A Black Figure Watching Me

Good Day. Just to clear it out I am 15 and I could have just imagined it but if you know what it can be please answer. So in my bedroom my feet are facing the door so I can see them clearly.

Recently I have been woken up by a black figure. At first I thought it was a dream but soon I realized it was not. It was standing in the wide open door (which I always close). It was just standing there and watching me. I did not make any sudden moves I just turned my back to the wall to watch it more carefully.

After a couple of minutes it was still there I did not know what to do so I just waited. After a couple of hours of not sleeping it was gone.

My family has lots of ghost stories and my grandmother told me it was my guardian angel, but I do not think so because it looked more evil than angelic I guess…

If you know what can it be please let me know.

Asked by Lucas

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Could be someone who lived there before and is upset. I moved into a house and basement door slammed shut for no reason. Dog kept barking at nights a lot looking towards areas in living room. Nothing seen.
Took the Bible went to the basement walked around all areas. No more objects on camera anymore. Dog stopped barking at nights.
At 11pm the lady who owned the house appeared big smile on her face. I wasn’t sure what I saw and she was gone. Never another incident in that house.