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What Do All These Strange Things Happening To Me Mean?

Throughout my life I’ve had a few very extraordinary experiences. After my father died I really became spiritual and started becoming curious about anything having to do with the paranormal.

My 1st experience I was 22 and on the night right after ( I’m so sorry for saying this ) my fiancé and I who were trying to become pregnant were intimate I immediately saw on the ceiling a glowing greenish white baby in a mothers womb. As soon as I saw it I asked my fiancé if he did… I thought I was losing my mind..he didn’t see anything. I then said that I’m pregnant and its a girl and said I was due Oct.7. I have no idea where that came from or how I knew that but needless to say that month I missed my period and later found out I was pregnant with a girl and of course my due date was Oct.7.

Another experience I had while riding in the car with my then husband I started getting this very uneasy feeling and started feeling full of anxiety and like I was freaking out. I told my husband I couldn’t relax and it felt like something bad was gonna happen. Not even a minute later something that looked like a coyote or dog ran out of nowhere and hit the front of our car and it kept going. I immediately relaxed and I couldn’t believe I kinda felt and knew something was going to happen before it did.

I’ve had a few things happen over the years but spread far with knowing little things here and there but nothing major. My daughter and I tried to have a EVP session at my home become we both seem to be more sensitive to the other side. When we did we did talking to my dad and my grandmother who had passed. She was standing behind me recording with her phone as I stood in front of a mirror asking if any of them were around or wanted to communicate. We saw a white kinda glowing face appear behind us on the wall but it was only visible on the wall in the mirror. When we turned around to look at the wall we couldn’t see it, only if we looked at the wall through the mirror. Has anyone ever seen anything like that and what could it have been? I just don’t want to make a mistake and do something that could invite the wrong thing in. I want to believe it was my father but I don’t know.

We later heard whispers and a woman speaking on the tape that we didn’t hear when we were asking it questions and telling them how much we loved and missed them.

Could I be just sensitive to the other side or are all these things someone trying to tell me or warn me?

Maybe I just have a guardian angel or a gift I need to develop. Any help would be great. Thank you

Asked by annmarie

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Hello Annmarie,

Clairvoyance, which means ‘clear vision’, is a gift that allows you to not only see visions, but also to see the future. You did both, with your vision of your daughter and ‘knowing’ her date of birth.

When you ‘knew’ that something dangerous was going to happen, did your husband slow down while driving? A sense of warning is about touching the future, or possible future .. again clairvoyance.

Scrying in a mirror, or a bowl of still water, can be a way of finding things out – clairvoyance again. Faces that appear only in the mirror are not usual. I’ve had that happen, when I wasn’t scrying .. I was simply cleaning my teeth at the time. The lady looked rather grumpy, so I told her to go into heaven .. or leave the house. That was before I began to automatically cross everyone over when they turned up to bug (visit) me.

Did the face you saw look like your father? Be truthful. If you had a moment’s doubt, then it probably wasn’t. There are plenty of ghosts around that will pretend to be people we love, just for the attention and to feed on our energy. Ghosts are lost souls who have not crossed into heaven. Spirits, on the other hand, have crossed, gone through healing, and can come back to visit whenever they think its important. They only stay a very short time .. ghosts can linger.

Stay away from ouija board.. please. They are trouble waiting to happen and should be banned.

EVPs can pick up all sorts of things, sometimes even memories of events that happened in the house .. the emotions of which marked the territory, even when there are no ghosts. I lived in a haunted unit like that. It was only haunted on the night of the event.

Yes, you are a ‘sensitive’, on the clairvoyant spectrum. You don’t speak of hearing things, which is another way people can communicate with family in spirit, angels and guides. As for telling or warning.. you had the warning when you were out for the drive. If it happens again, pay attention and slow down, or get your partner to do so. Those feelings happen for a reason.

Everyone has a guardian angel, from the group governed by Archangel Michael. They stand behind our right shoulder. They are a gift from the creator to protect our spiritual being. They can protect the physical body too, but only when we allow it. Don’t test the theory by putting yourself in danger just to see what happens (you’d be surprised to know that some people actually do this.) We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. We are supposed to have the commonsense to look after ourselves while doing so.

Have I covered everything?

Love & Peace
Ama (A M A) 🙂