Demon in My Head That Follows Me?

Ok, when I used this pendulum to use it. A guy at work told me about it for yes and no answers. So I used it to see if I would get my ex back. I got yes and so on.

Then I started to use it for a game I use to see if it works. Then made me pray and so on. I felt something weird plow in my stomach. I stood up and was like what the hell was that?

After a week or two I’m hearing a lot of voices in my head and got to know its a demon tricking me.

I started to pray because he told me what to pray to forget some things and now its like if you do that I wont be able to talk to you. Then he can still.

Anything else I can do or just ignore him?

I’m better at nights but in the morning til I get a little bit tired he doesn’t talk because I don’t focus on him. It’s hard not too.

Asked by Kevin H

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Hi Kevin

You may have attracted a demon, but most likely you’ve got yourself a pesky ghost who’s playing with you, simply because it can.

Immediate action:

You can order it out in the name of God and demand that it does not return.
Or, you could ask your guardian angel to find it and escort it to the Light.
Or, there’s Ama’s Michael Inovation, found at the bottom of this page.
Or, construct a ‘bubble’ of energy around you to act like armour against the pesky critter.

Constructing a bubble – self

The first few times you try this, it may seem a little awkward but please do not worry. Once you have got the hang of it, bubble building is very simple.

1. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth. This will help to relax you and clear your mind.
2. When you feel ready, imagine a small speck of white light in the centre of your heart. Imagine it just shimmering there, like a white star.
3. In your own time, imagine this twinkling white light gradually expanding outwards, filling up your whole heart. Then, imagine it expanding further as it gradually starts to shine thought your whole body. In effect, this white light is like your blood force, reaching every part of your physical being.
4. Once you are happy that your body is completely filled with the white light, imagine the light expanding out further still, past your physical body and out approximately 3ft / 1m in every direction outside of you, with your body in the center of it. In other words, it is as if you have an invisible wall of bright, white light that is completely surrounding your physical being.
5. In your own time, imagine a beam of pure white light coming down from the heavens, through the crown of your head and down to the centre of your heart where the white light originated. This is known as the God source and is the pure love, which God represents.
6. Optional: Christian’s quite often like to place a gold cross above their crown for spiritual wisdom. The Star Of David, Star and Crescent or any other religious symbol would work just as effectively, if desired. However, this is purely down to preference so, by not placing any symbol above the crown will not affect the bubble’s effectiveness

Long term:

You have, by playing with the pendulum, managed to open yourself up psychically, but have not managed to close yourself down again.

I always found the best way to ‘shut down’, is to balance my chakra through meditation. There are plenty of books out there about how to go about this, as well as chakra sets. But, in the mean time, a bubble will help.


Hello Kevin,

As AJ suggests .. scroll the the bottom of this webpage, and go to the Michael Invocation and use the Invocation to clear whatever the entity is from your energy. It covers both demons and ghosts.

The pendulum connects more to earth elemental energy, depending on what sort of object you were using, metal, crystal, a ring on a string. There’s no guarantees that the answers that you get will be genuine .. in other words, you can’t trust it, because its likely that some entity is taking advantage of your focus on the pendulum to tell you what you want to hear.

The other thing is, playing with objects like that, and the ouija, are addictive. Many people are fascinated with what they can’t see or touch, although it still talks back to them. The fascination, as you have found, can lead to all kinds of trouble .. so take the pendulum and lose it somewhere.

Demons and ghosts feed on human energy. They attach themselves to people, sometimes with obvious permission, sometimes because the person doesn’t reallise they can say no. With demons a person might be hounded into giving in, but its always best to not allow anything to remain in your energy at all. AJ’s bubble is excellent, and there’s another link at the bottom of this page called ‘white light shields’. I would suggest you go and learn them as well, to protect yourself from other wandering entities, only because you are obviously vulnerable .. and its better to be safe. You already know what its like (exhausting, frightening, disruptive) to wear something that shouldn’t be around you at all.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

Don’t listen to the new age people, its a genuine demon.
Don’t listen to people telling you to ask Jesus- they genuinely believe it because often a demon pretends to react temporarily to that and every time you “idol worship” (pray to Jesus not God) you break apart your righteousness.

Demons cannot inhabit or affect a righteous person and I found this out myself after being viciously attacked no matter how much I shouted to Jesus.

You need to pray out loud (whisper is fine but must be audible)

Say this:

I accept you God as the one and only God, I repent making idols and I accept your son Jesus’s sacrifice as my saviour and the messiah”

That gets your idolitry commandment forgiven through repentance and your righteousness as a non-sinner restored in all the other Moses laws that were cancelled out with Jesus’s sacrifice, and you will be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, you might not feel different personally or maybe you will, but demons won’t be able to stand being near you. Bible days “satan will run away from the righteous” or something like that.

Right on Brother Dave. the OP needs to form his own relationship with God through Christ Jesus.