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Candy Eating Ghost?

I was sleeping and heard the front door unlock and heavy foot steps in the hall that I assumed was my boyfriend coming home very late. Someone flopped on the bed beside me and place there hand over mine. Which, felt heavy and very warm. I then could hear someone eating hard candy. I could hear the candy rattling over the teeth and smell of raspberry, blackberry odor.

I thought nothing of it and rolled over feeling my hand slipped out from under the other hand. I assumed my boyfriend had been drinking due to this unusual behavior.

I awoke to get a drink of water and noticed the bed was empty beside me. I got up and looked around the house, all of the doors were locked and my boyfriend was not home. I called him and was sleeping at his friends house over 45 minutes away. He came home and we both searched the house to find nothing unusual or disturbed.

Could this be a ghost? I was always assumed ghosts were cold and did not eat candy in bed ?

Asked by Lisa

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Hi Lisa,

Yes it could have been a ghost. They have a habit of repeating the behaviours they had when alive. Whether the ghost lived in your home, or simply as passing through, I wouldn’t worry about the visit unless it happens again.

Yes, most ghosts are cold, some have been warm to the touch, but not often. As for candy .. he must have eaten it when he was alive.

Love & Peace

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