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Creepy Eerie Place Was It Evil Spirits Or Something?

About 10 years ago I had to go to the dentist for a new denture, and the dentist’s office was in a small town in the mountains of Utah where there was a history of coal mining going back for over 100 years. My son-in-law was with me and after the dentist made the impressions he said to come back in about 5 hours to get my new denture.

In the meantime we drove up into the hills driving around just to kill time. We came upon this really weird looking place, it was a huge building built into a mound of dirt, it looked like it had been abandoned for years. I’m not sure even what it was, there were some windows and a balcony about 30 feet from the ground, and the whole thing was covered with dirt. The minute we got close to it, we both had this eerie feeling that something didn’t want us there. There were no birds chirping or anything, it was silent as a grave.

We looked in one window that we could get to and saw a hallway with some side rooms apparently someone had lived there at one time. All the time we were there we both had the feeling we were being watched by something that didn’t want us there. We were kind of creeped out, so we didn’t stay there long. The place felt like something evil was lurking in the area.

I always wondered it it was evil spirits or something like that.

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Hello Bofferbings,

Evil or irritable? It’s more likely to be a grumpy human ghost than anything truly evil, it might even have been elementals (nature spirits) who didn’t like humans much, who were telling you both to leave again. I’ve walked into many locations and had ghosts tell me to go away .. and not always politely. 🙂 True evil is a whole different energy.

The otehr thing it could have been was a discordant (out of balance ley line (earth energy line), they can also make living people feel very uncomfortable, if not completed creeped out.

Hmm.. interesting experience. 🙂

Love & Peace