Demonic Possession Disguised As Schizophrenia?

My friend was diagnosed with Schizophrenia about a year ago; they say it’s self made.

If you knew this friend before he was diagnosed, you’d know him to be a very creative, generous, loving, good natured, kind person. For the past 5 months I’ve been receiving death threats almost daily regarding me and my boyfriend.

My boyfriend does not believe that our friend is himself anymore and believes that there’s an underlying problem other than the schizophrenia.

My friend lives in a different country and does not believe in the paranormal. Anytime you bring up the bible or anything like that and he’s having an episode, he gets very angry and the threats get worse and more menacing.

Is this just schizophrenia or is it possible that there’s an ulterior issue going on such as possession?

Asked by Shadow

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Hi Shadow,

I am sorry, but it is actually a symptom of schizophrenia to decide to hate some religious symbol or other. Most demons are not bothered by the bible, they know its just a book written by living people, and only has power over them if the person using it is a true Christian believer.

Possession by negative entities does not usually happen overnight. It is an slow, insidious invasion that your friend might have mentioned to you in some way over a long time. But mental illness can come on suddenly, or something can escalate it – like stress or trauma …

I hope your friend is on medication, and that he finds the peace and healing he needs to live a balanced life. Some of them do. In the meantime, as much as this is hard to write, he’s not the same person you knew, and if he’s threatening you, he’s not your friend anymore. Perhaps it would be better for both of you not to have contact with him .. at least until he is as well as he can be.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

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