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Do Guardian Angels Help You In A Sinister Way Or Do People Also Have Guardian Demons?

I am not really a Religious person. I don’t classify myself into any religious group, but I do believe in God, rightfully so after a few occurrences in my life that have made me believe in God.

So, I believe that a Guardian Angel is there to help and support you, to protect you from evil and harm through God’s will.

However, I have had numerous incidents where some people have tried to cause me harm (not physical harm). Incidentally, all those people were harmed after their attempts. One lady I know who tried this, a previous colleague of mine, was hit by a bus after she accused me falsely of theft to other friends and colleagues of mine. Now, I don’t believe in coincidence. Everything happens for a reason. More and more incidents like these happen to me all the time.

Now, would a Guardian Angel harm another person like that for my sake? Or is there another other power behind these actions?

Asked by Gabi

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Hi Gabi

Gardian angels hurt no one. Also, they do not interfere unless are asked for help because if they did, that would interfere with our freewill.

There is no such thing as a guardian demon, although there are Watchers that ‘keep notes’ on us for the other side!

The experiences you talk of may really be conincidence. I think being hit by a bus as punishment for casting a faulse accusation might be a bit extreme of a punishment??


Hello Gabi,

I agree with AJ. Guardian angels do not arrange accidents for people who might or might not have harmed you.

Let me get quite specific .. guardian angels ‘guard’ our spiritual bodies, not our physical bodies. They do not ‘help or support’ .. we have other angels for that. When we ask our guardians for protective help, if it is not specific to their role as your personal guard, another Michael angel steps in and fulfills the task. Support .. emotional – comes froms the Raphael, the healing angels, who also help us with tasks such as learning forgiveness; spiritual – comes from the Uriel, who are our spiritual teachers; help to be creative, to learn gratitude – comes from the Gabriel, because its part of their work. None of these are Michael roles, nor part of the work they do.

Also .. the angels aren’t religious. They are with every person, no matter what they believe .. because they were created before humanity, and before we created religions of any kind.

As to the angels punishing people because they are hurting you .. not a chance. The angels will be talking to you about forgiving those who challenge you. They’ll also be talking to the other people about not trying to cause harm. The bus incident, might have been karma for some other action the person performed in some other lifetime, with the person standing next to you, or next to them at the bus stop. Assuming it is about us is really not a good idea. If you were pleased the lady was hurt or killed, you’ll be making bad karma for yourself, which is not wise, and can be very complicated to untangle in other lives.

As to other people getting punished around you when they seek to do you harm .. again, I would be worrying about your karma, and if there are any entities that are not ‘of the Light’ around you trying to get your attention and get you to agree to allow them access to your energy. To that end I suggest you scroll to the bottom of the page here and find the link to the Michael Invocation and read the page and say the Invocation .. to break the pattern now, and don’t give anything negative a chance to really screw up your life.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

Thank you for your insight, I really appreciate it.

I did not find pleasure or satisfaction in the fact that people were being harmed in those instances. I felt that it was a sad occurrence that usually happens around me.

I won’t lie, I have been visited by the supernatural presence of evil before as a child, frightening and harming me. I have come to believe though that Michael is my Guardian Angel, showing himself to me in a dream once after asking God for guidance, as I do have some prophetic dreams. So I will definitely have a look at the Michael Invocation.

Thank you

I found this very interesting because I have had the same sort of situation happen to me several times. Someone (or something as in a business) does something bad to me and then something happens to them. It’s not been as bad as somebody being hit by a bus though. I figured it was just karma, but as I write this I realize that the person or thing was probably doing it to a lot of other people too and that’s why the bad thing occurred to them. I have always wondered though if it was my mother looking out for me. I remember growing up that it was woe to the person who tried to mess with her daughter (lol).

I am like that with my kids too, Bridget, though now they are adults I let them sort it out themselves (I just get spoken to LOUDLY about whatever is happening LOL).

I agree that some painful things that happen to us can be karma, but it is also my understanding that it might be an experience we have chosen for ourselves, that either ends our life, or forces us to reassess who we are and what we are doing. We might not choose to do that .. and then the pattern will repeat. In most cases we come into the world to learn to do no harm, even to ourselves. The sooner we learn that to ‘love one another as I have loved you’ might sound like a request, but in fact its a necessity, we get to jump off the karma wheel, and then we really live.

Being abundant and happy is not about having more than enough of everything, its about learning gratitude, forgivenes and love and being able to apply it to every situation, no matter how hard the challenge .. and we can do that.

Our guides and angels are there to remind us that God/Spirit (by whatever name we believe it to have) loves us profoundly and wishes us no harm. It’s up to us to learn to react to life in the same way.

Waxing philosophical in the early morning .. LOL
Love & Peace

Just come across this thread after searching online for an answer similar to the question asked by the OP (Gabi).
Harm has come to many people who have crossed me too, as severe as your experiences too, this happens practically every time someone does something out of order to me. I tried to put it down as coincidences, but deep down I know something else is going on… I don’t know what though, I wish I knew. One thing I’m convinced of though, is that my whole life has been guided in a direction I’ve had no control over by some outside force. It sounds crazy I know, but its the truth. I’m not religious either. I think the short answer is – we’ll never know.

If you have protection on you, especially protection because you are carrying out actions for the higher good, anyone trying to do harm or interfere can incur negative karma.

People who intend harm can and do attract negative levels and entities yo themselves. Entire regions can be affected if too many humans are involved in negativity.

There are explicit warnings to not touch God’s annointed and servants. The karmic backlash is harsh. This is independent of the person’s ego. A flawed human may have a very important function they are performing. People who interfere can get hurt.

Angels do protect but they are also reapers according to the Lord Jesus Christ. Some reap demons and will eventually reap the damned souls so say Jesus Christ. For now angels help protect and help with the harvest of souls aka help souls get out of the lower astral dimensions and hell (if the humans’s body has not yet died).

There are 6 classes of beings on this planet:
Human beings, plants, animals
Half angels/ half humans–hybrids
Half demons /half humans–hybrids
Angels–in the spirit realm and incarnate
Demons–in the spirit realm and incarnate

The Fall did not stop. Some angels are still being tested by Satan /Lord Mara.

Angels say time is now short. There is not much time left to choose one’s side–Good or evil. Angels have been restraining the demonic forces and are in combat on Earth. Some are injured and some killed. Demons who are incarnate and demon/human hybrids know who every angel is and also what humans are near the state of enlightenment. They can see the light in the aura.

Angels incarnate are attempting transfuguration as Christ did prior to his crucifixion so that demonic incarnate beings or weak humans who are possessed cannot physically kill them. That way we have more bodies on the Earth to fight the war.

Satan has limited time before he is in official lockdown. In the meantime it is required that angels who are here turn as many humans away from hell as possible. Many humans have chosen Satan and they will go down with him. Angels can warn humans but cannot interfere with their free will, no matter how infernally idiotic their choices.

Angels no longer go to certain regions of Earth that have lots of damned beings who willfully choose evil. Those areas will have great destruction not from good angels but from the swarms of demons who do what they do. They destroy. And they easily destroy their followers. That is the reward of the wicked.

Angels who are incarnate are tired from war. They have been helping since the fall. They are ready to go home. Everyone is sick of the xemons. We do not expect any other rebellions. Everyone from heaven has seen the world of God and the world of Satan. The point has been made and all beings will have chosen the world they belong to.

Very interesting reading, Kristin. Thank you. It does not match what I have been taught by the Michael angels, and certainly denies God’s love for all its creations, so I would be interested to know where you got the information?

My understanding:

Satan is only one of the dark, not the first fallen angel that people now call the devil. It has many names. Satan is, however, a demonic creation thanks to books like the Bible, where the living focus their fear .. and what we focus on can be created .. and was.

Angels go everywhere, most particularly into the darkest places on earth, because there are still good people among living, struggling to survive – and they need as much, or more, support than they can get only from the living. Also, every living person has a personal guardian angel behind their right shoulder, from the group governed by Archangel Michael .. so you see, the Light is still manifest everywhere in the world through them.

The war in heaven has not touched the earth yet. We fight to stop that happening. The wars on the planet now are only a reflection of what is happening overhead. The energy of them trigger the fears within the living, and so we get what we see now.

Any person trying to harm another will incur negative karma. So will we when we choose to harm others. It becomes very complicated when a good person does an evil act, for whatever reason, and an evil person does a good act. That’s why the karmic record is not kept by the living.

I agree that people constantly doing and feeling negativity will attract entities that feed on that energy, but it doesn’t happen all the time otherwise more people would be haunted or harassed.

People get hurt by other people. A person can kill one of God’s ‘anointed’, by God’s will .. and the victim’s, if that act changes the world for the better. God does not punish, that’s why we have karma .. so that we can learn from our experiences, usually after we die at the end of each lifetime. Sometimes karma will rebalance itself during a person’s lifetime, but that is usually by agreement between the spirit and his/her teachers before the being becomes human.

The reapers will sweep all the evil doers from the world, (Matthew 13:39-43) and send them ‘into the furnace of fire’, according to the passage. When we then consider karma, which follows us from lifetime to lifetime, the furnace makes no sense. We don’t change a broken heart to a loving one by punishing a person. And we have to remember that what Matthew is said to have written might not actually be the words of Jesus, who taught more about love and peace than he did about fear and hatred.

A spirit cannot be destroyed. Angels cannot die. Nor can demons. Scientifically, their magnetic field can be shattered (for want of a better description), but they soon recreate themselves. The only time a spirit being of any sort disappears completely is when it returns to the energy of Source (called God by many) and becomes Source again. The Buddha called that Nirvana, the Buddhists strive for it, most of the living find the concept of the ‘loss of ‘self” very frightening. It sounds peaceful to me.

6 classes of beings …?

they are ‘on’ the planet .. the rest live in other dimensions intersecting with this ‘third’ dimension.

Elementals – nature spirits – they are part of the DNA and spiritual energy of the planet.

Half angels do not exist. An angel becomes a demon when it falls. There were three falls. One third of heaven became the dark. That has not changed .. although humans and demons have created other energy beings since the fall, through choice, ignorance or unconscious actions, they are energy beings and not ‘on’ the planet.

Half demons do not exist. Demons are energy beings. Humans are made of the material of the planet. The two cannot breed. When a demon is redeemed it can become human, but it is a human being having no special powers, nor does it stay in the darkness – because it has chosen to return to Life/Light/God. It/s/he can do great evil as it grows from lifetime to lifetime, but it is not a demon, nor is it an angel .. nor can it be an angel again. They are called ‘Children of Light’ .. the light being the Christ energy, which is the Holy Spirit.

Immortals – it would be interesting to meet one. It must take a great mind, or a forgetful one, to not go insane, at the very least from boredom. Humanity repeats the same patterns over and over again .. the last time this sort of behaviour/wars happened, Atlantis blew itself up .. and before it Mu and Lemuria. The being that is Humanity is far older than it realises.

Which angels say the time is short? What I have experienced with angels, or demons pretending to be angels, is that they will tell a person what they want to hear, rather than what is true. Do you test the angels that speak to you, to find out if they come from God? I do, every time.

You wrote – “Angels incarnate are attempting transfiguration as Christ did prior to his crucifixion so that demonic incarnate beings or weak humans who are possessed cannot physically kill them. That way we have more bodies on the Earth to fight the war.”

Angels can’t be killed. What you have written goes to prove that the person threatened is human, not an angel. The transfiguration only lasted a short time. A person could not remain in that energy state for very long, probably even shorter than the Christ, because their human body might not be able to stand the highest vibration. The demons and possessed humans would only have to wait until the transfiguration ceased and they could attack again. I have never read or heard about this happening .. have you any examples?

Thankfully any human that chooses to follow Satan will not stay in the dark very long. God forgives, God redeems .. even fallen angels .. God will redeem all of its creations. The fiery furnace does not destroy, it just burns .. but then, in other parts of the bible and Apocrypha, hell is cold .. no furnaces there. And the furnace only lasts 1000 years .. which is a blink of an eye to eternal beings. Then the devil and its followers will again be allowed to torment the living, before it is thrown into a lake of fire to be tormented forever. If God truly planned eternal punishment for the devil, why does it/God allow the devil to come out of the furnace in the first place?

We don’t actually know what is true or what is the imagination of the very angry man who wrote Revelation. We don’t even know if his name was actually John – all we have is his story in a book made of many other books, written by people thousands of years ago. All of them had different agendas, such as the writer of Revelation, who wanted to see Nero (666) punished for persecuting the Christians. It is more likely that humans spirits will be sent into a place like Purgatory to learn their lessons and seek forgiveness before returning to Source again.

‘Everyone’ who suffers from patience and has a good heart, meaning human beings, is tired of war. You don’t have to be a redeemed demon to feel that way. Angels and demons are energy beings. They don’t ‘feel’ tired the way humans understand it, but an angel can ‘feel’ sad and broken for a moment before it falls. Then the only emotion they feel is whatever drove them into the darkness, until they return to the Love and Peace that is their reconnection with Source (God). Any angel that tells you it is tired is a fallen angel, and you cannot trust a word that comes out of its ‘mouth’ or mind. Yes, I have met plenty over a great many years, all with different stories, excuses, reasons, or explanations. I sent them all back to God. Everyone has a gift, that is mine.

And for the record, if you haven’t read it elsewhere, I am a Christian Theologian, once again at University studying Theology. The Bible, all the Bibles, have always fascinated me. They are creations of myth, magic, facts, fiction and history.

Thank you, that was fun. Now I shall return to my study of the Synoptic Gospels. 🙂

Love & Peace,

I have been quietly looking for those with similar experience. Four people, that I know of, who have hurt me pretty bad, not physically, have died either way b4 their time or shortly after they caused me harm. It could be a coincidence of course but because this is for sure NOT something I want I doubt that I am unconsciously framing this to suit my expectations. I wished them no harm, I’m a very forgiving and peaceful person. Even worse is that I loved two of these people dearly. I can’t imagine what possible great plans for my life there could be that would warrant this so I think the likelyhood of that is equal to it being a coincidence. Still I can’t help worrying about and feeling sorry for those who hurt me. (It seems to be only people who hurt me deeply and for a rather extended time too.) It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who noticed such a pattern, but there are no answers that anyone can be sure of and thank goodness for that anyway.

Also, one of these people who died came back to me in a dream, that seemed more real than any dream before or since and was trying to get to me by literally tearing my house apart from the outside in. There were four calm and utterly peaceful people there who looked similar to each other but with different facial features that i can still picture to a t. I felt no fear from this person that I was afraid for my life of when he was alive, and he kept trying to trick these 4 people into letting him in. I welcomed him but they told me I could never let him in for any reason. That was about 8 years ago and nothing like it happened since.