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Are Me And My Partner Being Haunted?

My boyfriend and I visited a medium and psychic about 3 months ago now and since being interested in these things we have had a number of experiences. Mainly seeing orbs and generally feeling quite positive they haven felt evil. But last night we both experienced something which is troubling us quite badly and I would really appreciate your time in reading my story and offering as much insight as possible.

Last night me and my boyfriend were asleep in bed. Around 3:30 I woke from a nightmare and I saw a large black figure (like a very large black cloak,) of about 7-8 ft standing against my bedroom wall in front of my bed by the window. I immediately hid under the cover and woke my boyfriend up. Whilst I went back to sleep my partner told me this morning that he remained awake for much of the night.

He noted that this figure proceeded to act as though it was looking for something in my room, rustling plastic bags, clothes etc. He said that the figure proceeded to move around the room and then he felt a strong tugging on at the bottom of our bed covers. He persistently tried to kick in an upwards motion to stop the tugging and he then heard this thing go under the bed towards he end where he felt someone touching his hair.

He eventually got to sleep at about 5am and I woke up telling him I’d had terrible nightmares of the big figure at the end of the bed and at one point in what I thought was a dream I was trying to call his name but could not speak. He said it wasn’t a dream as he see, felt and heard the figure moving around and rustling things.

This figure has no face but he noted that it did have long finger nails.

My partner, three years ago, experienced a black off face fly towards him in his bedroom (at another house) but other than that we have not experienced anything else.

I woke up feeling very tired in my body, as though I have been at the gym. My neck in particular, feels strained as though I have been lifting something heavy.

I have left my house to go stay at my boyfriends tonight but I’m keen to learn what this could be.

Asked by hayley


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Hi Hayley,

It sounds like a ghost. It doesn’t act like a shadow person, which generally appears to be getting on with its business and not noticing living people. A ghost will harass the living to try and frighten them, because it uses the energy to keep itself feeling real.

I suggest that you use the Michael Invocation, link down below, to clear yourself and your home. Also ask your boyfriend to do it for himself and his home, and that should take care of the problem.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra