Angels, Spirit Guides And Their Help

Can an angel or spirit guide ever stop working for you? As in, if you had asked them to never help you again in your life, even by saying “permanently stop helping me”, will they HAVE to do that? Will they stop working for you? Will God have to obey that command if you asked God to stop helping you?

Asked by Micle

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Dear Micle, angels don’t work “for” us, they work for God to help and protect us. I think that out of respect for your wishes, they might have withdrawn a short distance from you, waiting patiently for you to change your mind.
Why don’t you, in prayer, as if you were having a quiet conversation, ask God to forgive that moment when you rejected their help? Just mention how much you love God and the angels and not to leave you alone. God is all love, he has already forgiven you.


Hi Micle and Argel

Argel, slight comment on what you wrote … I agree God loves all of its/his creations, we just need to realise that its “unconditional” love, therefore forgiveness is not necessary – because there is no judgment to start with. That’s a slightly different way of looking at what you wrote.

If God didn’t love unconditionally, and allow humans the gift of free will, then it/he is enjoying watching humanity destroy itself. Unconditional love allows each of us to reject a God of any kind, angels, other entities, each other, and beliefs that don’t suit who we are at this moment (minute) in time. It allows us to change our minds at any time, to reach out and hug just as easily as we reach for weapons, or use our fists .. and watching the world fall into darkness right now, sometimes I wish we had never received that ‘gift’, because we are obviously not old enough spiritually to understand or use it wisely.

That being said, Micle .. if you want to ask your angels to go away and not come back, as Argel said, they will step away, far enough to be out of your senses, but never so far away that they can’t return in less than the breath of moment/thought. That does not include your guardian angel, who never leaves your side (but you won’t sense it), but angel-guides, just as human spirit guides, and those from the other entities around us, will leave you be if you make the request. They have to. A free will choice such as that must be obeyed. The angels, and God, never interfere in your life, and those on the Light side of the energy, have infinite patience and will always be watching over you, loving and trusting that, as a child of the Creator, your spiritual self is still listening, even if your ego/mind self is refusing to co-operate.

As for angels not working ‘for’ us, I have to disagree. I have a lovely large group of them who have answered to my requests for many years. I don’t pay them money, and they ask nothing from me, but I tell them I love them regularly, and I know they love me deeply in return. And I have sent them into some situations I wouldn’t let a living human walk into, knowing that the outcome will be God’s will, but that the permission for them to act must come from ‘my’ (free)will, and therefore the responsibility, and any karma involved, is mine. Perhaps that is a payment in kind, because they sometimes ask me to give them permission … so to that degree I am their ‘boss’.

God does not obey commands, Micle. God is the ultimate watcher, and it/he knows your heart. While your mind might demand that the angels do nothing, as I wrote earlier, your spiritual self knows God, knows the angels, and makes requests of its own – without going through the part of your that is controlled by fear and doubt (ego).

Love & Peace

So if someone asks their angels and guides to stop helping them permanently, will the angels still come back and help if you change your mind and ask them to help again? Will the invocation you have Ama still work if you try using it after you tell Archangel Michael to stop helping your permanently?

Yes they will definitely continue to help, in a slightly more obvious way when you change your mind. Them not helping was only an illusion anyway.

And the Michael Invocation works, the majority of times, regardless of whether people believe in God, Jesus, Michael or anything else metaphysical, or deny their existence or assistance. It’s worked just fine for atheists many times.

Love & Peace

Oh thank God! Will my angels and guides still help me if I accidentally add these quote markings in a sentence? “” and this one ”. I know it’s a rather silly fear, and I don’t remember how I got it exactly, but I got scared demons would come to me if i used the bunny quotation marks in any way in my requests to my anegsl and guides. Then the fear turned into a whole thing where I told my angels what I meant by the quotation marks and in my mind I kept adding the marks in the middle of sentences or around the request when I got scared. Overall, I feel like my angels would no longer understand my requests especially Archangel Michael since I keep putting the quotes. I tried telling them what I mean when I use the quotes on purpose and I told them to know the difference of when I use them on accident in my mind. I also started grinding my teeth and adding the word or intention of saying “No” to the urges and teeth grinding because I would feel “energy bursts”going into the direction of where I assumed a demon would be. I would try to contain the burst of energy by directing it inward and keeping it in my mind, but it got uncomfortable in my mind with all this fear and teeth grinding. I’m scared my “energy bursts” or energy “urges” will attract a demon to me. I got tired of explaining to my angels and guides because I kept getting stuck in the knots of trying to explain what I meant with the quote marks and so I just told them right now “forget everything I ever told you about my quotes markings and teeth grinding”. Will my angels and guides still do what I request from if I accidentally or even purposely add the markings in? Will they still do it even if i just now told them to forget ever I ever told them about ny quote marks? For example, this is what a sentence now looks like in my mind:
“Archangel Mi”cha””el, “find” the “ghost” that I felt ‘around ‘me and take it ‘Home”

It is confusing and silly, sorry! But I was hoping my angels would still do my requests when I ask them even with all those strange markings landing in my requests. I hope that’s not too confusing to read and I hope that you Ama can answer my questions. Thank you for your time

You are expecting them to read a message and pay attention to the typing? They read your heart, Micle, you don’t need to write stuff down. And they are not going to pay attention to misplaced quotation marks, or confusing requests, because, the message from your heart/spirit is perfectly clear to them, when you address it to them. So stop worrying, and add quotations marks wherever, they are not going to mind.

Love & Peace

Well, the quote marks appear in my mind when I ‘THINK’a request to them, not when I am writing a request down. I prefer to just ask outloud or ask in my head when I ask for my angels and guides help. But even then, they read my heart and do what I asked them to do? Even if I ask them to remove a ghost from my house and have the quotes appearing in my mind, they will do what I asked them to do?

Angels are agency of prideful Lord. They do just based on the task that God have obligated them to do. They don’t attend or contact humans, except those prophets that had been authorized from God. In this situations those chosen prophets ( mostly major prophets)are allowed to order some angels to do somethings ( just with permission Of God). Angels are a group of sacred and holy being that haven’t any sense to ordinary humans. They are from light and haven’t animal corporeality and desires, as we have. They are from light and are opposite to the darkness that human is involved in( rage, lust ,oppression and so on)because of his earthy instincts ( his corporeality dimension). They just tend to the spiritual lights that is found in prophets and the humans with a high virtue, righteousness, submission and the upper limit of the worship of God .

The soul of Prophets and such as humans are free from extreme animal instincts and emotions that are cause of darkness, sin and distance from light. Of course prophet used their corporeality, but just based on God’s order for the least living, survival and also generation. So the prophets ate food and some of them did farming, had a little livestock and did other works to be needless from people. They also married and left behind themselves a few sons and daughters. Some of the prophets’ sons were prophet themselves. Nonetheless, there was not the smallest greed and illegal desire in prophets.

However, angels are agencies of God that do their works accurately as their Lord orders them, like humans on the earth that everyone has a job with different dignity and responsibility.

They are doing just their task absolutely and pay not attention to what is going around them, and don’t contact humans to do something thing for them.

The another instance is that, when you refer to an architectonic corporation, you don’t refer to a worker who is doing his work based on order of his master. Not only he has not a notable knowledge and authorization to be able to help you, he is not allowed to leave his job and do something for you.

Angels are so. Not only they are not desirous, rather are just under command of God to do their certain tasks. So we can’t request angels to do something for us or leave their task.

I have seen just in an Islamic quote that there is a sort of angels against Satan that inspire human to do good doing. Just when Satan tempts somebody to do an evil ( Satan inspire in his left ear), that angel inspire in his right ear to do a good action instead. Of course that angel is an agent from God to help human against Satan and it doesn’t do that based on his own authority and option.

Mans from Iran

Hello Mans,

Nice to see you again. Only one comment I would question .. re God – is that good pride or ego-based pride?

And your words make me a great prophet, because I talk to angels all the time (and they to me, as needed) – but I suffered from negative emotions, such as anger. I try not to, but we all need work, otherwise we wouldn’t be on the planet.

As to the good angel in our right ear .. thank you God, the other voices can come from anywhere. It’s up to us not to listen to them.

Love & Peace

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