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What Is The Significance of Broken Glass?

What is the significance of, and why do I continually find pieces and slivers of broken glass throughout the house when no glass has been broken?

Asked by Lisa

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Hi Lisa,

Glass or mirror, and do you think you have a ghost haunting your house?

Do you have pets or small children, or thick soled shoes that glass might get caught up in? How big are the pieces? Do they appear in the same location all the time? If they are tiny, do you have thick carpets they might rise up from?

Love & Peace

The pieces are all very small. I thought shoes also, but that doesn’t explain the pieces I’ve found in my bed and on top of my furniture as well as the floor. I’ve even found a piece or two at a friend’s house.

You didn’t say if they were glass or mirror fragments? And how often do they reappear after you clean them up?

Next question is how do you know the glass you found at your friend’s house is the same as the stuff you find at home?

Is broken glass something that triggers a painful memory for you? Does it remind you of anyone you know?

Love & Peace

I too have been finding broken shards of glass (not mirror). My husband has now started to find it. There is nothing broken, just shards of glass. Very odd locations. I bought my house new 13 years ago. This just started within the last 6 months.

I know it’s been a VERY along time since this was posted, but it seems to fit my experience more than others I’ve found on the internet. My husband and I have always found broken glass around us. Not ever that things have been broken, etc. The broken glass is always just there, everywhere we go. We are now on vacation where everything has been cleaned and we keep finding it again. As well as everywhere we live. We just lost our dog, who I considered my child, 2 weeks ago. However, we have always come across this so I’m not positive this passing is the reason. I do believe I an sensitive having seen and felt ghosts all my life. Any ideas on what the meaning of this is on a basically constant basis?

Many thanks if you can give some insight.

Oh, the glass is always clear.

This post is really old but I have some odd experiences with glass as well. We just moved into our apartment 4 weeks ago. within the first week we found a piece of glass (clear, not mirror) in our dirty clothes bin. Didn’t think much about it but found it odd as nothing was broken during out move. A week later i found another piece, same place, when I did laundry. Last week i stepped in a piece of glass in my bedroom and cut the bottom of my foot. And a few days ago as we did laundry we found a piece of glass on the bed under the pile of clean clothes. We have clean, and vacuumed our apartment a lot since we moved in. And have done laundry numerous times. So far i cannot find a logical explanation. Today my BF moved the refrigerator and stove to do a deep cleaning of the kitchen and found 4 pieces of glass, 2 behind the stove and 2 behind the fridge on the corners where they sit. Totally weirded out.

Hi Cathy,

Is anything else paranormal happening in the house, apart from the glass? Hot spots, cold spots, nightmares or strange dreams? Glimpses of things out of the corner of your eye? Stuff not being where you put it, or going missing and reappearing in usual locations?

The glass pieces .. similar in shape or size? Same sort of glass? Scratched or crazed? Anything else broken?

Love & Peace

Lots of questions and testimonials, and no answers to Lisa’s question and mine; what is the significance of finding pieces of broke shards of clear glass???????

Lots of not getting answers to questions, Steve. Go back to my original questions, and the second lot. To find the meaning of the glass we have to examine ourselves first, and then look at outside sources. Broken glass, in dreaming, means fragmented perspective. If you do have a ghost, that might be a way of them describing the world they see, or that they died of the glass wounds .. but I didn’t get an answer to the question about finding glass at a friend’s house? It could be just simply that there is too much pollution on our planet and the planet is fighting back by putting glass everywhere .. because I am find it too, all around the outside of my house. If it is a message, I am grateful its ‘outside’ because my mother is nearly blind and might walk on some and hurt herself, if it was inside.

So back to the original questions .. what does fragmented glass mean to both of you? And the rest …

I don’t ask questions for no reason. Two lines in a question from you guys doesn’t even begin to give us enough information to form some conclusions.

Love & Peace

I would like to tell you my opinion, what is the significance of finding pieces of broke shards of clear glass?
Shape, size and color is not important important part is you found broken glass.
This is nothing to do with ghostly or spirit activity, this is completely act of demon. It is a sign of they are around you and they are waiting for most weak moment of you so they can posses your life and even your body.
Most demonology experts knows this. I would recommend you to read eastern view of demons and their activities.

Hi Grace,

This time you have lost me. Which eastern religion(s) connect shattered glass with demons, and which demonologists ‘know’ this? If they do, I have never read any of their writings, and I have been researching demonology for over 25 years, nor can I find any information on the internet – and, last question, which church group do you belong to?

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

My name is Melissa. I am a single mother of 5 children. Recently we have been finding broken glass around our house. I have found several pieces in my bed. They are always small and clear and thin not thick glass. My 7yr Old and my 8yr old have both stepped on and cut their feet on the glass already. Nervous that my 2 and 3 Year old will also get hurt as they sleep with me. I’m really weirded out by this.
I have a 15yr Old son who has in the past says he has a demond… Any advice or thoughts??

Hi Melissa,

I suggest you scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to the Michael Invocation and use it to clear your family (one at a time) and yourself, and then your home. A little boy who says he has a demon should definitely be done. If he said he has an angel that would be fine, we all do, but hearing it from one so young is a worry, so please clear him specifically.

As to the glass .. the meaning of shattered glass is to view the world through a fragmented perspective, and truthfully, most people do. What we see, or think we see, is not really real. It is a composite of what we look at, have seen in the past, wish for and believe; our perspectives are fragmented, at the very least. But finding it in your bed, or in places where you wouldn’t think kids would walk on it (you didn’t mention where?) does make me wonder if something paranormal isn’t happening in your household .. which is why I recommended the Invocation. All being well, and it usually is, that should settle things down.

Love & Peace

I’m sitting awake after having found a piece of broken glass tucked under my bottom sheet, in such a way it could only have been intentionally placed. The morning before last I pulled back my blanket to find a large hobo spider (venomous, but not deadly). I’m not sure if I should be concerned about a person or something else…

I’d go with ‘something else’, Mark. Finding the glass made you cautious, and then you found the spider. Either the glass was a warning about the spider’s appearance, or the spider was put there next .. but since they can walk away, it probably ‘walked in’.

In the meantime, just to relieve your mind, scroll to the bottom of the webpage and use the Michael Invocation to clear your energy, and your home .. that should take care of any unseen visitors.

Love & Peace

I came home from the office yesterday and my husband was irritated, I asked him what was wrong and he said that he had broken the glass sugar dish but that he didn’t know how he managed to do it, that it was like it just flipped out of his hand. Later, I was in my sewing room, sewing, and the heavy glass cover/globe of the overhead light fixture fell and hit the elliptical and shattered, the finial that holds the cover in place was across the room, I figured it must have bounced off of the elliptical. The bulbs in that fixture were changed in November of 2015 and the light has been used repeatedly since without incident, all of a sudden it falls….needless to say I found this curious. I left the sewing room after I cleaned up the broken glass and went into the kitchen to load the dishwasher. The dinner dishes were sitting on the counter top, I had put a juice glass in the sink earlier, all that was in the sink with it was some flatware laying on the opposite side of the sink. That juice glass was broken as well. Now I’m not one to get freaked out too easily but, this was just too much happening along the same theme for me not to take note. What do you suppose it could be?

Hello Felicia,

Breaking glass is certainly a way of drawing attention to yourself. Doing it behind the living’s backs could be great fun. Perhaps the entity that seems to be hanging around wants you to notice it, and perhaps fear what might happen next.

As you said, you don’t freak out easily, so might have not noticed other signs of its presence. You have now.

One interpretation of broken glass is “the brokenness of all of the promises and shattered expectations”. Perhaps your invisible visitor is a ghost because of this? If its personal, has anyone you or your husband knew, died recently? Or have either of you experienced that same feeling of brokenness? The energy expressed by the living when our hearts are broken can attract ghosts who have had the same, or similar experiences.

Whatever the case may be, I suggest you either have your home blessed by the minister of your church, or you can scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to the Michael Invocation and use it to send your invisible visitor ‘Home’. The instructions are on the webpage.

Love & Peace

Hi everyone. I know it’s been a very long time since this was posted. But I’ve got the same question here. We’ve been finding broken pieces of glass in the same location in our house just recently. We’ve been finding those shattered glass on top of our dining table and an addition to that, my sister found a couple in our ice cubes.

I have also read a couple of comments posted here, and I saw this question “Is anything else paranormal happening in the house, apart from the glass? Hot spots, cold spots, nightmares or strange dreams? Glimpses of things out of the corner of your eye? Stuff not being where you put it, or going missing and reappearing in usual locations?”

And yes. I have experienced hot spots and cold spots in our house, though I’d like to think that it’s because of the hot climate here, and the lack of air going in my window. I have also experienced a couple of glimpses of things and figures in the corner of my eye. We’d also experienced losing things, and finding it in unexpected places, and my younger sister used to wake up abruptly in the night crying and pointing things out.

Please do help, thanks.


I just found you and I wonder if you might be able to help. I recently made contact with the person with whom my partner years ago cheated on me with and also lied to. It utterly destroyed my life at the time and I’m still picking up the pieces. In contacting this person, wanted to smooth over things with him and apologize for whatever hurtful things I may have said at the time, and I was hoping for an apology in return. At the time we talked and since then I have been feeling off, sick, and drained. I have since lit protection candles and incense in my home and lit a small black candle for protection in the moonlight. The second night, last night, after I lit it, it finished, burned out, and then the glass candle holder broke while I was cleaning it. Then this morning I found a shard of broken mirror in my food! (I make all of my food from scratch and carefully wash all my vegetables so I have no idea how this is possible.) I still feel pretty drained and sick today. What is going on? How can I make all of this stop and just go back to my life?

I so appreciate any help you might offer.

Hello Anne,

I apologise for the delay in replying, but our internet provider has been mucking us around for far too many weeks – and I have not had much access to the internet, if at all, since this started – and the problem continues.

Broken glass is a wonderful way of getting someone’s attention. The metaphysical meaning is “negativity, broken promises, shattered dreams, disappointments”, which perfectly describes the state of mind of many people when they die, or after they die, if they trap themselves outside of heaven.

Given what you are experiencing, you have a ghost. I would suggest that you either have your home blessed by a minister from your church, or use the Michael Invocation to clear it. You’ll find that at the bottom of this webpage with the link to White Light Shields, which are useful for keeping our homes clear of ghosts.

Sometimes a simple solution is best, and those work really well.

Love & Peace

Hello Marissa,

A broken heart is a very painful thing, but you will recover, and be stronger for experience. I am guessing you didn’t get your apology. It can be hard to accept that some people cannot see they helped create the hurt, but that too you will recover from, if you are prepared to just let everything that happened go .. let it just be part of who you ‘were’ and not who you are now.

As I wrote in the previous answer to Anne, broken glass represents ‘negativity, broken promises, shattered dreams and disappointments’. When our hearts are broken, that energy can just pour out of us, leaving us vulnerable to attracting ghosts who fee exactly the same way. They didn’t get a chance to heal before they died, or never decided to do so, so they look around for the living who feel the same, and turn our energy into a meal.

Time to stop that. At the bottom of this webpage is a link to White Light Shields. Go and read the webpage and use the instructions to create two shields – one around you and the other around your home.

You’ll see on the site instructions to wrap a shield around yourself, and then let go of all the negative emotions, and the unhappiness and let it just fall at your feet ‘inside’ the shield. I do this when I feel angry, so that I won’t affect other people with my emotions. I then ask my angels (yes, we all have angels) to take the energy and turn it into something positive, and then give it to someone who needs it .. sometimes it lands straight back on me, as a lovely golden shower of healing Light. Otherwise it becomes a gift given freely, which is good karma for both the giver and the receiver. That process, done as often as you feel the need, will help you heal. Do this the first time, then you’ll be able to go back to your life and get on with things without the exhaustion. And the shields will help you keep other entities from taking your energy, even if you are in a grumpy or sad mood.

This sort of energy work is very simple and easy to do, and can have amazing results. It’s always up to us.

Love & Peace


I just want to thank you so much for your time and your very thoughtful response and advice. I will do those things now but I just wanted to say first how appreciative I am.

With warm wishes,


Hi Ama,

I also suffer from a broken heart, it’s been tough to heal but slowly I’ve been progressing.

I am wondering about what you told Marissa to do, I want to do it as well. It sounds just like the whole “dump your excess/negative energy into a imaginary bag and hand it to your angels” you have told me before, except this time, there’s no bag. I’m pretty sure it’s the same thing, I just want to get wording correctly in how I’ll ask my angels to take my negative energy.

So you literally just dump your negative emotions, unhappiness, negativity, negative energy at your feet while inside the shield and then ask your angels, “take the energy, emotions, unhappiness, and negativity I just dumped out and turn it into something positive, and then give it to someone who needs it”

There’s one (of many) important metaphysical rules, Micle ..

“Energy follows thought”. So I stand in my bubble (shield) and just let go of all those feelings. Imagine them dropping off me, and from in me, into a puddle at my feet .. then hand them over to the angels that surround us all .. in that case it would be the Raphael, the healing angels .. although I ask my guardian angel to remove them. ‘He’ knows what to do. If you are in a really cranky mood, you might imagine that the dumped energy comes right up to your knees!

All those comments are to help people visualise (see) what they want to be doing. Remember also, the Buddha said “with our thoughts we create the world” … well, I want to create a world, moment to moment, where I am not hurting .. and being angry really hurts me, far more than it hurts the people I am angry with – so letting go is for my benefit, and also anyone in my family who always know when I am feeling that way – because the anger radiates from my body, regardless of how much I try to stop it. I am not good at pretending another emotion than the ones I am feeling at the time.

The angels ask us to learn to control our emotions, to control our thoughts, words and actions. Humans were created to be creators .. and we need to be more positive, because being negative seems far easier to do.

So .. the request in your last paragraph is perfect. It gives the angels permission to help you change yourself. And they do need the permission .. because humans have free will – which is a greater and more complicated gift than most people realise.

Love & Peace

Hi Ama,

Thank you for your response! I did this a few times and had good results, I even dumped out excess energy and calmed down and felt more…”normal”! Why is it that after I gave angels a chance in my life, everything started becoming more “normal”? It felt more comfortable that’s what I can say.

You are welcome.

I have no idea what ‘normal’ is, in comparison to what my ‘normal’ is .. which is generally a little bit odd, and includes angels, ghosts, spirits, elementals and demons .. (but not those often, thank heavens.)

I really believe that we choose a life path that challenges us to change for the better. Giving the angels permission to help with the challenges, helps us .. but, as I wrote earlier, we have to give them permission, and its not their role to do ‘everything’ for us, but to help in small and subtle ways – because this is our life ‘journey’, not theirs.

I am very pleased to know that life is more ‘normal’ for you now. I like to call mine ‘peaceful’, because I value you peace. I pulled a tarot card for myself for the ‘focus’, and got the Hermit .. which means its back to learning things .. 🙂 That’s also normal. LOL

Love & Peace

Hi Ama,

Maybe peaceful is a better word for what I am feeling. So never mind on what I said about me feeling more “normal”, I feel more peaceful 🙂 OK thanks again!

Hi Ama,

Thank you for your response! I will do this and suggest to get our house blessed again. It’s kinda funny tough, this house is new and was blessed 3 years ago.

Thank you for your time 🙂

You are welcome Anne.

If I had this house blessed every time we have a ghost here, it would, some weeks, be daily.

Learn to clear your home for yourself, then you can, as the need arises. Some people just attract ghosts. I do.

Love & Peace

hi there…i have experienced something very strange this last week…

while eating dinner a few nights ago i found a small piece of clear glass in my food (well it was actually already in my mouth).

then just last night we got home from a bbq and i was checking my email and ran my fingers through my hair and found another piece of clear glass in my hair, almost the same size as the previous one!

i have no idea how it got there, as i have short hair and i brushed my hair before going out, but yet it was there on the top of my head later that evening…and i had not been around any broken glass or anything like that.

i have had other ‘strange’ things happen in the house, like the feeling of someone sitting on the bed when there is no one there to be seen or the blankets being tugged, and even woke up twice to find our fan had been turned around completely to face the wall…and other things like that.

But now the glass has got me wondering what/if it is something related to this presence?

I get this, keep lights on they’ll go away eventually leave out incents and light God candles and pray to the lord and Angels for protection I’ve had this still do kind of. It’s a long process, you also cannot acknowledge that it’s there or show fear for it will be strong. Be strong and careful goodluck ❤️

If you attract ghost you can get them to leave,ask them or simply ignore them. They make a mess, don’t pick it up right away go back to it in 10 minutes. They do it for your entertainment, don’t get too mad either ignore they’ll get bored this goes for ghosts, trolls,goblins but ALWAYS keep lights on!!

Hi, it’s me again. I just want to follow up or give an update about the situation here. so 2 nights ago, my sister said that she might have “astro-traveled” and she saw a woman in black in front of her bed and was trying to strangle her… coincidence is, the same night… i was in my room and my door was opened and i swear i could see a figure of a girl in black in the side of my eye…. what should i do?

Hi Anne,

Did you have your house blessed?

There is no harm is ‘astral travelling’, we all do that when our bodies sleep. Our spirits do not need as much rest as our bodies, so we visit the heavens, and travel the planet .. can be fun. 🙂

Your sister say a lady in black in front of her bed. Was the lady trying to strange your sister’s body or her spirit? The lady might have been sharing how she died with your sister, without realising that your sister’s spirit was not in her body .. otherwise, more information please.

If you have not had the house blessed, you should .. or scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to the Michael Invocation and use that to clear yourself, your home, and ask your sister to do so too.

Ghosts aren’t generally harmful, but some can be very angry. It’s best they are all sent into healing, for everyone’s peace of mind.

Love & Peace

well, we still hadnt had our house blessed… but the lady in black well… according to my sister the lady was strangling her, and addition to that… my sister said that she was trying to scream for help but there were no words coming out of her mouth… this is really bothering though

Hello again,

Have you heard about ‘sleep paralysis’? One explanation is that our minds wake up before our bodies do and we cannot move or speak for what feels like forever, but is really only a few moments.

Ghosts can be a pain, but in the long run don’t do much damage. I am sorry that one chose to try and strangle your sister, but obviously she didn’t succeed .. so do have the house cleared, one way or another, and she’ll be sent into healing, which is the best place for her. Don’t delay anymore, for both your sakes.

Love & Peace

My girlfriend passed away on Dec 31st, 2015… She had a rare, genetic heart condition… Honestly, the whole thing destroyed me, but I’ve been slowly picking up the pieces.

Three days after she passed, she came to me in a dream and showed me the most beautiful place I have ever seen… It wasn’t anywhere in our world. I don’t know if it was just deep down I wanted to experience a dream like that, so I did… or if it was something else.

Anyway, about three months after her passing, I was brushing my teeth, getting ready for bed and I heard something hit the bathroom floor behind me. It was a piece of glass… I kept it. 30 minutes ago, I rolled back the blankets in my bed and under the blanket, near the foot of the bed there was another small piece of glass… Nothing has been broken in my house… The glass is not sharp or anything (the edges have been dulled)… Does anyone know what this could mean? I’ve kept both pieces and they’re together now

Hello Darrell,

I am very sorry to read about your girlfriend.

Three days after she died the lady passed into heaven, and gave you a glimpse of what she saw when she crossed over. This is not unusual and is totally wonderful, having experienced it myself.

There seems to be no pattern to pieces finding glass all over the place. But I have to wonder about the symbolism of finding a piece of broken glass somewhere unexpected, as you described. When glass breaks it often shatters, and losing someone we love can be a shattering experience. Perhaps it is a strong message about us learning to ‘pick up the pieces’, and ‘seeing things clearly’ (since most glass has been described as clear? Certainly, finding glass shards in between the sheets would make a person very careful where they put their feet (watch their step), so could be a message about being careful?

I have yet to find a good explanation for glass messages, but given that people are receiving, perhaps the message is very personal to the receiver? What do you think it meant?

Love & Peace

Although this is an older thread when started I can see it is still active,

I am finding shards of glass again throughout my home, small glass fragments and not from a mirror, nothing broken, usually I find them in front of my front/back door in previous homes, however in this home I have found them in the kitchen, I have almost ALWAYS found them in every home I have lived in.

I found the most recent after a nightmare, something following me around the home except it was not the home I am in right now, nor one I have ever lived, it was breaking things, throwing things generally causing all manner of destruction, I often spoke with people who are no longer with us in the past though for 2-3 years I have closed myself off from this, what do you think?

I have had similar experience this started about 10 months ago when I found shattered toughened glass in my 5 year old daughters bed. This kept reoccurring over a period of months then stopped, she was always fretful at bedtime therefore I moved her bedroom next to mine. Last night myself and my husband were discussing the broken glass and that it hadn’t happened for a while then strongly this morning we found more glass in her bed. Totally confused by this.

Well, Cath, you did tell the visiting ghost/spirit that it hasn’t made its present felt/seen for a while .. so it did.

Now I suggest you ask it not to leave the glass anywhere your child can get hurt by it. Otherwise, clear your home of all unseen visitors.

Three ways to do this – one – ask the minister of your local church to come and bless the house, or two – ask a medium (who does spirit rescue) to come and cross the ghost over, or three – scroll to the bottom of this webpage and use the Michael Invocation to do the same.

Love & Peace

Hello Ama,
I’m very concerned about some recent and post events. It started a few years back with strong smells, things dispersing and reappearing to things not just falling off walls but large pictures that seem to jump off the walls and land in the middle of the room. This has happened in about 4 different homes.
This week I have had to glass incidents. I was at a clients home and everything seemed fine when I left. That evening they sent me a picture of shattered glass from their table and said they came home to it like that. This evening, exactly one week later, I was preparing dinner when I heard a large pop and glass started coming down around me. Out kitchen light fixture just exploded. The bulbs where fine, just the ss some that goes over then broke. All the address are still in, so it did not just fall out.
Is this something to be concerned with or am I just frightening myself?

Hi Melissa,

Lots of questions …

Do you have problems with static electricity .. sparking yourself on metal objects etc? Some people produce a lot of kinetic energy and can even affect street lights when they walk under them.

Have you had light bulbs blow up before, in lamps etc? How long was it since you last changed a light bulb in the ceiling light, and/or was the cover dirty inside? There’s usually a warning on light covers that they can explode, or disintegrate, if overheated – so that sounds like an unexpected, but normal, occurrence.

When the other events, pictures and smells happened, it might have been that you were being haunted, and the ghost was moving around with you. Since it does not seem to have been happening for a while, the ghost might have moved on, or it was removed somehow. That’s good.

The family who came home to the shattered glass from their table might be nothing but a co-incidence, as you were not in the house when it happened.

Lots of events, some with a common theme, do not add up to a continuation of a haunting, but just to stop you worrying, please scroll down to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to the Michael Invocation and use it to clear your energy, and also then clear your home (using the street address). That should settle anything if it is hanging about. Then, if you do have problems with static electricity, learn to ground yourself – easily done by imagining you are a tree and putting down roots into the ground, and then imagining your arms are branches reaching and touching the heavens (sky) .. that should help with the excess energy, also with stress.

Love & Peace

Tonight I went downstairs to find broken glass all over my floor from one end of the room to the other. It seemed to be 1 inch thick tempered glass, and enough of it to fill half of a big garbage bag. I can not explain where the glass came from as it does not resemble anything we own. There was maybe a 5 minute span that we left the room when it could have happened, but neither me or my boyfriend heard anything. I’m very concerned..

Hello Savannah,

Is anything else paranormal happening in your home? Are you sensitive to ghosts? Has anyone died recently in your family? Is it a new home for you? Is it an old house or new one?

That’s the start of the questions ..

Love & Peace

I have had some weird things happen to me here, such as doors opening by themselves or things disappearing and showing up in a place i know i wouldn’t put them. I have always been sensitive to things, so when little things happen I dont tend to pay too much mind to it. The most recent death i experienced was april of 2015. This is a new home to me (six months) as i moved in with my boyfriend. The house is older, but has been completely renovated. As far as i am aware this is the first time my boyfriend has ever experienced something he wasnt able to explain..

Hello Ama,
Do I respond to your questions here. I’m a bit confused as I’ve never used a forum before.

Hi Melissa,

You can respond here, or if you think the answers too personal for a public site, go to the link to my website at the bottom of this webpage, and you can send me an email from there.

Love & Peace

Yesterday my children were visiting and playing in the kids room when there was a huge crash and a large picture frame fell and smashed around a vase that contains my Grandmother (Noone is aware of this). There is no way this picture could fall down by itself. it was in a built in wall and did not hurt anyone. I have a lot going on with one of my sons and it was my Grandmothers birthday!!! Was this a sign from her? too coincidental for me! What are your thoughts?

Hello Cheryl,

Was the picture in the frame of your grandmother or did she own the picture or the frame? If it fell sideways, to land on the vase/urn, it might be her, or someone else, trying to give you a message, but unless the event happened in the middle of some emotional turmoil, such as an argument of some kind, it might be more likely to have an ordinary explanation.

You wrote that the picture was ‘built in the wall’.. do you mean secured as part of the wall itself? Have you checked how it was attached, to make sure it was not pulled from the wall over time?

That said, lots of angry energy flying about, or anger held close and focused on .. is the way to create a telekinetic event such as pictures falling down and items flying around. It is known as a poltergeist event. Teenagers and menopausal women create a lot of energy, and events like this can happen without there being a ghost or spirit present.

Love & Peace

Hello Ama,
It seems that you know a lot about paranormal, years ago I was watching a movie and with no one or anything touching my glass table it just shattered in front of me into very very tiny pieces it sounded as if it was crackling or sizzling even about a minute after it broke. I felt that it was paranormal. And note that I lived in a very negative home at the time too. It was also about 3 am at the time it happened. I never really looked into it until now because my friend said she thinks she had a paranormal experience and she told me there was broken glass everywhere that’s all I know. So I started to look more into it. Could you please let me know what you think of this?

thank you it’s very appreciated.

Hi Merica,

Would you please tell me the whole story and not just those two bits of it. Things like ‘who was pictured in the portrait’, ‘was it a relative or someone you love’, ‘are they dead’, ‘is anything else paranormal happening in the house’, has anyone died recently, is the place this happened your home or someone else’s? Did the head rubbing happen when the portrait broke? How apart were the events? Are you dreaming of anyone in particular at the moment, has the person died recently? You see, without a lot more information, what you experienced could be totally unrelated to each other.

Thanks for the help,
Love & Peace

Ive been finding pieces of glass around my bed and consider it as a the day goes I get a very disturbing text from some about his treatment with his mother and wants to live
with me

I’ve been finding small pieces of glass around my bed today I found the small one as I wake up get ready to go to work I get a message for my son he wants to come and live with me the way he’s being treated at home she threatens me but he insists that I go pick him up I let him know unfortunately it doesn’t work that way what can I do

Hello I continue to find shards of clear glass around the outside of my house. Just bought it about a year ago and no matter how many times we clean it up it keeps coming back. Just found out recently that a girl burned to death in the attic about 70 years ago. Please help

Finding your website tonight may appear to be part of the answer to my question. About an hour ago I had a really bad argument with my adult son who has lived with me now for several years. After several months of heated discussion and unhappiness about his present lifestyle, I had reached breaking point, bellowed my anger & actually struck him in frustration. It was at this point we heard a clatter and he asked me if I had thrown something at him. It was in fact the glass lid of an unused cooking pot which was lying on the work surface.

Is this result of MY frustrated pent up “psychic energy” or as a result of the energies that this house holds? His abusive deceased father lived here and his stepfather died here. Are their spirits still active with in these walls? I know that finding an answer from the Admins here is a very tall order but does this house that I want to call home need an exorcism?

Suffice to say that the lid was in shards, all contained within the proximity

Hello Maria,

Are you menopausal? Do you suffer from anxiety? You obviously have a temper, even if it doesn’t come out often. All of these create tons of energy, that might create a form of poltergeist (collected energy, generally without a direction), or react kinetically (make something move) that ‘might’ fling a lid across the room, perhaps even at your son.

Given that you haven’t described any other signs of a haunting, I think its unlikely to be a ghost. Ghosts are the energy of a person who has not crossed into heaven, spirits, once they have crossed over, let go of all their negative emotions, and then they don’t have a reason to throw things. It could be anyone else’s ghost, so if you are very worried about it, I suggest you scroll down this page to the Michael Invocation and use it to clear your home. Exorcisms are for demons, and very hard to arrange from reliable sources. It doesn’t sound like you need one here.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra

I have been finding shards of glass clear thick chunks width of 5mm but look like from a smooth surface. Nothing is broken in or out of my house. I see things out of the corner of my eyes always my whole life. I’ve also had imaginary friends and an interaction with a child ghost in my elementary school. Finding the glass is relatively new, since we sold our house it’s been popping up in the oddest of places. It sort of looks like car light glass…im not worried about it, was just highly curious why it is happening. Is it a good omen or bad?

I moved into an apartment in a pretty old building two years ago. The first few months I opened my dishwasher and found a glass sliced almost through the center and just assumed it was the heat of the dishwasher. A few months later, I was in my bedroom and heard a big POP, went into the kitchen and found a glass sitting on the counter with a slice through the center close to the bottom. The top half was just sitting slightly off the bottom. It didn’t fall or anything. Last spring/late winter I opened the cupboard and found another glass just like that. A perfect circle cut and the top portion of the glass just seemed to slide off the base. Last night, months later, I was cleaning my kitchen and found a beer bottle on the floor. I picked it up and the bottom was missing. I looked in the case that it had been sitting in and the bottom was there — perfect cut across the bottom — and the beer had spilled out, obviously. This happens during different seasons so the temperature is never the same in there. It’s only happened in the kitchen. I’ve been doing research and can’t find much. I get that sometimes there are weak spots and it will break on its own, but this is four times in the exact same fashion. The glasses are cut off of their bases. I am baffled.

broken glass represents, the breaking down of barriers…. if you find broken glass, you should realize that an issue that you have been working on, will soon work itself out..(resolve itself)..maybe not the way you want it to……but for the best, for everyone involved.broken glass is also a sign of a broken barrier between this world and the next………, so, my guess is that your family member is telling you that there is an afterlife…….because the representation of the glass…………”broken barriers” signifies communication between both (and all) worlds, and the possibilities therein. do not shut yourself off……..I just got this message intuitively for you……….”do not shut yourself off” my guess is that your family member is trying to tell you that “whatever” in your life that you are trying to accomplish will come to pass because you have been working hard on it……and that he or she is there to let you know that there is an afterlife and that the heavens hear you, and help along the way…………angels, etc….

If someone can help me to find out what happen to me yesturday, it would be amazing.
Since im one of those who have “sleep paralysis ” once in while, (only If i fall alseep on my back)
Yesturday was pretty intense.
Ias i was alone at 10pm, in my bed watching teleseries on my phone, after 2 hours i decided to sleep and turn everything off. i start falling asleep, and beggan to feel paralyzed and couldnt open my eyes, as i was afraid. I was hearing wispering in my room. Wasnt able to identify wich language or if it was a man or a women.(im living alone, and dont have animals)
Then i finally open my eyes, i was sooo scared that i started praying and asking for divine protection, and the empty glass, that was on my floor (cuz i dont have any table next to my bed) just broke by itself, exactely in 3 pieces.
The sound that it made, when it broke, while i was praying, gave me more then goosebumps.

I found an odd piece of glass in an unoccupied room in our house. The room is practically empty. The glass appeared to have some sort of shaft to it, but I do not own anything of the nature of the shattered glass. Been having nightmares and seeing something out of the corner of my eye. Kitchen light turned on by itself and made loud buzzing sound. Should I get sage smudge stick and do the Michael invocation?

Hello Martine,

When our bodies go to sleep our spirit will sometimes leave it and go visiting family and friends who have already crossed into heaven. This is not unusual. If we come back to our bodies very quickly we can often feel like our minds are awake, although our bodies are still asleep, and so they are disconnected for a very short time, which can feel frightening. During that phase where you enter your body again you will still be able to hear conversations you might have been having just before you entered your body .. hence the whispering. Perhaps the person in spirit that you were talking to wanted you to remember the conversation, so they broke the glass, or leaned on it too hard?

Love & Peace

Hi Gina,

Thank you. I really like your explanation of breaking glass, for some cases. The barrier between the worlds is really an illusion, and we can see through it from time to time, although we are not supposed to spend our whole lives trying to see what’s on the other side. We come into this world to have a human lifetime, and not waste bits of it craving the ‘life between lives’ we leave behind each time we do so.

Love & Peace

Hi Shannon,

I would definitely use the Michael Invocation to clear your home, and also for yourself, just to be sure. You are welcome to smudge as often as you want to, but I prefer the simple energy work of the Invocation. that should remove anything that is bothering you in the house .. and if the kitchen light keeps mucking up, get an electrician to fix it. They can do odd things at times, that have nothing to do with the paranormal.

Love & Peace

Hi Ama,

I have been having almost the same exact experiences with broken glass as has Carrie who’s written about her own above. However, it’s not just the same clean-sliced glass tumblers she mentions, but, in my case, it’s also been ceramic bowls and, in one instance, even a whole coconut that’s been broken in two without a rational explanation.

Do these additional breakages – apart from glass tumblers – portent some further meaning which I need to understand?

I have something in my house and its been here since we bought the house in April 2007 – I think its a child and a mother- I had my son in June 2007, but things in my house have been going on back and forth for years but now these ghosts are getting mean and angry- they leave broken glass and I hear trashes all over the house and there is nothing broken or fallen???? Just yesterday my son’s TV dvd (which hasn’t been used in months) just turned on by its self and the dvd draw opened when I walked in his room- plus, I have video (security system video) in our son’s room and I have caught lots of weird stuff going on in his room – what ever this thing is I tried using Sage and it seems to have made it madder- what do I do?

Hi Carol,

You have a number of choices – you can ask your local minister to come and bless your home, you can ask a medium (a person who speaks to spirits and ghosts) to come and speak to them and cross them into heaven/healing, or you can scroll down further on this webpage and follow the link to the Michael Invocation and use it to clear your home. That should settle any problems. Don’t leave it too long, whichever you choose, a frustrated and angry ghost can turn into a real pain ….

Love & Peace

Hi, I’m in need of some help or answers. There is a large amount of unexplainable glass all over my apartment. I clean it all up and then it comes. I don’t where it’s coming from. It’s in my fingers, my face…I don’t know what to do.

I’m hoping someone can help with this question. I just moved into my apartment a few months ago and have been experiencing lots of paranormal things like lights turning on by themselves and things falling on their own. I clean my apartment often and vacuum often as well. I’ve been having a lot of things go on in my life as of recently, first bad but then things got better in a matter of one day all at once, coincidentally after a psychic read my cards (I never have this done and it just kind of fell on my lap and I allowed it, though now I’m feeling like I shouldn’t have). The activity has gotten crazier since that reading and then yesterday, something weirder happened. I was walking in my living room and I noticed something hard on the carpet but I ignored it at first thinking it was a cat treat or something since my cat’s treat dispenser was nearby. Later on, I was walking again and I stepped on it and it felt too hard to be a treat so I reached down to see what it was and it was a piece of glass, a very thick piece of glass. I have not broken a glass since I’ve been living at my new apartment and honestly I can’t remember the last time I’ve even broken a glass at all. The weirdest part was that this piece of glass didn’t cut me even though it was quite sharp and it had a weird symbol of a 3 leaf clover on it right in the center. It had 3 sides too, the glass was broken in a triangular shape. I didn’t throw it away. I kept it in a box I had nearby because I felt like this was very significant. I didn’t find it scary, just really odd and strange. Any ideas to what this could mean? Is it a symbol or something else?


I have a question. This is now the second time I’ve found a piece of a broken mirror in my bathroom. It’s always me that finds it and it’s always right before I go to bed. The mirror in our bathroom is fully intact and I have no idea where these pieces are coming from. If you could give me any insight on what this could possibly mean that would be great! Thanks so much

Hi, I actually happen to find broken mirror pieces in my bed, when there is just one mirror in my house, which is intact! These pieces keep appearing in my bed, and I’ve kept them aside in one corner in another room. Still, more and more pieces appear. Initially they came in intervals of months, and now they’re coming down to days. Their frequency is increasing. What could be the reason? Is there anything threatening about this?

My wife passed away on 12/29/18 from Interstitial Lung Disease. I was her caregiver for the last two years of her life and was with her in Hospice when she passed. I continually find pieces of broken glass in various rooms of the house – even after having the areas cleaned a vacuumed. No one has been hurt by any of the glass. I am thinking it is a sign from my deceased wife. The findings stopped for the past three months but just reappeared today (twice). Any suggestions on what these signs might mean?
Thank you in advance.

Hello, my name is Linda I’m 15 turnings 16 on the 8th. For a couple of weeks now I’ve been finding thin shards of glass (not mirror) all around me. I was getting ready to go on a trip to Austin, Tx and I stepped on a piece of glass (not know where it came from). Once I got to Austin my mirror broke but I picked up all the pieces and threw them away. Once I got back home everything has been normal until a few days ago. I’ve recently been finding small pieces of glass in my bed. I’ve looked through my bed and haven’t found anything as to why I’ve been finding glass in my bed. Nothing has been broken and I’m so confused as to why they keep showing up. The house I’m in is newly built and we’ve been living here since then. There are two teenagers here my sister whos turning 15 and me. We have one cat, three dogs, and a fish. My mother and her girlfriend live here as well. I don’t know if this information is helpful but I wanted to include it in case it is. Please get back to me if you have any information on why this is happening. Thank you, Linda.

Many of these posts sound so familiar to me. I have also found thin pieces and chards of glass in my bed in the morning when I have been the only one in the house. I would compare them to a broken lightbulb but no lightbulbs were broken. Because so many share this experience, there’s more to it than exists in the natural world. I don’t know what the significance is but will continue to question and search for the answer.

I use to find small pieces of glass in my bed when I was 14, I remember waking up and feeling something but not thinking much of it until I saw what it was. The only happened for a couple of weeks and then it stopped. I didn’t think of it much but recently my last year of highschool (It was just in December of 2019). I walked into my class, my teacher had just got there and opened the door, no one was in the room. I found the exact same glass pieces on my desk, there weren’t so many and my teacher told me no one was in the class everything was locked. I think about that a lot and to this day I have no idea how or why that happened to me.

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