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I recently had a reading, and had many questions however the reading was spontaneous and the woman who preformed it has passed on. We were supposed to meet again for her to explain the meaning of this demon she mentioned. Now she was a psychic medium, which I did not know upon meeting her and she told me personal things about my life that no one could ever know. I was ablaze with fascination as no one else has been able to delve so deep into my mind and soul as she did. I have to say we ran out of time, she had to go. I was supposed to meet up with her again but sadly at age 42 with no prior health problems she passed away. Heart attack, her husband found her in her salt circle.

One thing she had said to me which she promised to explain was that I had a “Watcher demon” not only following me around but draining me of my personal energy and causing chaos in my life for it’s personal pleasure. She said this is a rare phenomena but that my inner psychic energy was so strong it was like a drug to this demon and the more I suffer the stronger it is, and the more available the supply. This has me completely freaked out.First of all she said she was going to try to do something to help me, then within a month she died. Whether the two are related or not I have no idea but I do know in my heart I think it is. I am so serious in my fear of this… thing that might be the reason my life has been HORRIBLE since I was about 14 years old, which ALSO scares me because that is the age I hit puberty!As some of you most likely know this is when any powers a person might have typically develop.

I am not a practitioner. I have no religion and do not pray or do any type of ritual because every time I think I found a religion something devastating happens, like a death in the family, my house burning down, my kids being ripped from my life, their father killing himself, becoming homeless, losing my job on some bogus lie from a co worker mad I was getting more hours, things that affect my life severely and more than even mentioned!

What can I do? Is this all in my head?

Asked by Karma

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Good evening from Australia, Karma,

Some ‘readers’ are truly amazing. Every person is psychic to varying degrees, the gift of mediumship meant the lady could talk to spirits and ghosts around you. Mediums don’t usually deal with demons, that’s a different gift again.

A watcher from the demonic camp. At least it is only watching. Yes, they feed from our energy, from our negative emotions, not the positive ones. They influence us and really try to mess up people’s lives. They also attach themselves to anyone, not just the religious folk, and can do so at any age, pre or post puberty. The problem is getting rid of them.

I have this Invocation that was written to help with problems like this. It’s called the Micahel Invocation and if CT has not made that into a link you can look it up, and me, on the net and go and read the page, follow the instructions, and that will help.

I don’t think her death and her helping you were related. People do die at a very early age. I know it can be terrifying to think you have a demon watching you, but .. she also gave you a gift. She told you that you have profound inner psychic strength. Time to use it to help yourself. It is your energy. No one, or thing, should be taking it.

If I can answer any questions, you can ask them here, or from a link on the Michael site.

Love & Peace
Ama Nazra
(demonologist .. among many other things)

Hi Karma

I had problems with a Watcher demon years ago. This is my take on them based on my own experience …

They work in the shadows and, as the name suggests, watch and record. As spirit goes, they are quite hard to detect and, for the most part, any medium that feels their presence will be duped into thinking they are nothing more than a harmless ghost. My Watcher was named ‘Mandy’ and considered to have been an earthbound spirit – it was neither female nor earthbound. But then, demons are good at deception.

My watcher was the ‘ring leader’ amongst spirits. It put the fear of God into an earthbound spirit (Jesse) that was at the cottage where I lived. The watcher manipulated Jesse, just as it manipulated the minds of the living.

It was only once it’s cover had been blown, when a psychic discovered its true identity that the watcher came out from the shadows and started to show its true self.

Eventually, an exorcism sorted out both Mandy and Jesse – with Jesse moving on to be with God, whilst the watcher returned to its master.

A person does not have to practise witchcraft, religion or any other belief to attract these things. Watchers are there to keep an eye on anyone who may be deemed a threat to the ‘status quo’ between heaven and hell. In other words, you are a strong spiritual person.

That said, not all the bad things that have happened in your life would be the direct result of Watcher mischief. Life, by definition, is both Ying and Yang. Some bad things just happen, without divine or demonic intervention. The art is learning to recognise the difference between an event that is just part of life’s rich tapestry, and what supernatural hands have influenced.

If you would like me to assist you by removing your watcher, please contact me via

God bless


The Michael site is also listed under Pages at the end of this one. Thank you CT.

Love & Peace

I definetely have a watcher demon, and I am young. If I let go of my life and my resolve breaks…. its over for me. I know it for sure. This is why I am going to get rid of this maggot and hold my lifeline tightly. Hold yours too, and climb over the cliff. Kill the demon. They hate confidence the most.

This scares me on at least some degree. I have a feeling I have been followed but not attached to. I often hear voices or banging in my head. Just a few days ago I passed out. Every time this happens I say out loud almost the same thing which is ” whether you are a demon or the devil you will not come in. You will not manipulate me. I am a Christian. “. Believe it or not whatever just happened quits but after a few hours or the next day another thing might happen. Also for the las t year I have seen the number 66 maybe up to 29 times a day. I have learned to cope with the seeing of the number though.
I also when younger than I am now have seen spirits though those aren’t the same as demons I believe.
All of this worries me alot but me mother doesn’t know about any of this so I don’t think I could find anyone to help remove it.also a few days ago my mother brought home the new baby and I am very woeried that if these demons or whatever demon this might be might mess with her to hurt me and make my weak or snapp under pressure. She is only about 3-4 days old so it would/should be easy to manipulate. Advice or help please

Hi Baylee,

First advice is based on how old you are. I would tell your mother, in case something like this has happened to other members of your family and you can find out what they did about it.

Yes, spirits are not demons. Demons have never been human. Spirits are human beings who have crossed into heaven when they died. Ghosts are also human, but they have not crossed into heaven, and often need help with this. They can be quite demanding. They can share the memory of whatever it was that trapped them outside heaven with people, which can feel like nightmares, if you dream it, or be like pictures in your mind .. I get both. You have to learn to separate what is your memories, feelings and emotions, and what they are trying to tell you happened to them.

The number 66 .. doesn’t mean anything. The number 666 is Hebrew Gematria for Nero, who the Christians thought deserved to be in hell at the time when someone wrote Revelation in the Christian Bible. He persecuted the Christians. Someone in the Christian church came along afterwards and said the number belonged to the devil, but it doesn’t. I see number patterns too, most particularly 222 and 444, and occasionally 555. Lots of people see 111. Numbers only have the meaning we believe they do .. so I ignore mine.

You wrote you hear voices. What do they say? I also hear voices. My gift is called clairaudience (it means clear hearing). I can talk to angels, demons, elementals, spirits and ghosts. Growing up with this was very confusing, but I learned to separate my thoughts from their words and emotions .. its all very normal for anyone with that gift .. so it comes back to the question of what you are hearing, and then how it affects you ..?

The passing out is a worry. Have you been checked out for fainting, low blood pressure, epilepsy and any other disorders that can cause this? Before you look for a paranormal explanation, look for s physical one. I gather, from what you wrote, that you have done this before, so its important that you are checked by a doctor. Then I have more questions – do you appear to do anything when you are unconscious .. or does it not last very long?

And claiming God and Jesus as your protector is a very good idea, in my opinion, and from my own experience. Yes, the incidents do ‘just stop’, but they should not start again.

So .. talk to your mother. And the other thing you can do, is ask the minister of your local church to bless you, or scroll to the bottom of this webpage and follow the link through to the Michael Invocation and use that to clear – first your own energy, and then your home’s. You could ask your mother to help, if she is willing. We often learn by experiencing things .. but in the meantime, have your heath checked as well, just to make sure.

Love & Peace

When i was 8 years old, everytime i went to bed i had this fearful feeling that i was being watched by something but everytime i looked there was nothing there until my grandmother dreamed that not 1 but 2 watcher demons were looking at me. That cleared up my suspicions. But i didnt know what to do.

I have a good friend and her father had died couple if years before i met her. I dont know what in the world happend but i began to tell her why her father died and what would of happend if he didnt. I began telling her alot of things thst i didnt even know was true and she confirmed them. That was scary for me and for her because if her dad didnt die then she would have died instead.

I was in the hospital a couple of weeks ago and i have no idea if i was asleep or not but the watcher demons came and spoke to me. At first i didnt knw it was them but when they asked me if i was ok and i said i was fine, one of them held out their hand to me and i complied and when i tried to put my hand in theirs it slipped through and hit the side of the bed. I was scared out of my mind. Also i realized that i had difficulty sleeping, i would wake up alot only to hear in the morning that persons died in the night, the times when i woke up.

Please someone tell me whats going on.
I need your help

Hi Krissy,

You did not say how old you are now? You are a clairvoyant, that means you can ‘see’ entities and also the future, or possible futures (which explains why you could tell your friend what ‘might’ have happened if her father had not died). The knowledge will probably help her in the future, otherwise I can’t think of a good reason for telling someone what didn’t happen?

Why do you call the entities you saw ‘demons’? If you can answer that I will answer the rest.

Love & Peace

hello, i have a question i desperately need answered. my father claims i need to find my spiritual balance before my 23rd birthday.he often tells me often that my family is descended from watchers, but not the demons. that i was born to be a protecter and a bringer of balance. i have be attuned to paranormal experiences my whole life. now heres my question ,is it possible this has any relevance to the fact i was baptized in blood? literal blood.

Hi Damien,

A child is baptised in the ‘blood of Jesus Christ’, and while its not literally ‘blood’ (being either blessed water or oil), it is a symbolic representation that is just as powerful.

I would be interested to know what your father what belief system your father follows and what he means by your ‘spiritual balance’? Being baptised in blood is a little messy and dramatic, in my opinion, but many cultures have different beliefs, so there might be nothing unusual in the fact that it is a custom of your family to do so. Who were you dedicated to .. if that is also a custom of your culture?

The watchers are angels, so you are not descended from them, or demons, because neither can breed with humans. Mind you, spooky historical beliefs can be fun, even if they don’t have any truth in them.

Angels did fall from heaven, and became demons. Demons can be redeemed, but they are no longer evil. They can become human, as a way of repaying humanity for their treatment over millenia, but they are human, not angels or demons ..

Love & Peace

My sister had a Psychic Medium come to her home today. There have been many things that have happened over the years but nothing too intense. The house was built in the 1960’s. The Medium said that there is a little boy who comes and goes but only plays with the doll house in the living room. Then the hallway…there is a male that walks back and forth but wants everyone out of the way so you will hear him pacing and it feels like he is chasing you but he is just agitated and wants people out of the way but then went on to say that the y’all way is a portal or a bus stop if you will for spirits. My nephews room; there is a watcher in there who told the Medium “I’m just a watcher and I mean no harm.” But curiosly enough he likes to watch my nephew who is very energetic and when he gets mad he will slam either the closet door (where the watcher resides) or his bedroom door and seems to feed off of the energy. Then my niece has a little girl that does things to get her attention. She resides in the corner close to her closet and will do things like move stuff or jiggle the hangers in the closet. Then there is a woman in a white dress who comes and goes from my sisters room who seems genuinely to check on her every now and again. I am concerned with the thought that the “watcher” is supposedly not evil and yet sort of feeds and is intrigued by the energy from my nephew. The Psychic told my niece that the girl is “trapped” but enjoys being with her and is sort of testing her abilities. Maybe someone could help me with this and what these things are supposed to mean. Thank you…Michele