When I was 13 (I’m 17 fixing to be 18 now) I played with a Ouija board and I asked it who it was it told me its name but it said it was not human it said something about a future hazy (what ever that means).

Anyway, 3 months after I played with it I could hear voices speaking in Latin. Anyway, I saw a face that had skin color that was dead looking and sort of a grayish greenish yellow and it had sharp teeth and it had visible veins and pure red or yellow eyes… after that I was bobbing up and down rapidly and I could badly breath I said the 21 psalms and it stopped.

(through out that month I would switch from suicidal depression to homicidal rage with in a few short minutes)

A lot of years have past and last week I saw an inhuman figure standing around 6’3-6’4 with long arms dangling around its knees and it had spiky hair and horns and pure pale yellow almost white eyes (the scalar and iris was that mentioned color) it had no lips and very long sharp teeth but strangely I was not scared of it..

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Hello Xandria,
First off, I want to start by asking you to please get rid of the Ouija board. They are a portal and ANYTHING can come through them! many people have had bad experiences with it, and I myself, received a warning from my friends deceased grandmother to stop using it and to take the Ouija to the beach and burn it. That is what I would suggest you do, too, because you want to close that portal permanently, and you do not want anyone else getting their hands on it, but please do so in a safe way. If you are under age please have someone with you who is older so that no one gets hurt.

As for your feelings of suicidal depression to homicidal rage, has there, perhaps been things going on in your life to cause you to have these feelings? The reason I ask is because I am not really sure your being is of the demonic nature as much as it might be one of the elemental variety. You stated that you did not feel fear and demons usually love invoking this emotion out of us. There are others on here with more experience with demons and could give you a better insight, but for now, “Has this being still been coming around?” How do you feel when it is around? Are your depression and rage still a factor? I would probably need a bit more information to better offer you any assistance. If the being is elemental, they usually honor your request if you sternly ask them to leave. If it is anything other, try The Micheal Invocation (seen here down below this thread) and white light shields for protection. Best of Luck and hope you get answers/relief soon! LunaTerra

Yo this happend to me once. I was walking down the road at 3am in the morning after a late shift and I saw something in the distance I whispered WHOS THAT it did not say anything. Then it came up to me but it was actually a human about to ask if I was lost.

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