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Are Dark Images Always Negative Energies?

Are dark images always negatives energies?

I have one that comes into my bedroom every night after I turn the light out. It isn’t very big. Its about the size of a basket ball. It starts getting bigger and loses its shape. Ten a bunch of little spiders come out of it.

I told you about the big spider I have every night, well now there are one big and several small. I try to ignore them, because I know it is my imagination and I keep telling myself that.

The other night I got up to use the rest room and I was fully awake, but when I returned to my bed there was a very colorful spider about the size of my fist on my husbands head. He was sound asleep and I didn’t want to scare him, so I put my hand on it to remove it and it ended up on the top of my hand. At that point I shook it off my hand, even though I tried to remain calm.
It was pretty though it was several pastel colors and all sparkly.

I’m beginning to think maybe it could be something with him and not me. He doesn’t or pretends not to see these things.
I’m getting a little tired of these spiders, even though they don’t scare me anymore, but the colorful one was a change.

Should I be concerned about them?

Asked by Nancy

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Hey Nancy,

Short answer is ‘no’, not everything black is evil, not everything dark is negative. Sometimes they are shadow people, who generally don’t react with humanity.

The spiders, cute or otherwise, should be outside. Was it a living spider you saw? The colours sound strange to me.

If the spiders were real I would recommend fly spray, or spider ‘bombing’ your house, but if they are just elementals .. could be visiting. Generally they don’t mean any harm, they just look scary. What do you feel you should do about the situation?

Love & Peace

Ama, I know they are not real, because if I sit up or reach out they disappear. I know it has to be my imagination. My mind playing tricks on me.
That is why it surprised me when I saw the colorful one stay as long as it did on my hand. It was very pretty with sparkly colors. Usually they are dark in color.
I recite the Michael Invocation almost every night, so I hope they will quit visiting me after awhile.

Well, they don’t sound harmful, Nancy, and, quite truthfully, given the odd things I can see, and have seen, they might well be little elemental energy forms who just like being around you or your husband. In other words, its probably not your imagination. 🙂

Love & Peace

Hi Ama!
When I was a child, for about 2 years, I used to see an adult size dark figure that would walk around in my room as well as my closet and the hallway. It normally wouldn’t do anything. But it would come back on random other nights. During those 2 years, I would try to sleep but would wake up with stomach aches that would last most of the night, and I would have nightmares of the dark figure taking over the bodies/minds of of my family members. One night I woke up from a nightmare and had an awful painful feeling in my gut, so I tried to run across the hallway to my parents room, but a giant dark figure grabbed me in the hallway, wrapped his huge arms around me, picked me up and was squeezing me so tight I could barely breathe. It was roaring like a beast and it was trying to pull me into the hall closet. I fought him by kicking and flailing around and trying to scream for help. My parents came out in the hallway, turned on the light and he dissapeared. I’ve never been so terrified in my life. It never happened again since then.
Do you know what that was? Was it just my imagination or something more?
Thank you for all that you do. 🙂

Hi Ryan,

If you would not mind answering a few questions ..

When did this happen? How old were you? Have you discussed the with with your parents as an adult? You were obviously being haunted by something, given the dreams and tummy ache (overactive solar plexus chakra can cause this), but I have to wonder if you actually dreamed it, or experienced it on the astral plane, rather than in the physical world. It is unusual for something that sounds so powerful to be scared away only by light and a couple of parents.

Love & Peace

Thanks for replying so quickly. I think I might’ve been around 7 years old when the dark figures started showing up at night, and then I was about 8 or 9 when I had the experience with the big dark shadow beast. I’ve brought it up to my parents as an adult, but they don’t believe it was anything but a dream because they didn’t see it when they came out in the hallway. It is possible it was a dream, but I feel like it was something more.
Would you mind elaborating on why I could’ve experienced that on an astral plane? Now that you’ve brought that up, I feel like I should tell you that during those same years, I would experience what I thought were dreams, of flying and hovering all over the place. I had those dreams often during those years. Was I just dreaming all of these things, or is it possible that something else was happening?

Hi Ryan,

The majority of people Astral Travel when they are asleep. Our spirits do not need as much rest as our bodies do, and its a great time to go out of them and go back to school (spiritual), or visit friends and family all around the world. I once went to the Great Wall of China that way, and remember it all quite vividly. It’s normal.

So a person who experiences dreams of flying might be astral travelling from one place to another, or simply flying for fun. I know I used to do that as a child, because it was so vivid that I tried to make them attempt when awake, and skinned my nose. I couldn’t understand how I could fly while in this body?

And the entities that you experienced could well have done what they did to your astral self, and the physical self might have manifest marks or bruises in the place where you were grabbed. That also has happened to me. Not everything is friendly to humanity in the astral planes, which is why I recommend White Light Shields (you’ll find a link at the bottom of this webpage) .. for anyone who wants to travel in their sleep.

Love & Peace

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