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Could These Finger Prints Be Her Dad?

Hi,Just 8 months ago, my partner’s dad died of cancer. She misses him deeply.

A few months ago, my dog was acting strange, but not aggressive at all. She became unusually affectionate and then stopped to stare into the doorway.

My partner recorded it and looking back at the video were 2 orbs.

We once woke up due to our fire alarm beeping, even though it’s hard wired in!

Almost every morning, my partner wakes up with a hand print, which appears as bruises.

One morning, she woke in the early hours with a burn on her cheek as a small rectangular shape.

A few weeks ago told my partner that there were 2 oldish people waving to her at the top of the stairs, but didn’t frighten her, as she ran off to play (she’s 3yrs old.)

This has all happened since her dad died. She believes it could be her dad and grandmother.

Note that nothing has happened to me as of yet.

What are your opinions?

Asked by Michael

One reply on “Could These Finger Prints Be Her Dad?”

Hi Michael,

It is unlikely that a loving father would deliberately harm his child – hence the bruises in the shape of a hand and the burn on the cheek are unlikely to come from your partner’s father.

Two ‘oldish’ people are unlikely to be the child’s grandparent or great grandparent, instead I think your home is haunted by two old people, and perhaps others, that are starting to demand attention, from both your partner and your child. Personally, I wouldn’t allow strangers in my home, although we are frequently ‘haunted’ around here, as both my husband and I attract ghosts. What I do is regularly clear my home using one of the various Michael Invocations on the webpage (the link to which is at the bottom of this webpage). I also suggest you follow the link through to White Light Shields and use them to protect your 3 year old daughter, and your partner. Your partner can do them for herself, but even if you never see a ghost, you can still make the requests that set the ghosts and the living free.

Love & Peace