Shadow Trouble?

Ok so here I go,A while ago I delved into ghost stuff by watching ghost videos and ghost box stuff on YouTube and doing some research as well so I  decided one day to see if ghost were actually real so I got a ghost box did some tests which proved to me they are real usually consisting of asking questions that you couldn’t have faked.

What I did is put my headphones in the jack turn it up full and get a friend to ask some questions then watch them turn white as I repeat what I hear on the ghost box it was fun at first and incredibly fascinating. Then one day I brought it to work to scare the girls I worked with, I worked at a coffee shop in a busy shopping centre and every Wednesday I would clean one of the machines in the back room and not have to serve customers, so I got out my ghost box and put on my headphones and they asked questions but this time was different the voices started saying stuff like “get out” and “get out of here” this had never happened and was quite unnerving so I didn’t tell the girls.

After a minute or 2 the girls went out the front of the store to serve customers leaving me alone in the back room so I started packing away my headphones and then the lights started flickering then turned off the only light was coming through the door from the front of the store where the girls were serving customers then this thing crawled out across the floor it was black but very defined it looked a little malnourished so it was skinny, it crawled across the floor but didn’t look at me then went behind the counter and the lights came back on, I ran out to ask the girls if the lights went out in the front or the rest of the shopping centre they said no but the fuses are connected to both sides of the store so if the back turns off the front turns off but it didn’t I never played with the ghost box again but that’s were things got ….bad I think it stuck around me but couldn’t affect me directly for some reason instead affecting those around me, not a little bit but in massive ways that Im noting going to list trust me though it got horrible in the end It did so much it broke me but I persisted and I think it got board and left because nothing has happened for a while so what happened what was it and why was it toying with me but why couldn’t it directly affect me?

Sorry for my punctuation I’m not much of a writer

Asked by konigstiger

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Hi Konigstiger

Shopping centres and cafes are where people congregate. They go their to eat, and so do ghosts, who inhale living human energy .. so its not surprising you met a nasty one or more.

You didn’t actually say how long or big the black entity was that crawled across the floor. Until you do, I have no idea what it might be. There are astral entities, that live perfectly normal lives – for them – in the planes of existence that humans usually don’t see .. but since the world energy has changed so much, some of those have become visible, and they can be very odd indeed.

As to something hanging around you, affecting others, you’ll have to give me a few descriptions to be able to better understand the situation. Otherwise, I recommend you scroll down to the bottom of this webpage and find the Michael Invocation and use it to clear three sites .. your body/spirit, your home, and your work. The instructions are on that webpage.

As to why it couldn’t affect you .. again, I don’t have enough information to know, but perhaps you are simply blessed, or it didn’t want you to deny it so that it could stay around ..

Hoping you will answer the questions,
Love & Peace