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Mysterious Scratches And Other Marks

This did not happen to me or my child but, my sister asked me to look into this for her. So here is what happened.

My sister was visiting a home she was looking to buy. Her 10 year old daughter went with her. They went to the attic to look around and her daughter complained of a burning on her back. She said to her knowledge she did bump anything or even touch anything that could leave marks.

She told me she checked her back and there were two scratches, what looked like several pinch marks, and what also looked like a couple of bite marks. She told me they were there for about an hour and when they left the house the marks had gone away.

She was going to take pictures to show me. Her husband wants to take the girl back to see if it happens again, but I told her I would be very careful.

I do believe in ghosts and I believe they have the ability to influence you mentally and physically. My fear is that is she goes back something much worse could happen or something can attach to her. The bad part is everything else about this house is everything they are looking for in a home.

Asked by Natasha

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Hi Natasha,

Your sister’s husband wants to put his daughter in a situation of being hurt again? Why doesn’t he go himself and see if whatever it was bites him?

Sounds like the house is haunted by something that doesn’t like little girls. I would not allow my daughter in there again, and would suggest to the owner to have the house blessed to clear whatever it was that did harm. They may be selling ‘because’ of the entity.

Tell your sister not to buy the house before it is blessed.

Love & Peace

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