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666 Nero The Devil Or A Deceptive Response?

I often see the number 666 as a response to paranormal investigators.

It is my understanding from biblical scholars that 666 is a numerical code referring to the emperor Nero. As I have a hard time believing Nero is spending his afterlife at say, a bar in brooklyn, is this response really the devil (which I also find unlikely) or a spirit attempting to disturb an investigator?

Asked by Lisa

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Hi Lisa,

In Gematria, a Kabbalistic method of interpreting the Hebrew scriptures by computing the numerical value of words, based on the values of their constituent letters, Nero is 666 and the devil is 616. I believe it was Aleister Crowley who drew a lot of attention to this, even ascribing the number, and the meaning, to himself.

I think people like Nero, who persecuted Christians, hence his downfall in Revelation – which Theologians believed was written as a commentary describing his ultimate Judgment by God, and Hitler, and so many other villains, don’t spend their afterlives at a bar. (Thank you, its 6.00am and you did make me laugh 🙂 ). I believe that every person has to redeem their negative behaviour in some form, whether through reincarnation, or some other balancing behaviour when they die. That means that Nero may well be in a bar in Brooklyn, helping people find the peace and healing they need in some other form.

As to ‘spirits’, which in my understanding are people who have died, crossed over into heaven and can return to earth whenever they want to .. they don’t generally cause problems for ‘investigators’.. its the ghosts and other entities they have to watch out for, and many of them lie. A person becomes a ghost if they choose to stay out of heaven for various, often good, reasons .. or they might seem good at the time. They can also choose to stay for many negative, fearful or broken reasons, but hopefully the ‘investigators’ also have someone on their team who knows how to help them cross over.

Love & Peace