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Am I Haunted Or Is It In My Head?

First off, I would like to start off by saying, everything that I’m about to tell you is 100% true. I have tried to do research on the things that have happened to me but so far, no luck. I am looking for HONEST advice and/or what I should do about this. If you have anything to say that will help me please comment.

In the beginning, ever since I was little, I have been able to see things that other people can’t. The events I’m going to talk about are just the highlights of what I can remember. It started when I about 7, my parents and been divorced and I was staying the weekend at my dad’s new house with his new family. I remember it was Saturday night, and like any night over there, I couldn’t wait to go back to my mom’s house. Anyways, I was reading in bed with my night light on, and I remember I looked at the clock and it had just turn 1:45.A.M. I went down stairs to go pee and when I came back up stairs I had literally just sat in my bed, I looked up and I saw a woman standing about 3 feet away from me. She was average height, pale skin with long black hair. She was wearing a really old torn up white nightgown that had blood all over it. I remember her hands were down by her waist and her finger nails were black and long like 2 inches long. I looked up at her, and she was looking down then slowly looked at me and hissed “Get the F*** out” and then disappeared. I literally thought somebody had broke into the house she looked as real as a person.

Shortly after that at my moms’ I had begun experiencing tall black shadows that would run by me and I could fill the the wind move with them as they ran by. This happened all the time it didn’t matter if it was at night or during the day.

The next experience was at my mom’s house. And was on a school night. I had to be at least in 6th or 7th grade. I had a day bed that sat right up against the wall with a t.v. Right across it on the other wall. I was watching t.v. And I rolled over to face the wall and shut my eyes. (my door was closed when this happen and it squeaks really loudly when opened) For some weird reason I opened my eyes and in the light of the t.v. There was a shadow of a hooded figure on my wall. I froze up closed my eyes for the longest and then opened them and the figure was gone. I turned over and there was nothing there.

The next experience happened at my dad’s other new house at a different location. Me and my step sister cleaned our room and went down stairs for dinner, leaving our door open. After dinner we went to our room and it was locked shut. We went to go get my dad and when we got up there the door was jarred halfway opened. No body else had been up stairs at the time. We went in and all the barbi dolls we had put in our closet were sitting in different places in the room. Some of their heads were off and laying around the floor. At the same house on a different occasion one of my step sisters saw a big black animal( almost like a panther) chase and kill our family cat. My dad shot at it but it was too fast and we never saw it again. (Also I live in Mississippi we don’t have panthers of anything that would resemble it here)

The next experience I was at my grandmother’s house. She lives off the highway in a old town called blue springs. My uncle lives right next door to her, literally walking distance. I was 13 at the time and I took a nap and woke up to find my dad wasn’t there. I asked mamaw where he was and she said at Uncle Ronnie’s (who lives next door) so I went to go over there. It was about 10.P.M. Dark outside but their were street lamps, I was walking across the yard with my phone flashlight in my hand. Halfway there I stopped and looked up and I kid you not there was a jet black wolf bigger then any average wolf in the middle of the yard eating something. I screamed really loud and it stopped and looked at me then ran across the road into the forest. It happened so quick it was like it almost didn’t happened if that makes since. The only reason I knew for a fact it was a wolf was because there isn’t any dogs that looked like it not even a coyote compared. I almost felt like it was a demon or something. (Also again I live Mississippi we don’t have wolves where I live and I know the difference between a wolf and a coyote and it definitely wasn’t a coyote)

I am 19 now, and through out my life I have felt like I am always being watched and I have always experienced paranormal things still to this day. I see black shadow figure walking, I get feelings of chill bumps and my hair stands up on and gets really cold on different parts of my body. But, I have never felt in danger, scared, or harmed in anyway. I almost feel like I’m haunted. Like there is a reason for it, like I’m drawn to the darkness. It welcomes me and I know that is not good and that I’m not suppose to be. I believe in god and I try to be a godly person but in the back of my mind I always think about whatever it is that’s haunting me. I feel like its trying to call out to me. Whatever it is it has been with me my whole life and I need help. What should I do. What is it? Am I just crazy? Please comment and help me.

Asked by Erica

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Hi Erica,

To start with, you are not crazy. To me, everything you have experienced is totally normal. Your growing up sounds a lot like mine, with weird visitors, strange animals .. some of them friendly .. and a sense of being profoundly safe and protected from everything I could see and sense.

You are a medium, or clairvoyant. A medium can speak to dead people, often spirits, which are people who have crossed into heaven and return to earth for quick visits, but sometimes, like me, you are more drawn to ghosts, who are the spirits of people who don’t go to heaven, but hang around to haunt the living, be very rude, and often confronting .. which can be really annoying .. but after 36 years you’ll get used it it .. meaning I am almost 55 now, and ghosts get told to cross over, or get Sent into heaven, if they try to bug me, or scare me, in any way.

At the bottom of this webpage are links to two things that will be very useful. The first, the Michael Invocation, can be used to clear any house you live in, visit, or have lived in over your lifetime. There are instructions on how to use it on the webpage itself. Start by clearing your own energy, and then clear your home. If you got to college, or even the places you work in, you can clear them all with that very useful ‘prayer’.

The other link is to ‘White Light Shields’ which protect you from having entities attach themselves to your energy. The instructions are on that webpage .. I actually think there are four pages .. there’s a lot of reading, but its worth going right to the end to get as much knowledge as you can .. then learn the shields and use them both to protect yourself, and to seal your home against unwanted unseen visitors .. makes for better night’s sleeping.

We get haunted around here, from time to time, and my husband is more attuned to the lighter energies, and me to lost souls, so between us we keep the house clear, though sometimes it can feel as if we are a bus terminal, with people coming and going all day and night long. When that happens we both clear the house at different times, just for the peace.

On a more mundane level, the animals you described, regardless of whether you have wolves or whatever in your regions, could have been animals that escaped from zoos, or private locations, or cross-breeds between domestic and wild animals .. it does happen, they could also be elemental beings, which are nature spirits, and you are just blessed with the ability to see them .. something most people are not. It’s not always fun to have this gift, but sometimes it can be.

At the age of 19 it is unlikely you will grow out of it, so just use the shields and the Invocation to keep yourself and your home clear .. and don’t worry about it. You are not alone in this, there are millions of us out here, who see what others don’t see, and sense, and hear, what others can’t. Just accept that you are our version of ‘normal’, and keep a diary .. so that you remember events clearly, with dates and times and anything else you think important about your sightings .. one day you might turn it into a fabulous book.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

Thank you for the advice that definitely clears a lot of things up for me and I was wondering if you have any advice on how to get more in tune with this gift. I want to be able to help people and I would really like to strengthen the medium/clairvoyant gift that I have