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Can A Ghost Drain Energy?

My dearest friend/ boyfriend died three years ago. I was managing my depression, ptsd, anxiety and insomnia. His mother just passed a few months ago and now I have fell into depression again. I forgot how to be happy.

I knew Eric since I was 26 and I am 55 now. He was always there for me between relationships and when my marriage broke up I really fell for him though he still had a girlfriend. I didn’t mind I just wanted him. He and his girlfriend went for a walk in the rain and died for hypothermia. They weren’t found till a month later.

I was in shock when I heard from his mother that he was dead. I had just seen him weeks ago and gave him a guitar pick which they found in his pocket. I could go on about our relationship but it holds a lot.

I have a boyfriend and daughter finally back in my house (another long story) I should be happy but I am having trouble letting go. I think of Eric every day. We were psychically and spiritually connected. We knew when something was wrong. He taught me this song on the guitar called “a man of constant sorrow” when I was watching a movie called “oh brother where out thou” the song played and I had to call Eric to tell him and his mom told me he was missing. In the song it said I will learn to love another and we shall meet again one day on Gods golden shore.

I keep changing my medicine and it helps for a short while but then I back the way I was: no energy don’t want to go out, it’s depressing to take a shower more than once a week because I am overweight. I have a 16 year old daughter I can’t stay this way. I used to write poetry {I’ve self published a book with my own water color paintings, and i’ve been published in a college student book) I write songs on guitar and sing or I should say I used to. everything is a drag. I need to be happier. I have bought books and watch movies on how to be happy which I don’t know if it helps yet.

Could Erics ghost be taking my energy? I know he is around because while his mom was still alive, I gave her a copy of my book of poems of which Eric and his mom was a big inspiration to me. We stood at the front door of her home as I handed her my book and we both got goosebumps and hair stood up on both out arms on one of the same sides. there was no wind no cold breeze. It felt like Eric was there behind his moms shoulder and came to mind as if to say, I wanna see! I have tried so hard that I just gave up trying to move on.

I have arthritis and don’t go for walks any more. I just want to stay in my room watch movies and forget it all. I know its about me changing me. I go to therapy physical and mental I go to school part time I try to self heal. I feel exhausted. Please help this is deep. My psychiatrist said I am crying like a teenager. That’s not fair is it? I am hoping you can help me find my happy. My psychotherapist is helping me by writing stuff down and reading it and burning it, and other methods other than just talk. Like I said I am exhausted and sad and I just want to find my happy.

Asked by bivouaco

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I’m very sorry to hear that and I’m sorry about your loss. Ghosts can drain your energy and I think that yes, Eric is watching over you. If you guys had such a deep connection then he would stick around to watch over you. It is hard to let go but maybe you would be happier if you let Eric go. Know that he is now in a better place and watches over you. He won’t want to see you so sad over him. Make him happy and you happy by letting him go. Brooding over something takes awhile to get over, but it will get better. I wish you the best of luck, bivouaco!

thank you Ashly, a couple of weeks ago i took a selfie picture to post for an online class. the picture was smeared and two faces showed up. one was a little taller than me , our eyes were smeared together but there was definately two faces. the strange part was the look on my face looked different than what i posed for and the face next to me resembles Eric. i thought about it for weeks then i tried to tell Eric he couldn’t be3 inside me anymore i wqa too sad (he had depression and would stay in bed most of the day) i told Eric he can be next to me and not in me and i am feeling a little better. i had a couple of better days. and i actually picked up my guitar. but it doesn’t feel over yet. it really helps to confirm he is really here with me. Thanks

It’s me again. =) I am very happy to hear that you are doing better. That was very smart of you to tell me that he can be next to you but not inside of you. Maybe he was making you so upset because he was inside of you and his energy was taking over yours. My guess is as good as anybodys! And you found a way to keep him around without him affecting you negatively. Glad to hear that youre improving!

If your boyfriend is a ghost, you should get him crossed over. He will be at peace and will stop taking your energy once he is there in Heaven. To cross him over you can try the “Michael Invocation” that is listed under the ‘Pages’ section at the bottom of this website. Try that. USE the white Light shields as well listed under the ‘Pages’ section to help keep him from draining you so much.
You can also ask like this, “Archangel Michael, FIND (insert his full name) and TAKE him into healing.” Once he is crossed over, he can visit you freely at anytime, he will probably do a better job at watching over you, and he will not take your energy. I hope that helps.

Hello Bivouaco,

Your ‘happy’ is not lost, its just hiding under a bunch of emotions that lay on us like blankets and need to be uncovered, a layer at a time. Digging through the layers brings up all the memories and feelings (ones we are aware of (conscious) and ones in the back of our minds (subconscious)), and some of them are like knives, having done the ‘knife’ process myself just recently. We survive, we grow, we change .. we have to, we are beings that do this anyway. Choosing to stay in one spot emotionally just makes it all harder, as does having entities around us that are caught in one spot, in time and place (and emotion), as ghosts are.

As Micle advised, the best solution right now is the Michael Invocation. It gives your guardian angel permission to put his hand on Eric’s shoulder and guide him into a healing place. If you have not made this request already, do it now. And then use the Invocation, the instructions are on the webpage, to clear both your home (the whole building if you live in an apartment) and Eric’s mother’s home, because if he was haunting you, he was probably haunting her as well.

Yes ghosts take energy. Some do it on purpose, because they know they can, and others do it because it is like food for us, they need it to remain on this plane of existence. Most don’t mean any harm, but they do do harm, and really should be in heaven letting go of all the pain from their past, so that everyone can move on, not just them.

The “writing things down and burning them” is a really good idea. Start on the top of page one and keep writing until you run out of words. But what you are not supposed to do is read it through again, edit anything, change words, add full stops, or wonder if you forgot something. None of that matters. Just dump the words on the paper .. then screw the papers up and take them and burn them somewhere safe. Dump the energy with the words, don’t draw it back into yourself by reading it again. And yes, you have to do it over and over, particularly when its hard to let go. Eventually you’ll find there’s less to write, or you’ll go into the next stage of grieving, which is to get angry .. a healthy angry, not destructive ..

While you might not be able to walk far, can you swim? Is there water therapy available around you. That can be even more effective, while supporting your body. And then there’s the diet, which might not be helped by the medication necessary to help balance your emotions .. but persist. A little at a time. Put a towel over the mirror and have a shower every day. Set a clock to do it at the same time, first thing in the morning, or last thing at night – whichever suits you best. Do it because your body is your haven, whatever shape it is, regardless of how it is responding or what it looks like. I speak from experience, we are what we are, what we make ourselves, and unmake .. when we diet. Eating may be comfort for a moment, but then its a pound or three on our hips. I have given up chocolate, for various good reasons. LOL

I know … you write music .. why not write out everything you are feeling as songs. You probably have written a goodbye and thank you song to Eric, but if you haven’t .. it might help. Letting go is a b*tch. I know this because my oldest best pain-in-the-butt friend died two years ago and I still miss him. He was 93, and I was 51, when he died. Sometimes I am sad, but then I try and focus on either when we had great fun, or when he made me angry .. because he was good at both. It’s better than feeling sad.

I’m glad you’ve got the emotional support from your therapists, it does help, but you have to let them, and you have to choose to let go. I won’t say that Eric will visit after he’s been through healing, because that will probably take a long time, given the way you describe him. I will say, as the others did, that he, and your other loved ones in spirit, are watching over you, as are your angels. We all have a guardian angel who stands behind our right shoulder, from the group called Michael (our spiritual protectors), and you can ask them for help. You can also ask them to give you a push each morning to get moving. They are always gentle, mine are bossy as blazes, but .. they are totally loving, supporting, and helpful .. when we let them.

Rise up, angel. Life is a challenge, but we learn nothing when life is easy, and you are a very strong person or you would not have chosen to experiences these challenges.

And when you are ready, have a look at somewhere like for getting your book out among the people. If you haven’t already, they ‘publish by request’ ..

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

thank you all for the help. all i could do is read and cry and it felt right. i will get back to you all for updates. right now i am going to read over and over what you all said. it is comforting to know it’s not just me. Thanks everyone!

woops i meant to say i posted the picture of the two faces of me and eric on facebook. look for bivouaco.

update. i finally put a bed sheet over the mirror in my bedroom. i thought because i see it first thing in the morning. a strange thing happened though i could smell the scent of fresh carnations or flowers. it was right outside my bedroom door. i have had that experience before with no flowers in sight. what does it mean?

Hi Bivouaco,

Two things ..

The flower smell .. could be perfume, but I usually connect it with my angels. Not something to worry about, IMO.

And the 2nd is that I tried to find you on facebook, but the name is rather common, so I had no luck. Look for me instead?

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra