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Do Dreams Warn Us That Something Is Going To Happen?

Do we sometimes have dreams that warn us that something is going to happen to us or someone we know?

About 30 years ago, I had a dream and a real good friend that was like a father to me, that had passed, told me to take care of his wife. His wife was also like a second Mother to me. In the dream we were on a cruise ship and I had taken a cruise with his wife. In the dream I knew he had died and was happy to see him. He told me that he was only there for a short time and had to leave. I reached out to hug him and he disappeared. I woke up feeling real sad and I couldn’t get that dream out of my mind.

I told my daughter about it and she told me I should call my friend and ask her if everything is okay and I said I would. I hung up and before I could dial her number, the phone rang and it was her son and he told me that his sister was hit by a car and had died. I was in shock and I couldn’t believe it.

My first husband that died 23 years ago has come to me in dreams, but the dreams are never completed. One time we were on an Airplane together and we got off the plane and was going down an elevator and the door opened and he disappeared into darkness. Another time we were riding in a car together and he was driving and he stopped on the side of the road and told me to get out and meet him on the other side of the road because he had to turn around. I got out of the car and he just kept going and never turned around.

I lost two husbands to cancer, ten years apart. I never dream about my second husband, so I feel like he has moved on.
I have never had a dream like the one I had thirty years ago and I hope I don’t!

Sincerely, Nancy

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Hello Nancy,

Yes, dreams can warn people that something is going to happen, but none of those dreams were precognitive (the name of the gift), they were all visitations (by spirits or ghosts) by the sound of things.

In the first dream mentioned, on the boat, I believe the man came to you because he knew his daughter had had the accident. Did you see the accident, or get told of it, in the dream? His wife would definitely have needed your help in those circumstances, but he doesn’t appear to have told you what was going to, or had, happened.

Your first husband sounds like he keep avoiding going to ‘higher energy’, one by not ascending in the elevator, and two, by turning back and driving away, from whatever destination you guys were heading to. We often travel to the heaven’s planes when we are sleeping, but ghosts avoid it, remaining between heaven and earth, until they either decide to go themselves, get help from someone who loves them, or people like me who find lost souls and cross them over.

In that man’s case might I suggest you ask your guardian angel for help. “Archangel Michael, please find my husband (name) and take him into healing”. If he is still a lost soul, they’ll take care of it.

Sometimes we have precognitive dreams when we have a strong emotional connection to someone, and something life-changing happens to them – so it doesn’t happen very often. Other people are born with this skill as a gift, which can be very painful or frightening for them, but it is a gift, and we do choose to have it, if we believe that we ‘create our reality’. I don’t think you chose the gift. I think, instead, that your friend’s husband chose you to help his wife, and that is a compliment. He must have trusted you very much.

Love & Peace

Ama, The person that was in the dream had passed away just a couple of years before the dream. Like I said he was like a father figure and his wife was like a Mother to me.
Later I found out that the night that his daughter was killed, it was around the time I had the dream. I don’t think even her Mother knew yet. She was actually ran over by her own car and later it turned out that she was murdered. It is a long dad story, but she was married and it was later determined it was done by her husband. It was probably closer to 25 years ago and it was on America’s Most Wanted, because they husband ran off, when he became a suspect.
They believed it happened around mid-night and her body wasn’t discovered until about six the next morning, so I don’t think her Mom even knew yet when I had the dream.
It was very sad.

It makes sinse what you said about my first husband. He could still be hanging around. What is odd, I didn’t dream about him for years and I thought he had moved on.
My second husband and I were only married for eight years and we met soon after my first husband died and we were both widowed and comforted each other. When we first met and married soon after, we decided to respect our former spouces memories and even if we put them on the back burner for a while, we would be buried next to them when we died. Whomever went first. He died in 2,000 and he is buried with his former wife. I still have my spot next to my first husband and I will be buried there someday.
Even though I don’t feel that we will be reunited there in death, because I feel that only our earthly body is there and our spirit is somewhere else from time of death, so I don’t know if we will be reunited or not, but I hope so. 🙂

Hi Nancy Six years ago on October 19th ( I remember the date so clearly because of its importance to me) I had a vivid dream of walking in a room that was completely empty except for a casket at the far end . It was an open casket set up like a funeral was about to take place, with flowers surrounding it. I slowly walked up to it and as I got closer I saw a body which I took to be my grandfather ( who was still alive at the time at 96 yeas of age) A thought came to me that whoever it was would not be here by Christmas time. I remember waking up and telling my husband that something might be happening to my grandfather soon. Being his age I knew it was possible but still prepared myself. The next day we went to pick up my daughter at a friends and she came running up to the car, tears streaming down her face, a cell phone in her hand. ” Its your sister on the phone, grandpas in the hospital!” she wailed. Because of my dream I wasn’t totally shocked as I took the phone from her hand.Hands shaking I answered,”Yes Sarah, is grandpa ok?” sobbing on the other end she said ” Grandpas fine hes taking care of grandma right now.” My mind suddenly went numb. What did she just say? ” W-what do you mean hes fine?” ” Its dad Cindy, they just airlifted him to Salt Lake Memorial. Cindy he’s dying!” My father passed away 2 days later as I held his hand. It was then that I realized that I had saw my father in the casket for as he got older he looked almost exactly like my grandfather. But he had seemed perfectly fine before this happened. Now I never take dreams for granted or blow them off as an overactive subconsious. I now believe dreams can give you a heads up to things in life. Take care

Cindy, My Mother passed away March 1975, the Friday before Easter.
She had a stroke and was in a nursing home. I lived three hundred miles away and I hadn’t seen her for a month. On my last visit she didn’t even know me anymore. When I went to bed, I was thinking about her and planning to go see her Easter Sunday and take hear an Easter Lily. I woke up about three in the morning and she was standing at the end of my bed. I thought that this has to be a dream, because she looked young and healthy, not the sick old lady that I last visited. I feel back to sleep and about six in the morning my phone rang and it was my brother inlaw. He said the nursing home had called and my Mother had died during the night. They found her when they had made theit five O’clock am rounds. I told him I knew exactly when she passed, because she visited me at 3:00 Am.
I know that she made one last visit to me. 🙂
I really believe that our loved ones some times reach out to us in different ways and a lot of the time through dreams. 🙂

Not all dreams. Basically dreams are various some of those are meaningless
,some are usual, some are relative to a person’s nature, some are an announcement from heaven and some are satanic or demonic. I have an old Islamic prophetic book about dreams and those has a comprehensive explanation about the kinds dreams in its introduction section. May I do try to translate some of that section to English gradually ( it is in Persian language )and post those to this thread or the similar.

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