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Confused For Real Dreams Is It Sleep Paralysis?

A¬†few nights ago, I had this dream, where I was sleeping in my bed exactly the way I was (lying on my back) and from the corner of my eyes, from the left end of my bed, I saw a black figure, about 3 meter high (looked like a girl) and within seconds, it started growing, and I couldn’t move my head to the right to see what it was as if I had been paralyzed, all I could do was get up, which I did and opened my room’s door to run away (as I can reach my door’s handle from my bed) but a black mist came in from the door and I couldn’t see anything… now I thought it was really happening until I woke up, thank god!

These types of scary, ‘confused for real’ dreams, I have had previously as well so it’s not new to me, but what is it? Is this called sleep paralysis? Or is it something else? It’s really scary especially because the dream starts from my very room, and I’m usually in the same sleeping position, which again adds to the panic!

Asked by shreesa

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Hi Shreesa,

As you said yourself, it was a dream. Since you are already connected to the paranormal (have spooky experiences), its very likely that they might have some ‘astral travel’ or sleep paralysis component, but its just as likely that the experiences are taken from your memory of either past events, or movies you have seen during your life.

Sleep paralysis is when your mind wakes up before your body does, and your body needs a few moments (or minutes) to catch up. You cannot move in that time, and people do report being hypersensitive to the paranormal, if its in the room, or they simply experience hypnogogic images or noises ..

You might have had a ghost visit during that experience, but .. its just as likely that you didn’t, unless there was something else that happened to prove the visit?

Love & Peace

hi dear Ama, thanks for answering my question! well, i don’t think i have any proof to categorize it as a paranormal experience cos i wake up panicked but its not difficult to fall asleep again, now m sure if it was sth else, i wud feel anxious 4 no reasons and sleeping would be difficult… so the chances are 50-50 i guess!