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Can A Ghost Grow And Age?

My son has been seeing the spirit of a young boy his whole life on and off.  It is with him no matter where he moves to.

He is now 21 yrs old and he told me recently that he has been seeing him more often now, except he seems to be taller and a little older.

Is this possible and have you had similar experiences?

Asked by Meg

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Spirits (intellectual entities) can project themselves how they want to be seen. Perhaps this spirit has aged with your son because that is how he believes he should and therefore that is how he projects himself. Also keep in mind, children perceive things differently than adults do. How many times have we seen adults (teachers etc) once we were grown and thought “I don’t remember him/her being that short” or similar things.

Hi Meg,

No, ghosts do not grow and age. They are trapped in time and space. Has your son ever talked to the boy? He might be seeing the boy from a different perspective now, or the boy could be one of his spirit guides.

A ghost is a lost soul who needs to find peace and healing. At the bottom of this webpage is a link to the Michael Invocation that your son could use to send the boy into healing. I do recommend it, because the boy could be another sort of entity entirely, and no one should ‘live’ with a ghost around them all the time, for their good health.

Love & Peace

Think outside the box. What if the boy is not a spirit or whatever. What if your son is seeing someone thru a time or space portal? What if some of these people r just from a parallel place in the universe that we cant physically see most times with our eyes??? Then they would age, wouldn’t they? Open your minds to other ideas. Please…..

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