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Am I Attracting Ghosts?

I have lived in at least 4 haunted houses, the only common denominator I can think of is me.

Am I attracting ghosts?

Asked by marylee

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Hi Marylee,

There’s not enough information in your question to say whether you are attracting ghosts, or simply attracted to haunted houses .. some people are attracted to the energy that attracts ghosts, rather than being a ghost magnet.

What paranormal things happened in each of the houses? Or is it the same in each house?

Love & Peace

My daughter has the ability to ‘see’ things, places and people from the past. She seems to fall into a trance-like state and doesn’t remember what she discussed after the ‘session’ is over. Also, she doesn’t go anywhere near cemeteries after bringing home spirits the last few times she visited a cemetery. She likes to buy stuff but doesn’t have much money so most of her stuff comes from Goodwill and Salvation Army and thrift stores. Sometimes she gets strange things going on in her house after bringing in a particular item. She smudges it and that seems to help. My question is, is she physic and if so, what kind of physic? She has had strange things going on around her for her entire life and even remembers seeing ghosts from the time she was around 2-3. She is 32 now.
Thanks, Wren

Hi Wren,

Yes she’s psychic. So is everyone else on the planet, to varying degrees, unless they are a sociopath. It’s not unusual, we have just forgotten that it is part of us.

She is a Clairvoyant .. she ‘sees’ things, like visions. I am better at past events too, though I did make income from future readings for people for many years. I love past life readings, they can be fascinating.

The smudging is a good idea. Every living person leaves traces of themselves on everything we touch, and if it was something very personal, something handled constantly, your daughter might also be able to ‘read’ them .. that’s psychometry. Is she keeping a notebook, or are you, of what she ‘sees’? Remember to date every entry, reading back can be fascinating.

She’ll get stronger as she gets older, but it might be better if she learns to tune in without going into a trance. She can do this, she just has to trust her gift. The trance leaves her vulnerable to outside events, because she loses awareness of where she is etc.

Love & Peace

I believe I am attracting ghosts to the places I live. In the past four houses I have lived in I have had strange events like white figures walking around my home, and a dark tall man seemingly following me places and also screaming at me in my dreams, my dog will randomly freak out and bark at what seems to be a blank wall or empty corner. Now I’m working at a rehab facility and a resident made the comment that weird events have only started happening once I started working there like knocks on doors when no one is around, figures being seen, elevators opening and closing to empty floors, and doors slamming, among other things. I have tried just saying your Michael invocation just aloud in the places I most frequent, but that doesn’t seem to have helped. I’ve tried assessing what behaviors I may be doing to cause these things but I’ve come up empty so far.

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