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Cold House?

I have recently stayed at a relatives place when my family was on a 2 day trip. The apartment I stayed in with my grandmother is fairly cold during winter, and pretty hard to heat up. My friend said that it could just be old housing and stuff so all the heat gets let out somewhere else or the heating system might be just really bad. I have gone trough a million of possibilities what might be the solution and the answer to this but none seem to help.

I talked to my grandmother and she confirmed that she indeed believes in this and that she heard my great grandmother say her name before she died. This is also the same apartment in which my grandpa had a heart attack and passed away, and I have seen what I believe was a tall shadow (around a year ago).

But to get to the point, the time I stayed in that apartment was very strange. I had feelings like goosebumps all over my body and it was truly too hard to fall asleep at night. The place seemed to get colder at night and one night our internet and cable wiring got randomly ”pulled out”. The repair man stated that nobody but him and his colleague have access to the box in the basement of the building. It was too hard to fall asleep, because of the coldness and because there was just this really creepy feeling. Every night I would wake up around 2:21 AM without knowing why. Nothing special was happening besides the fact that when I woke up at that time, it was too hard to fall asleep again.

I have left that place now but, I am still feeling cold. When I returned to my house I still had (lets’ say) insomnia and I fell asleep around 2 AM.

I know this might be just an adjustment to the change of environment or just my imagination but I am really wondering about all the possibilities.

Thank you for the answer/answers in advance.

Asked by Anna

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Hello Anna,

Scroll to the bottom of this page and follow the link to the Michael Invocation and use it to clear your energy. That should remove anything that might be haunting you. You can also use it to clear your new home, and your old one, just by using the address.

Old houses do often lose temperature faster than modern ones, because the insulation in the walls, roof and floor is either missing, decayed or simply not there. Ghosts, and other negative entities, can remove heat from a room, and a person, because they need the energy to ‘survive’, this is why its a good idea not to live in a haunted house, even if the ghost seems friendly.

Waking up at 2.00am .. or between then and 4.00am each morning is not unusual. Most people do this, but they only surface gently and then drift back to sleep. If you were being woken by an entity, or sensed one around you then, you might have developed a pattern of waking up to feel safe, but once your energy is clear, tell yourself – each night before you sleep – that you don’t need to do that anymore, and you should go back to normal sleeping patterns.

Family members who have died and can come back and visit. They don’t stay long, will draw attention to themselves, and then go back to heaven’. It’s normal and not a problem. The problem is when they stay around forever, use human energy for food, and don’t mind their manners .. that’s why the Michael Invocation is helpful .. it sets them both them and the living free.

Love & Peace

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