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Black Oval Shape Moving On The Wall

I lived at an apartment complex and I would see on the concrete wall black oval shape going straight up the wall and I could see it clearly from my peripheral vision. It would zoom straight up and it would be a perfect oval and always black.

It was not a mouse because it would be a flat wall with nothing hanging and the curling was concrete.

I would see it occasionally and only at that apartment.

I would like to know what it was.

Asked by Sally

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Hi Sally,

What you saw was probably an astral entity .. the astral plane, also known as the void, is a field of energy that surrounds the ‘third dimension’ .. which is where we all live and get on with our lives. There are other planes of existence as well, and each has its own sort of entities, such as angels, and elementals (nature spirits) .. and really they are nothing to be worried about.

The round forms that appear in digital photos these days are called orbs. I have never met a negative orb. They are always positive, including the black ones, and generally comes in a variety of colours. You can look up spirit orbs on the internet and see lots of photos.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra