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Appearance Of Beings And People When We Are Home Alone

Our family is not unknown to strange paranormal activity. It’s gotten to a point where besides hearing things we actually see beings or people when we’re home alone.

Now it’s escalated to where last night my niece had an actual conversation while being wide awake with her older sister at 3 am. The only problem was my niece was at my house which is an hour away. Who she had this conversation with we do not know.

What do we do?

What is this called?

Please respond as soon as you can.

Asked by Daisy

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Hi Daisy,

Your niece had a conversation with her older sister? I gather her sister was not at the same house? Or did your niece say she was talking with her sister? Does the sister remember the conversation?

Sorry about the delay in replying, and the questions .. but it might just simply be a case of telepathy (even if your niece did speak out loud) or she was talking to a ghost who looked like her sister?

Love & Peace