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What Were These Nightmares?

It all started when footprints mysteriously appeared in the kitchen floor of my significant other’s home – he also claimed that the coffee machine turned on by itself – that day his energy totally changed and he became very angry and complained about everything – we had a huge argument over something very insignificant – that night I had a series of nightmares that left me startled.

I usually forget dreams as soon as I wake up but this one I cannot get out of my mind – it’s been 3 days and I still remember every detail.

Before going to bed I had two candles lit by me – on top of my nightstand – I fell asleep around 12 ish – woke up around 2 AM and when I fell back asleep that’s when the nightmares began.

In my first dream I was laying in the same position in bed – it seemed so real I didn’t realize I was in a dream – my candles that were lit – were off – I could see the smoke coming out of the Tip – my boyfriend who is laying next to me is silent – I know he’s next to me but I can’t see him nor he could hear what I’m saying – I’m asking him if he turned off the candles – it seems my voice is being sucked into a black hole because I scream and yell and the sound doesn’t come up – that’s when I realized I was in a dream – I was petrified with fear – I look over to the mirror in our wall which also faces the kitchen and I see a figure coming my way – I look down to the floor and it’s full of house plants – dark green leaves everywhere – then I look up to the ceiling and see peoples faces in the sand with their eyes rolling back! and then this words appeared: “TRY ME”

At that time I was trying as hard as I could to wake up but couldn’t – I started praying and after a battle of trying to wake up and darkness taking over I was able to wake up.

It was 3:00 am on the dot when I woke up and looked at the night clock.

I was trying hard not to fall back asleep – but it happened.

My second nightmare is very faint in my mind – I just remember trying to wake up and something not letting me – it was horrible.

Asked by Emily

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Hello Emily,

The first thing I would do is ask the significant other to use the Michael Invocation (web link at the bottom of this page) to clear his energy, regardless of whether he believes in anything metaphysical. One of the symptoms of ghost ‘attachment’ is uncharacteristic changes in moods and attitudes. I would also use it to clear his home, and then do the same for yourself and your home if you live somewhere else.

The dream might actually have been you astral travelling, or it could have been ‘lucid dreaming’, which happens when we wake up ‘inside’ a dream, and realise we are dreaming. We can take control of the dream, but in this case someone else had control – or your subconscious mind did, and was, perhaps, playing back images of things you have seen through the years that have caused fear. Do you watch horror movies? They provide great images to scare us.

The ‘try me’ words remind me of Alice in Wonderland and the bottles marked ‘drink me’. It could have been an invitation by the entity to come into your energy. I am glad you said no. Or instead, your subconscious mind could have taken snippets of your life, thrown them together like a jigsaw puzzle, and presented them to you as an experience .. which is why some dreams can seem very strange.

In the meantime, if you were being haunted by some entity, it is one who feeds on fear .. so it wanted to make you frightened. You wanted to run away (fight or flight response is a normal human reaction) and couldn’t because your spirit was not firmly in your body .. so your sounds were silent (in reality) and disappeared (which leads us back to astral travelling (your spirit leaves your body while the body rests, and goes into the astral plane – this is also normal). We generally don’t realise we do this, but if you research the subject you’ll find that plenty of people train themselves to do this consciously, and have a very interesting time.

In the meantime, you did the right thing by fighting and refusing to co-operate. Hopefully the whole experience will never happen again, but if you are worried there’s a House shield under White Light Shields (also a link at the bottom of the page) that will help. Read the pages I suggest, let them help you.

Love & Peace

I have had dreams like that at different times in my life, starting at a very early age, maybe 3 years old? They are more frequent and freaky when I am under extreme stress. They are very draining. Good luck with yours, I now take a prescribed sleeping medicine.

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