Sleep Paralysis

Noises, Fear, Being Touched And Grabbed

Hearing noises, feeling frightened,  being touched and grabbed when in bed

I suffer from depression. A lot of life changing events including cancer with my husband and me losing my job over the past several years. Things happen in my home especially at night.

The fire alarm went off at 2,35 in the am a few days ago then just stopped. I know I am not imagining this.

I also suffer from sleep paralysis at times and have disturbing dreams. After feeling my leg grabbed when sleeping last night, I awoke at 2;35 am thinking it was my husband trying to wake me or come to bed. I now sleep with the light on.  After I awoke and found no one there I screamed, jumped out of bed and went to sleep in the living room with my husband. I was shaking. I really was frightened.

I sometimes feel my face being touched at night and just try to brush it away from my face. Things are out of control. I need this to stop.

I just poured salt all around my bed, and every entrance to the bedroom including window sills and in front of my closet. I tried to bless some some oil in the name of the father, son, and holy spirit. I said a prayer asking God to bless this room and placed a cross of oil over every door, window, at the head and foot of the bed and also every mirror. I spoke that only the spirit of God and his angels are allowed in this room and anything not of God is not allowed. Will this help?

I will be looking for some sage to cleanse the house. How do I do this? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Asked by Elizabeth

General Questions

I Keep Hearing A Man’s Voice, What Is This?

For the months that I have lived in my home, I keeping hearing a man’s voice, as if having a conversation. I never hear the other person, nor can I make out what exactly he is saying, but it just seems as though he’s talking to someone he knows.

I have searched the house several times when alone to be sure no radio’s, TV’s, computers or anything else is on that can be making the noise. I’ve asked the other residents of my home if they have heard it, but everyone said no.

I should mention I have also heard other small things: little bumps in the night, footsteps, and knocking at my bedroom door when no one is around, but I have always shrugged them off.

I don’t know what I am dealing with, nor am I afraid of it. I am unsure if I’m just being paranoid.

If anyone has information or tips, let me know.

– A sleepy person

Asked by Peanut