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An Assortment of Paranormal Things

Okay, this will be a long question, so bear with me. I want to provide enough details.

This started when I was younger-I can’t pinpoint an exact age – and I’d never really thought anything of it until the last few years.

When I was younger, I would hear, plain as day, knocking on my bedroom wall. I shared a room with my sister at the time, so I just thought it was her messing around. Then, one night it happened when she wasn’t there. I checked outside, no one there. My brother wasn’t home, and my mother was asleep in her room, with the family dog at her bedside. There was no one else at the house. This would occur infrequently over the next few years, with no particular pattern. Sometimes, things would go missing and I KNEW I had left it in a specific spot. When I told my mom, she just told me it was deceased father messing around with me. (Probably a tactic to help calm me.)

When my mother passed, I was 16. My sister and I moved in with my brother in a completely different state, two hours from where we had lived before. Within a month, I had gotten pregnant, but continued to live with my brother to finish out the school year. When I got pregnant, strange things started happening. My bedroom was situated at the end of a long hall, with the kitchen directly to right when you stepped outside of my bedroom and the bathroom straight ahead and to the left. You would pass a banister looking down onto a flight of stairs on your way to the bathroom. On two or three occasions, I would be walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night, and see a man standing in the kitchen. It wasn’t a solid figure, but it was all black. I was freaked out, but attributed it to maybe being my father, as my mother had told me he “hung out around us kids”. Another night, not long before I moved out, I was cleaning my room. I had a brick in front of my door to keep it open, and I was sitting across the room, by the opposite wall. I can’t tell you exactly what happened, because my back was turned, but I know I was alone in the house. The brick slid across the room, hit the wall beside me, and the bedroom door slammed shut. That was the last incident I had at that house, as I moved out very soon after.

After I had my daughter, we were living at my fiancé’s parents’ house. Our little family shared my fiancé’s old bedroom, with the crib opposite our bed and the toy box tucked against the wall by our bed. I was trying to sleep train my daughter when she was about 6 months old, and she would obviously cry because she was not happy with this arrangement. Sometimes, she would stop crying and start laughing. Not a big deal, right? Babies are easily amused. Until I would go back there and peek once it seemed like she was asleep, and her crib was filled with toys. Being a first time mother, I was terrified of SIDS and did not let my child sleep with toys. It wasn’t any part of the family that did it. They never entered the room.

Fast forward to a few months later, when my daughter was 8 months old. My husband and I had just married and moved into my childhood home, the home I lived in where knocks would happen and things would go missing. My husband frequently worked nights, and I would be home alone with my daughter. Over the baby monitor, you could hear, very clearly, two voices humming a song. The second time it happened, after I had mustered enough courage to go check, something strange happened. I had gotten almost to my daughter’s door, about two feet away, and a large slam sounded in the room and the parent monitor filled with static, meaning the other monitor had been disconnected. Now this monitor was on the floor beside my daughter’s pack n play, so I could hear any sound she made. When I opened the door, the cord had been ripped out of the wall and the monitor had been slung across the room, near the closet. My daughter slept soundly.

Other incidents included: my kitchen cabinet doors all being open when I entered the kitchen in the morning, my husband seeing a dark shadow crossing the kitchen and living room in the reflection of the window (I had told him nothing of my previous experiences yet), and the sound of footsteps all through the house at random times of the night while I lay in bed. The footsteps sounded oddly like my mother walking, but this could be my subconscious comforting me.

Now, to recent events.

We have moved in the past year, and had another child. Lately, the knocking I used to hear as a child, will sound on my bedroom wall, a wall that faces the outside of the house, has reoccurred. My husband will be asleep beside me, and my children are asleep in their beds. The knocking is very clear and loud, and my husband has heard it while alone in bed as well. There is no one outside when this happens.

My question is: What is this that is happening to me? Is it possible to be followed by the ghosts of family members? Could it be something worse? Why is it such an assortment of things that I am experiencing?

Asked by Sarah

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Hello Sarah,

What you are describing is one pattern of a normal haunting. You are obviously aware of ghosts, and your children might be also. So its good to live in a clear house and keep the ghosts out.

When I was a child I have an imaginary friend who I played with all the time. She was only imaginary to other people, I could see her quite clearly. Her name was Jenny. She was an angel, literally, only I didn’t realise that at the time. We had fun. So if your kids end up with invisible friends, as long as the friends are friendly, don’t worry about it.

Having said that, anyone who is daft enough to knock on my house in the middle of the night deserves a quick trip into heaven, so that they won’t bother anyone else. Once they are there they learn that silly games are just fine at appropriate times, but 3.00am is not one of them. 🙂

So .. to clear your home, you can either ask the priest or minister of your local church to come and bless your house, or ask a medium (a person who crosses ghosts over, not just chats to them) to come and send whomever into heaven/healing, or you can scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to the Michael Invocation and use that .. but then I also suggest you do the same with the White Light Shields, and put a shield around your home to keep the ghosts out.

Ghosts are everywhere. Where they should be is in heaven. It might be that you have a gift for crossing them over, but right now all your focus should be on raising your children and living a happy, healthy life .. so focus on that first. If you are supposed to help the lost, they will find .. probably when you are in your late 30’s or 40’s .. by then you’ll know what to do. So clear your home, and use the shields, and relax and enjoy the experience of growing up ghost free.

Love & Peace

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