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A Simple Case of Spiritual Maturity?

I have a strange question. I was reading one of the most recent posts “a good spirit?”, and something interesting caught my eye when Ama replied about how she needed to slow her energy down so that it doesn’t feel like she was having an anxiety attack. I have, with age, been blessed with the ability to feel, hear, smell, know and sometimes see, and honestly when it does happen my body goes haywire, almost like a full blown anxiety attack.

I can’t say that my experiences are bad, I have come to understand a lot in a short period of time, and am keen to learn everyday. My question is – how do you slow your energy down? It is sometimes extremely overwhelming and after a few minutes I dash outside for a breath of fresh air.

In the same thought, I have another question. These spirits that loom around in my apartment always have something to teach about life in a spiritual sense and much of my knowledge has actually come from them. How do you classify these spirits? In a physical sense they look like 3-dimensional shadows and are not very consistent, they come and go at random times.   Lastly, I have a very random question, usually when people have deja vu, they say it feels as though they have been there before. Has anybody ever experienced deja vu as an episode of remembrance? Like you don’t just feel as though you’ve been there, but you actually remember that you’ve been there before, there’s a fine line between the difference but its a whole other feeling altogether.

Have a good day all! Kind regards.

Asked by sun!que

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Hello sun!que,

I’m sure Ama will be able to help with the first two questions when she gets a chance. I’m afraid I’m not much help with those. I’m a bit more removed from spirit world in waking reality….only in dreams do I have abilities.

But do have one thought about the above: Based on your subject, I would say you chose the right word…”Maturity”. You seem like you have attached to the learning process, so in my humble opinion, it is very much a case of maturity. That said, I would think you are well on your way to changing your own frequency at will. I may be wrong, but I think it relates to inner peace…a sort of waking meditation. If you are calm yet eager to learn, like it sounds you are, then it also sounds like your mentors are aware of that fact, and assisting in matching your energy level…hence the huge learning curve you’ve taken. Again, I think Ama will be more accurate in assisting with insight there.

As for deja-vu, thank you!! It’s one of my favourites. 🙂 I have a lot of thoughts here…but again, more from the perspective of the dreamworld. One of my working theories (hypothesis at best, actually) comes from a dream where a dream character told me that “we’ve all been here before….we were here a long time ago”. I think that time is more then just relative…I believe it has different perspectives all together. So it would make sense that we’ve sort of “lived out this reality” before now…which would make deja-vu a rememberence of something that happened as if a resonant thoughtform bouncing through the cosmos. I do seem to be in a bit of a trance right before it happens each time.

However, one of my favourites theories works off the concept of past lives. If souls have an active part in establishing the framework for their next incarnations, then it may mean we get to set our will before we come back to the next symbiotic life (human animal + soul). Because we don’t have rememberence (except the bits that slip past conscious filters) of past life, usually, we may have little reminders (or waypoints, as I like to call them) throughout our current lives. Every time we hit one…deja-vu. Maybe it’s a way of saying we are still on course.

I have many other ideas…and often entertain some that have little basis in logic. But this may be one of those topic where logic has no jurisdiction.

And to more directly answer the question: Yes, I have pretty vivid deja-vu. Sometimes I will just stare out into space. Sometimes I know it came from a dream. Sometimes it just feels like “Groundhog’s Day” (the movie) and I lived that moment before!!! Other’s, it almost feels like I’m channeling someone elses memory of the present. Feels foreign, but again, very vivid.

You have some great questions, sun!que. Don’t think they are “strange” or “random” at all.
Please expound on your thoughts of the above.


Oh dear .. complicated subjects when I am fresh off playing medium in a lovely haunted house .. so if I come across as a little muddled, bear with me, ask questions for clarity .. and expect a week before you get a response, because I am going away again tomorrow, to start renovating my new home, before we move into it thursday week .. so ..

Deja vu .. Sun!que .. see what Siddle said .. LOL I am more with the probability that you are experiencing past life flashbacks, rather than another form of deja vu. My ‘vu’ experiences are infrequent and usually very intense .. but I have learned from the experiences that I am connecting to a past life which happened either in a similar set of circumstances, or a similar place, if not the same place, as I had been previously born. .. actually, I had a deja vu on one of our ghost tours on the weekend .. I snapped two of the men’s picture in the same location as the last time we had been there and got flooded by the feeling and just laughed. That sense of having done it before, was sooooo true! 🙂

Deja vu, to me, a brief glimpse of a different/shared reality, where you ‘used’ to be, even if its only one moment before (like a time slip). It might be a brief connection between the ‘you’ in this dimension and the ‘you’ in another as the energies are drawn together for some specific reason that we do not yet understand. Or it simply could be that you connected to a past life, then and there, the energy of which resides in your aura. All sorts of things can trigger the experience .. sights, smells, shapes, patterns, events etc.

Slowing your energy down …

When your body goes into overdrive, stop. Take a deep breath .. in through your nose .. hold for a blink. .. then a fast HUFF!! (out of your mouth) even the sound of the word will tell you what to do .. this compresses your diaphram, on a physical level, on an energy level it releases the build up of energy in your solar plexus and heart chakras .. without as much energy they slow down .. slowing down means the anxiety feeling starts to disappear. Do it three times in a row .. one after another .. slowly. Then communicate, if you want to .. or tell the spooks to leave.

Visiting entities… ghosts don’t teach spiritual lessons. They teach basic ones, like hunger and fear. Spirits, on the other hand, may well come and tell us something, and then they leave again .. because they are not supposed to hang around, and they know it. And they need to. It’s only an illusion that demands that they have to be around us a long time, to help us to find peace. They live, as the angels do, in the ‘here’ and ‘now’. We don’t. We are human. The lives of these bodies of ours are ‘linear’ .. they flow in a straight line, from the past to the future, but when we cross over again .. there’s no time .. no time at all.

The beings that loom around your place, without a better description, I really couldn’t say who they are. What sort of lessons do they teach? Is it about us as people, or about mother earth? How long do they stay for? Do they always only look like 3 dimensional shadows? Have you asked them to look like their true form? How do you feel when they are there – calm, peaceful, happy, terrified? .. (someone just told I am nosey .. I didn’t bring any spooks home from the haunted house, so he’s got about a minute to leave before I send angels to find him). Joys of being clairaudient (and also very tired .. no patience.) LOL

Love & Peace

Hi sun!que

This is a fantastic question.

This is how I ‘slow my energy down’ …

I literally close myself down. I work heavily with light, colours, and ‘air’ energy. So, I close my chakkra down to stop energy from ‘escaping’ and wreaking havoc and/or being latched onto by something not very nice. I’ve got a lot of person problems at the mo and so, I make sure my energy is ‘contained’ at all times. Don’t want some of my negative energy to ‘pop out’ and start doing nasty stuff to my nemises’, now do I? LOL!

deja vu

Ok! The science behind this is that one eye registers information before the other, thus telling the brain we have ‘been here before’! TBH, all deja vu experiences I’ve experienced do point back to this phenominum, once I’ve analysed it. However, deja vu is not the same as premonition. Deja vu means ‘remembering’ you’ve been there before at the point of going there again. Premonition means you remember an event BEFORE it repeats itself.


Hi all,

Ama – here’s the thing, I try to steer away from asking personal questions. I don’t think asking them what they look like is a good idea? Maybe that’s just because I don’t want to know? The last thing I actually saw tried to scare me off track, but that was a different, aggressive and very influential entity.
These are different, they are calm entities,
they seem to leave a calming residual effect for a few days. Some of them are extremely depressive, and also leave some sort of residual energy behind for a few days after they leave.
I have never felt an imminent danger or threat when dealing with them.
I physically saw one last night through a reflection, I was busy focusing my energy on my own reflection, and I jumped because I didn’t expect it, it looked human? (I’m not used to seeing it as human?) I’m used to seeing it as flashes and undefined shadows.
Male, very defined, black attire, wearing a hat of sorts. How extremely strange. I blanked a few seconds before seeing it though? Very strange.
They teach spiritually rather than earthly, if I ever wanted a “how to” guide, I would seek counsel. E.g – how does the law of faith work?
They are not constant they come and go as they please, its not consistent either.

Deja vu…
I just love the subject it opens so many doors for intricate thinking. So many possibilities, such a limited time.
Thanks for all the comments guys, its rare to find a place where you can be open without scrutiny and religious brain washing.
Kind regards

Hi Sun!que,

I agree people shouldn’t communicate unless they know what they are doing. I don’t spend hours talking to ghosts. If they appear I clear them into healing as quickly as I can. I also don’t like having them spook me. I startle far too much, and it is very annoying. LOL My answer to ghosts is ‘keep them outside, or make them come in daylight’, although they still do wake me up some nights. 🙂

Ghosts are not calming. What they are, instead, is vaccums .. they inhale our negativity, which is very calming for us .. because anxiety is caused by a build up of too much energy, which becomes very negative .. but its not healthy for the living to be used as a meal, as the ghosts can cause mental illnesses like depression, when (as you said) they leave a residual energy of their own sadness behind. If the person they are influencing is not of a ‘strong mind’, the ghost’s emotions can overwhelm them and they can get lost in being haunted. And one ghost invites in another, and friends, given the opportunity .. like I said, not healthy. The human body is not supposed to be a hotel. It’s only supposed to have one inhabitant .. the one born in it.

Do not use ghosts as spiritual teachers. They are not teachers. They are whatever they were when they were alive, and now they are lost .. but that won’t stop them filling your head with nice sounding nonsense… so anything you do learn .. double check it in the real world.

Spirit guides do not try to harm, startle, or interfere in your life, or tell you what to do .. they are not allowed to. They are not cold, do not leave behind ‘depressed’, sad or negative, feelings, and take nothing from you. They don’t try and trick you or play games .. though they might try to amuse, given the right circumstances and the needs of the person they are guiding. It’s very easy to be fooled, so far better not to just take advice from ‘anyone’ or thing, that turns up.

Shades and shadows are not guides. Guides are beings of Light and will always be ‘Light’ – the rest should be ignored.

Have you thought of closing up your house so that you don’t have stray visitors anymore. You might find you benefit in more ways than expected. There’s a link at the bottom of this page “White Light Shields”. Try the house one and see if it helps you.

Love & Peace