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Can A House Have Its Own Energy?

A couple months ago I saw a house in town on a rarely traveled one way street that has sucked me in to the point I dream about it. I obsess about it to the point that I really want to know who owns it so I can see the inside. It is vacant and has been for most of the last few years. I don’t know why I feel I NEED to see the inside.

I am not house shopping. I don’t know what I would do inside. I walked around up there once and felt scared. I don’t scare easily. I told myself it was just because I was somewhere I shouldn’t be and the house is a bit run down. For a couple nights after though I would wake with this voice in my head telling me to stay away because there was something not good there.

I try to rationalize that this draw to the house is just the product of an active, sometimes obsessive, imagination. I saw on a paranormal show once though where people said the house chose them. Is it possible that the strong draw to the house could be paranormal?

I should also mention that up the hill from the house is an Indian Burial Mound which causes some people to think that whole neighborhood is filled with paranormal activity. I don’t believe the presence of an Indian Burial Mound would automatically mean paranormal activity. In this case, the land and customs of the Native Americans are very well respected.

Asked by A. Corbin

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Hi A. Corbin

Twice now, I have ended up buying property which, before purchase, said they were the last places I’d want to live in! The first was bought because my then husband fell in love with it, so that was decided. It turned out to be haunted – in a major way!! The second, that I’d walked passed for 16 years, was bought because it was wheelchair friendly but, if it weren’t for that, I’ve never moved here. I must’ve known I needed somewhere disabled friendly at some point in the future, for those 16 years, so that’s why I didn’t like it?? But, in both cases, I’m convinced those houses chose me!

Yes, it is strange, but houses do give off energy. It is mainly a combination of previous and current occupants influence that experiences but, occasionally, it can be caused by a ghost or leylines or simply the plot itself on which the property is built.

As for your house – how old is it?? It might be that the design of the property reminds you of somewhere with bad memories? If it is old enough, it might be where you lived in a passed life? Or, it might have a malign spirit housed within in?

Have you done any research into the history of the property itself?


The house is over a hundred years old. I looked more into what is up on the hill. I guess there are 12 Indian Burial Mounds. We do have a local historical museum. Maybe I can ask the man who runs it for some information over the holiday break.

It didn’t scare me until I went up to it. From afar I find it very intriguing. Like I said though, maybe it just made me uneasy because I am usually a “rule follower” and I was creeping around somewhere I shouldn’t be. I admit I peeked in the windows. :-s It is clear that someone left in the middle of renovations. Whether the renovations turned out to be more intensive than they though or maybe they stirred up some paranormal activity, I don’t know.

Houses are fascinating. A place of accumulating energy. People, and other entities, leave their emotional cast-offs in the boundaries, including on the house block. They can act like a magnet to some folk, and repel others, all the while just being a heap of bricks and mortar, or wood and nails.

And then there’s the land – which can also be haunted, long before anyone considered building houses there. Just because something is beautiful, and has a good view, doesn’t mean it wasn’t ‘pre-loved’ by other people, who didn’t build houses.

I once lived in a haunted house about 6 hours drive north of Adelaide, Australia. It is a very modern mining town, but the fellow haunting it was a very ancient aborigine, who didn’t like that I had the foundation for my home buried where his bones were.

And then there’s this house we have now. We moved in in July. A year or so before that we had been looking at another house in this same town, and had driven down this street, to the end, as a bit of exploring. As we passed this house, my husband looked at it and said “I could live there”, but it wasn’t the sort of house we were looking at at the time. A year later we arranged for the real estate to show us around .. and bought it. Tons of renovations later, its starting to look very good .. but oh, the energy of this house is odd, and the town is too .. very spooky at times, and we are just down the hill from a dormant volcano.

A Corbin, if you go to the city council you should be able to find out who owns the house, and contact details. You could get in contact with them and find out why the house is unfinished. It could be a deceased estate, or a divorced one, or it could be haunted – by someone nice, or something nasty. Until then, stay away if you can. The other thing I would do is to ask your angels to clear the energy of the house. Being a human being you can defy free will and actually make the request. If the place is haunted, the ghosts will be crossed over, and anything negative removed.

“Archangel Michael, please Find the house at (address) or (this house I am standing in front of) and clear the energy. Take home anyone who needs to go, anyone who wants to go, and anything that wants to argue”. That usually works for me.

Then, the next day, see if you are still drawn to the house?

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

And then the other thing that came to mind, while I was having breakfast, is that a person might have had a past life in a certain house, and when they see it again they can feel very drawn to it? Kinda like me in London and Edinburgh?

Love & Peace

A. Corbin,
As always, I promote the advice of Ama and A.J. In fact, my first thought was, “hmm…did you live there in a past life”?

My speciality revolves around dreams. So, the only thing I can add here about the paranormal aspect: Journal your dreams about the house. All kinds of little details tend to come up in dreams…I would even recommend falling asleep while focusing on the house and see what comes up.

I mostly wanted to add that I’m a firm believer that houses have energy. My sensitivity to the paranormal has increased since my wife and I moved to our new house about 2 months ago(actually, my wifes abilities have improved as well).
In my case, it is a VERY good energy. We were drawn to this house, but not by anything paranormal….at least, it didn’t seem that way at first. Now we just know it is where we are supposed to be.

So the energy we are dealing with is very positive….but I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t noticibly paranormal. 🙂