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Hand Print With Four Fingers

So this morning my girlfriend woke up with a hand print on her leg that was too small to be hers. The weird thing is that it is right above her knee and only has four fingers, no thumb. Another weird thing is that on the opposite leg she has the outline of finger nails right below her knee, but the fingernails are too large to be hers as well. I have pictures of it but don’t know how to upload them.

Another strange thing is that she proclaims to have been able to see ghost or spirits when she was younger, and recently she has seen this black figure that used to hang out in her old room at her old house, but she just recently moved into a new house.

Also about 3 weeks ago her phone went off by SIRI, but neither her or I touched the phone to activate it, and it said “watch your brothers”, which was really odd to us, but last night we did happen to sleep in her brothers room because of a long story (but its irrelevant).

So yeah we don’t know why or what happened maybe its her or something else but it wasn’t me because I wasn’t even in the same bed as her.

Also she said she had a dream that she was in a prison…

Please let me know, very peculiar…

Asked by Travis

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Hi Travis,

I see ghosts and other entities. I have since I was two, according to my mother. I know thousands of people who also see what I do, its not unusual. Was it the same black figure or another one? If it was, the ghost might have followed her there .. and if its still around, she can clear her home and send it into healing.

Handprints .. lots of people are having this experience now. Not one of them reports anything nasty happens because of it. Perhaps, since the world energy has changed, and people have changed with with .. becoming more sensitive, we are simply manifesting what frequently happens .. ghosts touch us. They draw energy from us that way. I can do the same to people, and often did as a form of healing. The fingernail marks are probably the same.

I am not really sure what SIRI is, but did the phone speak? Did anything happen with her brothers? If not, it might have just been a random strong signal.

Some entities can interfere with electrical equipment, and phones are a great source of communication .. I have the original version of Ghost Radar on mine, and it works just fine at times, for spirit communication .. but I do not recommend people do that unless they are trained and psychically protected. It’s really just another form of ouija board and can create problems.

There is not enough information to comment on her dreaming about being in prison. It could be her dream, it could be expressing a worry about being trapped in some way, or it could be a memory passed on by the figure in black .. but .. it could also just be a random created memory from television.

Love & Peace

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