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Money Given To Me By My Girlfriend In A Dream

Money in a dream given by my girlfriend in a rough environment

My girlfriend told me she had a dream of me in a rough environment that she came to visit me there and gave me some money. And I was not able to talk well, not that I was sick.

She said I was with poor people and I took her to where I was staying which is a very rough environment. That she gave me money and left. Please now I’m scared of the dream.

Asked by Emmanuel

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Hello Emmanuel,

Our dreams can provide messages to us from our subconscious minds. Things we aren’t really aware of when awake.

Does your girlfriend often have prophetic dreams? If not, do you see her as a person who looks after you, or has saved you in some way? To me the dream represents the feeling that you have that she takes good care of you, no matter what situation you are in. That’s a blessing. Nothing to be worried about here.

In the meantime, stay away from rough environments.

Love & Peace