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3 Loud Knocks Now Sleep Paralysis

About 3 years ago I had just fallen asleep when I heard 3 very loud bangs at my bedroom widow. The knocks were so hard that they rattled my window. At the time I had a very yappy Chihuahua that would go crazy barking whenever there were knocks on the door. My Chihuahua was asleep on the bed at my feet. She didnt seem to hear the loud knocks so I thought maybe it was a dream. I stood up and looked out my window just in case it was someone had some sort of emergency and needed me. There was no one. I decided to check the front door in case the person knocked on the window to wake me walked to the front door to be let in. When I opened my bedroom door my 21 year old daughter opened her bedroom door and asked what was that loud banging? This is when I became a little fearful because I keept thinking why did the Chihuahua not jump up and start barking? There was no one at the front door. No one died in our family and we never heard it again.

Fast forward 3 years later I am newly married 1 year and now I am expecting a new baby so having a big belly I mostly sleep on my back.  One night I was sleeping and suddenly became aware of my husband getting out of bed and walking past me out of the bedroom (my eyes are partially open and my head is turned to my right and I sleep very close to the right edge of the bed) as soon as he walks out the door that is on the right side of the bed I see a man/beast come up from beside my side of the bed. I cant move or open my eyes any wider.  This creature kisses me, puts its tongue in my mouth and I can taste its awful breath, I can feel his tongue starts to fall apart and dissolve in my mouth, at the same time he is sucking my breath out of my lungs. I feel like I’m suffocating then I can see him move his right hand and feel him cup my pubic area and I feel and orgasm happen. (Sorry for so much detail) at that exact same moment my husband walks back into the room and the man/beast is gone. I take a huge breath in relieved that I can breath again. I was so freaked out. I just turned to my left and pretend to still be asleep while my husband settles back into his side of the bed and all the while just laying there thinking what the hell just happened?

Asked by Florence


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Hello Florence,

That sounds very frightening. I can only say that there are entities in the spiritual planes that like to frighten the living, and the quickest way to do that is to invade 1) their personal space and 2) their dreams or astral wanderings. People’s spirits do leave their bodies and go on adventures, its normal and we are usually not conscious of it, and usually don’t get hurt, but sometimes something will follow us home and try and cause trouble. It is probable the reason you could not move, and was so aware of what was happening, was that you were either almost completely asleep, or literally just waking up after astral travelling. There’s a moment, that can seem to last for ages, when your spirit and body are not quite completely in sinc again, and you will be able to see both into the normal world, and into the void or spiritual planes.

That being said, I don’t think the two events are connected. If something paranormal had caused the first knocks I truly believe your dog would have noticed and got nuts. The second event makes me suggest that you do two things .. the first is to scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to the Michael Invocation and use it to first clear your own energy, then your home .. then say this “Archangel Michael, please find that entity that touched me and put a sword through it”. Believe me, a Michael will do just that, and it will never bother you, or anyone else again.

Next, learn White Light Shields, which is the other link under ‘Pages’ and use them to protect your home each night when you sleep. That should settle everything down. People are becoming far more sensitive to the spiritual planes now that the world energy has changed, and we have very sensitive children, so a little protection for everyone is a wonderful thing.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

Thank you Ama,
I will do as you suggested. I certainly want to protect my children from experiencing anything like what I experienced.