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Can Salt Be Used To Cleanse A Car?

Hi. Enjoy and have learned so much from you. Thank you. Just a worrying problem. My son’s car looks quite good from the outside.

But just recently so much problems one after the other.When one things gets fixed other thing in the car need attention.

Could there be evil eyes on the car?

Can salt be used to cleanse the car?

Asked by Zaina

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Hi Zaina,

I once owned a taxi like that. It was cascade failure all the way. I would just get one thing fixed and another would fail. It cost me a fortune and I ended up selling to another taxi owner, who, two weeks later, wrote it off in a crash. He wasn’t hurt, thank heavens, but all that money went to the wreckers.

Some cars are just ‘lemons’, and if its a second hand one, its entirely possible that whomever owned it before did not treat it well, or do the right maintenance.

In the meantime, you can bless practically anything with salt and water. If you are Catholic, or live near a Catholic Church, you could get a container of the Holy Water and use that to bless the car and clear it. Tip a little on the inside, some on the engine and some on the outside. You don’t need a bucket load to do that, three small handfuls go a long way .. and they are easy to collect in a small bottle.

Salt corrodes metal, so truthfully, I would be less inclined to use salt on a car, and when the car was washed, the salt would be washed off, and vacuumed up .. but if its a means of last resort, use that.

The other thing you could use is the Michael Invocation, the link to it is at the bottom of this webpage. Use the number plate as a way of identifying the car and say the Invocation, and that should remove any form of problem, if its metaphysical rather than mechanical.

Love & Peace