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Colored Orb In Photos?

I was taking pictures of my grandmas yard (she lives in a rural area) got some good pretty scenery. As I reviewed the photos, I noticed this one photo had a greenish blue, more of a light bright green color orb surrounded by a misty or smoky cloud.

There was nothing to reflect, the sun was pointed at my camera and it was green. What could it be? A spirit guide? A dead relative?

Asked by Noah

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Hi Noah,

It might be the light reflecting off a bug, or some other ordinary item, such a drop of moisture, or dust, in the air, or it could be an earth or air elemental. We know them as fairies. The sky ones are called sylphs, the earth are called gnomes. No, I am not joking. They do actually exist. I’ve talked to a few over the years and they can be very wise and very determined.

Take more photos?

Love & Peace

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