Ghosts And The Spirit World

Demon Or Haunting Signs?

Hello, I wanted to ask this question to find some experiences or knowledge on the subject, I have some goings on in my home that have started to un nerve me, I have used the Michael Invocation everyday as well as all shields, I have prayed, read the bible, played hymns, I have done everything I can to shield myself, my home and my 1 year old but it makes no odds, so I’ve discovered or still discovering that I can feel spirit, I can physically feel them (vibrations, tickles, feeling of pin pricks, cold air) also in my organs, I can feel there presence as an intuition and also I can see them (flashes of colour, flashes of white, coloured auras, “sparkly air”, spirit above there loved ones heads, visitation in dreams, pictures inside of my eyelids, name cards in my dreams, everyday recently has been a learning curve of some sort, but there’s some disturbing experiences that I just want to simply take the fear away that it is as negative as demon, ill list the things that occur:

Very loud popping/cracking noises in both my TV’s as well as anything electrical (mostly tv’s)
A tapping noise that seems to follow me, wherever I am, in the house or out
Night terrors then waking up to my whole arms tingling like something is on top of me
Changing batteries in everything far too soon
One knock from the attic (never been up there) several times a night
feeling of someone blowing air in my eyes to make me blink
things going missing, me accusing people then it turning up in random places
black shadow race into 1 year olds room (only seen once)
1 year old waking up in hysterics (usually a very good sleeper)
what seems like everything that could go wrong going wrong in my life
random itchy spots on body, hives, ‘bites’, bruises
Hearing footsteps in the same room as me (no one there)
Door being nudged
being hit in the face
Seeing the number 2
water dripping when taps fully off
daughter looking as if she sees something (often)

There are more things as well, the worst parts are the noises my electrical devices make it can be so so loud and seems to happen in answer to my thoughts, being touched, dreams about negative and the D word, and my daughter being affected in anyway.

I do stay as positive as I can, I am single mother and never have many people round, in a sense I feel iv completely cut myself off from the outside, only going out to take my daughter to her groups or the shops (not healthy I know) please help me get to the bottom of this.

Asked by Tamsin

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