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Heart Chakra

I know this is not really one of your typical subjects. But I was wondering if you do know anything about them how long it takes a chakra, the heart chakra in particular, to become damaged.

Asked by David

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Hi David,

It depends on your life events. It can happen in a moment, or little by little over time. The concept of ‘closing your heart’ basically means trying to shut down the chakra to stop yourself feeling hurt .. but in truth, the chakras never stop their opening and closing motions, which are healthy and normal. When I was working as a healer I would see people with damaged chakras, but we are self-healing entities, and the damage only remain ‘because’ the people would not let go of the issues that were creating the damage – in other words, it was self-created.

Only you can damage your chakras. They are self-healing energy creations, when we allow it to happen.

The next question then has to be – how long would you allow your chakra to remain damaged, if you could heal it within a few days, by making some decisions to let go of emotions such as anger, fear and jealousy?

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