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Sleep Paralysis, Orbs And Shadow Men

I had my first sleep paralysis experience with visuals at around 15 years old. When it began I heard a loud vibrating hum. I became paralyzed and had a great feeling of dread or a doom feeling.

I should mention that I had a very small room at the time, only about 8 x 8 and when you walked up the stairs to get to my room… it was right there, no wall or hallway or door… and my stepdad and mom and sister had to walk through my room to get to their rooms.

So anyways after I was paralyzed I could see my ceiling open up to the brightest, white light, it was light like no light I have ever seen before. The humming continued, I felt pressed against the bed and I was blinded by this white light. As I lay there I felt like I was looking through cellophane. That is when I noticed my stereo at the end of my bed (against the wall) was turned on and the dial was moving back and forth, back and forth. I felt fear like never before and felt like I was totally helpless because of not being able to move or scream out.

I don’t remember falling back asleep but the next morning I told my mother (who was extremely religious (Pentecostal sunday school teacher) and she called our church and had someone sent there waiting for me after school… that person told me it was the devil trying to take my soul.

Now this house we lived in was “haunted” I believe. Which is another story… but we moved in when I was 8 years old and I was very sensitive to the fact that I felt an evil presence right away in the downstairs bathroom area and never liked to go back there. Many other things of a paranormal nature happened at this house but I will stick with the sleep paralysis experiences here…

Now moving ahead to when I was 24 years old and living in Ann Arbor Michigan… I had another very memorable sleep paralysis with visuals. It was afternoon and I was fully awake and dressed and was cleaning around my apartment when I became very tired all of a sudden. I went into the bedroom and laid down on my side at the end of the bed (with no covering myself with blankets). INSTANTLY I was in sleep paralysis and I saw right away 3 brightest white EVER, tadpole shape “beings” about a foot in length each. The feeling you get when you see these visuals is TOTAL amazement and shock at what you are seeing… and I knew immediately that these were real and living things. They were flying in a circle above my head toward the ceiling in a perfect circle and I WAS not afraid of these things. They just flew round and round and it was a beautiful thing to see.

Some years later while living in Chesterfield, Mi I had an out of body experience where I flew around my house and was suddenly yanked very hard and fast by my ankles backwards… I wooshed backwards and was thrown to the ground and then all of a sudden I was back upstairs sitting on my bed with my back to one of the outside walls. A presence came through the wall and I felt it was enormous, I began to lift of the bed and float because of this presence picking me up. It then began someone putting energy into my body through my skin. It was the most amazing thing I have EVER felt in my life. It was somehow putting energy through my skin all over my body and I could feel it everywhere going in… It is so hard to describe in human words. I felt an over whelming desire for whatever this “being” was at this point and I kept trying to turn and look at it but it was impossible for me to do so… Like a force was keeping me from turning to look… And then just like that it wooshed back through the wall it came through. I could actually feel the woooshiing when it came and went…

A few years after that I was living in a condo in Sterling Heights, Mi and I went into sleep paralysis and this is my most frightening experience yet… I began feeling a very evil presence and then two beings that looked like shadow men came through my wall into my bedroom and were moving in extremely fast motion (their motion was so creepy and fast, they moved liked no human being) they were without any light whatsoever and so that is why I refer to them as shadow men. They both had hands raised with what I believe were knives that were as black as they were. And they stabbed me through my chest. Then they swooshed back through my wall. This woke me up out of my very panicked state and I actually sat up in bed.

I was so scared with such a presence of evil that I thought I would never fall back asleep but oddly enough I slipped right back into sleep paralysis. These two things then came back through my wall two more times and did the same thing to me… with me waking up again twice out of sleep paralysis and feeling such terror… my heart racing and the thought coming forth in my head of “these things are REAL and they wait for that moment of sleep to come forth” (I’ll never forget my thoughts at that instant) I know these things really happened WITH NO DOUBT because of the effect they have on you… YOU can NOT stop thinking about it and it feels like it was just yesterday that they happened… so fresh SO VIVID and nothing you could ever imagine on your own…

But now for the validation! because you see I never told my children about this stuff happening to me and a few years ago two of my daughters came to me (who are of age and out of the house now) and they told me that one of them saw TWO shadow men at that same apartment where I saw them in Sterling Heights. She said she saw them pass through coming back from my bedroom and going through the wall that leads out to the public hallway.

My other daughter, who is older than her, has moved back into my childhood home (the one where my sleep paralysis began and that is haunted) and she told me that she has seen things there since she was small (when she used to spend the night there) and use to tell my mother (who never told me) and that she sees things NOW. She went on to tell me that she sees TWO shadow men there who come out from the back bedroom (would have been my mom and stepdads room back when I was a kid) and when they come out they just linger on one of the walls and never come past it. She then went on to tell me that she also sees glowing white “tadpole” things flying up toward the ceiling in that back bedroom!

I never ever told my daughters about my experiences and the fact that she sees TWO shadow men and sees what she describes as “tadpole” glowing white things flying around the room is just so much of a coincidence! She still lives there now and see’s these things and just the other night she said my 78 year old stepdad (who would talk to me about what I would experience and would just say they were demons) is now telling her he sees orbs of light coming down the stairs and wondering through the house.

Now I have to say this… back when these things happened when I was a kid and young adult I DID NOT have a computer and did not know about orbs or shadow people or aliens. I only refer to these names now because of research done by me in the last 10 years or so and seeing and reading the descriptions of Shadow men and orbs and comparing them to what I saw and experienced. I feel with no doubt that what I have experienced is NOT dreaming or hallucinations that it is a VERY real phenomenon that we just don’t understand YET.


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Hi Melanie,

You have had some very interesting experiences. The black beings, if they were flat on the wall, one dimensional, were shadow men, but have knives to stab you .. that’s not shadow person behaviour. They could be ghosts, they could be something nastier, but given that you aren’t suffering regularly, I doubt they are demons. The knives don’t seem to have done you any harm, apart from the shock of what you were seeing. You don’t mention any continuing problems.

The white light beings, might be cherubs, small angels, protective, fun .. very very powerful. They could be angels. They could be elemental beings, nature spirits, who are curious about humans. All good .. but light and dark don’t mean good and evil, they just mean those that want to be seen (you are clairvoyant) and those who don’t.

I would suggest you clear both houses, or all three? At the bottom of this webpage is the Michael Invocation, read it use it to clear each house, one at a time, clear also your energy, and your daughters can clear theirs .. and all being well, which is generally is, the darker side of what you see will vanish, and you won’t have to worry about ghosts anymore. There are also white light shields on a link there too, that will help.

Love & Peace

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