Is It Possible For A Human Being To Be Possessed By A Demon?

Is it possible for a human being to be possessed by a demon and what are the symptoms of this possession? How can this person be healed.

Asked by Chinelo Nwangwu

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Hello Chinelo,

Demon possession happens, not very often thankfully. Most cases of what people think are possession are actually emotional entities called ‘thoughtforms’ that are far easier to release than the average demon. A person can be healed of them, and possessing entities, in many cases, but not necessarily in all of them. It depends on the strength of will of the person.

The symptoms are wide and varied – http :// I’m listing this webpage because its a very comprehensive report on the subject. You’ll have to take the gap of between the http and the : when you copy it into your browser.

Why do you ask?

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Ama Nazra

Hi Ama

Thanks for putting up the link. Interesting …

.. I wonder who penned it because, a lot of the stuff on there sound more like something we’d associate with self-constructed poltdrgeist activity, rather than demonic activity or possession?? It seemed a lot like it was written from a clergyman’s viewpoint, to me?? However, it was a comprehensive list and does highlight the differences between natural and supernatural symptoms!

Hi Chinelo Nwangwu

As Ama asked, why do you want to know?

From personal experience of demonic encounters and possession, demons work much more on the mind (control), rather than parlour tricks. I agree with that link that sudden character change, whether it is for a few hours, days or perminant, is a notable observation for demonic attack, influence or possession. In my husbands case, he became scruffy during the attacks (was always fastidious about his appearance, normally), he became abusive (both mentally and physically) whilst under influence of spirit control, his face appeared to change (more drawn, haggered looking) his stance altered and he talked differently, albit a subtle change in tone. But the stangest part was, at the point the attacks started, I could ‘see’ a ‘dark veil’ fall down over him then, at the moment the attacks stopped, I could ‘see’ that ‘dark veil’ lift. It happened every time without fail!

Although it transpired that his case was in fact the result of demonic attack (not perminant possession), ghosts and other entities can also mimic similar symptoms.

It is interesting to note that, the general characteristics of the person often contribute to attracting such dark or negative spirit in the first place. A pessimistic person, who always looks on the ‘dark side’ of life seems to be favoured over positive thinkers, when it comes to spirit trying to take control of a living person. In my husbands case, he was naturally quite negative in his general outlook and also very self-absorbed. I guess that made him easy pickings ….