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Could These Objects Be Connected To A Haunting?

I think that my mom and dads house is haunted. We tried to do a lot of different things to get rid of the spirits but nothing seems to work.

There is an object that we have in our house that I think that might have something connected to it. Its an antique desk looking thing. They said that they found it on the side of the road.

We also have another object that is used to open bottles and break ice. Its from Alamo Iron something or another. I get a weird feeling around them. If its not that then I don’t know what it is.

This Haunting has been going on for a long long time. How would I go about getting rid of the spirits (Deamons)?

Asked by Zachary

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Hello Zachary,

Did the hauntings start specifically after one or the other of the objects came into the house? Yes, objects can give people ‘weird’ feelings, the gift is called psychometry, but that doesn’t mean they have ghosts attached to them.

Ghosts are not demons. Ghosts are people without bodies who have not crossed into heaven. Demons are far nastier, were never human, and are much harder to get rid of. Daemon, which are human-created entities, are a whole different being again. We can create them in our minds, and in a sense give them life, to fulfil certain tasks. They don’t usually cause trouble.

What is happening during your hauntings? Do your parents realise the house is haunted and that it is bothering you? And what do your parents want to do about it?

Love & Peace

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