the house about 13 years.
Yes people have died, things hav happened,
I hear the knocks all the time. Once, each morning, not
At the same exact time. Three quick knocks, always the same.
Sounds like they are comming from the roof.
For years I attributed it to birds on the roof because, sometimes a flock of crows will land on my house and the Knox are very similar to what I hear from the birds. But I get the Knox even when there are no birds.
Today at 6:15 AM I heard the Knox again and there’s no birds outside or on my roof. I never feel afraid or sad even my dog doesn’t react. maybe it’s all in my mind but it always happens and I have never told anybody, untill now. What could it be? I don’t know, but I’m not afraid and it always happens. I think it’s just somebody watching over and letting me know they’re there.

Hello , I’m writing because I want to be reassured.
My husband and I moved into a house built in 1961 , about a week ago. It’s an all wood house , so I expected to hear some settling . At night , when it’s quiet, we hear the floor boards creaking . That has been the extent of the spooky until early this morning around five o’ clock. I was sleeping and I woke up to three knocks in our bedroom. I immediantly woke my husband and had him do a sweep of the house with me in search of intruders. The end result was us setting quietly on the bed trying to explain the phenomenon .

Hi Chasety,

Let’s be normal. The human body needs to sleep. The human spirit needs to rest, but it doesn’t need as much rest as the body, so something we do what is called ‘astral travelling’, which is when our spirits leave our bodies resting, under the protection of our guardian angels, and goes visiting – people, places, back to school in the spiritual planes. People can do this when they are awake too, intentionally, with training usually .. so its real, and as I said, normal.

This morning you were just waking up and heard three knocks. Now, they could have had a paranormal meaning, or they could simply be one of the sounds from the Void (the place between heaven and earth that we cross when we come home from travelling). There’s a saying that the Veil (a screen of sorts) between the earth plane and the astral plane is getting thinner, which is true, and has been for all of my life, but it will continue to exist long after this body of mine is dead). The thinning veil allows more sounds from ‘out there’ to come through to this reality .. and I say this to you because you do not mention anything else paranormal happening in the house. In my house, built about 4 years before yours, we have more knocks, pops, possums in the roof (my husband took a photo of such a cutey, medium sized baby with its mother the other night – they eat our fruit but we still love them. Tom says the mother came in the catdoor last night. She must be looking for my white kitten who went to heaven just before xmas. Everyone loved her .. except snakes. Now she’s ‘haunting’ us, and has been since then, but that’s ok, its also normal.) And the floors .. very early in the morning, like today, I dodge the spots that creak. 🙂 And then there’s the roof.

So .. unless something paranormal starts to happen .. don’t worry about the occasional pop or bang, or collection of them – old houses make noises, and your hearing might still have been super-sensitive from your journey out in the spiritual planes.

Love & Peace

I heard three quick Knocks again today at 6:15 AM I’m going to keep checking at that time to see if I hear it again and try to record it and I’ll try to record it and I’ll get? I’m going to start tracking it and see. But I think it’s all very interesting

Today at 1-9-16 @ 6:17 AM I recorded the knocks. I played the recording for my husband who thought I was a nut and never believes anything paranormal. Now that I have audio evidence, I think he is beginning to believe me. What do you think? Does anybody read these posts?

You should never record anything you are just welcoming it in to you home.just dont let it get to you the more you wait and lesson for it it will be there.tell it that it’s needs to stop and leave you alone.

I don’t believe that it is inviting anything. I think someone is out there watching over us, now giving me proof that there is more to life and death then what we believe or what we are taught. Superstitions and people calling them death knocks or evil are rediculous. I don’t know if I will continue recording them, but I will listen, not only because I have to, being a captive audience in my bedroom 6:15 am, but because someone or something has my attention, and I care about others, animals or whatever is taking time to get my attention. And if I find anything negative or hurtful to anyone I will do what I can do to move on to wherever it needs to go

OMG, I went to the bathroom last night and I heard something fall in another room but I didn’t think it was really something to worry about, but when I woke up this morning my phone was on the floor. And I got home a few hours ago and heard the three knocks again,So I recorded myself talking about it. I’m super scared right now.

im 17 years old last night was the first night ive ever been threw something like you heard. i was laying in bed and heard strange noises coming from my kitchen. i looked past it because i thought it was my fiance snoring. but the i heard water running i set up in my bed and it got louder. i got up and turned the fan off to see if i was just hearing things when a solid black figure walked in front of my door. my door was closed the stove like was on with shined right under my door. its was darker then night. i was speech less not knowing what to do. im three months pregnant. i felt strange being in the house. but when i seen the dark demonic shadow it was over. i stomped my foot and said whoever is in my house needs to leave. the it slowly walked away. i called the police and the searched the house and found nothing.(thought somebody broke in) but a hour after that the neighbor told me and my fiance that he lived there before us and a ash tray flew off the table and smashed against the wall. i also had the same thing happen to me with kitchen chairs.i also to heard the three knocks. ive researched it. its the sign of a very evil demon. they are not to be communicated with it will only make it worse.

Hi Brittany,

If the dark figure you saw was a demon and not simply a ghost, you would not still be in the house. A ghost will turn and walk away, when it thinks it is not welcome, a real demon would just ignore you, or worse, start menacing you. I am glad you had the house checked out by the police, but I really don’t think it was a demon that you saw. I feel sorry for the ghost, since they are lost souls. If you want to help it, and stop it coming back .. scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to the Michael Invocation and use it clear your home. The instructions are on the webpage.

Love & Peace


I’ve been searching the web like others looking at different meanings of hearing 3 knocks and found this site. I believe in the paranormal however my husband does not…until recently. A few things have happened over the past several years that my husband just calls a coincidence but he is now starting to listen to me since what happened recently. Here’s a few things of many that stand out the most and I’m not sure what to think about it.

We currently live in GA and my best friend was going through a divorce(her choice) and stayed with us for 3 months while getting her divorce finalized and getting settled in with her sister in SC. She made several trips from GA to SC moving her things and our home was her base home in the meantime. Even though she chose the divorce after being married for 20 years she was still feeling very sad and alone one top of having issues already with her sister. I reassured her this feeling would pass as time went on as she started dating again.

Moving forward Her divorce was finalized and everything now moved to her sisters home in SC. On Jan 2nd 2016 she left my home to now stay in SC. I always call and check up on her throughout the day to make sure she made it ok but she didn’t answer back. This was common because she would call when she stopped for gas. The next evening I was coloring my hair and when I looked up in the mirror I could have sworn I seen her pass/walk by my mirror. I thought nothing of it and then there she was again walking the other way in my mirror as if she was in a frantic rush. I told my husband about seeing that and not reach her by phone since she left. He said it’s probably just the meds I’m on due to my post back fusion just 4 weeks earlier. The next day Jan 4th I thought to check her facebook timeline and message her. When I checked her timeline her sister submitted a post on her page stating that she died Jan 3rd. I was in shock! There was no information other than she had passed and there would be no funeral just immediately family only and don’t send flowers. I don’t know her sisters to even call them. I believe she committed suicide because she started drinking heavily, didn’t want to move to her sisters, felt sad and alone and borrowed $300 from me to get her medications filed which she hated taking and wouldn’t normally fill them but she wasn’t established yet with a DR in SC so I thought nothing much of it. I’m friends with her DR and called him after seeing the facebook post and no one from the family even notified him. She was not physically sick but did take meds for depression and anxiety. She hated anxiety meds which triggered me and the DR into suicide death.

I’ve been heartbroken and 3 days ago I was talking out loud telling her I missed her and I wish I knew what happened but to rest in peace. For the past two days I’ve been woke up from a deep sleep from 3 very loud knocks at the door. So loud that it sounded as if the glass door would break. I checked it and of course no one was there. Today the same thing happened but this time the 3 knocks sounded like they were more distant. My husband heard the one this morning and of course he checked the entire neighborhood. Since I told my husband the same night about seeing what I thought looked like my friend in the mirror…then finding out she had passed away AFTER I told him he is now starting to at least believe me. Other very significant things in the past several years have occurred that I’ve told him about prior to it happening and now he is starting to finally listen.

I don’t know if those 3 loud knocks that are now getting faint are related to my friends passing or something else? I’m not sure but I do feel it’s either her or someone else. I’ve had several odd things happen such as the only exit on the interstate I happen to look up at is exit 333..the power went out from a storm last week and the stove clock stuck at 3:33…my friend stayed here for 3 months..I go to send out a text and the time is 3:33 on my phone. Just odd things like that now accompanied by 3 loud knocks at the door has got my attention. I’m sorry for the long post. I’ve never posted anything that I have experienced over the years online. Any suggestions or thoughts on what this may mean?

Thank You!!

i cant say forsure, but sounds 2 me as if u are being told.. she is in hevan and doing fine not to feel bad or miss her.. i recently had a friend pass, and experienced 3 knocks.. but also i experienced demonic possession of some kind.. and a beautiful lil gray girl with no eyes by the name of Alice, or Alese.. being an ancient greek goddess im sure it is not my dead friend..

Thanks for the response Savannahpaige. I haven’t heard those 3 knocks again since I wrote about it on this page. I feel responsible for my best friends death in many ways but most importantly not telling her to just stay here with me until she found a new place. My husband and I were on the way to my doc appt a few days ago and talking about her. I said out loud to my friend to show me a sign that your ok and to move on and rest in piece. Right as I said that we pulled up at a stop light and there right in front of me was a license plate with her name on it. Talk about a sign as clear as day! I’ve however been very depressed since her passing and being depressed is not my personality. I still feel her around and hope that she is just visiting considering she committed suicide I hope that she has been able to pass over in peace.

Ok so I’m a bit freaked out and I’m not sure if I should be or what to make of this particular situation. Any help is greatly appreciated. So (a little back story) last December (2015) my grandmother passed away. As she lay lifeless in her hospital bed red cardinals gathered around her room’s window. Ever since the cardinal has been a positive sign and always a reminder of my grandma’s spirit. She was also burried with her favorite sweater that had cardinals on it…fast forward to 2/1/16 I noticed for the first time a bright red (male) cardinal sitting on my truck’s passenger side mirror. My truck is brand new. Brought straight off the lot from the dealership so I am the first owner (keep this in mind). The next day I noticed now two cardinals a male and female and instantly I thought must be my grandparents. I took a picture and sent it to a few friends and family members. Tonight I got a disturbing phone call from a friend who said that she showed this particular picture to her friend who is a spiritual healer and that she had seen a ghost/spirit in the back seat or window of my truck. And told her that somehow due to my stress and negativity that I brought this upon me and the spirit is now living in my truck.
Of course being that I live alone and heard this news late at night I began freaking out. I work midnights so I called a friend and we spoke the entire ride to work. As soon as I parked and turned off my engine I heard 3 knocks which sounded like they were coming from the glass window.
I have no clue what or why this is happening or if its all in my head. I am very in tune with the earth and universe and am a believer in energies just freaking out a bit and would like any feedback or help.

Thank you

Hello Patrick,

I absolutely love the cardinals message – yes, our family in spirit watches over us, and sends us messages from time to time. I would love to see the photo. Do you know how to email it to me .. scroll to the bottom of this webpage and following the link, under ‘friends’, to my webpage Sacred Gates – Ama Nazra, and attach it to the email.

If there is a ghost there I will know, and clear the ghost. If not, I’ll still know, and tell you so. And if you want your energy cleared, include your full name and date of birth in the email you send me.

Love & Peace

Thanks for the photo, Patrick. As I said in my reply Spirit sends us messages, and sometimes the messangers are symbols of the Love and Faith they have for us, and in us. The Cardinal as a totem, you can read about here: universeofsymbolism. com/cardinal-symbolism.html. The message is very clear .. life goes on.

As for the ghost, its gone now, or it should be. If not, you know where to find me.

As for the three knocks, they usually mean ‘pay attention to me’ .. my first reaction would be to wish them into healing. “Archangel Michael, please Find the entity that just knocked on my window and Take them into healing”. Our guardians know exactly what to do .. they just need our permission.

Love & Peace

Hi Ama.. it’s me Ivan, the guy that receive the 3 knocks in the past.. i see you ask a photo from Patrick ,…
i wanna ask, can you also check or spot on an Amulet is good or not??.. recently in the past i bought 3 amulets from an Ajarn(spiritual Thai people), who knows if you can spot this thing is black or white.. because a month after i bought this amulets, the 3 knocks happen, do you still remember the one i say about this 3 knocks playing with me ?.. when it ring 3 knock, i reply it with 3 knocks, and this thing replied again.. playing with almosts 5 rounds of 3 knock that we reply each other… and in the next day, only happen once, but with big sound volume of 3 knocks that stuns me and makes me afraid.. if you still remember that story that i post couple months ago also from me, named Ivan..

if you can spot this amulets through photo.. i can send you the image… who knows… 🙂

Hi Ms. Ama,

I want to know if there’s something going on in our house. Lately, I automatically, woke up around 3am. Noting unusual happening before until today. I woke up before 3am because i heard knocks. I’m not sure how many 3 knocks it was and for some reason, it makes me freak out. I wasn’t able to sleep after that because i’m so scared. I talked to my mom about it, and she said she also experiencing creepy stuff. She wakes up in early morning and she saw some shadows that wants to kill her. She can’t move her body. I’m not sure if it was just a nightmare of her. I hope you can give me some explanation about my concern. I’m from Philippines by the way.

Thank you.

Hi Laine,

Since you and your mother are both experiencing something strange that is giving her sleep paralysis, and scaring you, I would suggest you scroll down to the section called Pages at the bottom of this webpage, and click on the link to the Michael Invocation and both of you read and follow the instructions on the webpage to use it to clear your home of any ghosts and other energy. Read it as written. It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe in Jesus Christ, because the paranormal world does. That should settle things down .. and if you are still worried tell me and we can sort out something else. There should be no problem.

Love & Peace

A tenant died in my rental house in a fire. She was a very kind sensitive woman. After she exited the burning house, her dog was still inside screaming. She went back in the house to save her dog and never came out. About a month or so after, in the middle of the night, I heard three knocks on my bedroom door. They were very clear. About the third time this occurred at night, I was awake and as I was walking past the door, I felt a chill. After this, the knocking did not occur again. Perhaps she was trying to tell me how sorry she was for the accidental fire. This experience makes you think that maybe there is another dimension.

Hello Stuart,

It is entirely possible that the lady was saying sorry before she crossed into healing. If she had been a spirit the energy you passed through would not have been cold. I hope she found the peace she was looking for – she had a very traumatic death, and sometimes people become ghosts because of it. Perhaps her dog found and led her into healing, they still take care of us after we die .. they have their own ‘heaven’, which some of us the Rainbow Field. We all have a place that we return to, we call it Home.

Love & Peace

Hi there Ama,
We have been living in the same home for over 20 yrs, and recently I’ve been hearing these 3 knocks coming from my kitchen or living room, not sure which since I sleep with my bedroom door closed. It’s been 3 consistent nights I’ve heard the Knocks. First was at 2:47am, next one was 2:56am, and last night was 3:14am. It’s 3 not too loud but loud enough to hear it with my door closed. The Knocks are not fast they pause for like 2 seconds apart. But all three nights it’s 3 knocks. Is there any meaning to this?? I’ve been reading on it but, I’am extremely terrified of what is going on so late in our home. And I don’t wanna do anything to make whatever it is upset and make it worse. What are your thoughts on this?? I just want it to stop I’m losing major sleep over it. I’ have 3 little one’s and my husband works away from home he’s gone 3 days at a time, makes it more stressful when it comes to nights.

Hi Yvonne,

Since the occurrences have frightened you, I would suggest you clear your home. You could have the minister of your church come and visit and bless the house .. also do the yard around the house .. or you could scroll down to the Michael Invocation and follow the link through and use it yourself .. send Home whomever is knocking. After that ask questions about who or why if you want to – because obviously someone wanted to get your attention, but it could just have been a ghost who should pass through (or over). Hopefully the pattern stopped, which might mean the ghost is gone – but I still recommend either the blessing or the clearance, for your own peace of mind.

Perhaps someone in your family will get in contact to tell you about a relative that died recently, which might explain the sounds, but since they are happening all over the world, for no particular reason that we can fathom .. the knocking signifying a death to come seems to have lost that meaning.

Love & Peace

Ama–The three knocks had stopped ,but I heard them very distinctly last night, It was very disheartening to see it start again. I will recite the Michael Invocation again, but may need your assistance in clearing house again? Please keep my email address private. It says it won’t be published!

Hello im really hoping someone can help me, iv had strange things go on for a while now, so the first time i noticed this, was in 2011 and all i remember is feeling the most strongest feeling i was being watched, fast forward to 2013, i woke in the middle of the night and right in front of me were what i can only describe as 2 grey translucent balls about the size of the palm of my hand, and they joined together, i did not imagine this, i was not dreaming i just know, to tell the story of that would take time so to shorten it,
i was in a womens refuge after fleeing, there was a lady in there whos daughter seen me at some point and said to this lady, is that the girl, there evil spirits following her, this lady pulled me to the side, made me touch her arm?? And told me this,

so getting to of recent years, iv had butterflys turn up in small spaces with no air, windows or vents, iv asked for a sign and the same second my electric fire turned on,

iv had 3 taps, 2 taps on the shoulder, i have awful vivid dreams about distinct things like, sharing a house full of old style navy women, being in a sea of blood stranded,

the one thing that’s scared me the most is the time my fire turned on, i got very scared and angry and told the unseen whatever it is to leave my home instantly, as i opened the door to my kitchen it felt like something hit me in the face, it felt so much so that it pushed my head back, it didn’t hurt but felt more like static energy,

also i feel like i feel it touch me all the time, its very light but its almost like i can feel where its moving, just to state i have full check of mental health and im seemingly well apart from this, i need answers, i dont want to feel scared anymore

Hello Amber,

I edited your message to put some paragraphs in it, to make it easier to answer.

The grey balls we call ‘orbs’ and my personal opinion is they are created from the positive energy that flows from people every day. They are attracted to each other, which is probably why they were touching – like to like .. eg. Love will touch Love and the orb will turn from two into one larger one.

You’ll have to explain why the lady wanted you to touch her arm .. although she might have used that as a way of ‘reading’ your energy, to see if you did have ghosts following you. The child was probably a fledgling medium, who, like me, never learned tact.

Butterflies lay eggs in all sorts of places, so tiny we can’t see them, and so they seem to just appear unexpectedly .. there might be nothing unusual in that.

I’ve been tapped on the shoulder, pushed, hugged, walked through by ghosts and other energy beings (from goosebumps to tingles, to sharp spiky static electricity feelings), its all normal when you are sensitive to ghosts, spirits and elementals (nature spirits).

The dreams could have been just the normal clearing of your mind that we do when we are sleeping, they could have been the memories of a ghost hanging around you, or they could be a symbolic message for you to interpret. The brief glimpse you give of each doesn’t allow me to say which is which. It is best to write down a dream as soon as you wake up, with as much detail as possible, if you want to learn to interpret them.

If someone unseen turned on my fire I’d get pretty annoyed to, and demand they leave the house, so you did the right thing there. And then they walk through you, or past you, and touch you with that sharp energy .. but that’s when I got the giggles and didn’t know whether to flinch or laugh .. so as long as the entity leaves .. its ok with me. I then send angels after them, to cross them into heaven. No one really wants to remain feeling that out-of-balance.

Whatever, or whomever, is touching you all the time .. tell them to stop .. or better yet, clear yourself and your home, and learn to use white light shields, so that you don’t have to put up with these experiences anymore. You’ll find a link at the bottom of this webpage to both the Michael Invocation (to clear your home and yourself) and White Light Shields, to keep the house and yourself clear .. learn them and use them regularly. That should settle things down.

Love & Peace

Three knocks is the mocking of the holy trinity ( father, son, and the holy spirit). Most of the time are evil entities mocking the holy trinity. It’s the same thing as waking up at 3:00am or hearing stuff around that time or getting 3 scratch marks on your body ( preferably on your back). I have lived with many entities not knowing if the were evil or not. Just a couple minutes ago at 3:??am (I have a sleeping problems) I heard 3 knocks on my window. It’s not the only time i’ve heard them in my house. I’ve heard them exactly 3 times. Most would be afraid but for i am not.

Hi Zelda,

The Michael Invocation will help you too. The link is at the bottom of this webpage.

You’ll notice its a request to Archangel Michael and Jesus .. and is very useful.

Love & Peace

When i was about 7 or 8 yrs old, i used to see a dark figure sitting in the hallway. i thought it was a girl with two pony tails. But since i couldnt see any human parts and only a dark shadow, my grandma told me it was mostly a demonic being. i would literally walk pass by it and then stare at it while it sits there crouched to itself. eventually after seeing it multiple times i would ask it questions like are you okay? who are you? why are you here? and it never responded so i would walk away not knowing that it was not of this world. i started to notice that i was seeing more than just that little girl. i would see only the human feet and clothing on it up to the waist and then it would disappear. After bringing this up to my grandma, she did some Shaman stuff and made it go away. i stopped experiencing vision interaction but ive been feeling weird things. i can feel people’s emotion when its strong, like when they are angry, hurt(physically and emotionally), super in love and passionate. i would be doing my own things and then feel a sudden emotion. i would tell people that i feel other people’s emotions and most people look at me like im making it up. but now i dont feel it anymore. This ability lasted for only a year. Lately, i heard knocking in a constant tempo and the last knock would be strong and vibrate other things around it. i noticed tempo knocks on the cabinet and then it traveled to the fridge and it was about 6 knocks. but this was at work, fairly new car dealership. i ignored it as if i didnt hear it. then tonight my friend coughs out a small amount of blood in his spit and he makes a joking remark saying he is dying just cuz there is blood. i fall asleep at his house and i wake up at 2:10 am to use the restroom and then i hear 3 tempo knocks. At first it sounds like light knocking with the knuckle, then it gets a little louder, and the third knock is a thump. im a little freaked out by this. What can i do? i had a friend say she had experienced this knocking before and someome in her family died and this scares me. idk if this is just another one of my temporary ability but i feel like this is interacting with the dead and i dont want to interact with the dead anymore. i keep getting new and weird abilities that last for only a year and then it goes away and a new one comes around. i dont understand why it comes and go. i cant control it too. i just want to know that im not crazy. i try to find scientific explainations. im just trying to understand what i have.

my son was on his computer and I standing next to him..he then said mum did you hear that thumbing sound..I said no son didn’t hear anything..a couple of minutes later he heard another sound and said to me..don’t tell me that you didn’t hear that ..I said son I didn’t hear anything..he said you must have heard that mum..another couple of minutes later he heard another thumbing sound..and said once again mum you must of heard that..once again I said son I didn’t hear anything..Only he could that thumbing sound..3 days later my son died.

Hello Andrea,

I am so very sorry for your loss.

I do not know what your son was hearing. I am used to people not being able to hear what I hear, or see what I see. I am clairaudient (which means clear hearing) and clairvoyant (clear seeing/vision), which are both psychic gifts and not signs that someone is going to die soon. Without knowing how your son died, I cannot see a connection. They might have been a warning to him, but he might simply have had the clairaudient gift.

Wishing you love & peace,

Hello, I’m 18 and last night about twenty minutes to three in the morning, I was walking around my kitchen about to turn on some music when I heard a series of loud rapid knocking on my glass sliding back door in the next room over not three feet away. I have a cat outside that hangs around the door and when I first went out in the dining room to see out of the glass I saw him sitting there and sighed a breath of relieve thinking it was just him itching his back too close to the door. However right as I finished this thought, staring straight at the cat who was sitting at attention looking at me without moving a muscle, it happened again in the same manner as before. It sounded like someone standed at a human height knocked like they would on any door. Needless to say it unnerved me and made my legs into pasta. I immediately cursed out whatever spirit it was informing it that if it was planning on doing that to me that it had to leave and I wasn’t putting up with it. Unfortunately I suffer from severe anxiety and haven’t been able to shut my eyes or turn the light out since and every thing I’ve read online describes it as three knocks and meaning death. I didn’t pay attention to how many knocks there were exactly but it was more than six and less than thirteen both time so no demonic numbers. I never opened the door but I did gather the nerve to shut the door’s shades with my eyes closed. I just want an idea of why this might have happened so I can ease my heart and mind.

Hi Magnolia,

Ghosts are a nuisance who will scare you if they can. Being invisible and knocking on your door, while you are watching, is the perfect way to do it. Being me, I would probably ask the “b…d” to grow up, before I cleared it into heaven (or whatever healing place the ghost believed in). Cursing is good for relieving your stress. So is laughing.

As you said, it was not three knocks (which don’t mean death, though they might have in the far past, for those of Scottish descent). Too many people are experiencing this now for it to have any real mean except ‘can I get your attention and frighten you’.

I wouldn’t open the door either, although I have done on occasion … as the old movies tell us .. just don’t invite them in.

As to why .. see my first statement. They love to scare you because you pump out lots of ‘fright’ flavoured energy for them to feed on.

Solution .. scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the links through to both the Michael Invocation and the White Light Shields. The instructions on how to use them are on both. The first clears your energy, and your home, the second keeps it that way. They are both very effective, proved around the world by thousands of people over the last 18 years.

You had a spooky experience, not unlike many others people have experienced for centuries. Some people (ghosts) have no manners. If we were like this when we were alive, we stay that way until we cross into heaven.

What I would do, being me, is ask my guardian angel (yes, you have one behind your right shoulder) to ‘Find’ whomever knocked on your door last night and ‘Take’ them into Healing. The angels know what to do, and your doorknocker will actually receive a gift (peace & healing) .. and never frighten anyone that way again. Has to be good.

Love & Peace


This is magi and my father passed away on 06/01/2016 his name is Vijayakumar, he is such lovable and wonderful person very caring, When myself and my sister at home we heard 3 knock sound at the door 2 times by 11.30 pm different days but both falls on monday when we opened and see no one is there..

What is means ???

Is that my dad ???


Hi Magi,

Did your father pass on a Monday, or is it a special day for your family? That might explain why the knocks came on that day of the week. It could be a message to say he was there, but unless there’s a connection, it could just be an entity drawn by your emotions, particularly if you are very sad or angry.

Otherwise, you could ask your father to come to you in your dreams, if he can he might, to tell you he is fine now.

Love & Peace

When I was about 13 (65 now) I started suddenly to have out of body experiences and real premonition. Also, I started to sleep-walk, and would often wake up in a different room in my home, to that I went asleep in. I even twisted my ankle very badly one night – went to bed perfectly fine, and woke up in the morning with a purple and blue ankle swollen like a balloon! During the sleepwalking episode when I injured the ankle I couldn’t have felt any pain at all, else I expect I would have woken out of the sleep.

It was around this time I also started to hear three knocks on my bedroom wall, at around 1.00am (I have insomnia and am usually awake to at least 2.00am). The three knocks came in a series of three, making nine knocks in total. This went on for some nights then stopped. Gradually, my out of body, premonition, and sleep-walking episodes also diminished.

The only explanation I have for my experiences is that as I was going into puberty, and changes in my body and brain occurring, I became very sensitive to ‘something’ – whether paranormal, a force, or tapping into a 4th dimension etc I can’t say or put a word to it. I do feel though that for a brief moment in my life I became tuned into something.

Although when I first heard the three knocks I froze to the spot and spent most of the remaining night awake – with the bedroom lights on! When they re-occurred on subsequent nights though I accepted them with a strange calm.

I have often tried to put a meaning to the three knocks, and their series of three, but to date it is still something I can’t really explain or understand.

Yesterday around 4am i woke up earlier than my usual wake up time since I alarm my phone at 5:30am so i tried to go back to sleep and just look at my tablet and check my facebook and then try to nap again before my alarm.5:05 i heard loud 3 knocks on my door and shouted to my nanny its not yet time since she wakes up early to cook my breakfast and that time we are just two in the house.Our house is kinda old and I been there since 2009 and first time for that.I went to my nap again and got up 5:30 and do down to dining table for a coffee and confronted my nanny about the knocks.I was so surprised for what she said “I didn”t wake you up maybe its just Tommy our cat” who happend to sleep in other room beside my room.I got confused all day about that thought who it was and how come a skinny and small cat can knock as loud and strong as human.Untill now I’m bit paranoid so I search for the meaning of it and saw your website.

Just what to know what it is.Is it real or Im just dreaming?Its my first to hear and experience it.

Thank you so much

Hi Luv,

What it is .. we are not sure. The knocks don’t seem to signify anything, simply give people a fright and then often never happen again. Could you have heard it in your sleep .. possibly. Plenty of other people are also experiencing this, without any harm .. so .. unless something else paranormal is happening in your home, I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

Weird things happen ..

Love & Peace

This is something that has been bugging me for a while now. Not too long ago at about 3:20 AM I was laying in bed and I was awakened by 3 distinct knocks that sounded like they came from the door. I got up and checked, but there was no one there, I checked the door to the patio as well, but nothing. My dog didn’t make a sound either.

The thing that had me wondering is all the weird stuff I read about it. I live in an apartment community that is in the south. I was told the tenants that occupied the apartment left in a hurry. When I moved in I noticed they left a bible in the linen closet and the spare room that I converted to an office is always colder than the rest of the apartment.

Should I be worried?


Hi Tony,

How long have you lived in he apartment? Was the Bible in the cupboard in the room that is now your office? Was it the Gideon bible, which seems to be left everywhere? The previous tenants might have found it when they moved in, and so left it under the linen until they moved out again. What is on the outside of your office wall, or is it the wall connected to another apartment? How much sun does the room get? What is the ventilation like? Is there a logical explanation for the room being colder? These three knocks during the night seem to be happening all over the world now. A Christian person might say they are God or Jesus knocking and asking to come in, three knocks used to signify that someone was ‘going to’ die, not that they had. Some people are taking it that that is someone they loved, who has died, saying goodbye. There’s really no explanation yet, that I can find by searching the net.

Personally, knowing what ghosts get up to, I think its just a way of getting a quick bite to eat before moving on .. in the sense that ghosts feed quite well on ‘startle’ or ‘fear’ or ‘anger’ energy .. which is often one of the reactions the living have when they hear the knocks. The world energy has changed. We are ALL challenged to be more aware .. and hearing is one of the senses that works best in the dark ..

So, going by all the other comments on this site, and the other like it, if nothing else paranormal is happening, I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

Wishing you a peaceful night,
Love & Peace

Hi Ama
I recently heard three distinctive knocks at 1:45 am in the morning i woke up because i could not sleep ,i went to the lounge and whilst sitting in the lounge the knocking noise came through the wall,i check my sons room and he was fast asleep . In the last three years i have lost my mother 2014 a year later my father 2015 and now my cousin 2016. 2 weeks ago , during the last week the intercom went of twice that was connected to my folks room but not in use .
I thought perhaps i was hearing things . And lastly this morning whilst i was washing dishes the key in the kitchen door tuned . Are all these things a coincidence .
Kind regards

Hi Phillip,

I am very sorry for your losses. Did you hear any knocking before those events?

You wrote that your intercom ‘went off’ .. but not what you actually heard? It might be malfunctioning? Or was someone in the bedroom at the time that you didn’t know about? It’s best to eliminate all ordinary possibilities before looking for paranormal ones.

And a key turning in a lock is not a coincidence. Did it lock you in or unlock the door? Do you know what you were thinking about when it happened .. or who you were talking to in your mind?

It is possible you have a ghost in the house, that might not have been around for very long. Keep a record of anything else that happens that is unusual .. or if you are feeling particularly uncomfortable, you could ask the minister of your local church to bless your home, or you could use the Michael Invocation (link at the bottom of this webpage) to clear the house.

It is possible, sometimes, to dream of those we loved and lost, if they are ‘visiting’ .. have you been having any usual dreams?

Love & Peace

This morning at 7:02am I heard two knocks at my window. Ive always been prone to communicating with the dead. I still havent accepted this gift, if thats what it is.

I decided to research the Internet first thing this morning because I was awakened by three knocks on the wall in the middle of the night. This happened once before about 14 years ago when I lived in another home which I believed to be haunted, yet I never felt fear. The first time it happened about 7:00 AM when I had overslept. Seemed like something was trying to wake me up. I’ve never had reason to think this current home is haunted. I’m never afraid when I hear the knocks and I was in bed asleep both times. I’m just wondering what caused the knocks. It’s certainly something you don’t forget!

Hi. So I am 15 and my great Uncle is 94. He is currently suffering from kidney failure and conjestive heart failure, as well as getting over pneumonia. He told me that a few days ago, he had a dream (he almost never dreams) in his dream, hewas sleeping with his wife in his house on the second floor in his sons room. He woke up to three loud knocks coming from the downstairs front door. He tried to wake his wife up, but she wouldn’t wake up. He heard family downstairs, he said he was sure that they were family. He said that no one else could hear the knocking. He cannot walk any,ore, and so he was yelling for someone to come and get the door but no one heard him or the knocking.

Hello Ama, It has been awhile since I wrote -meaning until recently the 3 knocks stopped. Now, I have heard two knocks on three different nights.Last night it was 1:23 in the morning. I decided it was time to recite the Archangel Michael Invocation daily again. If I hear the knocks again, I will write to you at your email address to ask for your assistance in clearing my home again. It definitely made a difference the last time. It is a weird feeling when I think about ghost feeding off of our negative energy. I don’t like the thought of them being in my space and not being able to see them. I learn things from you when I read your responses to other peoples experiences. I haven’t seen my grandson in awhile, so I don’t know if his knocks stopped or not. It’s sad that such a young child would deal with the same unexplained knocks that cause so many different feelings in us! I pray that it is always a good thing and nothing bad. Peace in prayer,I have not said this before. I need to hear back from Ama.

Hello Luna,

Your grandfather’s dream is very similar to ones being had by other people who are hearing the three knocks. We still don’t know the reason they are happening so often now. We will keep searching until we do. In the meantime, perhaps it is a message of some kind .. but what the message is is still unknown.

Love & Peace

Hello Jeanette,

I agree about clearing your home again, since the knocks are back. I use the Michael Invocation regularly, or angels with flaming torches sweeping through the house (its a lovely visualisation) to keep my house clear .. but when its haunted, its haunted, so my husband and I have learned to live with it .. and one or the other of us deals with the ‘visitors’, and then we set up the shields again for a while, to give us both a break. There are a lot of ghosts seeking a way Home these days, and those of us among the living, who have the gifts to send them there, seem to be working very hard right now.

Take good care of yourself, you are welcome to write anytime.
Love & Peace

Hello Ama,
I have recently had a dream about a ghost named Elijah slowly revealing himself to me and my mother. In my dream, me and my mother were sat in the living room and as she was describing him to me, the furthest light bulb from where we were sat exploded and as he got closer they each exploded and eventually went pitch black dark.

During this week, I was sat on the same table as in my dream in my living room studying. The light bulb above me slightly towards my right explodes.. I ignore it and didn’t think it meant anything. Until a few days later where the light bulb above me slightly towards my left exploded.
That’s when I started to get slightly creeped out.

Is there an explanation to this or might it just be a coincidence?

Thank you.

Hi Jen,

It might be that you have a ghost around the house called Elijah that wishes you would notice him? Given the activity in the dream, and the repeat of it in the waking world, its entirely possible – but if nothing else paranormal is happening, its probably a coincidence.

In the dream the ghost was trying to scare you, because they feed on your fear .. any negative energy really will do as a meal. It’s not egg and chips, its more that they inhale the energy, but they need it to continue their unnatural existence – so they inhabit people’s dreams, if they can.

If it were me, I would clear the house. No harm in a little energy work to make the house feel safe and comfortable again.

At the bottom of this webpage is a link to the Michael Invocation. When the ghosts come to visit, which they often do, since both my husband and I are magnets of different frequencies .. I use it to cross the ghosts over, and clear any trying to attach to my energy. It’s good for them, helps set them free … so I suggest you do the same. Even if you don’t have a ghost, it can act as a way of reassuring you that everything is all right.

Love & Peace

Hi Ama and everyone,

Just to let you all know, while I was outside gardening a few weeks ago, my brother came out saying he heard me knocking on the door but I told him I didn’t knock at all, I was gardening. As of right now, I asked him if he remembered this moment, and he says he doesn’t, so oh well, but I would also like to point out I had my home shielded that morning.

Hi everyone.

This has happens to me over the years, not regularly but it kept me thinking. Sometimes when I am half asleep, I heard 3 knocks on a wood door. Its not in a specific door of the house, I just heard it loud and clear and it make me awake, also I’m never dreaming at the time. I do know that is not someone at the main door because I couldn’t heard it so well and it’s not in the bedroom door because I live alone. I’m not exactly worried about it, but just wanted to know if someone of you could give me a clue about what this could means.

Thank you!

Hi Ama, I’m Austin and I’m 17 years old, I’ve had many encounters with spirits when I was little but the most memorable and the only one that has followed me ever since I was about 3 or 4 is a spirit that knocks 3 times on a window, now, when I was 4 the house that I currently live in was my grandmas house and now she lives with us, but it started one day when I was in my grandmas room and I was by the window and I remember looking at the window and there were 3 knocks and I sat there petrified, then it didn’t happen again and we moved when I was 6 years old, well 10 years later we moved back and the first month we were here I heard it on my bedroom window and all the memories flooded back to my head, I was scared and so I fell asleep as fast as possible, a few weeks later I heard it again and did the same thing, but about a month later it reoccurred and this time I was not scared and looked directly at the window and asked what it wanted and it began knocking very fast and very loud until I looked away, now a few months later (present moment) I’m home alone and I hear it on the window behind my head and my electricity shuts off, I’m very worried and I think it’s gotten more aggressive, what should I do?

Hi Austin,

I don’t think the entity and the electricity are connected. Co-incidences do just happen from time to time. At least you have learned not to speak to it directly, whatever or whomever, it might be.

Instead, give it a helping hand by asking for help through the Michael Invocation, if you have not already done so. The link to it is at the bottom of this webpage, with instructions. Ask specifically for your home to be cleared, and add “… and the entity that knocks on my window” to the request. That should take care of the problem. If not, write again and we can sort out something else.

Love & Peace

Hey….I just want to know if it is possible to tell me what it means when you get woken up by 3 knocks….I am not a dreamer…but had 3 dreams within months of each other. ….The first dream strange enough has come true…but the last part is still not together as it was layed out to me. ….and then there are also the 3 feathers. …when I was at my saddest. …These feathers would appear….no more dreams and no more feathers….

Hi Lizzy,

This webpage is covered in people’s thoughts about what the three knocks mean. No one knows for sure. We just believe it no longer means that someone is about to die, which is what the old superstitious belief was.

It is possible that your life changed direction enough to change the end of your dream from becoming a reality. This does happen with precognitive dreams, and is often why we dream them in the first place.

Three feathers, or many feathers, or as many coins (pennies) or more can mean that your angels are telling you they are there, especially when you are sad.

Love & Peace

I’m not sure if anyone can give me a definite answer but this is worth a shot.
When I was a teenager I played with a ouija board with my cheer team. I was playing and something came through. It gave a name that didn’t make sense as well as a gender and age which I believe were false. The piece fell off the board and silly me I picked it up and put it back on the board. A few minutes later I was scratched. It did not draw blood but we did have a picture of it.
Since then every so often when I’m home alone I hear 3 knocks. Loud hard knocks. Kind of how a police officer would knock on your door in the middle of the night. I am the only one experiencing this. It scares me every time. I have a family friend who is a medium and believes it is just a friend reminding me they’re with me. But I recently have heard three knocks is a symbol of mockery of the trinity.
Needless to say I’m very scared after hearing this.
Any opinion would be greatly appreciated.

Hey everyone,
Around 10pm I decided to jump into the shower my dad was in the upstarts lounge room sleeping and my mum and little brother were downstairs, around 5 minutes into my shower my brother comes upstairs asking me if I was knocking, I told him yes I was trying to get ur attention as a joke when really I didn’t knock at all, my mum later comes up and asks me are you knocking Christian? I told her no, she says to me that downstairs while she was hanging the cloths up to dry over the heater she heard a knock knock knock pause Knock knock knock pause knock knock Knock all very fast and quite powerful against the wall as if somebody was knocking from outside but it’s impossible because the outside wall is made out of solid render, my little brother also heard this and my dad kinda heard it while he was half asleep but yet I was the only one in the house who didn’t hear it, it’s like it was beging to occur as soon as I wasn’t there, apparently there’s are the death knocks, I’m very afraid of death all of a sudden and I do not want to die at 15!! Neither do I want anyone else to die!!!!

Please help me and my family!!!
Thank you, Christian

3 knocks on the ceiling. This happened around 1994. I was visiting my parents during one of my college holidays. My mother told me the day I arrived that she has been hearing this 3 distinctive knocks coming from the ceiling for the last 2 or 3 days. 3 knocks and then a pause and then 3 knocks again etc. The strange thing about this, according to her, is that these knocks followed her around the house and knocks precisely above her head no matter where she goes. She was a bit superstitious and even convinced my father to go up into the ceiling and check it for mice etc. The following day, when my parents were off to work, I started hearing the 3 knocks myself. It followed me from room to room and it always knocked on the ceiling right above my head. 3 knocks, then a pause, and then 3 again etc. It did this the whole time, daytime and night time. For some reason the knocks stopped following my mother but instead only followed me. It also didn’t follow my younger brother who was also living there. I actually found this very fascinating and was not scared at all. This went on for about 2 days. On the third night I was lying in my bed looking up at the ceiling while listening to the knocking above me. The idea to knock back 3 times came into my head. This time I was actually a bit scared but also curious. So I lifted my one hand and knocked back 3 times on the wall above my head. Suddenly the knocking stopped. The next day there was also no knocking. That evening, while I was walking out of my bedroom pass the hallway on my way to my younger brothers room, I looked down the hallway and saw this transparent old lady walking or floating from the hallway to one of the other rooms. I could see right through her. She didn’t look at me. Our dog was with me at that time and went crazy with its hair standing up like needles. This was the first and last time I saw this woman and the knocking never started again. The house is not haunted or anything and we lived in it since it was build. Neither of our family members knows this woman with the description that i gave them.

Hey Rudi,

I am only saying this as a “just in case”, so why not try asking your guardian angel to “find” the old transparent woman you saw and “take” her into healing. Maybe the old woman was a ghost and maybe she is responsible for the knocking, maybe not, but either way, asking for help from your guardian angel does no harm.

Ive been hearing knockings too so far twice. And they both were loud but Once when i was just about to sleep. And another 2 days after. The second one was weird though i woke up to get a drink and heard the knock. Im pretty sure the house isnt haunted this is the first time ive witnessed anything paranormal in it. But i was maybe thinking a ghost is attracted to me. I recently went up north to munising, mi with my mom and my dad and we stayed in a little cabin for three nights. Whilst we were there we went to 11 waterfalls and we also went on the pictured rocks cruise. Could this be connected maybe a ghost had followed us from up north? Also while i was writing this a candle went out i think it might have just ran out though.

hello yesterday at night it was like 1 in the morning and my grandma woke me up and she told me that she heard 3 knocks on the door and i did not hear anything i was deep asleep. and then she was praying she was scared she doesnt know what it means and it was no one because my mom she always gets up sometimes but she didnt that night i know when she gets up.. and well no one got up and i want to know what it means….

I am very cautious about sharing matters of the spiritual, paranormal significance with just anyone. I noticed you acknowledged you are a Christian theologian, yet I have noticed that you have referred to Christmas as X-mas removing the name of Christ and referred to Jesus Christ as JC. I find this a little concerning and lacking respect. Dealing with the world of paranormal, ghosts and spirits I could see that as an area of concern. I have had experiences but have concerns and hesitate to share unless you are a Christian that helps people.I believe one has to have a strong christian faith to give sound advice or help. Would you please explain? Thank you

Hi Jeannette,

Being a Christian Theologian has made me painfully aware of the facts (very few) and fallacies (far too many) in the Bible, beginning with Genesis, where we find two Adams .. going right through to Revelation where we find our loving Jesus arriving with a sword in his mouth, ready to condemn us all to hell (for breaking the 10 commandments .. except there are 12). The head teacher at the Theological University where I studied told us that becoming Theologians would either strengthen or destroy our faith. Personally, since mine in not based in the Bible – a book I have been fascinated with all my life (I asked my father to buy me a ‘proper copy’ when I was about 4), but in personal experiences with God, Jesus, angels and other entities over the last 52 years (I am now 54), I never lost Faith when the bible was gently shown to be a book of myth, magic and mystery as well. It also shows God is a monster and yet we are supposed to believe he (or it) loves us unconditionally? The two contradict each other.

Well, I can state through my own experiences God is not a monster and we ARE loved unconditionally. The bible is a wonderful, if confusing, book – personally I love it .. for example, one webpage I know of numbers the contradictions alone over 1000. As to taking Christ out of Christmas – Christmas was Yule, which is, in the northern hemisphere (I am in the Southern) a celebration called ‘Sun return’ .. it is a Fact that the date was subsumed into Christianity to be the celebration of Jesus’ birth .. although some people date his birth to either February or September. Also, the original Cross is thought to have actually been an X .. so I haven’t actually taken the symbolism away.

As to calling Jesus JC .. I also call him the Great JC .. I have ‘met’ the man in visions, and he is wonderful and he wouldn’t care what I called him, because He knows there is no lack of respect intended.

As to what I call Jesus when solving paranormal problems, you can find the answer at the bottom of this webpage, follow the link called ‘the Michael Invocation’ and you’ll see him called Jesus Christ, or sometimes he is called Christ Jesus .. or simply Christ.

As to being a Christian person who helps … I have been ‘helping’ since I was about 17. I have been talking about God, Jesus, faith and love since I was a small child. I am a Spiritual Christian, that means I have an open mind, and an open heart, and allow that others have their beliefs, and as long as they are loving and honourable, I am not about to try and force mine on them.

So, if you still find me unacceptable to talk to, I am sorry, but I’ve been helping Christians find peace of mind for longer than I remember .. and only one or two ever wished me to hell. I keep them in my prayers.

Love & Peace

Dear Ama,
I accept some of what you say, but I find God’s word guidance and the truth. I do find you have helped others and I too do not force beliefs on others but also can’t dispell thing I have experienced. I do believe in the spirit realm of our world and have seen and heard this with my own eyes. I am a born again christian and do not find my God cruel and I do await Christ return. Only this last 8 months or so have I experienced the 3 knocks repeated by 3 knocks in the 3am hours of the morning. I also have lost 3 family members within the last 3 months! Until this last time it knocked I have not felt fear–but this last time concerned me I felt uneasy. As I have seen things and heard things all my life as did my grandmother I don’t show fear or frighten easily it usually startles me. I have found that this last two years things has progressed in what I see and hear. What is you opinion. The last apparition or angel?? I saw was a dark skinned man wearing a white robe and holding a rope up with it draped into his hands with hands in the air as if performing a ritual or prayer, he was wearing sandals and appeared to be from another century. I walked into the bedroom and he was standing over my sleeping husband. He responded startled as if I interrupted something and shuffled his feet as if to try and intimidate me or make me leave but I stood my ground unafraid and merely turned on the light above me and he vanished. What is your opinion of this man or the more recent knocks that have occurred. I do rebuke in Jesus name.

Dear Ama,
I forgot to add that we’ve owned our land for 26 years and our home we put in new 12 years ago. I do not necessairily feel this is negative but not certain it is positive either. My family and I have never brought anything evil or negative into the home to our knowledge. But I have been sensitive to the spirit world since a child, I also have heard the angels singing on two occasions, once when sick as a child and recently while praying for my uncle who just passed.

Hi Jeanette,

Did your husband remember any dream from that visitation? If he saw a rope in the dream, perhaps the message was for him, but if it he didn’t, then the message might be for you. When you wrote that the man held up his hands as if in prayer, what was he doing with the rope?

Regardless of the ‘robe’, the other image that comes to my mind is the one of the ‘magician’, which for the most part means a time of powerful new beginnings, or of being bound to something of importance. If you were challenged by the figure being black skinned, the robe being white could have been to symbolise the purity of the messanger/message .. but then we come to the ‘shuffling of feet’ .. I would have to say that that was no angel, because, when an angel touches your energy your heart opens and you are in NO doubt you are in the presence of LOVE personified. But, the man could be either one of your spirit guides, or one of your husband’s .. so we come back to did he remember any particular dream from that night, and remember it clearly, and what did he say when you told him what you had seen?

I am very sorry to hear you lost so many people so quickly, but as to the three knocks being a warning about the three deaths .. how much time passed between the first knock and the first death, and then the second and then the third. Usually, going by scottish legend, the death is within 3 days to 3 weeks, at the most. Is that what happened for you? Otherwise, your knocks could be like so many others these days, a way of catching your attention, giving you a shock and garnering energy for whomever did the knocking.

Funnily enough, I heard three very quiet faint knocks very early one morning not that long ago .. and smiled and blew whomever a kiss, with a little energy behind it .. if they want it that bad, I will give it to them. They don’t have to try and frighten me into it. 🙂

The angels singing is such a blessing .. and they do it all the time. This world is created and maintained by music .. and we each have our own symphony within us.

I too rebuke entities in Jesus’ name, when the need arises. Mostly really nasty ones. The others I ask the Michael to ‘find’ and ‘take’ into healing. If you read the Michael Invocation information page you’ll see how easy it is to send lost souls Home.

Wishing you a wonderful day,
Love & Peace

Dear Ama ,
My husband doesn’t rarely have dreams and did not that night! He also can’t remember most of any events from his childhood ,our lives together or our children growing up?? this bothers him!He does NOT believe of the spiritual realm. He is a christian but does believe he has a guardian angel that is with him and saved his life as a teenager –that he remembers because a truck that could not have missed him Did pass over or through his vehicle!! The dark skinned man holding the rope had it around his waist and tied in the front with long ends thatlooped down and back up and hung draped and hanging down over his hands with his hands held up bent at the elbows as if in worship or a ritual! He Was definately startled at being and showed the response on his face and body language at being caught and the feet shuffeling seemed as if another dimension like an old film that was trying to freeze and the released like you’ve seen old films do on TV. That’s when I felt threatened or as if he was saying leave your interrupting and he was trying to intimidate me. And no my husband did not dream that night nor remember anything, he thought maybe it was his guardian angel?? He only wanted to know when startled awake by the light what was going on as I was rebuking in Jesus name. He also does not believe me when I hear these knocks or see things as he has never experienced anything himself since the one time as a teenager. But he also can’t explain when I forewarn him that something is going to happen and it does!! Do you have any input on what exactly my gifts are as I seem to be sensitive yet also have dreams that actually happen and see spirits who have passed?Or Aparitions that I don’t know who seem caught in another time??? Also my death count on the family was wrong ,I sat down and thought there have been 7 , since the first month this year with 6 immediate and 1 neighbor who lives directly in front of me. Also the 8th a man on the property adjoining us committed suicide the latter part of last year.
I’ve alway as a younger girl saw my grandmother who was a christian and prayer warrior and I saw her a comforting and peace and yes I’m either at peace with sightings or startled with strangers or threatened with this last one , either way if I do not feel peace I rebuke in jesus name.
Any input?? Would be appreciated as I do not speak of this with anyone from my Church or faith, never have. But my grandmother did tell me at 6yrs old that she didn’t understand that she had this gift and she thought I had it too and to not let if frighten me to just pray learn it was God’s way of helping me.Unless you’ve experienced it you can’t get it !! My husband says your dreaming!! Two nights ago I turned my lamp stand off and sat back down and just as quickly something turned it back on !! You have to physically turn the knob and twist it to domn off position because it also dims the light as you turn it down. I got up and again had to physically turn it off I also have the same problem with the TV when I turn it off it comes back on repeatedely!
Any input is appreciated! This is only the tip of the story to give you an Idea!Are these gifts and what exactly are they called?

I forgot as to the knockings ! They have happened on several occasions this last year or so I really didn’t put relevance to them as at first I thought a neighborhood kid or practical joker! Then when I starting seeing things happening and pulling my husband out of bed for him to find no one there–then running reference to the knocking and looking for answers I found the relationship reference to deaths. I had never heard this before. I did not document the dates of the knocking but it did happen again 3 nights ago around 3am and I was wide awake! As most of my family live in another state now I had forgotten that a few more were just as recent! My cousin and I discussed this last night as our family has never had that many deaths in one year before and we are a large family.
God Bless!

Dear Ama ,
Just wondering? Did you have any further input ?? Or did you not really have any Ideas as I never saw an answer? I did have another happening 3 nights ago–my cousins phone called me at 4:22 in the a.m. startled awake he also was shocked as he had laid the phone down away from him and was changing a ladies tire on his way to work he hadn’t called and heard me answer. I asked Honey are you ok as the last passing in our family was his dad? A loud raspy hoarse voice over powered the phone exerting with every ounce of energy he had HE WILL BE JUST FINE! My cousin did not hear the voice! He had to go he was late for work! Their father could not communicate with the boys the last 8 days he lived as he was on a vent and in a coma and they had to decide to take him off! I was startled and some afraid when I heard the voice but later realized my uncle had had tubes down his throat and the energy was probably not angry but forcing words as he was hoarse from the ventilation. But that next night I still had 3 more knocks on my front door!I later shared with my cousin and no he did not hear the 3rd voice on the phone but felt comforted as we both felt his dd was relaying a message they were going to be fine and he is fine and was fine with their decision to stop the vent. Admittedly he was a little freaked because he had no Idea how the phone dialed me when he wasn’t near it at the time! Any Input?

Hello, My name is Orlando and I’m 17 years old ,yesterday around 10pm while me and me grandma where trying to go to sleep we heard 3 knocks so we went outside to check it out but no one was there and we even checked around the house.I sleep right next to the front door so I would for a fact would have heard some trying to run away if we where getting ding dong ditched. Any suggestions what it would be ?

-Thanks in advance Orlando

I hear the 3 knocks many (about a hundret) times in the last 30 years. I hear them in the transission from awake to sleep or when waking up.
I live in an 150 years old house. The knocking sounds come from everywhere, sometimes from the floor below, sometimes from above, this morning they were a bit louder and close to my bed, so that is why I write these words down.
As I hear these knocks regularly, I don’t assume a connection to the prediction of a death in near future. To resume, the “knocking ghost” here appears harmless to me, I am not afraid.
I think the knocking is a form of saying “I am here”, trying to establish a form of communication.
Nevertheless I will not do “him” the favour to give more of my attention, because ghosts live in another realm, and I do not see a reason or sense to enter the realms of the ghosts.

Hi Jeanette,

You wrote a number of messages, so let me sum up my answers here. The abilities you have are from God, and are his way of getting you to help others. You asked about your gifts – from your descriptions I would suggest:

1) Clairvoyant – visions, sees the future, sees entities
2) Medium, if you can speak to the ghosts and get a response
3) Clairsentient – senses things.
4) Clairaudient – hears voices.
5) Precognitive dreams – part of the clairvoyant gift. Do you keep a diary of what you ‘see, feel and dream about’? Remember to date every entry and put in as much detail as possible, particularly with dreams .. write them down before you put your feet on the ground in the morning – so its good to keep the book beside the bed.

Rebuking entities in Jesus’ name is good if it gives you peace. It works for most entities. Gift from God.

From what you wrote I don’t think the knocking and deaths were connected.

The voice on the phone – a story for you. At the beginning of this year a friend and I went to a paranormal conference about four hours away from our homes. It was a very haunted experience, with some pretty nasty energy and entities, some of which we dealt with at the time. On the way home, while I was driving, with my mobile (cell) phone sitting in the tray between myself and my friend L, that phone rang my husband and, after a pause there was the sound of an appalling crash, rending metal .. and a clear voice said ‘she is dead’. Then the phone cut out. My husband started ringing the phone, and it never rang for a good 10 minutes, but when it did L answered it and told my husband that we were both just fine, and about to stop in Ballarat for Chinese food, which was delicious.

What happened there? We have our theories, but we know it was not my phone that rang, although it was my number that showed on T’s phone before he answered it.

That being said, it is not unusual for people to hear loved ones on the phone after they have died. The rasping voice you heard might have been your uncle, but, given the wording, it might have been someone else passing on the message that your uncle will be, and is, ok. Unless you think it was your uncle telling you your cousin will be ok? Either way, its also not unusual that only one person hears the message, or the third voice, in a cross-lined conversation – even with crosses made in heaven.

Oh, and my brother rang me recently .. or his phone did, in his pocket .. these days, with touch screens, anything is possible.

Love & Peace

Hi Orlando,

I can only suggest you read the majority of the answers on this webpage because there are suggestions all through them. Lots of people are hearing the knocks now. Eventually they will not be unusual at all.

Love & Peace

Ama, Yes pretty much what you said I have it all but don’t and have not told many til now! I believe ed the call was my uncle as he had emergency heart surgery and was comatose for 8 days on a vent and could not relate anything to his sons and they had to make the call to remove the vent and let him go, they questioned this. I believe the voice sounded hoarse because he had tubes down his throat for days but wanted them to know they will be fine, he is fine and was fine with the decision made! Only one knock since the message was delivered and it was that night. I do document my dreams and the realization to them when they come true or happen, I have for years! Just concerning that as I get older the activity is increasing with sightings of aparitions and angels, and hearing and seeing things. This is only one of a few messages I have delivered. I was only 6yrs. ld when my brother passed from an accident, when 18 I had a dream in which he called to say I had to go back because the truth was not told. When I confronted my mother about it she admitted tha another boy caused the accident by pranking the boys and they both died. They did not persue it. I was to small to have ever known had I not persued my dream in which he also called on the phone in the dream. I guess why me ?? I’m not qualified other than being in God;s grace to handle this?? I now don’t look forward to motels, certainly not funerals and sometimes Flea marts??? Any input would help why is activity increasing??

I have heard some strange things in my house sporadically for awhile now. My friend who sees, senses, and talks to spirits told me that usually the spirit just wants to be noticed. So last night when I woke up to three knocks on my door I calmly looked out my room to see that it wasn’t my mom and said out loud “I’m just trying to go to sleep please.” hahaha then I went right back to sleep.

Ama, I read in another comment you have a posting somewhere about not being involved with the paranormal investigations and ect.I would be interested in reading this.I am seeking answers and how to watch for signs of what to be concerned with, or do I just let my discernment guide me? Where can I find it? I full heartedly agree! Don’t go looking for what you may find! As you know I was very cautious even before speaking out for the first time with you! If this is a gift God chooses when to use you or the gift.If you are gifted it is a gift to help others not an income!! When these people start talking money run–I choose to seek information and stand on Faith of Jesus Christ and while sometimes startled, do not show fear as I’ve gathered they feed off of this!

For about 4 years I would get a knock at about 5 am. I’m a prayer warrior and on days that I was to tired to wake up and go pray at church with my brothers, I would hear a knock on my window. SOLUTION: When you hear the knock and see no one outside, stop and thank the lord for another day!!

Hi Ama… I am aadil(16 years)
Today in the morning around 8 am i heard three knocks/taps out of nowhere…. i am sure they weren’t from the front door…. nor a window i suppose. They weren’t that loud…. but i was half awake at that time
So i am sure a heard it…. no place.. no direction. All of you heard it from a door or a window…I am not able to guess it from where it came. I am really scared about the fact. What to do??
Please help as soon as possible….. I am reallyy veryyy scared.. will someone die in the family?

Hi Aadil,

I heard three knocks myself the other morning. Far too many people are hearing the knocks now, with nothing else happening, for them to have anything to do with anyone dying. You do not have to worry.

If you want to make yourself feel better, you could scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the links through to both the Michael Invocation and the White Light Shields, and use them to protect yourself, though I doubt its necessary.

Love & Peace

Thank you for this website. I have been very afraid lately but this is helping me to calm down. I would like to see what you think about a recent occurrence I experienced. I moved into a condo a month ago and had slept there for almost a week without incident but then one night at about 1am I was awoken out of sleep by a text from my boyfriend so I woke up and sent him a text back. As I was closing my eyes to go back to sleep I felt a dark presence coming toward my face. I opened my eyes and think I saw some sparkles in front of my face so I immediately became uneasy and turned on my light and the tv. I then turned off my light but left the tv on and fell back asleep. Then around 3am I heard (or dreamed that I heard) footsteps come in the room and I thought it was my dog who recently died and who I have been missing very much (Her ashes were also in my closet). Then I proceeded to have a very vivid nightmare of her and realizing that it couldn’t be her because she is gone now. And so I screamed and was terrified. Then there were I think four loud knocks on my door and I woke up. The knocks were very realistic. I even asked my neighbor if she had knocked on my door but she said she had not. Then a few days later I was in the living room and fell asleep on the couch but woke up to feeling a presence sit on the couch with me but of course nothing there. I had moved my dog’s ashes to my sister’s condo so they were no longer there. I also talked with my neighbor and she said her husband used to live with her but has passed so I thought maybe it was him visiting. And the neighbor on the other side is never there — his place looks abandoned and creepy to me from what I can see through the window. I am afraid he has abandoned his place for a bad reason. I appreciate you taking the time to read and any input you may have. I will try to remind myself to think of my guardian angel and ask for help but I’m hesitant to say anything out loud because I don’t want to make matters worse if it is a negative spirit.

Hi ama
Thank you so very much for the inspiration. I am really glad and thankful. Its been around 5 to 6 days and no has died. But i still feel scared somehow. Its around a week now any chances that something will happen? How many days later people face the incident if any?

Hi Heather,

I suggest you first try not scaring yourself about your abandoned neighbors place. Maybe he got a new home closer to his work? I also suggest you scroll down this we page, look under the section that says “Pages” and use the Michael Invocations and White Light Shields. Use the shields daily and the invocations as needed, whenever the fear arises again or when you think you see something spooky that your intuition tells you it just isn’t quite right. Also, make use of calling on your guardian angel or Archangel Michael whenever you feel scared. You can ask you Archangel Michael (or just ask your guardian angel) to “FIND” whatever ghost is near you and “TAKE” them into healing . You can change that sentence into whatever fits the situation, but keep the words “find” and “take”. Also, you can ask Archangel Michael to clear your energy or your homes energy (literally, that simple) if you’re in a hurry.

Anyone pls help me….. I am hearing knocks…….I am seeing 13 everywhere…literally everywhere….also from 2 days dogs are howling in my street….
All superstitions at one time….
Feeling scared…
Pls help….

Hi Aadil,

I see 222 and 444 everywhere, that’s normal. If they meant what they were supposed to be I would probably not have a challenge in life. 13 is just a number. It is not a negative number – but sometimes we can get obsessed with what we think it means .. and those thoughts can be scary, while the number has no meaning at all, apart from its value.

As for dogs howling for two days .. they do that. I have a friend whose dog howls every time she leaves the house, or every time someone goes in her yard when she’s not home. He knows me and he’s done it to me .. so stop worrying – they are not howling about you.

As you wrote .. all superstitions and all probably coincidences. Nothing to worry about.

Love & Peace

Our own minds can be our worse enemies, Aadil. You are frightening yourself – and we all do that at times.

To make yourself feel better, scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the links through to both the Michael Invocation and White Light Shields. The Invocation will remove any ghosts that are hanging around knocking on doors or whatever, and the Shields can be used to protect everyone in the family. They just have to learn how to create them. The instructions are on the webpages.

Love & Peace

I’ve never heard the 3 knocks before death but, I’ve Had the teeth falling out dream which I means either YOU WILL DIE OR A CLOSE RELATE WILL. And it has happened. I feel scared when I here anything 3. 3 is the devil to me, it is the devil using your loved ones memories to use us in his evil plans, Also I’m a Catholic but not religious, meaning my belief is strong but I do not attend church. 3 knocks are not to be taken likely. An evil has entered your home. If it was truly your family member letting you know he/she was ok on the the other side,meaning dead but ok, the knocks would stop but they do not, also that they wouldn’t use 3 knocks to mock the father,son and holy ghost.

Hey I would like to know what does 2 knocks mean? 3 most people actually do associate it with death but mostly we hear it maybe late at night and we wake up we hear one of our family has died…It’s been like this mostly all my life…Me and may family we live walking distances from each other like a small community with only cousins aunts uncle and whenever someone dies we each get knocks at the door or hear footsteps outside but see no one…Last night I woke up feeling uneasy so I sat in bed and heard nothing..I went to check on my kids and they were asleep I heard one of our 2 dogs growl so I went to wash my face and I heard 2 loud knocks on the kitchen door.I ran out of the bathroom and saw nothing.I woke my mum and my b.f up and asked them if they heard anything they said no…But I felt like the air was really heavy…They went to sleep after that I couldn’t sleep…Actually it’s been almost 4 years now & I hear things at times see shadows in the corner of my eyes but I ignore…In the bathroom ceiling there’s a handprint,I don’t know how it got up there but I try to ignore.I used to hear loud tumbling noises and bangs in the house.My son used to say there were people in the house and outside but wee couldn’t see..I just heard calling my name footsteps and noise…I’d like to think it stopped but I had a baby and it seems to be happening again.I don’t want to accept it honestly…It’s like I’m going nuts…a few months ago I was with my tablet and the screen went dark/blank..In it I saw a woman with a kid hugging each other far away like in the corridor but I was in the bedroom door closed and the foot of the bed was facing the corridor…I got freaked out looked behind me and saw the window…I went to sleep said maybe I was tired…I’ve always felt things since I was little I just deny it…But it all increased after my father’s death on New year’s eve almost 4 years ago…Lately I’ve woken up with dark round bruises on my arms…I’m a 25 year old women with 2 kids and I still have to sleep with the night light…I need help please..I’m scared for me & my kids…Someone mentioned to me about people cursing other people but how can one do that when you don’t even entertain anyone and go about your day…
Please help

MY best friend since childhood, who lived across the road from me for 15 years, passed away 10 years ago in a terrible way. We don’t really know everything that happened, but we do know he was basically murdered, just noone can get proof. When he passed away, it changed my life…. At first I had terrible dreams, nightmares if you will, of him. Like he wasn’t at peace. The first dream I had of him, he was standing on the porch of my other friend’s house. I pulled into the driveway, got out of my car, ran up to him and grabbed him and hugged him so tightly and told him how happy i was to see him. He looked confused, kinda scared, like he was lookin for someone to come after him. After I hugged him and looked at him, it dawned on me that he was dead. I told him that he was dead, and he replied “I know; But I’m not suppose to be.” And then I woke up. 2nd dream I had, he was in some trailer lying down on a couch, Seemed like he was having a very hard time breathing. He motioned for me to come towards him. I did, but cautiously. He then reached out to me, to hug him. I felt scared to go near him in my dream, because of the way he was breathing, but I went to him, and hugged him. After that dream, I went to his grave. His name is Tom.. as I did on a regular for awhile and I broke down and cried. I told him I felt that he wasn’t at peace. And that though I would miss him dearly, I just want him to move onto the other side. But if he could, come in and check on me every now and then. And that I loved him, so much, and had life been differently I woulda been with him. He truly was the bestest friend I had ever had, and had been with me, in my life, right across the road since I was 6 years old. I digress. Last dream I had, We were at our old middle school. I was walking down the hallway and saw my friend, Tom. Walking in the opposite direction of me. He was wearing blue jeans, White t-shirt, and a white hat, and had no facial expression at all.. He walked slowly passed me, I looked him and was saying his name. But it was like he didn’t know me. He didn’t say a word. IT kinda irritated me, so I followed him outside of the school. A white jeep pulled up, with people in it. And they were all wearing white too. He got into the back of the jeep, and finally, before pulling off, he looked at me. And I woke up. He died in 2006. It’s now 2016. I was 4 months pregnant when he passed, with my first child, whom he said would help raise, even though it wasn’t his child. Since then I have had 3 more children. 1 I lost during pregnancy, and 2 living. I named my son after Tom, and have also helped to take care of his aging grandmother. I talk about him to my children. They know him as “uncle Tom”. He has been on my mind alot lately, Especially given that it has been 10 years since his passing, but for some reason, it seems not that long ago. Anyways, his birthday and when he died was this passed august. It’s now the beggining of sept, and for about 3 weeks now, My children and I have heard 3 knocking sounds at our front door, but when I go to open it, there’s nobody there. And also, where I have been thinking about Tom alot when I’m by myself , and sometimes I cry, I get goosebumps, as if I’m cold, but I’m not. It feels as though it could possibly be him, but Im just not sure. It’s not that I don’t believe in things like that, I do and have always believed. I guess Im just not sure if it actually could be him… I miss him so much, and he missed out on alot. He died 20 days before his 17th birthday. I’m now 29, and it saddens me that I never got to know the man he could have been. IF you could help with any advice, all would be welcoming. Thank you, and may God be with us all. <3

Hi Dawn,

This will be a quick message to you, but if your friend is still a ghost, you can cross him over by asking your guardian angel to takr him into healing. Just say, “Archangel Michael, FIND Tom and TAKE him into healing.” that’s it. Also, there’s the Michael Invocations and White Light Shields under Pages on the bottom of this page if you’d like extra protection and to clear your energies.

Hello Dawn,

The longer we are out of heaven the more lost and confused, or worse, angry, we become. Your description of your experiences with Tom is a classic example and why people like Micle and I try to help lost souls cross into heaven. He gave you good advice.

Anniversaries and birthdays can get me down too. My friend Stefan, who died at 93, had his birthday on the 24th August. I went to his facebook site and left a message, as I always do since he died three years ago. I know he’s in heaven because I made sure. And your Tom needs to be in heaven too, and your angels can make sure he crosses .. so that the next time you dream of him, he’ll be all smiles and you’ll know he is fine.

The cold energy comes because Tom is a ghost. They draw heat and life force from us, sometimes unintentionally, and they can affect our moods, make us angry or sad .. though they often don’t mean to do this. Ghosts feed on living human energy, once they are spirits they don’t need it anymore ..

So for your best interests, and Tom’s, say Micle’s request, and send your friend Home. He’ll love you more for it.

Love & Peace

thank you so much. your answers have reassured me. I have posted on other sites, and they told me I needed to talk to a grief counselor. But I don’t think its that im still grieving. though i do cry from time to time, because i miss him. I have grown stronger, and of course older. I was just 19 when he passed. I haven’t had a dream of him in about 5 or 6 years. I do miss seeing his face, but I swear it’s like I can feel his presence near me. Like Ive heard a little voice in my head telling whether or not I should or shouldn’t do something. Like he was guiding me. Could it be possible that he is mine and my children’s guardian angel?? Even my oldest daughter has said that she believes she has saw “uncle Tommy”. I was pregnant with her when he passed. But I’ve got 2 or 3 pictures up of him, and she knows what he looks like. I also got a tattoo with his name and date of his birth and death. Is there a way I could talk to him? or is there a way I could know that he’s at peace, and not lost? because that is what bothers me the most. Is not knowing whether or not he is at peace. And again, thank you so much for taking the time to help me out, and not make me feel as though im just emotionally unwell like other people on forums have tried to make me feel. Thank you for not judging. <3

In which countries this superstition is followed??
In India .. My country very few people know about it and I have never seen anyone experiencing here..
Is it only followed by Christians… offence…just a question… I swear

Hello again, Dawn,

Make the request that Micle suggested. Your angels, and Tom’s, will make sure he gets Home. Believe me. I’ve been doing this work for over 30 years now. The next time you ‘see’ Tom, probably in your dreams, you’ll know he’s fine.

Love & Peace

In as many countries that I have talked to people via the Internet, Aadil, including many parts of India. The people were Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, atheists and others, all searching for answers to the same questions. Why is this happening ……?

Love & Peace

I thought only few countries followed the superstition….. I am very shocked to know even indians expreience the same.
Can u please send some links where indians asked u questions

Hello, I’ve heard about three knocks on doors and windows etc, but what about three bells? I’ve never heard them before until today, they sounded like very small, high pitched bells, not loud or deep ones, definitely not church ones. I thought perhaps they came from my phone or iPod but there was nothing. There’s a lot going on with me right now regarding my husbands health, whether it’s vivid dreams or seeing feathers and even just having a “feeling” that he won’t be with me much longer, his health has been going downhill for a number of years. Do you think these bells also have a significance to this? Any answer or explanation would be much appreciated, if only to calm my own soul.
Thank you

Hi Lesley

I heard trilling or tinkling bells from time to time. Sound can travel long distances, in unexpected ways .. so without knowing where you were, or what you were doing at the time, I cannot give a reason for the sound.

I am sorry to hear about your husband. Unless the sound of the bells actually means something to him, since they appear not to have a significant meaning to you, I do not think they are related to his health or passing.

Perhaps wait until the next time you hear them, if you do, and have a good look around you. Or remember what you are thinking when you hear them the second time .. perhaps then you’ll work out if they were a message or just a stray sound.

Love & Peace

I am seriously trying to get out of this but I am not able to do so. I thought that it is better to take things positevely. But it again happened with me. I slept late at night(examination). It was 9 40 am when three loud knocks woke me up. Exactly after 5 seconds there were 3 more knocks on the front door but this time it was my dad who came from his gym. I have to laigh on this or cry? What just happened??

Its been a month that at midnight we here 3 knocks on the walls which over a time gets louder when we ignore it. Its 3 knocks then 5 to 10 mins nothing again 3 knocks. It happens for around 2 to 3 hours then it stops. It is past 4 months that we have shifted in this new house and its past 1 months that these strange things are happening. Earlier it was just 3 knocks once and that was it . we asked our neighbors that they are doing it but they said even they were worried about the noise and they could hear this since 6 months. Why is this happening? What does it mean?

Hi. Recently I’ve heard some knocking that seemed to be coming from the hallway in the middle of the night between 2 and 3 am. I have cats that sometimes are up and playing which will make noise while pulling on the door from the underside usually trying to open it. However, this particular night the cats had slept outside. It seemed to be a knocking like noise however. It frightened me but as soon as I started to pray it went away and peace returned to me. Then in the short weeks that followed, my husband and I saged the home and walked around our 12 acre property saying prayer and burning incence. My 12 yr. Old step son had heard the laughter of a child while sitting in the dining table and suddenly something tapped his knee and he heard it run off. He thought it was my 11 yr. Old daughter trying to scare him. So he went to look for her only to find her napping in my 17 yr. Olds room where he was awake watching tv. This was just past 9pm. 2 days later my 17 yr. Old was feeding our horses out back and since our property is large, well he drove to do so. He had just fed some of the horses in the dark and was driving to the other extreme of the property where 2 other horses where and a bull, to feed them and suddenly felt afraid. He claims to have seen a tall dark shadow on his side view mirror and frightened him to a point in which he ran over the water line that we used to give water to the pets he was on his way to feed. Must have been about 3 yds from them when this happened. He said the horse’s began to act strange as well. I was on my way home that night with the 2 younger children and my husband. Strangely though he managed to put himself together and after the scare he started back to the truck and noticed my bathroom lights come on in the house. He assumed we had gotten home and quickly rushed to the house to let us know what had just happened. However, when he went in the house he heard voices in my master bedroom and thought we were in the bathroom since he saw the lights come on. When he opened the bedroom door and peeked in the bathroom he became more afraid when he realized no one was there so as he turned to head back out the hallway, he thought to have heard his sister giggle but the sounds came out of his bedroom. So he called her name as he looked inside and no one was there either. So as he ran out his room past the hallway, he noticed a vehicle pulling in the driveway through the office window and that was us. He was so scared when he approached us that he couldn’t even speak. He doesn’t like to talk much about that day because he think’s it was just his mind messing with him. But I think he is just trying to cope. My step son hears voices outside his bedroom door at night sometimes. But oddly no one is there. We live in a rural town and only have 2 neighbors about 3 acres away from his bedroom window. My husband also has gotten random scratches on his hand and there aren’t any bushes near where it has occured. Also, most nights he goes out to feed our horses, it’s dark and he just carries a flash light with him but, he senses something watching him and has even filled several buckets of horse food pellets at a time since he only carries 2 at once, only to come out and find the other buckets dumped on the floor
We do know that the previous owner Larry Parris passed away from cancer just 3 years before we bought the ranch but that is all we know and I’m concerned why the child laughter has been heard. Also, this morning just past 9 am I was woken by some knocking on my wall. Well, it was either the window or wall. I’m pregnant so I sleep in. My husband was dropping off my stepson at school so I was home alone. First it was a few light sounding knocks. I started to wake to them but then they stopped and I ignored them and turned over back to sleep. Then they got a little louder and persistent until I had to jump out of bed. I figured the cats where messing around in my daughters room whose closet connect’s to my bedroom. But to my surprise they were asleep when I walked in. They usually get out of her bed to greet me but didn’t care to do so this time. I then went back to my room and opened my back bedroom door to see if maybe my husband was back home or out with the horses but no one was home. So I laid back down and as I was about to close my eyes again I heard the knock but just barely. So I immediately opened my eyes and stared for a while at the corner of the wall where my daughters closet divides our bedrooms and looked at the window that is on the opposite side cornering the wall in question. Suddenly I went it prayer but the knocks had already stopped. I truly feel that something was attempting to get my attention and I don’t understand it.

Hi Janie,

The problem I have with sage is that it never lasts very long, and any ghosts who might go outside, or even from your land, come back in the moment the effect wears off.

From everything you describe, I would say your house is haunted. It could be practically anyone, not just the man who died there, nor do the ghosts have to have a connection to the house itself, from any era. Ghosts wander now, and are attracted to the living by the type of energy our bodies produce on a regular basis every day.

So .. to clear your home entirely .. you could ask the Minister of your local church to come and bless the house and also the whole of your land. You could ask a Medium, who is trained in removing ghosts and sending them into heaven/healing, to come and speak to the ghosts and cross them all over. You could also scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to the Michael Invocation and use that to clear yourself and then your home and the property. You could also ask your husband and any children over 13 years old to clear themselves with it, the ones under 13 you can clear yourself. Then I suggest you also follow the link through to White Light Shields, learn them and use them, particularly as you are expecting a baby.

Most of the time it might be ok to have ghosts around, but I don’t recommend them when the kids are small, as they can be unintentionally frightening .. or, as your son has experienced, intentionally frightening. Ghosts feed on negative human energy and fear is a wonderful ‘meal’ in a way. Don’t put up with it. If you don’t take nonsense from your kids, why take it from strangers you can’t see?

Tell me how you go…
Love & Peace

This happened to me and my boyfriend last night (Halloween) it was roughly 7:45 pm when I first heard it, it was 3 knocks on our door then again and it happened 2 more times. Now we live in the country deep in the woods, at first I thought it was our neighbor but she is an elderly lady and she doesn’t come out at night and there was no light, which would be needed to see so no one falls. Probably about an hour or so later I heard the knock again, then my boyfriend woke up was charging his phone and he came back to bed and we were talking and u was telling him what I heard while he was asleep, he did not hear it then we both heard 3 knocks on the living room window did not see any lights or heard anybody walking around. We have never heard the knocking before. Also we hear a strange sounding owl almost every night or at least we think it is an owl.. Any insight on this would be helpful

Hi Jennifer,

It sounds like someone is/was having fun with you, trying to give you a scare. Ignore the knocks. And owls can sound pretty strange at times, so really, I don’t think you have anything to worry about .. but …

if you would like to, scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to the Michael Invocation and use it to clear your home and the land it stands on. The instructions are on the webpage. That should take care of owls and knocks.

Love & Peace

Two nights ago my daughter woke me up at 12:08am. I heard her crying and walked to her room. She said she heard noises in the kitchen which is next to her room. When I asked her what kind of noises she said like someone was knocking on the counter. She went back to bed after that. Last night I was woken up at 12:11am with 3 knocks that sounded to come from the corner or door in my bedroom, but nothing else. Just curious on what it could be.

Hey ama
It was around 2am when I was trying to sleep and was thinking about knocks which a heard a few days back. Soon when I was just about to sleep I heard 3 loud knocks from nowhere. It was none of the doors but it was something. I am tensed now!
What shall I do?
And also Ama can you please tell that how many indians exprienced it and did death take place?

Hello Aadil,

There’s nothing to do. If you read this webpage you will realise that lots of people are having the same experience – the vast majority of which don’t have anyone die, and seldom have the experience repeated. And which country, or ethnicity you share, has nothing to do with the knocks .. they are literally happening to all peoples.

If you are particularly worried you can scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to the Michael Invocation and use that to clear your home ..

Love & Peace

American Indians or those from India itself? I am not Indian and don’t have contact with the latter, but I know of American Indians who also hear the knocking from time to time. Whether any have had relatives die because of it it, not from among those I do know. As to the other continent, you might do better to do a specific search on the internet about them. None have had deaths in their families from the ones I do know about .. and I doubt these events are specific to one nation .. in which case, America definitely seems to have the most reports of the knocking.

Love & Peace

Hi ama
I am trying to be positive but things are just messing up…….I heard knocks on 11 november……and its said after three days… three weeks somwone dies…. it also happened three weeks before ….. and in both the cases the date when death can ocxur is 14 nov which is tommorow(acc to indian time).. and also tonight dogs are howling in my street ….. I am too scared now. Knocks and dogs are irritating me. Acc to supwrstitions tommorow somwthing can happen. I am very tensed. What shall I do?
Please help me….PLEASE!

Ok, Aadil, take a really deep breath and let it go slowly, and then another, and then another .. and stop scaring ‘yourself’.

The reason the dogs will be howling during your night and tomorrow night .. I am not sure what time it is in your country .. is because its a very special full moon, called a Super Moon (do a search on the internet and read about it) and its affecting the emotions of everyone, and probably every animal, not to mention the tides, on the planet. Luckily its almost completely full, so things should start calming down again. Personally I am feeling very buzzy under my skin, which is normal for most full moons for me.

And superstitions are just beliefs that some people hold that have been around for a very long time, like not walking under ladders (commonsense should tell you why you don’t do that one). As I have told so many other people on this particular website, if a person died every time the knocks were heard, we’d have far less people on the planet. Best idea is to do something physical with all that energy, like clean the house.

Have a great day,
Love & Peace

To whom ever is reading this,

For abot a two months I have been hearing 3 knocks on my wall. Always the same wall….always the same 3 knocks….always spaced out the same. Never at the same time though Sometimes morning….somtimes afternoon…..sometimes at night. I’m always in my recliner, in my bedroom when it happens, and i’m with asleep or almost asleep when it happens. I never feel anything bad, and it doesn’t scare me, it’s more agrivating then anything, cause on the other side of the wall is my front porch. It happenend again this afternoon, which sent me yelling ” Hold on, i’ll be there in a minute! ” thinking someone was there. Again I opend my door and no one was there. My neighbors across the street which are my friends were sitting on there front porch and told me noone was at my door (but then I already knew this). Oh well, maybe one day whoever is knocking will get tired of knocking.

Yesterday again when I was trying to sleep……I heard 3 knocks….. I expected it to be the front door. But how come my parents didn’t hear it as they were in the kitchen which is a few steps away from the door.
Why I get always targeted?

Hi Aadil,

You are not being targeted. You have a gift called ‘clairaudience’, you can look it up on the internet. It means you can hear what other people often can’t. And the knocking might be something you hear. Nothing else happens, so its not a threat, just an irritation. Learn to ignore it. That’s usually the best way to get it to stop.

Love & Peace

I had an abusive childhood. Upon my fathers passing I purchased the family home. Four months after his passing, early in the morning when waking in the room he died, I awoke to severe panic attacks. I have been struggling with this panic and depression since that time…30 years now. I have often wondered if there is a connection. I have now moved to another state 1500 miles away and of course a different house. On 4 occasions now I have heard the 3 knocks. The first time I actually got up and answered the front door. I was only 15 feet away and could see there was no one through the window but it was so profound, I checked anyway. I have heard it 3 more times…twice in a distant room and 1 time on the slider door from my bedroom to a deck. I have shrugged it off as nothing, but I’m wondering if there is something else going on. My father lived in my dreams…haunted my dreams for years but as time has passed I have learned to forgive and love him again. I have a terrible time with sleep. Night Terror, insomnia, etc. I have tried everything one can think of for my depression with no results. In addition, there was a time when I was about 12-13 that I messed around with friends with Ouija boards and even our own silly séances. Some of my depression could even be traced back to that time. Any thoughts on any part of this? I’m not scared or freaked out in any way…just tired of being depressed…exhausted actually…very exhausted and looking at any and all possibilities. Help? Thank you, Don

Hello Don, I am glad you have forgiven your father for his deeds, it would help him to find healing too .. which is why he might have haunted your dreams. My father did the same to my mother, until we worked out it was not actually him, but a group of men who had worked for my father building the house my mother continued to live in after he died. I cleared them from the house and her nightmares stopped.

We don’t know why the knocking is happening. For the most part, it does not appear to be a warning, a signal that someone is about to die, or a demand to be let in. Many people open their doors but don’t have ghostly presences walk through them. If nothing else, it appears to be a bit of a nuisance, gives the living person a shock, at which point they release fear energy, which is good food for ghosts .. and if the ghost is just doing it for fun, which living people will do .. so ghosts do too .. then I am not surprised that the people it happens to get annoyed and frustrated. So instead, might I suggest you scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to the Michael Invocation and say it as its written, first for your home, and then for yourself. The instructions and reasoning is on the website, and its very effective. That should take care of your knocker, if s/he is hanging around.

As far as the depression and panic attacks are concerned, you might be highly energy sensitive and suffering from an overload of other people’s energy. In that case the Invocation will help, and so will the White Light Shields (link below) .. because they cut us off from other people’s emotions. We can still sense them, but we don’t soak them up like a sponge. You also wrote that you’ve tried everything you can think of for the depression .. have you tried Tai Chi, Qi Gong and chinese medicine. I have a friend who also suffered, and he now takes chinese medicine, and it works. Might be worth a shot if you have not already done so.

Start there ..
Love & Peace

I was in the bathroom looking at facebook on my phone and saw something my cousin posted. I immediatley laughed and thought it would be something my mom would say, whom passed away 2 years ago. I told him that and 10 minutes later I heard 3 loud knocks. I thought it was my boyfriend forgetting something again as he had just left the house because I called to tell him he forgot his stuff and he came back, so I thought it was him again. I went to check the whole house and didn’t see anything. I heard a loud bang just before I got the call from the hospital telling me my mom had passed away. Is it possible a death will occur or is my mom trying to communicate with me.

Thank you,

I have a few questions. My father died when I was 2 years old on Christmas Day. My mom for years says that she hears 3 knocks anytime she buys a new home or starts a new job etc. well I am 28 now and about a month ago I was helping her paint her new home. She told me how she heard the Knocks and she knew she made the right choice. I was always scared of this but this time I said why does he never do this to me? He must never visit me!! Well 5 days later I got woken up to three LOUD Knocks on my window. I was so scared I got under my blankets and said OK you can stop now!!! U do visit me!! And me and my dog stayed under the blanket until morning! Now it has happened two more times since then.. Today it happened in the middle of the afternoon when I fell asleep and almost missed an appointment. My dog never seems to get scared or bark when it happens why? and why is it always three knocks. One. Two. Three. Perfectly? My dad was a vet for 40 plus years is this why my dog is not scared? And how can he follow us house to housE? Why does it only happen once I’m in bed or alreasy sleeping?

Hello Ana
Can u please give my the Michael invocation?
I look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you

DANA DuFresne

I heard 3 extremely loud knocks on my front door last night… I was sitting right by the door when it happened, so it was startling since the screen door was never opened before hand and it didn’t close after the knocking… Checked outside and no one was there at all

Hello Ama,
I have read through these posts and still am a little confused. My mother passed away a few days after her 69th birthday on Nov 27th in her home of cancer. She also had dementia. My parents were married 51 years and my father took care of her for the last 5 at least. He was and still is quite heartbroken from his loss. He stays with us from time to time to not be alone but the other night he was at home so I called to check on him around 11:30 pm. He told me the strangest thing just happened. He heard “3 distinct knocks” on the door, jumped up thinking someone was there and there was no one. He said he couldn’t explain how strange he felt. Like mom was there with him. My question is this, after goodgling the 3 knocks and finding all this information, does it mean she is just saying hello? I read a lot on this thread about ghosts needing help finding their way. I’m just concerned as to how we would know if she needed help. He said he has heard a few noises before this like something dropping on the floor upstairs and little bumps here and there but nothing like the knocks. Should I tell him to talk to her if it happens again or is that not a good idea? My mom always believed in the supernatural and I’m sure if she were able she would come back and say hello. I don’t want to clear the house if it’s my mom visiting in just concerned about what I read with some needing help. Thanks, Angie

So these knocks started like out of the blue last night. Everytime I rested my head on my pillow while lying down in bed, something would repeatedly knock on either a door or a wall near my bedroom 1-2 times every 5 mins and it kept me up most of the night scared that something would happen to me. Should I ignore the knocks or is this something that I should worry about? Please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks!

Hello everyone,

As many people have stated before me i too heard 3 knocks on my door and no one was there when i looked.

That happened around 2:25 (?)

After that , i called my mom, put on some holy water on my forehead, said my prayers a couple of times, locked my doors and windows, grabbed my bible and a knife, and talked to my mom for 1 hour straight.

Call me superstitious but i am geniunly scared right now and i wont stop feeling sick.

I am sure though that it means absolutely nothing because i live in a busy apartment building but i feel really scared and i am looking for any responses.

Please help.

–Cheers from greece

P.S. I am so stressed i cant stop smoking cigarettes

Hello Angie,

There are too many occurrences of three knocks to say, with certainty, that they are done by specific people these days. I think any ghost that wants attention is using them to get a startle reflex (cup of energy) from people if the ghost thinks they are vulnerable.

Since your father said he could sense your mother’s presence, it might well have been her doing the knocking, but we would hope she could give a clearer sign of her presence, than something that is now rather common.

If your mother was a ghost, rather than a spirit, then your father or other members of your family, might be dreaming sad dreams about her. Or possibly have far more paranormal activity than you described. But to make sure, what you can do, is ask your guardian angel to find your mother and make sure she’s in heaven.

“Archangel Michael, please Find (say her name here) and Take her into healing”.

Now, if she’s a ghost, she will find peace, and if she has already returned Home (heaven), then she might just be visiting to give everyone a wake up call, that ‘she is just fine thanks’, and she wants you all to be happy and get on with your lives.

You can make the request, and, if she needed the help, the bumps, knocks and noises should stop at your father’s house. And she might even turn up in your dreams to tell you that she’s at peace now.

Love & Peace

Hi Zach,

Are the knocks still happening? Some ghosts are just childish. Some are actually children who like to play games. Hopefully your knocker turned out to be one of the above and everything is settled down now.

Unless the problem has escalated, I don’t think you, or anyone who hears the knocks, needs to worry.

Love & Peace

Hi Jim,

What are you actually frightened of? If it is something paranormal, the knife is not going to make much difference – unless it’s iron, and your visitor was a fae (fairy kind). I hadn’t thought of them as being the knockers, but since we don’t really have a good explanation yet, why not. They like games.

When I was younger, and weird stuff happened (which it did, a lot), I would grab grandma’s little bible and put it under my pillow and go to sleep. I believe it was my faith in her Faith that kept the ghosts away. I would say the Lord’s prayer .. praying actually increases the speed of the vibration of the human body, both the person saying the prayer, and any person they are praying for .. very useful tool to remember in times of trouble. And it doesn’t matter which religion you hold, if there is a request for protection, use that.

Has the knocking happened again? In most cases it doesn’t. I am beginning to think of it as ghostly ‘fast food’. Ghosts feed on negative human emotion, so they might be scaring people for a sudden burst of fear or anxiety, before they move on to the next room, or house.

In the long run, there’s very little good explanations for this phenomena, but no one seems to have been harmed by it .. so someone appears to be playing games. In that case, not much to worry about.

Love & Peace

Hello Badesha,

You wrote: “I dreamt about 3 knocks. It was in my dream from the start till I got up. Does that mean anything?”

Dreaming about knocking – the meaning is: “Knocking is usually an attention-getting message for the dreamer This means one needs to give more notice or serious attention to something in life that has previously been ignored.”

So what else did you see in that dream?

Love & Peace

I was falling asleep about 2 weeks ago and heard a female voice call my name I did not recognize the voice however a patient of mine who loved me very much per her family, I thought may have attached herself to me however A friends mother passed a week prior aprox passed away who I met once years ago when I was in nursing school and did not meet her child and become friends until years later and did not know that was there mom until I became friends with them and still did not see there mom again. Then when I came home from helping a friend of mine Friday night into Saturday morning I was telling my husband what was going on and we heard 3 knocks on our living room wall and it waws the interior wall our dog went to the wall sniffing and never barking stood there for a few minutes and walked away, now our dog barks as soon as someone walks to the front door. My husband and I think someone has attached themselves to me. Do you have any insight, after haring the voices the next day I came across an event announcement for a psychic medium and rhaki sessions within 24 hours. I find it all interesting and connected.

Oh yes I know these these three knocks. I have heard them on three separate occasions in three separate houses. I also hear my deceased mom call out my name, see the same sequence of numbers for example 11:11 all of the time and have had bad experiences with demons for example sleep paralysis and possible possession during sleep. I don’t know what is going on. If you could help please do. I was attacked again just last night by a demon. Thank you in advance.

Hi Tabitha,

Sleep paralysis is also a natural occurrence for the human body. It’s not always demons.

In the meantime, could you please give me more information about the ‘possible demon possession during sleep’? And the attack that happened a couple of nights ago?

Love & Peace

The demon possession started right before I fell asleep. It was in my minds eye when I had my eyes closed. I saw the demon with a black mask on like in the movie Catwoman. I saw it entering someones body through their head yet didn’t see the head. I then felt as if it was me that it was entering. In my dream I was at a doctor’s appointment and all of a sudden I got up and started walking around at a fast pace. I kept ramming into things like doors and walls and was getting bloody. I told everybody that was watching that this was not me and that I was not doing these things. I felt another presence inside of me controlling my body’s movements. I finally wake up and realize that it was just a dream. The next night I got woken up by my boyfriend laughing in near my ear yet he sleeps in another room and the laugh was almost like a mocking kind of laugh. My mom used to experience paranormal things and I have since I can remember. Whatever it is it seems to follow my family and I to each place we live in.

Apart from the negative things that I see and hear I do see a lot of positive things as well. I saw a apparition once dressed in a white gown stroll past my hallway before. I see sparks of white light towards the ceiling of a home or over somebody’s head. I see violet orbs of light the size of a canalope. I hear my deceased mom call my name sometimes. I can look at someone either in a picture or in person and can tell if they are on a good or bad path. I trust my intuition, and I have a big heart with lots of compassion for helping other people. I believe that I am an Empath in some way and that if I work on it I can become much more.

Oops, I forgot that you wanted me to talk on the sleep paralysis as well. The very first time it happened to me I was watching a documentary about Satan or the Devil. Throughout the whole documentary I kept repeating to myself “I hate the devil, I hate the devil, I hate the devil.” After it was over it was time to go to bed so I did. Not even 5 minutes passed when I woke up to a dark freezing cold room. I couldn’t move and I couldn’t scream. It felt like something or someone was on top of me. I felt fear and a lot of it. Finally I try my hardest to scream to try and wake myself out of this state that a mumble came out and as soon as that came out I was finally awakened. During my life this has happened a handful of times.

I lost my father this past Sunday unexpectedly and I am absolutely devastated. I went to bed that night praying to God for some kind of sign that he was okay, not actually expecting anything to happen and of course nothing did. I went to work the next day and just couldn’t seem to focus due the overwhelming heartbreak that I was feeling. I am the manager of a hotel and I was doing a walk-through of the rooms on the second floor when I heard three distinct knocks. I was the only one working that day and knowing that there was no one in the rooms to either side of me or below me, I FREAKED OUT to say the least. I called my husband and asked him to come to the hotel because I was too scared to be there by myself. He said that I shouldn’t be scared, that it was probably the sign I was looking for. In my heart, I knew it was, but for some reason I was still scared. It wasn’t until after I started googling whether or not a spirit would be able to knock on a wall that I came across this sight and my mind was put at ease. The fact that I heard not one or two, but THREE knocks is absolutely amazing. NOTHING like this has EVER happened to me before. So, whether or not it was just a coincidence or it really was my dad, either way, it was exactly what I needed to hear to give me comfort. Even though it still hurts, I think I was given a little bit of closure by what happened and I honestly feel like everything is going to be okay now.

Please I’m so scared I’m a mother of 4 pregnate with my 5 child my 12 year old daughter told me she has been expurince 3 knocks that wake her up I thought she was watching scary movies didn’t think nothing of it but last night3:30Am I heard the knocks and now I am so scared I did go visit my grama last week at the cementary but I don’t think is her

Hi Rebeca,

For the most part, everyone who hears the knocking has nothing else paranormal happen, so I really don’t believe you have anything to worry about. But, just for your peace of mind, you can scroll to the bottom of this webpage and find two links. The first is to the Michael Invocation – you can use that to clear your home, and the second is to White Light Shields, to keep it clear. The instructions for both are on their webpages.

Love & Peace

This morning I got a strong scent of sunscreen when I was walking around my office building. It seemed random as the chance of someone actually wearing sunscreen during winter is slim to none but I didn’t think much of it as it kind of smelled nice. Then this afternoon (just now) I was saying a little prayer for some loved ones and I saw an indigo sphere in my mind’s eye. Then all of a sudden I heard three loud knocks. I thought it might be the cleaning crew but there was no one there. I started walking back to my desk and got the same sunscreen scent I smelled earlier today. I also awoke at 3AM this morning, but that was due to my dog. It’s been quite the day!

Love & Light to All

I heard a knock while sleeping and after the second one I woke up and saw the time 4:25am the first came near my toes and second one at behind my left side of head and they came in two can anyone tell me what’s this

Hi, I have been hearing knocks, coming from nowhere. They’ve been coming from the walls and the windows. I live in a very bad part of town, in the projects. We have not lived here long. But I feel something, is draining our energy. I have 3 children and we need a house cleaning and ourselves cleansed and covered in the blood pf Jesus. I’m not sure, if it’s someone, that’s been using vodoo or dark magic against us. Please help us, thanks

Unless you know a good reason for someone to dislike you, it is unlikely that anyone has cursed you or used other forms of black magic against you. Life can just be incredibly difficult, simply because of the energy where you live. The world is like that now, or humans have become far more sensitive to the energy world around them, without realising it.

If you have done harm to someone, then I suggest you bring that person’s face to mind and apologise. Something as simple as that can often lighten your burden, and make your energy improve. And if there are a lot of people who need to be apologised to, then do them all. And while you are at it, forgive everyone who has harmed you in any way, to the best of your ability, even if you have to forgive the same person over and over again. You mentioned the blood of Christ, so you know that is what he wanted us to do all the days of our lives.

And then scroll down to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to the Michael Invocation and read the page and say the Invocation, first for yourself, then for your home .. and if you live in an apartment, say it for the whole building .. or the while suburb .. there are angels everywhere who can help in the task of clearing negativity. They just need the permission to do so, and the Michael Invocation gives them that permission, and then …

… go out and be the person Jesus wants us all to be .. loving, forgiving, caring and compassionate .. lead by example. WE need people to do this. Yes, I know its not easy, but if we try, we can be world-changers .. and we were created to be WORLD CHANGERS.

And if you struggle and are overwhelmed by negative energy, from inside or out, there’s another link at the bottom of the webpage to White Light Shields. Read the pages, learn to create them, and use them. They are also a wonderful help.

Love & Peace

Look into Three knocks mocking the trinity this is another possibility but I’m sure there would be more to this if it’s accuring

From last 5 days ,i constantly heard a knock knock sound in my glass window.I live in the 3rd floor of my building and my window side have no stairs or pipes , where anyone can climb and knock. I usually hear the sound after 2 am to 4 am. According to hindu sanskriti it happens in the brahmya muhurta. Please help me in this. In big trouble. It affects my sleep and work.

Dear Ama,
I have read and got the meaning of three knocks from here. But i want to know that what do the spirit means if he knocks 3 times first and then 2 times, then again three times, then again 2 times, in a continuous way. It started from 12:12 night and stopped at around 2 am. At first the sound was a little calm but with time it became louder and harsh. From 4 days we are hearing that sound. The sound comes from our terrace, right up on our kitchen.

It was like someone sitting there hitting a brick on terrace floor.

So I use to “ghost hunt” as they call it and I’ve heard spirits can follow you back? Well 3 different friends in three separate occasions have seen an all black apparition. They explained it the same way, coming from the hall way and standing in the kitchen and would stand there for a couple of seconds and head back down the hall way. (They could see it through my bay window)haven’t seen it, but I have had an instance where my covers got halfway pulled off when I was sleeping. I don’t feel a “bad” energy but it still freaks me out that my friends have seen the figure in my house. I don’t know on what to go about doing

These passed few months it has felt like someone is watching me 24/7 and one night around I was awake and I heard this noise like a growl come from the hallway. I just about to go to sleep and I know it wasn’t my cat because she was sleeping next to me and I was the only one up and I don’t know if it is a good thing or not please help me because I know I can exaggerate but I’m not. Yes I have seen something shadow figures but this scared me half to death because I couldn’t sleep after that so I was awake the rest of the night. It went on for almost the whole night.

Here is one for all of you and maybe you can help me figure it out. Started hearing the three knocks that would wake me in my sleep about 5 years ago. Was dating someone special and he would hear them as well at his place and we would talk about many things. Like maybe someone was trying to get our attention or it was a connection between us. Well we are no longer dating and I had not heard the knocks in over a year. However when we were together he had purchased me a fire opal ring at an antique shop in a neighboring town. So now the significance of why I am telling you about the ring. A bit over a year ago the stone came out of the ring and I had placed it in a bag and in my jewelry box. So two weeks or so ago I was able to fix the stone back in it and put it on my finger. As I was sitting here today because in the last week or so I heard the knocks again, it dawned on me I had put the ring back on and could the ring be the reason for the knocks…Ideas….the ring is know back in the jewelry box after reading some of your comments. Could it be the ring and whoever owned it in the past???

One night I was getting ready for bed. I was cleaning the last of the days mess and making sure the doors were locked. When I went to check the front door I heard a knock as I went to walk off. I thought someone had seen my light on and rapped the door window. I turned back and looked out. Nothing. Thinking it was the wind. I went to walk back into the living room and another rap came. They were both double knocks. I turned back and stood for a few minutes hoping to hear it again and confirm it was the wind. But nothing happened while I was facing into the hall. I turned for a third time to walk away, but then I heard 3 raps together. I freaked out and ran into the living room and turned the tv loud. The next morning I woke to a message my good online friend had passed away suddenly from Cancer. I thought it was her letting me know until I was about the devils hour and the mocking of the Trinity which has again made me uneasy. Last night at 3am a milk carton tipped over and fell onto the floor. I don’t know if it was at an angle and fell of it’s on accord as it was empty and beside the bin. I watched it for a few mins to see if it moved or any signs, but nothing. What do you think the knocks meant and also if I did not give it any communication or attention will it move on or stay here. I the Lords prayer and asked him to protect the house and then I try not to be afraid or freak out after. Am I doing the right thing if it is something menacing or will I make it angry.

Hi guys … I heard 3 knocks around 3 am
But those knocks didn’t happen altogether
First knock….then after 2 min 2nd knock
Then after 3 min 3 rd knock
Strange?… And also these knocks were at my room door which was even wide open..
But I still heard a knock….Please help..I am scared!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Aadil,

Scroll down the webpage and follow the link to the Michael Invocation, read the instructions and use it to clear your home .. every time you hear someone knock. That should put a stop to it.

Love & Peace

Hi, My wife has been telling me that for several days she will hear three knocks after I go to bed. They would stop, then start again, continuously. I’ve researched the paranormal for many years and have always found that three knocks was always considered to be the mocking of the trinity. Anyways, she has also told me that on days that there hasn’t been knocking that I will be speaking a strange language in my sleep. She says that it sounds a lot like an African language. This troubles me because I only know English and Spanish. I really wish I had more information to tell me that this is a kind spirit, and who knows, maybe I’m just being paranoid. Soon I’m going to purchase some sage and attempt to cleanse my house. If that doesn’t work then I’m going to be calling a priest. Thanks for listening hope everyone has a blessed day.


I also talk in my sleep, or mumble, or sound like I am speaking a foreign language, and its possible that we are .. and that we are actually having conversations with people that we can see in our dreams, or if we are astral travelling. Unless you start doing something violent, which is generally unlikely, tell your wife not to worry about it, you just have a lot on your mind.

It might help to keep a dream diary by the bed, with a pen, and for you to get into the habit of writing down everything you can remember from your dream ‘before’ you put your feet on the floor for the day.

As to the knocks .. so many people now here them, that ascribing them to someone mocking the Trinity, or even acknowledging it, or joining in a conversation, is highly unlikely. It’s just as likely to be some passing ghost being irritating.

You are welcome to call in a priest to bless your family and your home. You can also scroll down to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to the Michael Invocation and use that to clear you and your home. It has an over 18 year history of being very effective.

And goodnight, its late in Australia. LOL
Rest well,
Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

Hi. I am 15 years old and have been witnessing/hearing many things in my house over the past 2 years. However, last night was possibly the scariest. At about 3am three notes on my piano began to play and then would stop and start again. This lasted for about 5 minutes and was one of the scariest moments of my life. I took a video where you can hear them from my bedroom. My dad woke up later that night and i showed it to him and he shook it off since he was sleeping in that room and said it could possibly be my grandmother. It was her piano and she passed away last year. But, the thing is that exactly one year ago, June 25, 2016, I began seeing this shadow of a man in my room. I have since hung rosaries and put my cross near my bed and now sleep with small lights on in my room. Everyone in my family thinks i’m crazy except my little brother, who saw it once in my parent’s room. Since then there have been footsteps and sometimes banging noises in the hallway and i have learned to dismiss them but this has truly frightened me. My parents saw a physic a few years ago (before any of this was happening we used to have flilckering lights without any explanation and my little brother would have detailed conversations in his sleep) and she said that my great grandfather was just checking in. If that is true, then he wouldn’t want to scare us, right? I have dealt with this long enough and been made fun of for the longest time over this that I really just want an answer.
Thank you so much.

Hey,for the last couple of years or so I hear like three knocks followed by four and sometimes four followed by three.Sometimes this can happen at different times of day/night. I have had random things happen in the past to, like my doorbell going off then no one there. Heating turned on by itself on one occasion.Also, I have a container with tobacco in and my nephew was with me and he was lying on my bed with container then suddenly the container threw itself on floor.
The main thing here though that keeps happening is the regular knocking so can someone please help? Thanks in advance.
Any explanations on this? What these knocks could mean? Is it a sign?

Today I heard 3 very distinctive knocks on my door that woke me up (I was falling asleep, almost there when I heard them). I’m afraid (from what I’ve been reading about the meaning) that whatever it is might be announcing the death of my grandfather (who is 97 at the moment and almost at the end of his life). But this is not the only thing I am worried about. I’ve been experiencing, along with my family, paranormal activity in our house. Noises, feelings of being watched, touches, voices, and one very vivid apparition taking the form of my dad (who wasn’t home at them moment). Just this week something blew in my neck, and it felt very real as if I was blowing air with my own mouth. This last week the activity has been more active than ever before, so I’m somewhat worried. My dogs, specially one of them, is very aggressive lately too. Growls at the air and is with me more than usual, as in by my side and following me around (he usually is by himself somewhere in the house). Anyway, should I have a priest bless the house? Thanks

Last night I was having a bad dream and I was woken up by three distinct knocks on the bedhead. I woke and could still feel the head board move from the last knock. My daugther was sleeping next to me but her hands were under the covers and she was sleeping soundly. I was so pertrified I laid there still for some time. I tried to sleep but was plagued with dark dreams of ghost children. I am very disturbed by this event. I hope it never happens again. What could it mean?

Dear Ama, I really hope you could give me advice as I am terrified especially when people say hearing 3 knocks signify death. I am from Singapore. I have been staying at my bf’s house for a year and a half now. My partner is a Taoist while I am a Christian. The thing is, I have never experience anything strange in his house so far even though I did frightening experience at my old workplace about 8-9 years ago. It was not
until today that I heard 3 soft knocks because at about 11++ at night while my partner went to take a shower, I switched off his room light and lay on his bed in the darkness only with the phone flashlight on so I could still see should I need to look for stuff. His dad was sleeping soundly on the sofa at the living room as usual. Then I heard 3 soft knocks,i know my bf is in the Shower so it definitely cannot be him. His mom was sleeping in another room with the door shut. I was stunned and went to switch on the lights immediately. I was really curious if it was really an actual knocking on the door or perhaps it was just one of our three bunnies making the noise but when I looked at the bunnies, they were just lying down resting and not moving at all. Hence, I knocked softly a few times on different parts of the door trying to find the exact ‘sound’ or at least the closest sound of the knock I heard. I forgot to mention the door wasn’t fully shut when I was alone but there was a small slit which I can peeped outside though it wasn’t very clear as the living room was dark. I felt creeps running through my spine as this has not happened in this house previously. Then I Googled for the meaning of the three knocks and what it meant and finding myself really scared after reading the thing that people said and their stories on the death it brings. I really hope it’s not true because it made me think of my granny who’s in her 80+ staying with my aunt. She cannot walk at all and her spine is so weak and fragile she cannot even lie straight. My aunt and her helper have to lift her up and carry her to the toilet and here and there everyday. She also can’t talk much these days and sometimes we don’t exactly get what she is trying to say to us when my sister and me visit her. The last time we visited her, she got emotional and cried because I believe she is upset she cannot move and express her sadness and helplessness to us because I know she wants and long to speak to us properly instead of muttering. This makes me so terrified and I scared if that’s her way of giving us signs she is leaving soon. I hope not and I pray not. It made me so afraid and I told my bf about it. He didn’t say much but he knows sometimes I do sense things. He told me to ignore it and comforted me. He told me it shouldn’t be a problem since his family prays to Taoist God and his grandma and grandpa at home in the living room. The truth is I am a Christian and I do not believe in share the same beliefs in praying to idols. What do you think ama? I prayed earlier to God asking for his protection and to keep me and ou family members safe. I believe he will and I even told Lord about the 3 knockings and to keep us all safe under his wings and no one shall passed on in my family because of the 3 knocks. I just hope the knocks do not come back again ama because I believe our Lord will fix it. Is there any advice you can give me or about my granny and my worries cause I am also worried for myself and my family. I hope you can get back soon. Thanks for reading and advising me Ama. God bless.


Hello Everlenne,

If your family is of Scottish or Celtic descent, then perhaps the three knocks would be a signal for someone in your family to pass, but it might not be who you expect. The problem with that belief now, is that too many people (thousands not hundreds or a few) are hearing the sounds, without having anyone die. So I truly do not believe that signal applies any longer.

I am sorry to hear that your grandmother is so unwell. She must be in a lot of pain, both emotionally and physically. I know how much I missed my grandmother, when she left me to cross into heaven, but she was happier and healthier there, having been very ill for all her life.

It’s very hard to let go of those we love, for we do not know how we will cope once they are gone, but if you keep your Christian faith close to your heart, you will know that your grandmother and you are truly Loved by God, and he’s waiting to sweep us all into his loving arms after we die.

If the knocks you heard are a signal that your grandmother is going to pass, then I don’t believe you have anything to be worried about. You know she will have someone waiting to meet her, regardless of whether she believes in the Christian God or not. We can make that request of Jesus, to find her and keep her safe .. so make the request, because you will be giving her a tremendous gift, one that she might not be able to understand now, but she will when she gets ‘Home’.

Love & Peace

My wife and I just moved into a small home after our youngest moved out to pursue her goals in life. We’ve had several things happen that are a bit unsettling in this home. My wife has heard knocking from our laundry room. I didn’t believe her at first, then one day when I was in the room lying in bed, I heard what sounded like the washer or dryer being dragged across the concrete floor. I ran to look and there was nothing. My wife has seen a shadow in the small hallway and while we were taking a shower after bathing at a nearby lake, we both heard two knocks on the front door. I put on a towel to see who was there and there was no one, so I checked the backdoor and no one was there either. I do not think this is benevolent, I can feel it’s evil, but I do not speak it or show it. I have told it with authority what the Archangel Michael told Satan when they were fighting over the body of Moses, “May Jehovah rebuke you.” -Jude 1:9


My name is Anna and I am from Trinidad. Such a small island yet such creepy stuff I have been hearing for years around my house. As a child I have heard many stories about bad things such as obeya happening to my mother and sister but I just never believed in such. My mother would claim or seeing evil walking around our house and my sister would say that she found bundle of wood etc in her clothes, however I don’t know how come such never happened to me or if I just never believed to pay attention to such. I heard obeya talk for years living around them and then I got married, had kids and moved out. My dad died last year July and my mother, sister and sister’s boyfriend were the only ones staying at home, the house where my dad lived for about 40 years. A year had passed since my dad died now and since my relationship went downhill my kids and I moved back in with my mother and sister and have been staying in the house just over a month now. From the night I moved in I heard 3 loud knocks as if someone was breaking down a house or something, I was on a call that same night when the person asked what made that sound and I said that I didn’t know. I heard it twice on that same night and then the morning it was gone. I had presumed that the neighbor was doing some work on the house as I know they are constructing something. Two weeks had passed and I was still hearing 3 knocks that was all over the house only at night, some nights it would sound as if it’s under the bed, in the kitchen or even in the ceiling. One day in a previous week I asked my mother what is that sound, she replied that somebody looks like they doing them obeya and how for months now they have been hearing the 3 knocks. I knew from ever since she speaks about obeya so I just nodded and went on with life. Every night from after 8pm or so when the place is dark the 3 knocks would start and we all would go about normal as we are used to it. Tonight I came out the shower with a relaxed mind and decide I would have dinner then stay up a bit on my laptop looking for something new to do, suddenly I heard the 3 knocks next to me, it came from the kitchen and I decided to google it so get answers. I read some stuff and said what nonsense then I came across this forum and started reading comments from 2014, after reading Amanda’s comment at the very top I realized that the 3 knocks that I am hearing is more serious that I thought. Now I will just like answers from anybody on this forum who might be able to read my comment and decipher what is really going on in my house. Thanks for your time in advance.



We moved into this house about a year ago. House is about 15 years old. To my knowledge, no one has died here. Which, from reading previous replies, i see that that isnt necessary to have “experience”. For about the past 3 months, i too have been hearing the 3 knocks. Sound like they come from my bedroom door or in the hallway just outside my bedroom. Theres nothing to indicate it being pipes or anything like that. The knocks ALWAYS occur between the time of 7:45am and 8:15am. I have heard it on a few occasions in the middle of the night, but it occurs during that specific time frame about 85% of the time.

Generally, i hear it once or twice and then it stops for the day. Most times, i just ignore it and go back to sleep. If im particulary tired and cranky, i might tell it to “go away”…to which one time after telling it to go away, i heard swveral very quick knocks and it stopped. Kind of like it did it one more time just because i had the audacity to tell it to stop. Ha!

Its never really been a problem, just more of a nuisance. Except only one time, i was awoke by the knocks, so i got up to use the restroom. My dog was fast asleep when i got up. When i came back out, he was laying by my pillow trembling and obviously very scared. Thats the only time i was really annoyed with this “knocker”.

Anyways, by reading previous replies, i will follow your advice to others and see if that helps. (Im awake right now because of the knocks. Its 7:57am…which led me to research this…hence how i found your site).

Thank you for what you do and your replies to everyone. Thats pretty awesome of you!

Hello Ama,
I was relieved to find this forum. I’ve heard this knocking three times in the last few weeks and I’m confident now that death isn’t looming. So thank you. I’ve lived in this house for several years with no spirit activity until these knocks.

After reading your input, it made me think about what has been going on in my life at home that would stir up activity. My wife and I have been talking about asking permission/approval from her grandmother to use her grandfather’s name (he’s a junior) if our next child is a boy. Her grandfather passed before she was born. Is it too far fetched to think her grandfather is trying to say “here I am” with the knocks? Or did her mother just leave a spirit behind when she visited last month? And will the Michael Invocation be useful in making it stop?
Thank you so much for all that you do

Hello everyone,

I found this web out of curiousity about knocking on the wall. I’m sorry my english is not really good.
It’a been 2 days my sister told me that eveynight around 11 pm until 5 am she heard knocking on the wall and it’s make her cant sleep. But i know this is out of the topic because what she heard isn’t three knocks sound but continues sound like tok tok tok tok tok tok and stop about 3s and continue again until 5 am.
For information we live in the small house next to a house with no occupants.

Hello, was just watching a movie on my phone, when there was 3 taps on the right side of my bed.. Damn! Was frightened at first, then angry the next… I tried to come up with a reasonable explanation for it but of no outcome… Read some above articles n m kina worried about the fact of lossing a loved one..

Hi Lusang,

I saw your second message. Even after everything you have read on this webpage, that I have written, you are still frightening yourself with the possibility that someone you love will die because you heard 3 taps. If you haven’t read the answer on this page, then go and do it. You’ll find that most people have had nothing happen.

Too many people, all around the world, are hearing the knocks now, and NOT having people die. I think they are more likely just to draw attention to whomever is knocking, rather than any sign of an impending death.

Please stop scaring yourself.

Love & Peace

Hello, my son who is 24 has been at my parents since Tues (it’s now Saturday).
For the past 3 nights they have been woken up (well last night they stayed up to wait for it) by a knock (they think on the door or window) at 1:15 In the morning on the dot! I was on the phone with my Mom last night and heard it. The dog doesn’t bark & when they went out they didn’t see anyone. My Dad thinks it’s the crazy next door neighbor. But I think paranormal. Same knock & same time each night.

I had a very interesting time with three very loud death knocks sounded like the beams above my head were being hit by hands. I was not feeling very well for several weeks and when I heard this sound, it was really strange, I felt better and was compelled to go to the furnace (in the dead of winter) and check the bypass vent. It was closed, so I opened it. Previously we had trouble with the furnace not lighting properly and would kick out natural gas every now and then.

The three knocks, litterally saved my life as well as my mothers. I had a meter to test for gas build up and it said it was in the caution range (that was after I opened the bypass vent). The furnace started immediately with no hesitation and the room began to clear of contaminated air. An hour later, everything was fine, I felt great as did my mother.

Not all the time does three knocks mean something bad, while it’s a warning sometimes of impending doom. This one saved our lives and whatever came over me to check that vent.


Previously we’ve had service people over to fix what seemed to have been an unfixable problem. It’s funny that something free and should have been noticed by the techs but was never taken care of. As to why that vent was closed in the first place, I don’t know. It is required for furnace to get fresh air to start the ignition circuit correctly.

Hi Ama,
I decided to google after being woken by what sounded like someone tapping on my door at 5:24 this morning. I heard the noise ( like a rap on the glass with a ring, which is how some of my family knock on the door) and after quickly scrambling in my mind as to who was home and who was out last night ( we’re a big family) I realised all were home and went to check if anyone was at the door. No one. This is not the first time it’s happened and I always check. I’ll give you the back story as to the first time it happened and why I always check now. More than 10 years ago we were living abroad and I was in a deep painkiller sleep due to an infected abscess and heard a distant knocking. Although aware of it, I ignored and was subsequently awoken by an intruder. Now I always get up and put a light on in case it is someone considering breaking in. I’ll never know if it was the intruder knocking to see if anyone was awake ( it was 3am) or if it was a warning. But in the past 18 months I have been woken on several occasions hearing the same knock on the door. It’s not an urgent knock but it sounds real enough for me to consider there is someone at the door. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this.

Hello everyone,
I will like to corroborate the experiences with knocks. In my case, I have repeatedly heard either knocks or claps waking me up often between three and six a.m while in bed, sometimes in threes, but not always. They often correspond to an intuitive prompting to pray at night, or to awake when I’m sluggishly still in bed at dawn. They feel quite benign since they do not evoke any feeling of fear, attack or haunting. I have often attempted to discern in spirit what it is, or what message it is serving me. But I tend to get a consoling response, more like a spirit guardian, or a friendly entity. I appreciate the concerns of those who do not believe in the paranormal, especially those explaining these manifestations as resulting from psychological disorders or other physical factors. I know that part of being. But trust me, across reams of perception, I am convinced that this is not dismissively a physical experience, at least in my case.
Please any advice or details that can further help me?

Okay, I can answer about this particular problem. I’ve had clients with something very similar.

1. You might be think this is a friendly entity but it’s not. If it’s suddenly waking you up between that time and you need to sleep, that’s not cool. No guardian angel or friendly being will do this unless you’re in dire circumstances or danger. They have rules they must follow, they can only intervene if your real self, your upper self also known as your spirit / soul allows them to interact with you in a mental and physical sense. In other words, they need permission.

2. There is a difference between a ghost and a spirit. Ghosts are unintelligent hauntings, stored energy in a location that plays back over and over again at a given time and place until the energy is cleared. A spirit or another entity (positve or negative) are intelligent hauntings, they know your name and other important information about you.

3. Give this a try, if you think they’re friendly, get a recording device, that includes a laptop or a recording device and do an EVP session. Ask them to identify who they are, don’t repeat the name back on your lips and don’t speak it’s name. Ask why they are interacting with you and waking you up from sleeping.

4. Then tell them that you wish not to be bothered anymore after the message has been given to you.

Once you have this information, it could be a spirit from your family or a resident of the house from the past. You can use the Michael Invocation Pt. 1 and 2 to help clear the intruder. You can find part 1 in the lower side of this page on the bottom. Also, read through it once and when you say it, say it with authority, that you have no question in your mind what you want.

Do get back to us after you go through this.

Hi Ana

Having recited my experiences to two friends last night I thought I’d have a look on the internet to see if I could find and explanation. My experiences occurred about 10 years ago and began and ended with 3 knocks

The property was built on a site of an old barn and was vacant possession as I was told by the estate agent that the previous owner found the house too quiet and moved out before selling it.

Anyhow, one day whilst working from home and alone in my house I heard 3 knocks on an internal plasterboard wall in front of where I was sat. The wall to my right was a solid brick wall (behind which was the rear garden which was fenced off). The knocks were all the same volume and spaced out the same distance (about 1 knock per second). I got up and walked into the adjoining room (kitchen) expecting to see kitchen utensils moving as that was the only thing attached to the wall on either side. The kitchen utensils were still and I went back to where I was sat and looked behind the desk to see if I had somehow pushed the table against the wall to make the knocking, but there was plenty of room and I couldn’t have made the knocking with the table. I would like to add that there were no water pipes running through this wall either. Unable to find the cause of the knocking, I gave up and continued with my work and forgot about it.

A few weeks later, again whilst sat at the desk, alone in the house the 3 knocks returned as before. Once more I tried to find the source but to no avail.

Another day whilst sat working at the same desk (no knocks this time) I became aware that I was breathing heavily through my nose and thought to myself “my nasal passages are bad”. But something didn’t feel right and I held my breath. The noise of someone breathing heavily through their nose continued. Confused by what I was hearing I continued to hold my breath and covered my nose with my right hand and squeezed my nose to stop the breathing noise. The noise continued.

I immediately turned around expecting to see someone stood right behind me as the noise sounded as though it was only a few feet away. There was no one there, but the noise continued. I got up out the chair and opened the windows and lent outside to see if the noise was coming from outside but I couldn’t hear anything. I closed the windows and the nasal breathing noise was still there. I went all round my house and out the front and the back but couldn’t find a source for the noise. I returned to the room and the nasal breathing noise was still there.

I sometimes wish, with hindsight I had attempted to communicate at this point, but my mind couldn’t process what was happening and the thought of a spirit never entered my head as I was trying to find a logical explanation for it

So, I carried on working and the noise was there for about a further 5 minutes and then it stopped and I never heard the nasal breathing again.

One night before going to bed, my girlfriend (who didn’t live with me but was staying over that night) put my birthday presents on and underneath a chair in my lounge for my birthday the next morning. Being unused to sharing a bed I didn’t sleep well and was half asleep when I heard a woman’s voice (coming from the lounge which the bedroom led off from) say “where are they?” My girlfriend was from Manchester and being fascinated by accents I immediately realised that was not a Mancunian accent and opened my eyes and heard a man’s voice say “they’re in there”. I thought we had burglars in the house and lay there still, waiting to hear something else before getting up to investigate. I didn’t hear anything else and started to wonder if I had imagined hearing the voices.

The next morning my girlfriend got up and walked in to the lounge and says “what have you done this for?” I replied “done what?” She said “you know what, why did you do it?” I got up out of bed to see what I’ve supposedly done and to my horror, my presents that were on and beneath the chair were scattered all across the lounge floor, the furthest having travelled about 3 metres from the chair. I explained that I hadn’t left the bedroom all night and what I had heard during the night. Freaked out by this she started crying.

Nothing happened for about a year and one night lying in bed I was thinking about the knocking, the breathing, the voices and the presents being moved and trying to find a logical explaination for it all. I decided to the girlfriend who was then my ex to ask if she had moved the presents. She never replied, but something did.

The following morning I woke up and soon became aware that my left forearm was sore. I turned my arm to look to see if I could see why my arm was sore and noticed 4 cuts on my arm. The four cuts looked like a noughts and crosses board. Each cut the same length and equal distance between the cuts (vertical and horizontal). Each cut was incredibly straight, as though a ruler had been used to obtain the straight cuts. Once more I looked for a logical explaination and searched my bed for anything sharp which may have caused the cuts. I even tried to cut myself using my finger nails, but I couldn’t cut myself and the marks left were nowhere near as straight as the 4 cuts that I woke to.

Then nothing happened for a couple of years and lying in bed with a different girlfriend one night I told her everything that I had experienced. I then realised I had forgotten to tell her about the 3 knocks and said “oh, and I used to get 3 knocks from that wall over there, like this ” and I knocked on the internal wall behind my head 3 times the way in which I used to hear the knocking. Within 2 seconds of my third knock, 3 knocks were heard from the internal wall where I had experienced them before. She screamed and hid under the quilt. I lay there shocked and yet pleased that someone else had, for the first time, witnessed one of the strange occurrences which I had encountered.

That was the last experience and I no longer live in that house.

I was, like most people, very sceptical about the spiritual world because I’d never experienced anything. Since my experiences I now know 100% there is something we don’t fully understand.

England (UK)

Hi Lex,

I am amazed that you’ve never had a conversation with a ghost. I’ve had too many. LOL

Ghosts are not unintelligent energy. They are beings that have not crossed from the lower energy of the earth to the higher energy of what ‘heaven’. I call it heaven because I’ve been there, and it is unusual .. it becomes whatever we need it to be, but what it is is a truly healing place. So a ghost is a person who still retains all the emotions, fears, phobias, beliefs, opinions, attitudes .. and sadly, many of their actions, that they had while living. As odd as it might sound, it was odder to experience, one male ghost kept trying to chop my head off with an axe. It was what he had done to another person while living, that kept him out of heaven because of the fear of judgment. I was working with a Rescue Circle (we drew them to us deliberately to clear them .. that was fun, fascinating and sometimes scary for others) at the time and everyone commented when my head kept falling forward, as if it was going to drop into my lap. I could not control it. It was a good lesson in not letting ghosts get to close. We crossed him into heaven. And then there are ghosts who come back as spirits to say thank you.

What you are talking about is residual energy created by dramatic emotions, such as Ann Boleyn’s ghost, who appears in two separate ways. Once as a genuine ghost, and the other as a figure fleeing down corridors and along the top of the castle wall. The residual energy is the fleeing figure, clearly seen, and the other is, or was until she was rescued, the true lady caught up in the fear of her death at the hands of the axeman. Henry 8th was not a nice man. Residual ghosts gradually fade over time, but real ghosts don’t. They feed on the energy of the living, which is why it is best they are cleared from the ‘planet’.

Love & Peace

Hi Mark,

Wonderful story, thank you. It’s a perfect example of the escalation of a haunting, and why I don’t recommend people communicate with ghosts. You actually invited the entity to respond, which something did .. hence the scratches.

The two voices could have just been normal ‘ghosts’, who can sometimes interact with each other. Other ghosts live in ignorance of other hauntings, so caught up in their own misery that nothing else exists around them. The ones that can interact aren’t always nasty, but might be simply caught up in the emotion that trapped them .. and its always negative emotions.

I wonder what the house is like now? If you didn’t have it blessed before you left, you could scroll down this webpage to the link to the Michael Invocation and use it to clear the address. The instructions are on the webpage. That might help whomever is living there now.

Love & Peace

Hi everyone, Im so glad I found this page. I was lead to googling this ‘knocking’ thing after a discussion on Facebook with other people who have experienced it. My story is that I was once at my boyfriends house, in bed, he was asleep, when I heard knocking as if it was right next to me, like coming from the bedside cabinet. I thought the dog or the cat was doing something it was so obviously real. I noticed it was three knocks, then a break. Three knocks then a break. I could not figure out where it was coming from. Checked under the bed and everywhere. It happened half a dozen times then stopped. at the end of it all I got an overwhelming smell of lavender and I know it was that because I hate the smell of it. Then I heard nothing more. Im not with this guy so I dont go to the house anymore but he had previously told me there were spirits. I had been there on my own before and never felt or heard anything. He was apparently on a web chat with his parents one night and they asked him who was behind him as they could see a figure but he was on his own. That is the only time I have had an experience like that. As far as I know nobody died. Not sure if it is with me or just in the house.

Okay, that isn’t an evil entity, however, I have encountered this before on investigates. This is one of those, hello, I know you’re there and I don’t approve of your behavior type of things.

If you were sleeping and / or having sex with your boyfriend before you’re married, that’s a type of behavior some former living humans find particularly offensive. They will bug you to let you know they’re watching you. The reason why lavender was selected was to get you out of the house because they knew you hated it. They effectly got what they wanted, you out of the house.

Now, as to whom is responsible for all the disturbances, it’s a lower density spirit, some people call them ghosts, like Ama. I define the lower density spirits as an Earthbound soul of a departed person that hasn’t crossed into the light, they have unfinished business at the place they’re haunting or haunt certain people because they want them to get the message. In this case, it appears to be locational based, the house your boyfriend lives in. The upper density spirits are the ones that have gone into the light and aren’t problematic to anyone.

Have your boyfriend recite the Michael Invocation found down at the bottom of this page. It’s a gentle way to let the pestering spirit / ghost know he means business and what it’s doing isn’t cool with either of you and won’t be tolerated.

Also, using the Michael Invocation Part 2 (Heart of Fire) would also be good.


What you call ghosts, I call lower density spirits, more specifically fourth density, as it’s right next to our own, the third density in which laypeople call it the third dimension. To me, ghosts have never had anything of intelligence, it was stored energy playing back over and over again, as it’s also known as residual energy. Poltergeists also a “ghost” phenomenom. As real poltergeists have no spirit, they’re stored energy that are released when certain conditions are right, especially if there is one or more people in the house that happen to have psychic abilities that either don’t know they have it and/or don’t know how to control it. Granted, some people have been misdiagnosed as Cluster A schizo spectrum ailments when they don’t actually have it.

There is upper and lower density spirits, the ones that have crossed into the light of what people call “Heaven”, I call those upper density spirits or beings, fifth density and above.

Hi Ama,

I was wondering if you could tell me what I might be dealing with. Almost every night I hear something knocking on my bathroom door. It knocks three times, waits a few seconds, then knocks three times again. Sometimes it only goes on for a few minutes but it has gone up to half an hour and maybe longer. It has woken me up at 3:00 a.m. on the dot, it has woken me up right before I have to wake up to get ready for work, and sometimes it starts happening while I am working in my room. The knocking is not aggressive but it is loud enough to wake me up.

Also, one night I was driving and I was just listening to music. Then I saw something out of the corner of my eye and three figured who looked like they were dress in nun robes were standing on the side of the road. They had white faces but their eyes and mouth were black holes. It wasn’t very late I wasn’t drowsy or tired at all.

I don’t know if them both happening in threes means something or if they are two different things but I would appreciate your insight.

Hi Krystal,

Three knocks does have a way of getting our attention. And three figures on the side of the road would too. I don’t think the two events were connected, otherwise you would be seeing the nuns in other locations as well.

For the house .. use the Michael Invocation (link down below on this webpage) to clear your home, and then say it for yourself as well. I’ve been known to use it on my car, if ghosts arrive in the empty seats. It can be used wherever you feel the need. All being well, that should send the person knocking to a place of healing. As for the nuns, its entirely likely that you have the gift of clairvoyance, which means you can see some entities that are generally not seen by other people. You didn’t say where you were driving when you saw them, but they could simply have been waiting to cross the road, for reasons of their own .. which might have something to do with how, when and where they died. You saw them. I see them. I know thousands of people who can see ghosts now. They don’t mean any harm, they are just lost and wandering souls .. so what you can do is ask your guardian angel to ‘find the nuns I saw on the side of the road, and take them into healing’. The angels only need our permission to help, and then they will find those stray wanderers and direct them, also, to a place of healing, not on the earth plane.

Our house has been haunted for a few days, including one who opened and closed my mother’s bedroom door, from the inside, in front of my husband. A bit foolish, he ‘clears house’ too. It’s quieter now, until next time. All of this is just a normal part of living with a gift that draws ghosts to us, from time to time.

Love & Peace

Hi ama,
On Sunday October 22, 2017 my 21 year old year committed suicide. Well I am 15 and I live in North Carolina with my dad . My mom and my 18 year old sister live in Iowa a couple hours away from where my brother was living with his grandparents. When he passed my mom had gotten his phone and belongs and someone had messaged him Monday on Facebook and my mom was going to text them back saying that this was his mother but as soon as she picked his phone up she heard three knocks on the window . So my mom said okay and she put the phone down for a second.. Well the same person messaged again so she picked the phone back up and she started typing again and she heard 3 more knocks on the same window as soon as she started typing. My mom and her boyfriend were in his room when this all happened. After my mom heard these knocks she okay dakotah I’m sorry because my brother hated when people got on his phone . Well later that week on Thursday we had his visitation and after all the teens got together and did burnouts and went partying for him because that was the person he was. While we were me and my sister were talking to his best friend of 15 years and we were telling him what happened to my mom And her boyfriend. As we were telling him this his face went pale and he said stop talking and he said the same thing happened at his house Monday night around 11:20 ish while he was collecting pictures for my brothers video. Will someone please explain this … Me and my whole family do not believe it and it really hasn’t hit us yet.


It’s a distinct possibility that your older brother, the one who committed suicide is the one doing all the knocking. What he’s attempting to do is to remind you to leave his stuff alone.

However, what he fails to understand is that, now that he’s no longer alive, it’s no longer, “his” posessions / stuff. The truth will come out and I suppose he didn’t forsee this happening and didn’t want it to turn out this way.

It’s time your older brother take responsibility for his own actions and stop bothering the living in this regard. Now, if he knocks to warn you of something dangerous, fine but not to say, I’m here, leave my stuff alone; that’s not fine.

Speak to him in a calm voice out loud, address him by his full name, tell him what you really think of him and why he committed suicide. That since he’s dead, that stuff he owned in the physical world, is no longer “his” property. Anything that’s on that phone is property of the family, law enforcement and legal team, if there’s one involved.

Many Earth bound spirits don’t want their loved ones knowing their secrets, why the real reason the suicide occurred and much more. Basically, the family and friends need to have a “spiritual” intervention with the deceased, to say their peace and good-byes. The house where he lived and the place where he died if not in the house might need to be cleared in a physical sense.

The Michael Invocations Part 1 & 2 are starting points after you’ve told the deceased what you think of them but make sure it’s coming from a place of love, that’s very important. When the soul of the deceased person is then detached from the properties, building / houses they can change their vibrational rate to head to what people call, “going into the light” or “being taken into healing” as Ama may say.

Earthbound spirits of the deceased often times have more than one problem. The emotional attachment to items are still ever present as if they were still in their physical bodies talking to you and being stuck by energy attachments to a physical location or being controlled by an entity.

Hi i’m Shannon and i’m 14 i’m really scared and think i need help to understand whats happening , basically i had a severe fall from a 30ft cliff and should’ve died but instead i was a millimeter away from being paralyzed im still in recovery but in hospital i started having dreams about being choked with something around my neck it got worse and i ended up pulling out my air tube thinking it was the rope for my dream i demanded to go home and got to go home doctors are worried about as i am home it got worse the first night heard whispers and i cant move off my bed unless my mum gets up and put my brace on so i stayed up and them i tried to sleep again but in my head all i could here was “someones here”and i looked at my door and i just ignored everything thinking it was a silly night mare thing , the next day i told my mum she thought it was nothing. The next night i was sleeping and woke up at round about 3ish or 4ish and there was three knocks it sounded calm but fast as if it was on a wall but from my window direction i left it and tried to sleep but them it happened again and it was 2 knows but the knocks were closer then i called my mum as any other scared teen would do and she said it was the wind so i was terrified but i let it go and tried to sleep again.. the knocks had stopped for like 5ish mins and i thought i was gonna be alright for tonight but the last knock happened Exactly were i was sleeping on the wall i was facing and was leaning on and i screamed i couldn’t deal with it the knocks were getting closer and i was scared now i just need to wait and see what happens tonight ,, anyone know whats going on ??

hi i heard a knock on an upstairs door last night around 3am then straight after the knock i heard my girlfriend little girl talking like she was talking to someone and it has sacred us and would love some help on finding out what it could be


First off, I would like to know more about the fall itself if you can remember anything. Did you slip, were you pushed, thrown or did something come over you and you don’t remember what happened until you woke up in the hospital?

The reason why I ask this is I’m trying to understand as to why you’re hearing voices or what you believe are voices. Sometimes when you smack your spine and head really hard these voices that are constant can also be brain chatter. Sometimes when you get a good bump to the head it also activates some people’s psychic ability when before they couldn’t access it for whatever reason.

Another thing that can cause this is some narcotic medications can cause something called, narco-psychosis which includes but isn’t limited to auditory, visual and tactile hallucinations. Now, I’m not saying that this is what’s happening but it’s a possibility.

If you can speak, use the Michael Invocation Part 1 and Part 2 (Heart of Fire), if you can’t speak clearly have your mother do it for her first, then you, you the home and the property.

Usually, when the knocks get louder and louder as time goes on and more fierce, a lower density spirit (some people call them ghosts) are trying to get your attention to listen to them. But alas, you can’t understand them, so they’re growing impatient. If that is what is actually happening.

My interpretation is, “Hey, I’m here! Why can’t you hear what I am saying to you or why can’t you see me?”. The dead know there are rules they’re supposed to follow but many forego the rules. The only time they’re technically allowed to break these rules is you invite them in, even at a sub-conscious level or you’re in a dire circumstance, which appears to fit with what you’ve said.

Can anyone else but you hear these knocks. If they can’t one of two things are going on. I need to know more about what’s happening though before I’ll share more.

I’ll also wait for Ama to speak on this as well. This is one of those touchy subjects.

On Oct. 29, 2017, at around 2:30 a.m. I was awakened by what sounded like some knocks on my front door along with voices. I got out of bed to check the front door and nobody was there. I figured it was some kids playing around. The next evening, I awoke at around 4 a.m. and was reading the news online and at about 4:15 a.m. I heard three knocks on what sounded like was glass. The knocks were at the front of my bed and there is no glass. On the next night, I laid a recording device next to my bed and I heard three slight taps. The knocking then stopped and I went out of town. I returned last night and was awakened at about 4:15 a.m. by three moderate knocks. I fell back asleep and at around 5 a.m. I heard the knocks the again.

I don’t know what the heck is going on. I recently purchased my home this past summer. It is over 100 years old and I love everything about it except for the knocking. I am trying to figure out what this means. I am not leaving the home, but the knocks are bothersome.

Hi Lex,

Good answer.

Hello Shannon Mc,

Lex has covered most of the information. I agree that when someone has a profound accident, it is possible that unexpected psychic abilities will appear, because they are a normal part of our lives, even if we are not aware we have them.

As to the character doing the knocking, I would have kicked his (or her) butt into heaven .. so if you haven’t already used the Michael Invocation, I would do it for both yourself, and your home, just to make sure nothing is hanging around.

Just re-reading Lex’s answer .. even if a person can’t speak, you can still say the Invocation (1) in your mind. You will be heard! The Michael angels will clear your energy and your home when you request it.

I hope everything has calmed down now.

Love & Peace

Hi Daniel,

Has your girlfriend asked her daughter who she was talking to? It might be an angel, another child (ghost) or a friendly spirit. As long as the little girl is not frightened, I don’t think you have a reason to be worried, but what you can do is use the Michael Invocation to clear your home and each of you. If there is someone spooky hanging around, the Invocation will clear him or her into healing.

Love & Peace

UPDATE: Prayers were said out loud in my home two days ago. The prayer asked that the spirit leave me alone and cross over. The prayer was done with compassion and love.

The knocking has stopped!


That’s wonderful news. Sometimes the departed souls don’t know how to communicate other than knocking. However, if they follow what is expected of them, they would have gone into healing / completely crossed over and not stayed in the 4th density (just above out own which is 3rd), the density of the light is 5th.

If they do what they’re supposed to do is go directly into the light, then come back to visit when they’re healed. However, when they’re healed they know not to disturb the living unless they’re in a very dangerous situation, unless that’s the case, it’s a no-go for them. Most of the time it’s just an observation and then they leave. Like checking in on a loved one.

I’m glad everything turned out well for the both of you and wish nothing but the best for you, Steve. Thanks for the update!

We had to put our beloved 14 1/2 year old dog Summer to sleep yesterday and are overcome with grief.
I was having coffee at @7 am, alone in the kitchen praying for her soul and for her to be happy and
For her to understand how much we love her, and a sign that she’s ok, when I heard 3 knocks on the front door. No one was there. Could it be a sign from her? Do dogs go on in spirit, can she hear me and want to give me a sign?
I am deeply grieving her loss. Could it be an angel? A ghost? Well meaning or not?
I’m confused and heart broken and praying for healing and her well being. Any thoughts?
Thank you and blessings


Yes, animals have souls just like humans do, despite we can’t necessarily understand them because they speak and understand a different verbal language than our own on the physical level, however, that’s not true on the spirit / soul level. We all communicate the same at that level, even some animals have a way to articulate their ethereal soul language into the language of their owner which can really shock you. Just as human babies can communicate in fully articulated spoken languages of a person who is speaking to them or through a psychic medium. It’s a distinct possibility that your dog has come back and let you know it’s there.

I’ve had dogs do 3 scratching sounds on the floor where their favorite spots where near the fireplace or by the heat vents.

As with any spirit, it’s best to send it into healing because it hanging around won’t help it and won’t help you. If the dog hangs around you won’t get closure because of the physical death and the dog will long to be physically touched / comforted by you.

Use the Michael Invocation Part 1 at the bottom of this page.

Hey I’ve been hearing some popping sounds in my room lately at night as if its a light knock. I’m unsure if its the wood splintering or if I’m being a target for a poltergeist. I don’t get scared since I shrug it off thinking its the temperature altering the wood or something. But I would like to hear what you think

After reading this I have chills… I bought my grandparents home. (Grandfather deceased grandmother alive and happy) my mother (their daughter) died when I was 5 of cancer. A few weeks ago on Friday the 13th my kids and I were laying in my bedroom watching tv when we heard someone knocking on the kitchen door 3 times and very loudly almost like u locked me out, let me in. My niece lives w me and was working so I assumed it was her. When I got to the door it wasn’t locked and no one was there . My dog was outside and not barking (which she would have for anyone) I went back to the bedroom and layed down again. A couple mins layer there were 3 knocks on my bedroom window. Being Friday the 13th I assumed it was punk kids messing around but the fact that my dog didn’t bark had me puzzled. Also my kitchen door is inside my garage and through my laundry room. I just don’t think pranksters would walk right in my home. I’ve had a nagging feeling that my grandma is going to pass soon and I pray that isn’t the message. So far nothing of significance has happened but why were they so loud and aggressive. The only other thing that has ever happened is on my mother’s birthday I found a brand new birthday candle happy birthday mug in my cupboard in front of my coffee cup. I have lived here 4 years now. Though I have always been afraid of the “middle” bedroom in this house and always feel anxious and watched nothing has ever actually happened.

Well, the answer is simple, the feeling I get from this situation and not just from reading what you’ve said, is it indeed your family trying to get your attention any way they can. However, as I’ve said in other posts, until they’ve gone into healing (what some people call Heaven) they’re not allowed to interfere with the living. IF they do, it can have dire consequences for them.

Do yourself and them a big favor, use the Michael Invocation part 1 and 2, the 2nd one is also known as the Heart of Fire.


The only time a loved one can break the rules and hasn’t gone into healing is when you’re in real trouble / the deadly kind. Although, this is rare and your aura’s body (the electro-magnetic representation of your soul) will pick this up long before you hear from your family on the other side. The spooky feelings you get, that comes from energies that are not your own and have either ill intent or non-safe / happy feelings attached to it. Some family members are so desperate to contact their loved ones they get hostile so that they’re heard but not necessarily understood.

The Michael Invocation Part 1 is a little hint to them that their actions don’t come without consequences and that you’re letting them know it’s not okay to screw with you, your kids, your grandmother, the house and property. Sometimes they need a little reminder which puts things into prospective for them in a hurry.

The Heart of Fire is a little more aggressive, if you’re not being left alone by an angry Earthbound spirit or some other entity.

Cut and paste these links in your browser’s URL bar. Also, on the bottom of this page is the link to the Michael Invocation (part 1). Part 2 is the Heart of Fire, not as a link on this site as far as I can tell.

Michael Invocation:

Heart of Fire:

Hi, I don’t know how to explain this without confusing myself or others. But for about 7 years now every time I’m out driving (night or day) the street lights would turn off as I’m driving in front of them and turn back on the second my car passes them up. At first, I thought it was just the street light sensor but after a few times, I started to think it was something greater than that. And now, in 2017, it still happens and I don’t know what it could be. I’ve done research and all I’ve found was “it is the bodies energy doing that” but if that’s the case, what type of energy does my body have to be turning off and on the street lights? alot more paranormal things have happened to me in my lifetime, but I just want answers to the street lights for now. Does anyone know? Could anyone give me answers?
Thank you.

Hi Shasha,

What you can do is called Streetlight Interference Syndrome. I am not supposed to give webpage links, so I have broken this one

www. messagetoeagle .com/mystery-of-streetlight-interference-are-you-also-a-slider-2/

Copy that into your webpage browser and remove the gaps and it will take you to the webpage, or do a search on google and you’ll find a ton of pages. It’s unusual, but not caused by anything nasty.

What energy? If it has a specific name, I have not read any research to say what our metaphysical body energy can or can’t do. Some people just produce perhaps more ‘grounding’ energy than others, but that’s just a guess. Have fun with it.

Love & Peace

However, the article does posit some fairly wrong headed information about an over voltage or surge of power. Most street lights across the planet don’t have over-voltage protection. They’re just lights with a photo-voltaic cell on the top of the unit to sense sunlight in which it turns off the light when it senses enough continuous ultra-violet radiation (the same component of sunlight that gives you a sunburn).

There however is one thing that can affect street lights and mock that of ultra-violet light, it’s a dense ionic field that is manipulated by a strong electro-magnetic field. Some psychics that have the ability of psycho-kinesis and/or tele-kinesis can do this.

This usually happens when the person is either worried or scared but not on the surface, kind of like a background event is going on.

People with this type of talent should be careful, government agencies are very interested in people of this ilk. To put it another way, the talent can be retrained and directed to destroy many computerized devices, including cellphones, cellphone towers, etc.

Hi Ama,
My grandfather passed away on July of last year. After he passed, we kept hearing things downstairs and we kept hearing weird noises upstairs. I recently moved and i think he followed with us. I feel like someone is watching me while I sleep. Or whenever i’m home alone i get a creepy feeling. Nothing bad has happened yet. But i’m just scared. Please help I’m scared..


Please let us know if anything has changed after you read my message, if the activity has diminished or stopped altogether.

Hello I have a question and it’s been bothering me I’ve heard 3 knocks some years ago when my grandma was healthy and then I told my mom and she opened the door with no one there and then grandma got really sick and passed away last November. Just 3 months ago it’s happened again but when I was praying the rosary but with shouting and I thought it was my brother and I opened the door and no one was there. Now someone else in our family who was getting better isn’t anymore. No one in my house can hear them and it scares me. I don’t know what’s going on.

My father passed in February of 2016 and ever since I’ve had … quite activity. Past two months there’s been almost weekly if not daily activity on a paranormal sense at my home and following me to my work. I very very very rarely ever get a … negative vibe on these occurances as I take them as friendly “hellos” I’m here. Something negative has come into my home.ive prayed this energy out and am about to bless the house as we speak but two weeks ago there were three knocks on my infants cribs. Two … then a one knock. I mentally freaked out, my daughter was in her crib. She woke up 30 min later crying as she’s never sleeps fully in her crib anymore. My first research brought me to the father the ghost and the Holy Spirit but within recent research this brings up death. I think of my daughter. With the knocking on the crib. This can’t really be real. Or can it?


When you say you can hear these voices. Do you recognize them or are they someone else you don’t recognize? Are the voices loud and clear or are they muffled and scruffy (stressed) sounding even to the point of a growling and yelling at the same time?

As a rule of thumb, I’ve told people not to open the door if they have a peep hole or windows to look through. Reason for this is, you will invite what ever it is into the house if you open the door, that’s an implied consent as, “come right in”, to them.

Use the Michael Invocation at the end of this page and also use the second Michael Invocation; Heart of Fire, found here.

victorianparanormalconnection MichaelInvocations2.html (you’ll have to copy this link into your web browser and remove the spaces – Moderator).

The 3 knocks is a warning or a cry of, “Pay attention to me!”; this can be good or bad. Sometimes it comes from a loved one or concerned spirit that wants to protect / help you, like in my case or some can be a negative entity that could be mocking a human spirit. Usually, it’snot a negative entiity but someone trying to give you a heads up as to what’s actually happening.

What was the feeling you got just as it happened? Scared or calm? If scared, more than likely negative entity is involved. If not scared but curious or inquisitive, more than likely friendly entity or spirit.

The reason why I’m having you use the invocations of Micheal is just in case there are negative entities in your house, life and family, this will help clear them out.

Sometimes what appears to be genuine and nice may not be. Negative entities that are highly intelligent will attempt to trick you to allow it into the house and when it’s ready to do bad stuff, there will be no warning.

A good spirit will know that it’s not a good idea to constantly be with someone as it’s a distraction and that distraction can cause accidents or problems with other people. What it appears to be is an energy attachment that has ill intent, perhaps not to you specifically but to your child. As I stated earlier, the 3 knocks is a warning or a way to get someone’s attention. But two knocks on the crib and then another knock isn’t friendly. No angel, guardian angel or good spirit will ever do that.

Use the Michael Invocations down below on the page and also the second one, Heart of Fire. Use both of them first for yourself and then do it for your child. If you have a significant other in the house or other family members, do it on their behalf as well.

Heart of Fire:

victorianparanormalconnection (copy the link into your web browser and take out the break in it – Moderator)

The rapping on the crib is a clue that the entity in the house isn’t a friendly; masking it’s true identity and intentions. One other thing, be strong for your little one, the more you fear the imposter / intruder, the more strength and control they have over you. Have a will of iron and steely resolve, that you will not put up with this any longer.

I heard the three knocks I was sleep though the knocks were loud I was also the only one in the house the knocks to me were inside my hearing not out loud . I heard my mom say in my right ear my( name) I’m gone I was wide awoke sitting on my bed it was my mom and I’m sensitive especially since I was sick and been living in this house.

Hey it’s me again! , thanks for the advise and yes I slipped for no reason but I didnt think I hit my head that bad just my spine ,I thought I saw something but I’m sure that was just the drugs they gave me in that day , anyways it’s all calmed and if anything happens all make sure this is where I go . thanks for all of your help Xx


I’m glad that everything has settled down for you. If you should see the same entity or one like while no longer on medication, do tells us about it, also don’t hesitate to use the Michael Invocation parts 1 and 2. If anything those two invocations also give you peace of mind, too.

Everything has calmed down, nothing bad happened. Turns out that he was just trying to contact me and talk to me. I had one of my good friends come over because she’s a psychic and can contact with people. I had a good talk with my grandfather through her. He was worried that when he passed everyone was going to forget about him, but turns out he was wrong, we and always will care about him. Thank you so much for keeping me in your prayers, i really do appreciate it, We miss and love him so very much. Thanks again!

hi, so last night I woke up on 4 o’clock in the morning because I heard knocks, exactly 3 knocks. I live in an apartment alone and I’m a college student. The knocks were not from a door or my window, also I live on the highest floor of my apartment. The noise were not that loud, but it woke me up from my sleep and I’m a deep sleeper, I fell asleep from 7 pm because I wasn’t feeling well. I don’t know what to do, I’ve had visuals of spiritual beings but never heard anything like knocks. I’m freaking out.

Im constantly hearing what sounds like hangers breaking in my closet but everytime i check nothing finally i got tired of it and now i tell it to go away well guess that didnt help cause now it moves my collectable cars tword me i still tell it to go away what do you suggest

Ok. This morning 6:40:55 am something knocked 3 times rapidly. Both cats jumped. Here’s the best part. We have cameras in the house and 4 of them picked up the knock. It just snowed so we know no one approached from the outside. Now what??

A while back my wife and I were watching television around 11 at night and we both heard 3 distinct knocks on our garage door. The knocks were directly on the door, but the storm door wasn’t opened, or at least we didn’t hear it open or close.
I have lived in this house since it was built and no one has died in it. Any ideas as to what it could have been?
We have heard knocking on different occasions. There are a couple of other things but I don’t want to get laughed at online.

Hi Lou,

You can scroll down this webpage and find a link to my website and send me an email, if you want to share your experiences privately, but, truthfully, I doubt you’ll be laughed at by anyone on this site .. weird stuff is normal around here.

The knocking could have been a ghost, or spirit. There could have been a reason, but that’s unlikely, given the number of times these knocking experiences are being reported around the world. I just wouldn’t bother opening the door unless you are sure the one knocking is living.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

I’d like to tell two stories. On January 2, 2018, my father died. After his death (from around this January 15th), I went to Mass daily to pray for his soul. In total, I went for about 45 masses in a row. During the delegation I slept in a hotel. At night, through sleep, I heard 3 knocks. They were amazing. It was dark. I jumped to my feet and knew immediately whose soul it came. The first thing that occurred to me was to reach for the phone. It was 3 o’clock in the morning (14 minutes after), on February 2, 2018. I associated that it was just a month since my father died. I wrapped myself in the quilt, prayed and went to sleep. I have never heard of three knockings before. I just started to determine what it means, when it happened and then I came across this forum.
Another strange case was 13 years earlier. My wife was in the hospital – my twins were born to me (March 31, 2005). Before their birth I prayed that everything would succeed. By the way, I prayed for the soul of John Paul II – the Pope. When the family was in the hospital I wrote on the communicator with a friend about something. I heard the sound of bells. I wrote it to her because it was so resonant that I wrote, why these bells are calling so. The next day she called me and said that I heard the bells exactly at the minute in which the Pope died. I checked it on the communicator from which I wrote it. At that time, no bells could ring because the information about the death of the Pope was passed on later. Oh, before the birth of our children, we decided that one of them would bear the second name, John, and the second, the second name, Paul. Regards from Poland.

I keep hearing these 3 knocks in this new house we just moved into. I did didn’t hear them at first until my 19yr old son came a slept on my floor next to my bed and I asked him why he was their the next morning. Then I started to hear them and so did my other kids in the house. Well me and my wife used to pass it off as the ice maker machine until we started to hear them come from other parts of the house. Now that we’ve been the house a while we are noticing other things, like my alarm system for the house turning on when nobody is up and it wasn’t activated. Lights turning on in my room shortly after me and my wife have heard the knocks.. with all the things I read it worries me cause my elderly mother with late stage dementia lives with us and no it can’t be her do these things cause we’ve tried to pin it on her but we can’t. The house was built in 2005 and doesn’t have much hx. P.S. the Knox seem to happen always around 11pm at night.

A few weeks ago I heard 5-6, (in 99 percent it was 6) quiet but firm knocks on what sounded like a window in my house. They sounded just like someone using their knuckle. It was between 1:00-1:30am? Two more times that night I heard the same thing, last one around 2:30-3:00am. Does 6 knocks change the significance at all? One other thing, I found a dead Cooper’s hawk dead below the window I’d been closest to when I heard the first 2 SETS of knocks several days later. I honestly tried to forget much of it, so my time might be a little off. but it’s just been bothering me lately.

Hi Ama,
My cousin died in her sleep on Friday going into Saturday. I was in my recliner watching tv with my mom Saturday night. I asked my mom, was that an earthquake because my chair just shook hard. She was like no it must have been the opossums along the wall. Funny my chair not next to the wall. Next morning got the call Vicky had died in her sleep the night before. Well I was and continue to be devastated. She was a healer and very spiritual woman. I was trying to find a ride to the funeral to no avail and was feeling really low last night. I saw a bright light outside our window in the backyard patio. But I disregard it. Then my cat woke me up, as I had fallen asleep on the recliner(again) in the family room facing the window to the backyard patio. His meows were pretty loud. I put him to bed and then myself. It was around 3:20a.m PST. I woke to loud tapping on my window at 3:40a.m. PST. Scared the living daylights out of me! I knew someone was there and couldn’t move. Then I quickly turned on the light and sprayed some spray my Shaman had given me for harmony in my home. I then walked the house and let my cat back into the house because he is an excellent protector of ghosts. I heard steps outside the door, as I had gone to the bathroom. Then felt someone out side the front door as I walked back to my room. Tried the front door and it was locked. Looked out to see if the automatic front porch light was on and it turned off right when I did. Was it Vicky? Or something else? Thank you.

Hi Veronica,

It sounds to me as if was Vicky. If it turns into a problem it might not be her, but she might just have wanted to say ‘hello I’m just fine’ to someone who would understand.

Love & Peace

Thank you, Ama. I was feeling really low since I could not get to the funeral since it was in another country.

Thank you again.

You are welcome, Veronica.

In the spirit world there is no time or distance, only ‘here’ and ‘now’, and it’s not unusual for spirits to come and say “goodbye, we love you”.

Love & Peace

My mom and dad bought an old house in a quiet little town. After a few nights occupying it, my parents started hearing 3 knocks. Sounded like from a door. I think I heard it a few times but my room was usually noisy with the A.C.. I had found that the house was once a drug house. We assumed people were coming around at night and knocking 3 times as a signal to buy drugs. There was never any physical evidence to prove this. I installed a security light outside the house to cover the front and even some of the street. After hearing knocks, never saw the light on. My parents got used to them and they became less common. Recently while I was home visiting (I’m a truck driver), my mom passed away in the night. She had gotten out of bed and sat on her couch and passed. I was woken at 5:15 Sunday morning by 5 knocks. I called my mom’s name thinking she might be up and needed my help. ( my father has Alzheimer’s). I walked into the front room to see if she was up. I saw her sitting on the couch covered like she was cold. I knew she hadn’t felt well, so I did not check on her directly. I didn’t want to disturb her sleep. I assume now she was already gone. The house sits unoccupied now and I have problems trying to stay there. It’s my only home besides my truck.

So I was watching video’s on my pc with my headphones on. Until I suddenly heard knocking on the main door. (My pc stands in the room leading to that door and I sit by the window to see if somebody drives up the driveway.) I don’t know why but all my hair stands up straight every time it happens, It has happened 2 times now the previous time was a week or 2 back. And I was also watching video’s on my pc with headphones. And both times my dog who gets nervous whenever she hears something, didn’t react at all to the sound. Although she was sleeping between me and the door where the knocking happened. And when I went to check the door there was nobody there. I also checked the audio of the video again and it wasn’t in the audio either. It is always between 23:00 and 0:00. I don’t know if I am imagining things or if it is real.

I live in belgium that is why the hours are probably different. I am 19 years old.

Today morning 6 i heard 3 clear knocks on my bedroom door and wakeup from sleep. I looked every one is sleeping. I searched for 3 knocks and now feeling scary by reading about dearh knocks. I lost my father exactly before 13 years. Today is his death anniversary. I lost my wife 3 years back and living with my 3 and half year kid and mom.
I called up my close family members and made sure they are ok. But seems scary.

I am speaking from my own personal experience. I am not here to argue beliefs with anyone. Maybe my testimony will help someone. I am a Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ. When I got baptized in the Holy Spirit, He gave me discernment of spirits. I began to sense that there was evil spirits in my apartment. I was told to cleanse my house. We took olive oil and dabbed it over every window and door except the last door. I then commanded all evil spirits to get out of the house in Jesus’ name. They left with a whoosh and I applied oil over the last door. That sealed the house. Jesus gave those that believe on Him authority over evil spirits. Be sure you do not have anything in your house that gives the devil legal right to come in, like pentagrams, oijee boards, tarot cards, demonic movies, books, etc. Father God loves you and wants you to spend eternity with Him. Fear is not from Him. He gives you peace and love.

@ 1:30AM exactly I heard 3 knocks downstairs in the basement where I was lying in bed scrolling through facebook. I am not in my house, I am staying at my wife’s grandparents place while i’m here visiting family. While scrolling through facebook I came across a scene from a movie with a demon in it. Normally I would not watch anything like this but I felt drawn in and couldn’t look away. Once I made eye contact with the demonic entity I heard 3 loud knocks somewhere in the basement and the TV did something really weird and went all blurry and static for a few seconds and went back to normal. I have heard in the past from catholic priests that 3 knocks is the devil or a demonic spirit mocking the holy trinity. I stood up and walked to the area where I heard the knocking and in response I said the sign of the cross in latin 3 times. I woke up my wife and told her what happend now neither of us can sleep and we came upstairs. I have 4 more nights in this house before I go back home. GOD help me!

My father passed away unexpectedly in May. During this time of mourning my mom has heard knocking multiple times in two different homes that are located in two different states. She has heard it in Arizona and she had gotten up, opened the door and no one was there. We even checked our security cameras and no one is seen there and our animals (cat and dog) react to the knocking. In Michigan, when home alone she heard knocking again, yet no one was there after searching the entire perimeter of the house. One week later, my sisters and I were in the living room, without our mother home, and we heard knocking on the back door (the front door is in the same room as the living room) and we checked and no one was there, no cars, and I live in the woods in a private drive!! After returning to the living room, thirty minutes later we heard the knocks again. These are not in threes, but are very distinctive knocks that my entire family is now hearing. I’m hoping it is my father, but also is a daunting thought thinking about using another person in my life. I hope to hear your thoughts and thank you for listening. Also, I don’t know if this applies but lately I have had extremely vivid nightmares and I still can remember them and my exact feelings during them.

Hi Ama,
My name is Teneka but I go by Nikki I’m 30 years old Ok I stay with my son’s grandparents in a big house The other night I came home and it was late so normally I go around to the backyard and knock on the kids (who are 13 and 15 )window so I won’t wake the grandparents up so it was about 2 something in the morning I knocked on the window told them to open the garage I thought I heard them say ok so I always knock one more time just to make sure they didn’t go back to sleep so when I did someone knocked immediately after I knocked to the point to where I had this feeling come over me that I knew it wasn’t the kids knocking so when I got back around to the front and the garage didn’t open my suspicions were confirmed I called into the house and woke my niece and told her to come the door so when I got into the house I took my flashlight and went in the boys room to look at them closely to make sure they were sleep and they were so in the morning I explained this to my sons grandparents she than told me when they moved in they use to always see a man he wouldn’t bother them they would always see a tall skinny man in all black but they haven’t seen him in along time. My sons aunt she is 35 she also stays at the house well Tuesday at 5 ish in the morning she said she woke up because she had a feeling come over her and her heart was racing she looked up and the man was standing in her doorway with his back turn towards her she said when she rubbed her eyes to make sure her mind wasn’t playing tricks on her he turned and looked back at her but she couldn’t see no face so she said she jumped up grabbed her phone turned her flashlight on and went into the living room where he was facing to check on my 4 yr son and than of course the man disappeared now I’m writing you because last night I was in the kitchen watching tv by myself it was a couple minutes after 3am when I heard the same knocking noise it was so clear this time in the kitchen where I was sitting I screamed and ran into my sons grandparents room they were already up because of my scream i told them what happen they got up checked the house and of course nothing so this morning I googled what does the knocks mean and here I am writing you I am really bothered and shaken up by this because you read about it or you see it on tv but I never thought I would be experiencing it my self we don’t know what’s going on like why after so many years is he back showing up please help me Ama

I was in my classroom at school when i heard three knocks. I looked around and everybody was still doing what they were doing. I thought it was the class behind me messing around so i ignored it. I heard it again soon after on a different spot of the wall and i looked up to see everybody still again. I asked a classmate that was in the class behind me and she said that she didn’t see anyone do it. I didn’t think anything of it until later that night I was trying to go to bed listening to music when I heard it again through my earbuds. It sounded like it came from my bedroom window. I was a little frightened so I waited a few minutes and I put my earbuds back in. I instantly heard them again just a little moved over from the window to under or to the side of the window. At this point I was scared so I looked it up all I found was that it meant someone died or is gonna die in 3 days 3 weeks or 3 months. I couldn’t sleep so I watched some youtube without my earbuds and later tried to sleep again with the music in my earbuds. I heard it again on the opposite side of my room on the wall its took me until 2:00am to fall asleep but I fell asleep finally scared that it would happen again this all happened in the same 24 time period. what do these knocks mean.

Hi Jayce,

Given so many other people’s experiences, I really think it just meant that there was a ghost enjoying the attention you were giving it. Ghosts were people too, and they still are the same person they were before they died. It’s not until we cross into heaven that we let go of our ego driven selves, that have to be the centre of attention.

Love & Peace