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Channeling Spirits; is it Safe and Has Anyone Ever Done it?

Hello Everyone!! It has been documented throughout history and in many cultures of the practice of Spirit Channeling; the belief that a ghost or spirit can take over a living human body, supposedly to deliver messages. My question is, “Has anyone ever done this? Is it something you would recommend? Do any of you think the practice is safe?” It is merely a curiosity of mine and I am very interested in others takes on the concept. Thanks! LunaTerra

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Hi Luna,

The Sybil didn’t channel spirits, although the priests who interpreted the confused ramblings of their drugged priestesses, who sat on stools over volcanic vents in their temples inhaling the fumes, would have loved people to believe the ‘Gods’ were speaking through their followers.

As you know, I am not a fan of channelling because of the confusion it creates, among other things. There are so many people now receiving ‘messages’, usually from entities they can’t define, describe or even know if they are in the Light (good) or in the dark (not good), let alone know who they are or what their name is. It appears to be enough for the channeller if the entity comes from Pleiades or the Galatic Federation (which replaced ‘the Tibetan’ and other ascended masters (late 1800’s on onwards), and american indians of names like White Feather and Running Elk (1990’s and beyond) who are supposed to be watching over humanity even now). The unwary human soaks up the ‘feel good’ message, that when analysed even a little carefully, says absolutely nothing helpful in far too many words, or contradicts itself somewhere along the line. People become enamoured of these entities, and the whole channelling experience, which often leaves them sick and exhausted, rather than considering why they have been chosen to received messages that aren’t actually helping anyone .. except the entity, which seems to get a good feed of human energy in the process.

Here’s a quick example – “Beloved, we come to you today to tell you how happy we are to speak with you, and to say how proud we are of you and all the good work you are doing while in your human incarnation. We know how difficult your life is, but if you will rise above your human suffering in the end you will be triumphant, and humanity will ascend to the 4th (5th, 12th???) dimension (which is due to happen around the 21st December this year)(my comments in the brackets). We support you in this work .. ” etc. Has anyone ever noticed that most new age people are not making any money, or even enough to live on, unless they have second jobs, or high qualifications, or fancy names to fall back on?

Ok, so its all downhill from here. I want to know how the ‘Pleiadians’ (my apologies to the couple of nice ones I have met who never asked to channel through me) are supporting the person .. its not even physically, because by the time they finish speaking, or writing this message, they need someone to sit at their feet and feed them energy to recover. No, I am not kidding. I have seen it happen. And before you think I am a grumpy old b**tch .. Yes, I have channelled .. angels I could identify, and question and be certain of their purpose and intention. And not one of them has ever called me ‘Beloved’, thank heavens, nor have their messages ever contradicted themselves, nor did they drain me of one drop of evergy. I always felt Light and strong afterwards.

If a person wants to channel make sure of a few things

1) your motives are clear and of good intention (not ego driven)
2) you protect your energy first. Light beings work very easily through Light shields
3) you know who you are speaking to, or allowing to speak through you, or write messages with your hand
4) they distinctly arrive and distinctly cut the connection to your energy when they leave
5) they leave you feeling whole, hearty and happy when they go
6) the message they give you makes perfect sense, and does not contradict itself at all, even a little
7) the message, if for another person, resonates (feels right to) the other person. If I hear one more medium say something like ‘it doesn’t make sense now, but if you think it about it it will .. can I leave that with you?’ (they get very annoyed when you say no .. and I do say no.)

And do not channel ghosts, because ghosts are negative energy beings and will drain you dry .. even unintentionally.

Climbing down off my soapbox now,
Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

Hi Luna

Personally, I would not recommend it – certainly, not unless you know exactly how to test and question Spirit correctly to make sure you’re not being deceived nor put in danger.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of professional trance mediums out there who simply don’t bother testing spirit. The result? Some very destructive, confusing or inacurate messages coming through to the medium’s client.

Then there’s speaking in tongues, practised quite a bit by the C of E – mainly the clergy. What is the point of that, if no one understands what your blubbering about? This, see Ama’s list above, goes against the whole ethos of channelling. But, there is certainly an element of ego linked to the practise …. like; we do it (clergy) so its Gods words whereas, you do it (non-Christian) so it’s Satan’s words! Hmm.. trouble is; no one knows because no one understands the language. But there you go!


Thanks Ama and AJ!
No, I have absolutely no intention to channel any spirits, I was just curious what people’s thoughts were on the subject. I happen to agree with both of you and think that it is deffinitely an unsafe practice, especially in the hand of those who do not know how to test spirit. I agree that the risk of attachment is great when channeling, especially if the channeler is a novice, does not know how to discern the energy of the being and importantly, test the being/spirit and know that it is of God’s Light.

This time of year, (Halloween, All Hallow’s Eve) is especially risky, because there are going to be so many who will want to try such things for a cheap thrill, but will end up with more serious issues as a result. it’s better, for the young ones especially, to stick with their Halloween parties and trick or treating rather than mess around with this stuff. Thank you both for your input! 😀

I have to agree, Luna, better people stay away from things they do not understand, and most people do not understand how ouija boards work .. so stay right away from them.

Love & Peace


I have channeled twice……..with the same person and in the same room in the house. It was unentional and I can’t remember a thing I said, the other people in the room said I was mean to the person I was talking to……and I didn’t even know I was talking at all.

One minute I was at a party – the next I knew I was waking up and was totally disoriented, couldn’t figure out what happened.

Any insight would be very much appreciated.

I was not on medication or drinking……it really happened, I went somewhere, someone used my body and I don’t get it.


Hi Teresa,

The first time happened unintentionally, the second time .. did you give permission, were you asked to ‘try’, or did the entity simply invade your body and take over without permission?

The message caused harm, or certainly wasn’t polite, so whomever you were channelling was not a “light” being, but sounds more like a lost soul.

Next time you go to that place, wear a white light shield (scroll to the bottom of this page, the link to them is there). That should protect you from unwanted invasion by unseen entities. I suggest you learn it well and use it all the time, because if you are vulnerable to be ‘used’, it won’t be just there it happens.

Say no. Its your body, your energy, and you are ultimately responsible for every word your mouth creates, regardless of who was speaking through you. That’s karma.

You are called an ‘involuntary trance channel’, you might do well to go to your nearest spiritual church and learn how to do this safely, and get tougher .. entities should not be able to invade you like that.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

Hi Ama
Love the mentioning of the word beloved. I have always felt it to be a little