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Hooded Figures?

I was just curious about this. As a child up till I was about 10 (about the time we moved to a different state) I had been seeing two hooded men/figures.

One was wearing all white and the other all black. They weren’t shadowy/transparent, it was like they were really here but when you looked away for to long they would be gone.

They always kept their distance and it seemed like they were just watching/studying me? Was scary for a while but I got use to it.

After the move I had only seen them 2 or 3 times.

So I was wondering if anyone out there knew something about this.

Asked by Steven

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I went through a period, years ago, when two black-hooded beings stood by my bed each night, observing me. When I looked in their direction, they disappeared, but I knew they were still there because I could “feel” them. I finally got to the point that I covered up my face and closed my eyes the minute I got into the bed, which helped. But I still “felt” them.

This went on for about two months. I was living at my parents’ house at that time, and when I moved out, it stopped. (Thank heavens…I was afraid they might follow me!) I have visited my parents’ house many, many times since, and spent the night several times, but I never saw them again.

In doing research, I learned that many, many people throughout the world have had encounters with these entities, and they are called “Shadow People.” Although some people say they move around or chase them, and some have red eyes, in my case all they did was stare at me. Which was VERY disturbing! Why me? I wondered. What did they want?

Although it has been many years since I had my encounter, I have never forgotten the terror I felt. I hope, like me, you never have another encounter with these scary entities.

God bless,

hi All

I do think then were shadow people. But, like everything else in this world, the unknown, cannot be processed in our so called brains. I have seen these entities, before, hooded, some have horns, which I do believe is there symbols of there advancement. They study us, very closely, and they not a threat to us, or anything in scale of hurting us. They just unlucky to be seen. Therefore, this how I explain it, Human brains cannot and will not understand the unknown, because we cannot explain the paranormal of event in question. We cannot process the data within our grey matter, to try to understand the first answers, because we are not advanced. We are still primitive civilisation. It is not ET, or some other form of this. They come from some other universal reality, and study us, like we study animals, and everything else in this present time. I never felt scared or felt a threat from them, they come and go, like strangers. I hope I explained it. In simple fact form.


Dark Blessings


Hi Steven,

You didn’t say if the entities you saw were flat shadows on a wall. That is what shadow people are, one dimensional, not solid like humans, even when transparent.

It sounds to me as if you saw two ghosts, who hung around you for a while, and might still be hanging around. Do you ‘feel’ haunted, glance over your shoulder a lot, hear whispers or sometimes seem to feel emotions that aren’t really your own (happy when you should be said, sad when you should be happy?) .. that might be coming from the entities. Personally, if they turn up again, tell them to go away and stay away. Or better yet, ask your angels to ‘find’ them and ‘take’ them into heaven .. so they don’t haunt anyone else. They’ll go if they are ghosts.

Shadow people are not dangerous. There are other entities that pretend to be ‘shadows’ that can be, but the shadow people only ‘observe’, they do not react, or participate, in things that we do. Weird but not really unusual these days.

Love & Peace

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