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Anomaly In Video?

So me and and my friend were building a fort and we both decided to take both a picture and a video, but I decided just to take a video. I took it on Snapchat, and I watched it the first time and noticed something, we both weren’t sure what it was.

My friend had jumped into the video and then right behind her, I saw something that looked like it was almost following her but then it instantly turned away as she moved out of the picture. We had my lamp on, but it wasn’t right beside me as I took the video.

We both got very scared but didn’t know what it was, and tried to find out what it was and kept asking ourselfs what it could have been. We still don’t know what it was, and I would just like to know if this was something paranormal or not. Because I have had a paranormal experience before, but nothing like this. Can someone help me?

Asked by Jenna

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